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Grand Theft Auto San Andreas unboxing XBOX A-Rated Coffee ;)

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i unbox gta san andreas for the xbox, i will be doing a story run through
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Kurt The Raccoon Gaming (6 months ago)
I have that on the PS4
Kurt The Raccoon Gaming (6 months ago)
Does that play on the 360 ??
EeDoesSaints - Daily (4 months ago)
windstorminator well, I have also a copy of gta sa (ps2 version) on my ps4 and I bought it in the digital store.. sadly you can't play ps2 cd's through the ps4 ):
windstorminator (6 months ago)
thats pretty sick, didn't know that ps4 had the ability to play ps2 games
Kurt The Raccoon Gaming (6 months ago)
windstorminator I have San Andreas on the PS4
windstorminator (6 months ago)
5 is really good too
Kurt The Raccoon Gaming (6 months ago)
windstorminator my favorite is between 5 or San Andreas
Luan Shqiptar (6 months ago)
Can i play it online on the original xbox
windstorminator (6 months ago)
no, GTA San Andreas doesn't have online, you can on the PC
666dandark (9 months ago)
Wait bully never came to the original xbox, this is interesting
CoffinJew666 (1 year ago)
Is there custom radio on this version?
Tank Dempsey (1 year ago)
Maybe but im pretty sure you can bone girls
windstorminator (1 year ago)
ANTHROPOPHAGUSvideo I don't remember, maybe
PixarMan2001 (2 years ago)
I didn't know there were copies with the AO symbol. I thought it was pulled from all retailers, then it was recalled and removed.
windstorminator (2 years ago)
PixarMan2001 heheheh
Deyar Ahmad (2 years ago)
It's so good
windstorminator (2 years ago)
Yes it is
Bad uboxing asshole
Xbox for life
Isaiah Gilmond (3 years ago)
Dude that unboxing it so fucking half ass it makes me want to fucking puke
Eugene Foust (3 years ago)
this unboxing sucks            i will never subscrib to you
Eugene Foust Then Don’t Watch It Bitch
Dmitriy Ka (3 years ago)
Do not touch DVD from laser side by your dirty fingers.
Emily Treese (3 years ago)
That game sucks I play gta5 on Xbox one its better
ObitoXWavy (9 months ago)
Does gta sa run on a n64?
Michael Navarro (1 year ago)
Emily Treese plus xbox sucks
Michael Navarro (1 year ago)
Theres more stuff u can do in gta sa compared to gta5 and all it bullshit "dlc" that u have to pay money to get plus the story is longer .not saying gta5 is bad its just not better
Comments101 (1 year ago)
Emily Treese san andreas has better story, you can actually determine your characters physical fitness by lifting eating or running, you can unlock new fighting moves, you can get girlfriends in san andreas, you can rob houses, fight for new gang territories, recruit gang members to help you, buy houses in story, play local multiplayer, enter more buildings, and it introduced half of the shit in GTA 5. all gta 5 has is customization, online, boring ass mini games like golf and shit, and little shit like watching tv
Ömer Yavuz (3 years ago)
Wanna chill? GTA 5 is better, just sayin'
comic marvel dc (3 years ago)
I love gta I'm sutch a fan I got the same xbox as well I hope I enjoy it but I'm getting it in about 2 weeks or so
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Numan b (4 years ago)
Can i play it on 360
windstorminator (4 years ago)
niko niko (4 years ago)
Where did you buy and was it used?
What the hell?       ;I There is San Andreas X Box?         ;I
Max Payne (2 years ago)
Yes, everyone knew there is a San Andreas Xbox (which was released months after the PS2 version). I recent bought it at Movie Trading Company a few weeks ago because I already played Grand Theft Auto III and Vice City on the original Xbox.
gamer ricky (4 years ago)
How much was it
windstorminator (4 years ago)
I think around $15
Andreas gomez (4 years ago)
Hey that is my name Andreas.
windstorminator (4 years ago)
oh yaaaa
Ion Botezatu (4 years ago)
where did you buy this
windstorminator (4 years ago)
Kevin Arreola (5 years ago)
aha you ain't gentle on your shit , aha your gay.
windstorminator (5 years ago)
windstorminator but i don't know how much i will actually play
Saif Kazuya (5 years ago)
Hey what's your Gamertag? Let's play some GTA online, when it releases.
windstorminator (5 years ago)
majority htoo (5 years ago)
can it work for xbox360
ihswap (5 years ago)
The Ao version has a sex/porn sceen and on the M version you dont see it.
windstorminator (5 years ago)
im also missing a penis....wait oh nope its their, just very tiny
Aegon VI Targaryen (5 years ago)
Go buy this on eBay if you want the alduts version
Joey Chalmers (5 years ago)
What web site did you order gta San Andreas on
Edward Nazarian (5 years ago)
i never knew its rated A?
Galaxys God (5 years ago)
It on the play station store!!!
Marius Bjørnbakken (5 years ago)
The graphics are best on PC.
jake loax (5 years ago)
i dont like this game
KevinAceX (5 years ago)
where did you get the game with the AO rating?
Killa j (6 years ago)
mine is rated m dont know why yours is rated a
Industrias Troll (1 year ago)
cuz yours being a remake, yours is the reissued version which has the hot coffee removed
adrian Ramirez (6 years ago)
llucky ive been tryin to get it but they dnt have these days that much only for ps2
windstorminator (6 years ago)
i dont think this one did but my vice city did come with one
Zakegang (6 years ago)
Thank u for responding most people don't
MACHINEGUNKELLY20817 (6 years ago)
It didn't come with a map? Like ps2
windstorminator (6 years ago)
nope, the xbox version looks better but playing it on the 360 the game glitches sometimes
windstorminator (6 years ago)
yup that is what i play it on
Zakegang (6 years ago)
I ment 360
Zakegang (6 years ago)
Can you play that on 369
maximusgta200 (6 years ago)
its rated ao because of the hot coffe (when yours girlfriend invites you to his house )
windstorminator (6 years ago)
thanks bro, will do
windstorminator (6 years ago)
it is but this one includes the hot coffee sex mini game
windstorminator (6 years ago)
its the original with the sex and eveything
windstorminator (6 years ago)
back in my days it was
TokeytheBear (6 years ago)
gta san andreas was rated ao?
windstorminator (6 years ago)
@ROCKSTARMANIC12 ya can't wait
ROCKSTARMANIC (6 years ago)
@windstorminator Yeah, great Expect Grand theft auto V in mid october, or november just like with san andreas..
windstorminator (6 years ago)
@ROCKSTARMANIC12 not sure if i do but once i get far enough in the relationship i will see what i can do, if u want it, i can do a giveaway after i finish my road to gta v series
windstorminator (6 years ago)
@danish5671 yes sir it does, not as smooth as ps2, pc versions but it does work, it was ported, what do u expect
danish5671 (6 years ago)
whould tis work for 360
GurG nerd (7 years ago)
one of the best
windstorminator (7 years ago)
@MegaRcdrifter can't wait for gta v, maybe my gta series should be called road to gta v
Kasinova Da Don (7 years ago)
@windstorminator yea no problem man,when i first got mine i took really good care of it and i still have it and plus i have good luck too becuz i saw gta san adreas at the store(pc version) and it was the last one i didnt have any money at the time so i went home and bought it the next day and it was still there.you also have good luck too
windstorminator (7 years ago)
@MegaRcdrifter thanks, hopefully the game didn't break
windstorminator (7 years ago)
@metro2033fanboy i got a ps3 but i play on xbox 360 most of the time
Kasinova Da Don (7 years ago)
nice video man,i once saw a video of unboxing grand theft auto... and the guy the just dropped the game down on the table

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