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Minecraft Marriage Ep.48 | The Minecraft Noah

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Text Comments (1369)
Yourmomma3 (1 year ago)
What seed is that
David Mohammed (1 year ago)
greit viothó
mæn neim is heidí
Mia Severn (4 years ago)
Alex: we will never sleep cuz sleep is for the week Sly: and we will never rest till were all f***ing dead Do u guys like bring me the horizon? Aka BMTH... I luv u guys so much.
Elaina Phommivong (4 years ago)
Jason Schermann (4 years ago)
sly get a job!! just kiding chillman
Rikku (4 years ago)
Mitty: You should have recorded it. Sly: I-I did Actually. Mitty: Oh...I want to watch it. Audience: As do we...
Brennan Brady (4 years ago)
Immortal:AND WHO GOT THE SAND? Rachel:I did? Immortal:GOD DAMMIT!
TheLoneWolfe (4 years ago)
that gator bit him into f5 mode WTF!!
AkiraBlue (4 years ago)
Sly didn't hit the ducks with a shovel at the end! When you see a duck you gotta hit it with a shovel!
Kid Wreckage (3 years ago)
AkiraBlue (3 years ago)
Look at all them CHIKENS
Kid Wreckage (3 years ago)
I know its been a year since you posted this... But... I cant help myself... ITS HIT A CHICKEN WITH A SHOVEL! Not duck
spookykait (4 years ago)
+Kaktjuven Sebastian i thought the same thing :D
KEISHA FERGUS (4 years ago)
mitty is Ihascupcauke's sister-in-law
Official Ei N' Styne (4 years ago)
My name is Noah to
Mia Many (4 years ago)
I think sly did better with mitty then racheal they have everything they need
Nrg1229 (4 years ago)
My name is noah
Joshua Harris (4 years ago)
beautyby .Aesyah (4 years ago)
What texture pack he's using?
atarisauce (4 years ago)
Joshua Harris (4 years ago)
sphax BDcraft
MissPandaScout (4 years ago)
Since sly is starting a new series I'm rewatching all the eps
steve from minecraft (4 years ago)
a turtles skin is attached to its shell so he would have ripped off his skin and died to do that
Marcy Quake (4 years ago)
his name is Eddie
Marcy Quake (4 years ago)
now the rabbit have sex o_o creeper......
Marcy Quake (4 years ago)
isn't it Animal planet channel? well if you say like that i agree ._.
Marcy Quake (4 years ago)
wow full of awesome stuff there. accept the snake love it :)
Marcy Quake (4 years ago)
you got to subscribe :)
bubelicious (4 years ago)
Jakobe Daniels (5 years ago)
Darn you kitty!
Alyssa Tan (5 years ago)
Fuck u sly
619BigArt (5 years ago)
watching slys old vids while im drunk... awesome hahahaha
Immortal: Dammit Sly! I fought that glass with my hard working money. Rachel: Actually I made it. Immortal: wife! Rachel: Sorry Immortal: What materials did you make it from?! Rachel: Glass? Immortal: How'd you make the glass? Rachel: I cooked the sand? Immortal: Where'd you get the sand FROM?! Rachel: The beach? Immortal: Who got the SAND?! Rachel: Me? Immortal: GODDAMMIT
Lucy May (5 years ago)
why do u call him JB its Shit run he's GAY
Lucy May (5 years ago)
why do u call him JB its Shit run he's GAY
Colourfulcookie (5 years ago)
Rachel lagged because she lied about the turtle story! XD sly was telling the truth
Colourfulcookie (5 years ago)
Seriously?! Cool!
Kat_inthe_Hat (5 years ago)
.....They were joking.
Fudge Tard (5 years ago)
i like how sly and rachel keeps having little arguments
Pylot (5 years ago)
Wombat Combat (5 years ago)
Sam Gittleman (5 years ago)
i want to be a homie
Ruby nguyen (5 years ago)
He's even lied about everything he can do
Ruby nguyen (5 years ago)
Why is immortal so bad at everything?
Dr. Hax PhD. (5 years ago)
?? Problem?
TheHiddenGamerYT (5 years ago)
What's slys rel name? Anyone know
Joseph m (5 years ago)
Rachel liked James
Keiley Wilson (5 years ago)
It's sphax bd craft
supersam261 (5 years ago)
Texture Pack:Spas bd craft
Benjipkc (5 years ago)
i think tekkit texture pack
new channel (5 years ago)
What texture pack
owo OWO (5 years ago)
immortal:ok there is a goose in the skype call
owo OWO (5 years ago)
am i the only one who herd sly singing starships?
tigerstripes642 (5 years ago)
Sly make stairs make stairs make stairs make stairs NOW!!! MAN
chelsie nol (5 years ago)
yall fuckin crazy
IAmTheMotherFuckenMann (5 years ago)
locotaco237 (5 years ago)
My conclusion is that you don't realize that b and n are right next to each other on a keyboard.
Emily Mai (5 years ago)
get a kitty!!!
lewis hayes (5 years ago)
I like the old'intro better
Sophia Morgon (5 years ago)
kyler7305 (5 years ago)
I also have a crush on james
My Conclusion Is the fact that aleks is awesome and so is sly but Sly is my favorite so im arguing for him XD
KageWalker (5 years ago)
Nukes and tnt carts
Lorenzo Cusumano (5 years ago)
Sly just had seeeeex and it felt so good/nobs 4 lyf
SoMuchWatermelon (5 years ago)
Still Hasn't made a juke box
tdevildogs (5 years ago)
New turtle names: Herobrine, Steve, Sly JR.,and Fucker Shit
The Awesome Cabbage (5 years ago)
18:18 Sly has begun taking on Seamus' horse murdering mind set! XD
Madison (5 years ago)
Sly, you really need to watch your hunger bar
angela johnson (5 years ago)
i think rachel is jealous because she said no butt tutching witch sly tutched her butt when they where together
Xagerx10 (5 years ago)
Yeah, sure. Aside from the fact that I was talking about this episode. And besides, I said MY conclusion. Not yours, it is MY opinion. MY conclusion. So your viewpoint shouldn't even come into it, although it is noted for future reference.
My conclusion is that you know nothing anout how awesome sly is way better anyway
darcy houghton (5 years ago)
i thinks its funny when u mess with immortal :) :) lol
Xagerx10 (5 years ago)
I've seen this from both perspectives. My conclusion: Sly is inferior to Immortal. HAIL ALEKS!
Lunna8457 (5 years ago)
Their house compared to yours theirs looks like shit
trooper1fly (5 years ago)
everytime they he passes that cave, GO IN THE HOLES
Foppish Pierre (5 years ago)
The apocalypse started with that one ostrich egg
SchnitzelVonRockCock (5 years ago)
@tomcatdude105 yes she means nova
Aimmee Price (5 years ago)
sly remember last update the horror the horror of ostrich egg
Toryn Stevenson (5 years ago)
i don' like dummy bears i like gummy bears
scaryfish314 (5 years ago)
sly my name for minecraft is dbugturbo3 and send me your minecraft daily server adress please respone back
channel17198 (5 years ago)
House will never be as good as earlier houses. :C
Devin Vitug (5 years ago)
I like papayas OMG that made me laugh !!!!!!
Prince Of Phantoms (5 years ago)
Y u Keep Forgeting the jukebox?
morgmorg (5 years ago)
AssassinFox24 (5 years ago)
Sly and Mitty... The singing couple <3
locotaco237 (5 years ago)
@Natalie McKartney Hay? Do you mean wheat?
Dwaynedamane (5 years ago)
By James does she mean nova?
Tiger's Ghost AMVs (5 years ago)
Feed a baby horse hay and sugar lumps a bunch of em and they grow up faster
Tiger's Ghost AMVs (5 years ago)
U should play minecraft tekkit marriage sounds stupid but it's fun
Vader Vixen (5 years ago)
The zoom in on bob saget is very unsettling.lmao
Sandra Rebellato (5 years ago)
how could u like JB!
dovolani77 (5 years ago)
put a roof on the turtles pen and the snakes pen
Unis (5 years ago)
>:O FUCK JUSTIN BEIBER O And sorry for incorrect spelling
Noah Sadeghzadeh (5 years ago)
me 2 o.o
Brick&Tile (5 years ago)
Lol 12:56 Sly kicked Rachel twice. Lmao
ATGaming (5 years ago)
Hur hur, hey sly...I hear you're a real ANIMAL XD
Ryan Beckr (5 years ago)
Turtle shell on shell
Nexus NOMNOM (5 years ago)
Student Films (5 years ago)
Renegade Strykur (5 years ago)
Colonel Taab (5 years ago)
Yeah, my animals are all dead, I mourn them every day :'( it's very sad. XD
Damir Isovic (5 years ago)
Then you must be very old
Emichan17 (5 years ago)
sly's laugh <3 xD
Sagar Bagwe (5 years ago)
i like the old intro better

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