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Minecraft Daily | Ep.168 | Ft. Steven | We need better weapons to take the dragon down!

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Text Comments (748)
Sk0rP10 (8 months ago)
i would be soooooooo much happier if sly would take of his helmet like obv he can one shot the mobs and we the viewers can see jaaccckkk
Shenandoah Morris (4 years ago)
it woad be awesome that if you can enchant your weapons YOU CAN BE A RADAWSOME GAMER WOOOHHHHHHHHHOOOOOOOO
DannyRavioli (4 years ago)
Sly would flip his shit if he saw "the eye" xD
εpsilon (4 years ago)
They need better familiars
Ashley Tsang (4 years ago)
what mod is the tesla coil in
hur hur hur
Devils Advocate (5 years ago)
He has about a hundred more after this. Telling him that now doesn't do anything
Thomas Mckenzie (5 years ago)
It keeps the endermen from attacking you. After that I don't know.
Thomas Mckenzie (5 years ago)
Hello Thomas.
Carrion Hound (5 years ago)
The ghast things in the sky are three of this tiny heads join together and they fly
Marco Fernandez (5 years ago)
Sly when you kill the ender dragon you beat your game but you could still resume mc daily
Jake (5 years ago)
Get rid of the pumpkin hat
lpskeeper1 (5 years ago)
And how old are you? -.^
billman silva (5 years ago)
you remember tht crud wow (o.o)o)o)o)o)(o(o(o(o(o.o) we are watching u
NapalmPanda (5 years ago)
And a couple of guys, that where up to no good, started making trouble in the neighbour hood.
MrWarhammer006 (5 years ago)
use the spider for the pillers!
Jakewake 52 (5 years ago)
zanexzxz (5 years ago)
he's an optimist
Max Ace (5 years ago)
Uploaded on my birthday
Bryce Franke From TBK (5 years ago)
That's impossible I did the math and even if you didn't sleep or eat or sleep at all you still wouldn't be able to do that.
Ryan Eftink (5 years ago)
He learns the dragon is immune to the Tesla, a weapon which shoots electricity, and makes a Serenade Striker, which summons lightning, to try to kill the dragon. Great thinking there Sly, great thinking...
Joseph | CookieBeanzz (5 years ago)
same xD
Sebastian Paulino (5 years ago)
SUAngleLady (5 years ago)
If u find out the tesla coil doesn't work on the ender dragon then don't use it. But Sly still uses it. Seriously sly...
matthew silver (5 years ago)
don't complain if you had a backpack full of dimonds and you die would you be mad yes,no
cool kitty (5 years ago)
it took me 17 days LOL
ElitePlayGC (5 years ago)
IP: eliteplay.hopto.org
Rain Hippie (5 years ago)
me too!!
Harry Edwards (5 years ago)
What's your minecraft username dude?
Quinn Coughlin (5 years ago)
Tesla coil doesn't hurt ender dragon. Still users tesla coil. Bad ass
StealthBlade98 (5 years ago)
The Unlimited uses means the bow itself, i'm pretty sure you still need to supply the ammunition to use it like any other bow. :P
StealthBlade98 (5 years ago)
yea, it's better when you have alot to catch up on. What I did, sadly i'm reaching the end to where the latest one is. :(
feralbunnyheart (5 years ago)
you do know you can just delete the comment that you dont like that you posted on the other videos right?
Dante9345 (5 years ago)
Minecraft daily is not as funny now that they get to keep there items
Dante9345 (5 years ago)
Daily is not as funny now that thy
juliet watral (5 years ago)
it's for teleporting
Alma Nac (5 years ago)
Javier Suarez (5 years ago)
At 5:05 you scared me with your scream I hate whenever that happens
Theresa Calderon (5 years ago)
Take off the pumpkin,Sly!
emmie4242 (5 years ago)
its a mod, but if you have it you press c and click waypoints and make one
MrOre- O (5 years ago)
How is sly seeing all those ender triplets?!
LegendaryLucario14 (5 years ago)
Sly how do u make a waypoint? Like U did for like Super Toilet and caved u explored and shit.
Paul Squeeber (5 years ago)
I havent even started the vid and the title already spoiled the ender dragon fight for me.
AzKorei (5 years ago)
Bleeding Rose (5 years ago)
It doesn't matter if you get the IP. You have to have the same mod pack, the same everything. It's extremely hard to get onto that server.
Apollo X (5 years ago)
if you stay in the end for too long in the divine rpg mod upgraded ghasts spawn to kick you out to prevent farming
AMajesticJoke (5 years ago)
We need the fairy we need nana how about the spider jokey O: hmmmmm maybe then you could climb up the obsidan towers :D or maybe just the spider!
22Reddman (5 years ago)
Unlimited uses not the same as unlimited ammo
Mark swagishkyek (5 years ago)
You have a flying cat wtf
Gabe Kailani (5 years ago)
im sorry but if your new to youtube people are not going to like you if you leave comments like this. good try tho
Erik Neary (5 years ago)
Oye sly cuando tu vuelves para puerto rico
conner ramirez (5 years ago)
Go check out my channel new to YouTube
Vincent (5 years ago)
Raurie Sime (5 years ago)
ya know... ya guys could just i don't know... wait until the dragon trys to dive bomb you and hit it with a sward like everyone else.
Arielgames (5 years ago)
Mrbombardermaniac (5 years ago)
could some1 please tell me in which episode they blew upMCD with the nuke
Andros XR (5 years ago)
What Ore Mod is Sly using in the minecraft daily series?
kingofthepirates (5 years ago)
correction ~hashfag
The Face (5 years ago)
Go on Youtube. Use hashtags like on Twitter. #HASHTAG
Baron Huang (5 years ago)
its white listed
Lucian Z. (5 years ago)
which texture pack is he using in these videos?
anudragon (5 years ago)
enderdragon bit me, wow i got completely shocked (my name)
Kory Sparling (5 years ago)
About 15 Minutes per video that is 42 hours.
Vincent (5 years ago)
Luc Ha (5 years ago)
Do draw My life sly
Javier Kútulas (5 years ago)
sly you should do a draw my life
Jeff Wing (5 years ago)
Carlos Vidot (5 years ago)
I kill the ender dragon
Jenny Veaum (5 years ago)
If that playlist thing works, where it tells you how long the whole series is added together, you could find out how many hours you watched MC daily for. I bet it ends up being like 48 hours... Wait probably even more.. Man now I wanna know
Vincent (5 years ago)
Yourfavouritearthling (5 years ago)
say what now
Yourfavouritearthling (5 years ago)
he didnt rebuy it
Phaul Seerdat (5 years ago)
Homies unite.....
Miladooo (5 years ago)
Homiecraft is waiting for you.
xwers1234 (5 years ago)
Add tekkit
Sushi Plays (5 years ago)
ThejungleKat24 (5 years ago)
get bmw car mod
NinjaDachshund (5 years ago)
Or they could just kill themselves. Remember? They have keep inventory and XP.
WEWURK Light (5 years ago)
the first time he used the girl skin he said he used it because people were recognizing his skin in the hunger games and he felt the homies that are girls needed some appreciation
WhatEverImClever (5 years ago)
sly!!!! why do you hate lewshea
DeathDude200 (5 years ago)
he doesn't have enough xp to unlock it
Dirk OF D.R. (5 years ago)
them3otherguys (5 years ago)
Have a nearly empty backpack. Still throw items away to make space. #CreatureLogic
American Penguin (5 years ago)
Hey if you guys have the time, could you check out my channel? Obviously you don't have to do it but I would really appreciate it. Thank you in advance.
Sam's Island (5 years ago)
Yourfavouritearthling (5 years ago)
no because people in hunger games reconized his skin
Konstantin Kuznetsov (5 years ago)
Hey is just trying to be helpful.
Broc Reed (5 years ago)
"his own friend killing him with there ammunition" "aint that a bitch" wouldnt steven know lol how many times has sly killed steven with the tesla
Caleb Barkocy (5 years ago)
He doesn't lose his items...
gнσѕту вσу (5 years ago)
I'm sorry, i forgot, why does he have a female skin? who made it? it looks like my skin
Aaron Pollock (5 years ago)
Your alswome xX slyxX
chibi123123 (5 years ago)
they keep inventory when they die...
iamAdriel (5 years ago)
use a bowwwww jeeezzzz
iTzRyAn152 (5 years ago)
No he doesn't. He TRIES to upload one everyday, but often doesn't. Dumbass
SirUNCLEPEANUTS (5 years ago)
I REALLY wanna see them nuke something, anything.
beep beep Lettuce (5 years ago)
Use a nuke...
Anonymoose (5 years ago)
I just love how enthusiastic these two gus are^^ It's like nothing can bring them down
Raven Croft (5 years ago)
i thought they had keepinventory on
SirUNCLEPEANUTS (5 years ago)
He can't lose his items anyways.

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