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My name is Ezio Auditore Da Firenze!

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앙무띠 (10 days ago)
나는 피란체의 에지오 아디토레 나의 아버지가 그러하였듯이 나는 암살자다
eagles eye Orser (21 days ago)
ok seriously am I seriously the second one in the us who has this name seriously
Jelly (1 month ago)
Assassin 💓💓 💓💓
Enes Eryilmaz (1 month ago)
02:05 thanks me later
Ouch (4 months ago)
AC Fandom first law: Lord Ezio
Prithcelyn Alibangbang (5 months ago)
A-SH , (11 months ago)
back then it has better feeling when i thought it was an italian thing to be an assassin but now it all become something else spreading across the world and time
Biscuitchris7again (11 months ago)
A-SH , (11 months ago)
i know i'm just saying!!
Biscuitchris7again (11 months ago)
I loved when I said that and I like the song is has a kink to my assassin type I like it
Dianite Daemon (1 year ago)
Requiestcat in pace Ezio Auditore Da Firenze
TheDarkOne Joseph (25 days ago)
You spelled it wrong, It's Requiescat en Pace
FrogBoy (2 months ago)
Ezio Auditore Da Firenze (8 months ago)
Rastislav Podhorský (4 years ago)
What is the name the song?
Schnake Eyes (1 year ago)
Rastislav Podhorský its from inception
Aniruddh Jammoria (3 years ago)
Zack Hemsey - Mind Heist.

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