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STRICT MOM GETS CALLED OUT (ON DR PHIL)! Leave a Like if you enjoyed! Subscribe to join the Wolf Pack and enable notifications! TEACHERS WHO GOT FIRED https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7Jg9-0UzGdo
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KAWAII ALPACA (6 minutes ago)
I don’t even believe in god so if my mom did that to me I would run away from home
Kayla Sparks (9 minutes ago)
Just a btw, most Catholics aren’t like this at all😬
태국 (12 minutes ago)
thought dr.phil said shower not shallow lmao 😂
animeprank girlzxz XD (17 minutes ago)
I am a rebel XD
Sophia Elise (21 minutes ago)
this mom needs mortal help
Baby Royalty (44 minutes ago)
HEY Read more
Baby Royalty (44 minutes ago)
U fell for it ha
Alexis Nichole (1 hour ago)
Nightshift10000 (3 hours ago)
Holy shit, It’s Carrie’s Mom
Nightshift10000 I started reading Stephen King's book "Carrie"
Crazy Legend (6 hours ago)
Crazy Legend (6 hours ago)
C’mon, she’s already !
shameem rashid (6 hours ago)
This is the Satan Smile 😁😁😈😈😈
Mitika Singh (7 hours ago)
The mum looks like my teacher....
Mario Trick 869 (8 hours ago)
Im catholic and i believe all this but she needs to understand that we humans and we aint perfect we have the rights to make mistakes and every church says that but as long as u dont repeat ur mistake. As long as we tell god we srry he will forgive us. She is also commiting a sin for saying false info about her like calling her a prostitute and not letting her be friends with gays or atheist god never said we werent allowed to be friends with those people.
윤그는 (9 hours ago)
"Pop music SIN" so... Kpop is chill?
Jessica Newman (9 hours ago)
You should never be forced into a religion.
Iki Shaw (9 hours ago)
The mom looks like Michael Jackson
Alex Elslager (10 hours ago)
Dont blame this on religion though. This psychopath of a mom is mentally I'll and is too protective of her daughter.
The Life Of Maya XD (10 hours ago)
That Daughter looks like a teacher in my school
Blank Saphie (10 hours ago)
I found my mom's twin 😖
Desirae Gonzalez (10 hours ago)
My opinion: It's fine when people are a little strict and religious but she a lil too strict and ota true because when kids have strict parents they want to do things they have never done before
Winter Sun (10 hours ago)
what's wrong with not being Catholic I'm not that religious and I'm a good person
GanstaGirls GanstaGirls (10 hours ago)
Why she look like Michael Jackson
Lena Donavic (12 hours ago)
I mean I can't talk my mom is strict but she's not THIS strict
Micaela Morgan (13 hours ago)
This family stresses me out
Rose Callahan (13 hours ago)
her family are assholes
Yesica Mozo (14 hours ago)
Put a like if your mom is nice and she went to far
TheCore53 LP (14 hours ago)
Duddeee why is this literally my dad?? Edit: And I thought all that was NORMAL.
connor likes dogs (15 hours ago)
k but why does the mom look like michael jackson????
Fire Cat (16 hours ago)
im christian but i dont have any of this rules. These rules are so weird :o
Sandip Vaidya (16 hours ago)
Deb P (16 hours ago)
*Read More* Read More
Mya Brown (18 hours ago)
Shes one mean old bat
Elyce Reda (19 hours ago)
why she look like Michael jackson tho...
radical Rasmussen (20 hours ago)
Rock and metal ill tell you what those are those are fucking awesome
Madison Dowell (21 hours ago)
Me and my family are very religious and some of this stuff I have to live by 😂
The White Wolf (21 hours ago)
sssniperwolf all the way :) :) :)
RavenZz AtLife (22 hours ago)
Pretty sure rap is worse than pop bc 99 percent of it is about sex 🙄🙏🏻
Natalie Garcia (23 hours ago)
Okey i might have religious grandparents but that lady went too far all mine do is have their own church and make me listen to christian songs but i can still listen to what i want but i still gotta listen to a fair share of christian but that lady needs help
William Scales (23 hours ago)
that's funny
William Scales (23 hours ago)
William Scales (23 hours ago)
wow I um ummm that's sad
swaggy giraffe (1 day ago)
That mom is homophobiaic...
BenHoHsz (1 day ago)
That girl look like Micheal Jackson gril version lmao
Why is watching tv a sin lol
Giorgio De Nino (1 day ago)
Bruh that mom looks like Michael Jackson in his last years
melcat perez (1 day ago)
Cheapest mom will do anything to save in telling the future lol
WANIGESEKERA Marlon (1 day ago)
That ain't the full story. Basically the girl was molested by her brother(and paid to be quiet) and had an abusive childhood. That's why she was a prostitute(btw she is actually a real one)
Annika Vids (1 day ago)
Is it just me or does the mum look like Michael Jackson 😂
Rania Awwad (1 day ago)
My parents were strict but not THAT strict
Marco (50 minutes ago)
This Story Is Kinda Similar To Carrie 😂
Marco (1 hour ago)
Sailor Rose The magical writer yeah because the lady on the show acting like carries mom and carrie want to be normal but thanks 😂
Marco the only thing is missing is Marie having Telekinesis and getting pig's blood dumped on her at her prom night killing everyone and you're good to go. I've been reading the book
Nora Arooshi (1 day ago)
That's kinda my mum but not like that
James Powers (1 day ago)
(—_—) (•~•) ¡ just really like making comment faces see what ("I") did there
Hoody Awesomeness (1 day ago)
Sends girl to Mormon school. Wants her to be friends with strictly Catholics. ?????????????????????
Digital Reality (1 day ago)
party animal1 (1 day ago)
Me and my brother don't believe God but my mom is ok with that
neiko (1 day ago)
When everyone was young they were scared of there parents
Hehe im gay soooooo 🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ if I see this mum im gonna kiss a girl in front of her
Jenna Worden (1 day ago)
“i want to love her” (in head) *oh shit now they know* “i love her”
That gay unicorn (1 day ago)
I had many friends that were *pauses* gay *pauses
Toni Celtic (1 day ago)
See I’m catholic but that’s to far
kickmyhair (1 day ago)
why does she look like michael jackson lmao
Paul Mogashoa (1 day ago)
I think she is only doing this so her mother can see her rules are wrong and they actually in the interest of the mother Maybe the mother was a bad child growing up and is trying to make the child what she was not
Kristal Butler (1 day ago)
She got some strong cheek bones
Devin Todd (1 day ago)
The girl's mom looks like Michael Jackson
Naomi McClain (1 day ago)
Micheal Jackson is alive
BlakeIshSleepy (1 day ago)
“I wanna a relationship with her” AND SHE KICKS HER OUT I am so triggered rn
BlakeIshSleepy (1 day ago)
BRUHHH. Mom says I wanna protect her from the “dangerous lifestyle” yet she frickin kicking her out??!!! Where is your logic
Gabriella Quijada (1 day ago)
honestly that girl is more behaved then a lot of other kids lmao
Evie Saddler (1 day ago)
The mom is literally female MJ
Sunburry Bee (1 day ago)
Im a Mormon and I’ve never heard of a Mormon charter school 🤷🏽‍♀️
Monica baricio (1 day ago)
I absolutely love lady gaga no hard feelings lol
Unicorns Lovers (1 day ago)
Give me a 👍🏻 if you want a part 2
She’s soo pretty
mary834eva (1 day ago)
I found my daughter watching this and it seems that there are two complete sides of the spectrum going on in OPINIONS. I'll be speaking to my daughter about this bc it's going to be important for her to be able to develop an open mind when it comes to other people's opinions. The opposite of this and other videos by this YouTuber.
Teresa Ayala (1 day ago)
The mom is a such a butch mother dicker danm she is sentence himself
*My other comment got deleted somehow ;-;*
No social life Man (1 day ago)
The only 2 things I agree with that this mom put on the list are, no voting for Hillary Clinton and you can’t miss church.
Carouselyy AJ (1 day ago)
I believe in god and jesus but i don't have these rules.
Blackkoldmadina (1 day ago)
the family want to be famus
Tyler Powell (1 day ago)
the family wants to be famous
NAYAH THOMAS (1 day ago)
the mom looks like Michael Jackson
Ruby TheNyanCat (1 day ago)
lol xD
Porliea (1 day ago)
I'm a christian, but I can see this woman is just making up sins. Like pop music? Come on!
Keepcalmlovepandas (1 day ago)
I watched that with my mom lol
Kesha Hamato (1 day ago)
That mother is so evil!
cняιѕтιηє (1 day ago)
My parents are Catholic but are not like this crazy lady!
vexeler 1359 (1 day ago)
Two of my friends are bisexual and I am fine with it.
bella and bernisa (1 day ago)
Fatma M (1 day ago)
I understand you leah xoxo💋❤️💁🏻‍♀️
MiniJelly (1 day ago)
My mom didn't let me go on sleepovers because she was afraid I was going to get raped. But they could come over (For sleepovers). Pre-marital sex?? You do you, I don't judge. But my mom wouldn't allow that. Satanic who? My mom would say that talking about Satan is bad luck. I could cuss in front of my mom and she wouldn't give a shit. Most of my mom's friends are gay. My mom is okay with friends. I am an adult now and I am proud. I still live with my mom and I don't see a problem. My mom IS MY BEST FRIEND. Long skirts? My mom says Most prostitutes wear long skirts, but It's fine. We like to think of each other as "Best Friend Roomates" :3
Kenzie Heywood (1 day ago)
Dr Phil is stupid in MY opinion. If these people *are* craving attention, he’s just giving it to them. He’s made a lot of horrible people famous. He isn’t changing anyone, he’s just giving them more fame. If he wants to have a career he doesn’t have to make a show about it. Things like judge Judy is a court show so people actually get consequences. It’s not ok in *my opinion* .
I'm catholic but this woman is taking it to far I mean she even made normal things a sin
Wolfie_plZ I'm blue (1 day ago)
Yes there is an nite church
Elizabeth Yang (1 day ago)
omg none of these rules are in the bible. wtf
Oh and cursing I think. And I think drinking is a sin but only if you get drunk otherwise it’s ok I think? Idk for sure though.
Elizabeth Yang Actually Pre-Marital sex is but yeah I think you’re right otherwise.
Missy 13 (1 day ago)
The family is nuts!
She's 19 she is a grown woman her mom is not her boss no more.
Vlasta Bohnec (1 day ago)
She looks like MICHAEL freaking JACKSON
Midnight Boo (1 day ago)
juliaplays roblox (1 day ago)
*sigh*....ok this is for the mom #1 you are an idiot #2 GAYS ARE GOD! #3 i always wear short skirts #4 task 1: write down on paper, 'knowlodge" (im poland so i cant spell) #5 task 2: smack it Across your face #6 WILL THESSE RULES NOW NOT BE NECACEARY?!?!?!?!
Alan Garner (1 day ago)
I wish my parents was religious Every day me blasting out Gabber, Terrorcore and Speedcore
Alan Garner (1 day ago)
Im athirst Nothing else to say

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