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Far Cry 5 - New Zombies Gameplay Trailer! Vietnam War, Mars DLC! Map Editor! Arcade Walkthrough!

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Check out all new Far Cry 5 new zombies gameplay DLC trailer also showing the season pass, which includes zombies, the Vietnam War, and even Mars! Plus, check out the map editor and multiplayer pvp, co-op and much more in Arcade mode on PS4, Xbox One and PC! Stay tuned for more single player and multiplayer walkthroughs of Far Cry 5! ►FOLLOW OUR FACEBOOK PAGE: http://www.facebook.com/OpenWorldVideoGames More about the season pass: https://far-cry.ubisoft.com/game/en-us/home/ ►Subscribe Here On YouTube For Daily Videos: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=bestofvideogames ►We're on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/knightrobby ►SIGN UP TO OUR WEBSITE: http://www.openworldgames.com ►CHECK OUT OUR STAR WARS BATTLEFRONT YOUTUBE CHANNEL: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=gameverb ►Hey, over here! We also livestream on Twitch.tv: http://www.twitch.tv/openworldgamer
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ZAMBIES! So what are you excited for the most? Vietnam, Mars, or zombies? Don't forget to follow our Facebook page for DAILY livestreams and exclusive gameplay: http://www.facebook.com/openworldvideogames
Barney Davenport (25 days ago)
Open World Games and Beyond can i play after i download without enternet
Open World Games and Beyond can I only assess zombies..darkest hours & the mars dlc..from arcade mode ? Please help me I bought the season pass & dont know where to find it
BOSSANOVA (1 month ago)
I think FC 3 classic edition would be most excited!!
David McDonald (2 months ago)
When do they start releasing the dlcs
soultiger 267 (2 months ago)
Mars And Vietnam
Evan Patiño (6 days ago)
Do you need to pay to use arcade mode?
monkey wings (8 days ago)
and my balls can fly
monkey wings (8 days ago)
farcry is trash u ppl should play minecraft
KROSS777RLSH (9 days ago)
0:40 what is this purple level with the blocks ? Anyone know Aesthetic you know? Synthwavish :3
Drewbert 420 (13 days ago)
Hell ya cant wait I got the 1st Dlc its awesome
henry samuels (13 days ago)
Wasn't the DLC zombie supposed to come out first when you pre-order it that's what was said when they announced it now they change their mind to make the Zombies 2 second DLC or third that was a reason why I ain't got the season pass was for the zombies cuz it was coming out first now this is bullshit
SmashTheGranny OutOfIt (14 days ago)
Undead?! They look demonically possessed.
SmashTheGranny OutOfIt (14 days ago)
Undead?! They look demonically possessed.
Asassin XD01 (23 days ago)
They Better add A Richtofen skin for zombies
The Deputy (23 days ago)
Only you
Khalid king (1 month ago)
I buy the season and is not working
TheSasGaming (1 month ago)
hopefully we can have tactical knife in vietnam war
K9 Shay9 (1 month ago)
I bought it and I can’t play any of the dlcs
Faith Seed (1 month ago)
K9 Shay9 nobody can
Spambbs (1 month ago)
Why does he sound like he's choking on dick
-Dat Mental Gamer- (1 month ago)
is this all dlc or expansions like blood dragon?
GAMERPSYCHO247 (1 month ago)
oh man i cant wait
Yourself Gaming (1 month ago)
How do you access season pass maps? (I bought it)
Like the only thing missing is a 4 player mode for all these modes
Why is it always just 2 Fucking players
Lucas Taylor (1 month ago)
Don’t you run a Star Wars lore channel?
AyZeD (1 month ago)
Was that Alex Jones narrating the DLCs?
Baxter Schlong (1 month ago)
It’s annoying because there’s never anybody to co-op with
BigBarnV1 (1 month ago)
Are they going to let us replay missions?
Troll General (1 month ago)
I purchased the season pass but I'm unable to locate the zombie map when I get to the arcade. Am I missing something?
Oscar Memo (1 month ago)
fking zombie shit..fking shitty game...stupid dev fucks.
Faith Seed (1 month ago)
Oscar Memo mad?
MrAverageCookie (1 month ago)
They better have custom maps for zombies
Aaron Williams (1 month ago)
When do the dlcs come out?
Eclipse (1 month ago)
StarWars HQ ?
diamond_man1000 (1 month ago)
rendhy utama (1 month ago)
the far cry 5 lost on mars i had a vibe of... CMON APES ! DO YOU WANT TO LIVE FOREVER !!!
ANTHRAX 358 (1 month ago)
When the dlc's??
Robert Etchingham (1 month ago)
Will they ever increase the map size in map creator😓😡
Chris Krohn (1 month ago)
The zombies would be cooler if they did the full map like dying light say map but you would witness the out break first hand then you could find the cure or let everyone turn into zombies or survive i kno a zombie cheeseburger would be awesome
The Bossbaby201 (1 month ago)
A cowboy dlc would be awesome
The Bossbaby201 (1 month ago)
I did not unless it’s a joke haha
Faith Seed (1 month ago)
The Bossbaby201 i waa just joking btw i will never hate someone who plays far cry 5 and why are you calling me a killer that's not nice
The Bossbaby201 (1 month ago)
Faith Seed No I said I’m not not you
Faith Seed (1 month ago)
The Bossbaby201 what do you mean I'm not going 2 kill?
The Bossbaby201 (1 month ago)
Faith Seed I may be young but I’m not going to kill irl I’m not like that
Julian Novak (1 month ago)
(SPOILERS) The zombie dlc probably takes place after the nuke ending
john wick (1 month ago)
I don't like the guns from lost in mars it's too futuristic
Lord Sathanus (1 month ago)
Stupid. We need a story expansion, the only good part is Joseph seed.
Blah blah 57 (2 months ago)
You sound like the star wars guy.
braelon H (2 months ago)
I bought the season pass sooooo how do I activate the dlcs?
Baelfire fowl (2 months ago)
Wait.......isn't this the Star Wars gaming news guy
Mr.Bootleg (2 months ago)
I think maybe dinosaurs, carnivores specifically, would've been more delightfully off the rails than zombies. Anyone else feel kind of burned out on the flesh-eating undead?
jared struyde (2 months ago)
7 days to die but far cry style!
Legendary Gary (2 months ago)
Im new to this but if i buy the season pass do i still have the content after the season pass expires?
Gato Delsing (2 months ago)
Por que el nombre del canal esta en español y todo lo demas en ingles?
Noah Gann (2 months ago)
Orcade modee
Jay (2 months ago)
When do the dlc come out and how do I get Far cry 3
Joe Coster (2 months ago)
I was a high level and then went back to a low level what's is that did I prestige
hugo koundri (2 months ago)
Pour le dlc vietnam vous pouvez inventer sur farcry 5 la m16 il l utilise au vietnam merci ce serait trop cool
Anthony Klamar (2 months ago)
Hook a dude up with a new game plus with harder difficulty
Michael provino (2 months ago)
I love the new dlc trailer, but I hate that it's looped so many times.
Alexander Walker (2 months ago)
FC map editor: what Forge should have become
TheUltimateX33TV (2 months ago)
Ubisoft really went all out for Far Cry 5
TotallyNotCool (2 months ago)
I need to get farcry 5
Len_Was_Here (2 months ago)
Super Far Cry Maker
Pete Rice (2 months ago)
I should of ordered Gold way back when. Oh well - I'll cough up the money for the DLC
RedPandaGamer04 RPG (2 months ago)
Ur the most annoying person ive ever heard
Alex Helsenhoff (2 months ago)
Can't get the dlc to work
I already got it..
Agent- 69 FIB (2 months ago)
Hope they add a police car from the zombirs one
blazing onyx (2 months ago)
I hope cartoonz and Delirious get into this DLC I think it'd be really cool if they made videos for this DLC. delirious in space would be great. for anyone who doesn't know cartoonz and Delirious are playing Far Cry 5
Alan McGowan (2 months ago)
You had me at Vietnam.
Nipplehook (2 months ago)
Cant wait! Til its 20 dollars that includes all these DLCs, suck it.
Loramurax (2 months ago)
Hell Yeah!
Full Life 3 (2 months ago)
Holy crap i thought a Vietnam based Far Cry would have been good for a while.
Erik Kullberg (2 months ago)
Not sure if people are complaining about DLC just for the sake of complaining. This is the good kind of DLC, content that actually adds to the game rather than give content that should've been in it from the get go. Guess some people will never be satisfied.
The Villa Gamer (2 months ago)
Well... someone's ripped off cod with zombies
Prod. Hxrford (2 months ago)
Josh Turnbull (2 months ago)
Star Wars HQ?
Reed stone (2 months ago)
I hope we can get some guns from the mars dlc to use in the main game and just new guns in general
Karl W. (2 months ago)
What's with the glowing yellow eyes? Zombies are fine without them
Sp3v0n Hotrocks (2 months ago)
I really hope they add new weapons the weapon pool in this game suck ass
Gregory Lumban-Gaol (2 months ago)
I wished they made a mini story where you play as Jacob Seed when he was in the army.
RandomAmericanBoy (2 months ago)
Looks like the "games as a service" is finally catching on!!! Hooray, post launch support for games that are complete packages with dlc actually worth the money. Take my money!
Cringe Police (2 months ago)
Im so Danm excited
Khang Chu Việt (2 months ago)
Another game have Vietnam War Which We are BadGuys huh~~~ This is why we hate USA When anyone say about this game
Curtis Mason (2 months ago)
I mean. Opposing Forces. US Vs NVA/Vietcong So... The character being an American Soldier, likely Marine I'd say yeah you'd be the enemy. Unless there's something I missed and the war was fake or something.
[BEMC] Machine (2 months ago)
So... Are these like story mode DLCs? Like another campaign story for the game? Or is this like a little game mode added for the arcade? I'm confused. If this is a brand new story for far cry 5 I'll buy it but if it's just a arcade mode game then I'm gonna pass on this one.
Josh Richardson (2 months ago)
[BEMC] Machine the alien and Vietnam ones have stories. The zombie one I'm sure will be similar to left for dead, but with 80s references and comedy.
Basically Godzilla (2 months ago)
you guys need to get a new narrator
Mr Sheep (2 months ago)
The mars dlc definitely has Larry from one of the side missions as the main character/maybe side character
b (2 months ago)
Getting call of duty vibes
Krieg Psycho (2 months ago)
I don’t know about you but I hope ZAMBIES have a story
Tywin Lannister (2 months ago)
I hope all the assets go in the editor
N o L o v e Media (2 months ago)
Is this the announcer from mx vs atv reflex lmao
Quazzi (2 months ago)
I just wish the zombies were realistic and extremely similar to the walking dead. Having played FC5, a realistic zombie survival DLC would be excellent and really change up the pacing from the normal game.
Hella Flush (2 months ago)
When do the dlcs come out??? I bought all 3 but idk how to play them. Are they not out yet
Hella Flush (2 months ago)
Shit wrong video and comment lmao. I know that now I just was wondering the release date. I never bought far cry dlc before every game is different.
Hella Flush (2 months ago)
Curtis Mason bruh we already solved that issue i don't need 5 answers saying the same thing.
Curtis Mason (2 months ago)
*Cringe* Yeah dude the DLCs aren't out yet. Like what were you expecting though? A game never has a DLC on first day Let alone 3.
Amy Elliott (2 months ago)
I was expecting the commentator to start using force powers
violet marenda (2 months ago)
Lost on mars reminds me on destiny
808 HI (2 months ago)
The deceased cease to decrease.
Nicholas Romero (2 months ago)
Robby or Ryan?
Vinyl Stash (2 months ago)
4:19 i was kinda hoping for some assets from far cry 3 (mainly the WW2 set and vehicle wreckage/parts) for use in map maker.
Cryptic Raven (2 months ago)
So I bought the season pass but there is no dlc. Is it coming out later?
Faith Follower (2 months ago)
Fallout 5
Batman 1562 (2 months ago)
this game needs more variety in weapons. Most of the variety comes from appearance Theres like 4 different versions of the M133, 4 different Magnum .44 variants and 3 different MP5 variants. It would be cool if the prestige weapons took place of FarCry 3's signature weapons with better stats, but all you get is a different weapon skin for sometimes triple the price of the normal gun.
Batman 1562 (2 months ago)
just to add i'd also like some more weapons, there are a lot of guns that were featured in both FarCry 3 and 4 that just aren't here for some reason.
Sad Pepe (2 months ago)
Ubisoft is finally learning huh?
Michael Montana (2 months ago)
Add me on ps4. Grandpapa_mike Lets group up and fuxk some Peggie’s up. Please only add me if you have a mic
Fox Box (2 months ago)
"gaeem moooode"
ronnythe goat (2 months ago)
Wow! I kinda wish they add Far Cry Blood Dragon as well! Bummer!
Robmario80 (2 months ago)
In my life, i only bought 1 season pass (just cause 3) and i never bought anymore.... But i will buy this not for mars, Vietnam, or zombies. I'll do it for far cry 3
imangamerlikeyou (2 months ago)
Zombies mode? Is this Call of duty?
Christian DeYoung (2 months ago)
I don't care for zombies due to the fact of being an over saturated genre in recent years making zombies just an, annoyance more than anything else
The Loner (2 months ago)
Dying Light is life, Dying Light is love

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