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Fallout 76: Everything You NEED TO KNOW

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Fallout 76 quickly went from "game we were speculating about" to "tentpole Bethesda release with details. Here's everything you need to know about the first multiplayer Fallout game! Subscribe for more: http://youtube.com/gameranxtv
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Billy Kelly (1 hour ago)
support this game give them your money they see the dollar signs and we will never get a single player bethesda game again #savesingleplayer
101 Lives (1 hour ago)
Can't wait to finish my building and a second later it gets nuked like 58 times in a row
Conner Underwood (4 hours ago)
Epicar700 (6 hours ago)
i love MMO's so i'm excited for fallout 76
26magicman26 (6 hours ago)
Can I fast travel? And can I have an NPC (or animal like dogmeat) as a companion ??
anon guy (8 hours ago)
Peo0le acting like the launch codes are gonna be in one spot . I look forward to sniping in this
anon guy (8 hours ago)
Gamers today are so picky a tacticool chick in bfv and a fallout online survival game. I'm surprised we are just now getting a fallout game like this
Neon Claws (10 hours ago)
Will it require a internet connection? Please respond
HANHdrew (13 hours ago)
Okay another fallout game that’s about building up civilization? Man I want interesting characters interesting factions some good lore
Cadet Schuetz (15 hours ago)
To the trolls/griefers: Don’t. I just wanna play the game with some friends and I’m not looking forward to getting killed or even having my base destroyed by a fucking nuke...
Nerd_World (15 hours ago)
I wonder if they’d allow players to Nuke the forest and Vault 76 or if that would not be allowed to avoid spawn camping
xlSneak-_ (18 hours ago)
Only the broke motherfuckers are complaining about this not having a story mode
xLionsxxSmithyx (19 hours ago)
Well, I'm heavily disappointed, just make a story driven Co-op experience in the same type of style as Dead Island.
Benjamin Cain (20 hours ago)
Is the dragon just a massive bat
Richard Van Hulle (23 hours ago)
Will this be available on steam?
ZMS Gaming (23 hours ago)
Is this an Xbox exclusive?
Tiger (1 day ago)
Are you able to play in a private server?
Sam Busch (1 day ago)
He said holotypes
DISTRUCTO29 GaMeS (1 day ago)
Will it be for ps4 tho?
G MAX MX Logs (1 day ago)
Have been a fallout fan for years. I don’t know why the game is getting so much hate, it looks fantastic. They should definitely have private Co-op though
Jane Doe (1 day ago)
I’m sticking to fallout 4. I HATE ONLINE PLAYERS, they do a lot of dumbass shit fuck this game for that
Axel Rain (1 day ago)
Ok what happened to save player 1 bethesda....what happened...
ThatCheetoGamer YT (1 day ago)
Welp... Im not planning on pre ordering this anymore. Im really not looking forward to getting killed and all my hard work lost by a squad of other people
Vito B (1 day ago)
don't buy or play online only. sorry Mr. Howard. major fail.
Online mode will be rage enducing especially with douchey friends.
daegan playz (1 day ago)
I live in West Virginia I hope they included the moundsville penitentiary
Zeyphr Feeds (1 day ago)
My question is if the server is "Always On" because if I go to sleep and my base is fine, then wake up and play 8 hours later and my base is destroyed that's an easy pass for me...
Sam Horgan (1 day ago)
You'll get the odd lone wolf I assume, it'll be like battlefield the only way to win is to work together and not like it could go guns blazing
Sam Horgan (1 day ago)
Maybe less players and a bigger map means players might work together in order to progress the story maybe?
Midnight Roar (1 day ago)
So there is something like Dark Souls where you died you lose everything right? Or is there some kinda safe where we can store our stuff forever secure? And is this like always always online like Boom Beach where even when I'm offline other players can still kill and rob me? I'm just confused even after watching and listening to this. It's really complicated already.
Super Coins (1 day ago)
This multiplayer open world survival/shooter is not my kind of thing. I like rpg's, like fallout 3/new vegas, and skyrim. Fallout 76 is in another genre. This sucks, why can't bethesda see through this. Maybe they want to get the customer base of Activision and EA.
Mauno T. (1 day ago)
Nope. Going to play NW and Fallout 4 untill Fallout 5.
Matt Bailey (1 day ago)
They'd better do proximity voice chat!
So that means if you don't have internet at your house then you cant play the game at all grate job. At lest you can make a privet world so ur alone
Patrick Truong (1 day ago)
How will vats work
Edgar Sanabria (1 day ago)
I hope u can loot some one after you kill them like in pubg will make the pvp more rewarding
Reds Kiko (1 day ago)
I love everything but the nuke sites
Eurice Mcdougall (1 day ago)
Two words: free dlc
Max Copparstad (1 day ago)
Could i IF i wanted play on my Own whit No other players like in fallout 4 and dose it have a story
Four words: Nuke xX_urmomgaylolXD_Xx? Yes/No
Gabe T (1 day ago)
If there’s no single player,I don’t want it
so it basically it online
pH4nt0m_R3tr0 (1 day ago)
imma be that guy who walks around with a fat man or a big boy and destroying your settlement or home base
Big Nerd (2 days ago)
The Bethesda God, Todd.
Dennis Rockholt (2 days ago)
I really would like the option to get my own server, then this would be cool for me. I dont like the idea of bothering with anyone else while playing fallout. I play fallout to escape all the online drama.
Cameron Zukoff (2 days ago)
Been dreaming of Co-op in a Bethesda title since 2002, I'm geeked.
Kuruvar Egas (2 days ago)
Private mode as the solo mode from Elite: Dangerous. That's that kind stopped grieving, but also made the community only play this way.. So almost no player contact for hours...
fallout player (2 days ago)
Im am not able to play online i wished that they just made it where it was online play optional
cold war simulator 2018
Spegy’s Snail (2 days ago)
I’m fucking excited for this
Hamad ali (2 days ago)
I still don't get is it mmo game ?
Swimming Pools (2 days ago)
its online only so theres probably gonna be microtransactions and loot boxes.
markinator bozak (2 days ago)
He says no human NPC's but aren't raiders human NPC's???
EvilP 1 (2 days ago)
So I need ps plus to play this sooo unfair
obn obn (2 days ago)
just dont want to play that cash graber....
obn obn (2 days ago)
just dont want to play that cash graber....
Rocco Spicola (2 days ago)
That would be annoying if somebody keeps on nuking ur base
Copper_Gaming 64 (2 days ago)
One question (it probably will but no one is talking about this). Will. It. Be . On . Steam.
Ant The Knee Davis (2 days ago)
this vid is good news to me, I heard nothing about a fallout battle royal👏
Connor Reynolds (2 days ago)
The things Todd said about making your own story and sparse player counts make this seem like it will have the same problems as Sea Of Thieves. Be prepared for massive disappointment.
Alex 0124 (2 days ago)
Game sold I don't care what others say
Sudz and budz (2 days ago)
Will it be 100% online or is the solo option something that can stay offline
Damien Rand (2 days ago)
man , the fact that it will be only online really blows , games like the fallout series and elders scrolls series have always been my favorite , now that they are all going online ruins it for me !
Lemon (2 days ago)
Sam Matthews (2 days ago)
you know what I would prefer for a fallout gaame FUCKING SINGLEPLAYER
Brandon Alean (2 days ago)
If this game becomes an online only title I say it’s garbage. I may not always have internet if I decide to travel and if I’m going to spend a lot of money on a video game I expect to play it where ever, whenever.
stop ask (2 days ago)
Sergeant Cookie (2 days ago)
You get out of the vault 5 years after your supposed to get out of the vault officially but it's not the first time out of the vault check the pitboy in the trailer of the game it is at 500 which means it is not the first time your character has left the vault
honeygirl112385 (2 days ago)
How do you safe guard new players from being abused from players who have been on the server the longest? Nothing iz more irritating than some noob thinking he's good because he's got more stuff than you . Don't get me wrong , I'm all for pvp but balance is key . Opefully they sort the problem out . - ps4 tag - tguardian , if you play eso . Hmu, my pvp guild, champions of cyrodil ,is always looking for new players .
Anime King (2 days ago)
Can I pre order it for xbox one
Itz Jaydan209 (2 days ago)
I'm super hyped for this game already have a squad and ready to rule the wasteland
QsK_- gamers (2 days ago)
Can you get on ps4 ?
1000 REASONS WHY (2 days ago)
I mean if you are upset about it being online, wandering into players will be rare
N C (2 days ago)
just so people know, zenimax developed eso, Bethesda just published it. this is Bethesda independently as the publisher, and dev for this one.
Niels160402 (2 days ago)
Is the multiplayer like with random players or do you have the option to make a world with only your friends in it?
Tyler Veil (3 days ago)
So does this kill vats or what?
Zest Fisher (3 days ago)
All I ask is it needs to have a Pure Single player mode map what ever, every year around my Birthday some type of Fallout or Bethesda title gets sneak peeked and before long BAM it has a release date around my Birthday, and I always get any fallout titles shown. If it has no Single player only... Pass for me just like what DarkMatter2525 said.
Vxzty (3 days ago)
it will be better than fortnite
Trent Randle (1 day ago)
EVERYTHING is better than... that game.
Eric Border (3 days ago)
They took off iron sights
William Logan (3 days ago)
Ok people dont know what they are talking about there will be private servers eventually just after launch instead of raiders there will be scorched from fallout new vegas which are ghouls that use guns and stuff there will be mods on private servers there will be robots terminals and other things to give quests and there will be a long main questline and you will be able to restore settlements you make and they improved the settlement system and Bethesda wants to prevent griefers and other annoying things so before you judge something do research wait or for the game to come out
The Doctor (3 days ago)
Dragon? Bro that was a giant bat. 🦇
Gunforce55 (3 days ago)
Whatever they do. I hope they don't give us an impossible choice ending like they did in Fallout 4. That made us choose between the good guys.
Josh Ray (3 days ago)
I hope this turns out better then ESO. I was so excited then it just sucked... I still the Elder scrolls series tho, as well as fallout, so fingers crossed
wibblew0bble (3 days ago)
I wonder if the saves will still be client side, it would suck to make it always-online
Naruto Uzumaki (3 days ago)
There are no raiders
Raven Dye (3 days ago)
so i would need to get ps+ then...grrr
Phone Play (3 days ago)
travis epaR (3 days ago)
this is rust
Dory L. (3 days ago)
... how do i escape the problem that plagues Minecraft survivla servers, where a few people destroy the terrain, and now i can go basically nowhere because everything is destroyed
StupidStuff (3 days ago)
what about consoles we have to pay to be online bunch'o douches
Frames kyle (3 days ago)
Can we still fast travel to places we discover?
Techno Gaming (3 days ago)
Does beta codes are applicable for retailers for every country . plz I live in India ?
Big Homie DaQuan (3 days ago)
I'm disappointed Bethesda didn't announce Despacito 2
Mega JimmyHat (3 days ago)
I wasn't expecting this game. And I don't see any reason to get it..
Chase F (3 days ago)
How do I buy the helmet
azadmard yazd (3 days ago)
Private world???!!! Hell fucking yeah so its gonna be like playing gta online in an invite only session wich is a great thing
Game'n Allday (3 days ago)
I feel like the game will feel kind of empty, with no human Npcs because if all humans are real players, then there won’t be a lot of them.
justBinia (3 days ago)
Funny thing, is if you get rare resources and stuff in the area of a nuke, depending on the amount of base damage it causes (probably not total destruction to limit griefing) you might WANT to get nuked - the nuked guy is going to have all of these ultra rare resources and mobs suddenly popping up right next door.
GrenadeMagnet (3 days ago)
The mods is always what set Bethesda games so far above the others. Part of the fun is seeing how much extra crap you can pack in until it becomes unplayable and your PC starts to cry mercy. How will they implement mods for a mmo? If no mods. I'm not interested until it goes on sale.
Matthew Reed (3 days ago)
Im suprised how many people are being negative. You entitled people, there was a day when we were just happy to get a game, not demand how they make them. "How dare Bethesda grow and change as a company, we want them to stay the same forever". Gaming fans are getting crazy whiny. Theres literally hundreds of other games to play, you can't have them all suited perfectly to your specifications.

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