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Black Ops 2 Review - IGN Reviews

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Head to IGNGameplay for our full campaign walkthrough http://bit.ly/QCzH1h The biggest shooter of the year is finally here, but how does it stand up to what's come before? Subscribe to IGN's channel for reviews, news, and all things gaming: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=ignentertainment Black Ops 2 Video Review - IGN Reviews
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Text Comments (22573)
Fico 2005 (1 day ago)
How is bo2 better than bo1
Karim Isma (18 days ago)
what happened to Treyarch? how could they betray this series like this.... from this to battle royal ? really ??!?
Officer Ned Digger (29 days ago)
Just finish playing this and mw2 and easily this is the best cod multiplayer !
Liam Nork (1 month ago)
Update from 2018, best call of duty I’ve ever played.
General Hunter (2 months ago)
14000 likes 14000 dislikes
weewee203ohSpecz (2 months ago)
now that bo2 was a new beginning, bo4 is ALSO. no more arcade shooters. FAST PACED tactical shooters with ofc cod feeling... well c
[Dyllpyckyll] (2 months ago)
Who else is watching in 69420360
Who came here for bo4
Elijah Hall (3 months ago)
This game should be 10/10 last good COD game
DontStayUpLeight (3 months ago)
When IGN actually did good thorough reviews... xD
Bart Simpson (3 months ago)
ign say bo3 is as good as bo2 because ign gave them both 9.3.
joosunkmybattleship (4 months ago)
Black ops 2 aged really well. Definitely the best multiplayer, and zombie grief was amazing. I'd dig my ps3 up if there were still enough players for zombie mode
Donavan Caudle (4 months ago)
This is the only COD I prestiged. And for good reason, this is a masterpiece of online play.
Get Rikkity Rekt (7 months ago)
You know, if you don't like IGN then don't watch their videos just to whine & complain.
Aeizii (7 months ago)
The best cod ever but it's filled with modded now and only has 8000 players online 😓
Captain Price (7 months ago)
Kids still hit the dislike button on cod series review videos.
TheEpicCreator (7 months ago)
Top 10 call of duty's 10) infinite warfare 9) advanced warfare 8) World War 2 7) ghosts 6) modern warfare 3 5) black ops 3 4) modern warfare 1 3) black ops 1 These last 2 are extremely close 2) black ops 2 1) modern warfare 2
Whats The Status (9 months ago)
Best COD Game Ever Even Tho There Is Alot Of Hackers.
iq2992 (9 months ago)
BOTS!!!!! SOLD@!!!!1
protoskype (10 months ago)
I think this was the last COD where the game wasn't a complete cash grab and the devs actually 100% cared
Marshadow Pokémon (10 months ago)
Can you play online splitscreen on the ps3
Call_Of_Arrow (10 months ago)
when this game was out no one called it a master piece but me...
Antony Evans (11 months ago)
This still active on 360? Loved this back when it was new, would pick it up again if people still play
leonthesleepy (11 months ago)
Remember when COD was good?
SaviorAssassin1996 (11 months ago)
Strike Force isn't a con, in my opinion. By the way, why the dislikes?
WEI HUANG (11 months ago)
I will give it 9 just for the shock I experienced when I killed Mason in the campaign, I still feel depressed when I hear the BGM of that part
TheDennys21 (1 year ago)
It's a good game, the last good cod in fact, but not 9.3 good, more like an 8.
Omega 3370 (1 year ago)
I feel like BO2 had fantastic use of the graphics
These 14000 dislikers are pokemon fan
Sakib Wasif (1 year ago)
one of the few cod games that actually deserves its rating
PlayStationGamer (1 year ago)
Lol 2025's around the corner and it won't look anything like how this game portrays.
Michael (1 year ago)
can anyone please tell me why this review got 14000 dislikes? I am planning buying this game
Saif Ahmed (1 year ago)
everyone keeps saying the last good cod... i thought blops 3 was really good tho. ive actually always loved cod stories. some of them have been shitty like ghosts but the modern warfare trilogy and the black ops trilogy have amazing stories
Average Alien (1 year ago)
Loved the campaign. and the multiplayer. bo2 had problems but it was amazing.
mikemc Jimmy (1 year ago)
just saw an ad. good to know that John wick will kill me if I don't watch his god damn movie
Stefan Trifunovic (1 year ago)
Who else is watching this after Black Ops 2 became backwards compatible on Xbox One?
Famous DeRp (1 year ago)
Sadly, that "new standard" they set was never met again
Jack Hamilton (1 year ago)
Happy bo2 back compat day
Tyler Webb (1 year ago)
I came back here since it's now backwards compatible
Definitive Gaming (1 year ago)
*COD Black Ops II, is now* *BACKWARDS COMPATIBLE* *Only on Xbox One*
XKoalazX (1 year ago)
Now Backwards Compatible
Deepersteak (1 year ago)
Who's here after it's backward compatible?
Th3SP1C (1 year ago)
backwards on xb1 so cool thanks xbox
Ajax Khan (1 year ago)
Call of duty modern warfare 2 is still best cod to me even i played modern warfare remastered too
Stedmourn Palmore (1 year ago)
blacks ops 2 will always be my favorite cod
Pqaf mt (1 year ago)
big apple (1 year ago)
Do you get xp for playing with bots?
This is literally the last COD game before the franchise went downhill
Who's watching in 2017?
GriMShaw ReAper (1 year ago)
It's got hit markers the you kill an enemy, so for that reason I'm out.
TEAM TOP (1 year ago)
Keith Cox (1 year ago)
I wish they would remaster all call of duty games for ps4
Taqi Ali Shah (1 year ago)
I keep coming back here as to not break something bcz of the new cods
xrx0R 9 (1 year ago)
Zombies was shit in black ops 2
abc (1 year ago)
xrx0R 9 Some maps were fun but indeed it was nothing compared to black ops
a0001521 (1 year ago)
"War has never been this realistic" -Tom Clancy
AnimeBetrayalsReview (1 year ago)
9.3...same as witcher 3, I think IGN need to reconsider what makes an 'amazing game'
Angel Yamarte (1 year ago)
Ghosts the last good COD.
Angel Yamarte (1 year ago)
+Ryan Fanstone yep, may y dont get it.
Ryan Fanstone (1 year ago)
Angel Yamarte no
Pikam22 (1 year ago)
all call of duty games are the same
Andrew James (1 year ago)
Matt D (1 year ago)
Listen to the music at 8:21 it sounds like Captain America: Civil War
UGSGaming ISR (1 year ago)
the very best Call of duty ever made.
joker42 3 (1 year ago)
UGSGaming ISR world at war
OMG iTz Skully (1 year ago)
TheBlackItalianGamer (1 year ago)
FFS please Remaster this MASTERPIECE😭😭😭😭
Matthew Cao (8 months ago)
black ops 1 first
Spookey (1 year ago)
Vegene (1 year ago)
TheBlackItalianGamer remaster every game between this and cod 4 lmao they were all great
lancsFrogger (1 year ago)
i can't remember which COD games i've played
YaBoy Yod (1 year ago)
best call of duty
Spookey (1 year ago)
Bo1 has that title sorry.
Decsy (1 year ago)
YaBoy Yod yeahhh
Sherwood Nick (1 year ago)
Ryan Fanstone opinion bro opinions
Phantom thief (1 year ago)
Still my fav cod game
Yunior Gamboa (1 year ago)
Should I get this black ops 2, titan fall, or borderlands 2..? what do you guys think
The Lone Wanderer (1 year ago)
The last good CoD game was Black Ops 1
Pawnsicle (1 year ago)
Exiled Outsider bo2 was amazing even though it did start the COD player stereotype. MW3 while rushed was fun otherwise I completely agree
The Lone Wanderer (1 year ago)
+TGA Super Plays Well, the older ones yeah but the newer ones like BO3 or Infinite Warfare are dumb. They need to come up with a newer game that DOESN'T take place in the future
TGA Super Plays (1 year ago)
Exiled Outsider All of the COD games are good
Giant Dad (2 years ago)
Do I not speak of the ghosts here?
Marshall Gaming (2 years ago)
I had an IGN ad on this video
Harshit Chopra (2 years ago)
I am watching this because I just got a brand new game for $ 2
PrecisionTrack6 (1 year ago)
Harshit Chopra how
Muhammed Fathah (2 years ago)
new begining to the franchise "cough:cough" no more good games after this
CrashBurnman95 (2 years ago)
they take a lot of care about graphics on other videogames, but the'll just keep ignoring them on COD since 2011...
CynicalSheep (1 year ago)
As he said it runs at a constant 60 fps. I would prefer 60 fps and passable graphical fidelity over amazing graphical quality and 30 fps with periodic drops to 25.
The Last good CoD.
Operator B (2 years ago)
The last good COD game.
Vladimir Makarov (3 months ago)
Naoka Ueno hahahaha this is joke right? The most underrated game ever
Naoka Ueno (11 months ago)
Operator B Nope ghost last good cod
SirThe5 (1 year ago)
Connor Byrne Zombies is good tho
Rekis rax (1 year ago)
vanta black m
I'm just waiting for bo2 remastered
Joris vV (2 years ago)
Julius Readus (2 years ago)
Dinatra301 (2 years ago)
least favorite cod
alex duffy (2 years ago)
ahh the only futuresitc cod people dont hate
JazzaMelon .p. (1 month ago)
+Chocolate Gamer a lot do
Relytxz HD (8 months ago)
People don't really hate bo3
Matthew Cao (10 months ago)
people liked bo3
Chocolate Gamer (1 year ago)
alex duffy mw3 was in the future and people don't hate that
alex alex (2 years ago)
hahaha, they called transit good?????!!!!!!
alex alex (2 years ago)
hahaha, they called transit good?????!!!!!!
SalsaSpartan7 (2 years ago)
Least favorite Call of Duty for me.
ShowTime Player (2 years ago)
Best COD games of all time.
TrueTube (2 years ago)
I'm going to get a new call of duty game. Which one is the best to start with?
Reshma Upadhye (1 year ago)
TrueTube get the first cod. Then bo1 then mw1 then mw2 then bo3 and finally bo3. Then waw and all others. This is the best order to play them in. At least according to the campaign. And don't even touch cod2. That was the worst one.
Neonbirdz (1 year ago)
THE KIMBLEMAN hmm, I can't seem to find where anyone asked for your opinion
CynicalSheep (1 year ago)
CoD WaW on PC is the best CoD multiplayer
Flat Pumpkin (2 years ago)
7.5/10 Too much guns
Joris vV (2 years ago)
too much? Only 32 guns or something
Jedidya (2 years ago)
why black ops 2 is good? and why it is bad?
writer 290 (2 years ago)
best cod game
Dex the gamer (2 years ago)
i like coming to these cod comments section to see the kids screaming down there, and see their ridiculous profile pictures. thats how you know their a bunch of 7-13 year olds 😁😂😂😂
thejzboy (2 years ago)
and doom gets a 7.1 wtf
General Affan (2 years ago)
that was 3 years ago. go judge on bo3 ign review
Halling Roosa (2 years ago)
The Campaign in BO2 was amazing hands down. Played it through 3 times
Marvelous Mehki (2 years ago)
I understand peoples reason for not liking this one as much as the older one's but I honestly think that this is the best Call of Duty ever. I've put a ton of hours into this game and interestingly enough I still play it. I pretty much loved everything about the campaign from the great story, to the slightly wider areas to go out the way you want I had a ton of fun. Even the multiplayer was amazing and before this I was never to sold on multiplayer but after this I started to love multiplayer. As for zombies I didn't really like em in this one as much as the original but you can't win em all so I guess thats fine.
Dominate Davis (2 years ago)
Bo2 average Ghost was more of a try everything in one game Advance warfare jet packs were overused Bo3 is more of a first person shooter parkore
NeonFlareZz (2 years ago)
Black ops 2 was the best call of duty in history
Master Coyote (3 months ago)
If you’re 12
The Console Warrior (2 years ago)
why this game has more points than far cry 3 wtf ign
f89ry7 PS4 (2 years ago)
Still got more than battlefield 3 and battlefield 4 and uncharted 4
The Console Warrior (2 years ago)
the most points i can give is 5.0
Joris vV (2 years ago)
+unknown man Its not broken
General Affan (2 years ago)
go play brokenfield hardline
El Magnifico (2 years ago)
Second worst COD in my opinion
nutransis (2 years ago)
+The Gamingsponge​ u talking to me?
thejzboy (2 years ago)
NBA Central (2 years ago)
Get out of here you troll
eazy player (2 years ago)
B02 is garbage. The graphics are dated, the multiplayer is the same, the campaign is boring.
Brandon Edison (2 years ago)
Then don't play COD
General Affan (2 years ago)
then get out of here. this is an awesome game
Snaker57 (2 years ago)
This is the only near future game I prefer playing in cod
Wayneio Schweinfurtheo (2 years ago)
my personal favorite cod
Gilles Verhaert (2 years ago)
General Affan (2 years ago)
the last good cod
The Cold Tomato (2 years ago)
BO2: 1 Con: 9.3 BO3: 0 Cons: 9.2 GTA 5 for Xbox One and PS4: 1 Con: 10 IGN Logic.

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