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FALLOUT 4 RAP by JT Music - "Welcome To My Apocalypse"

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Text Comments (6337)
Nihilistic lizard2289 (36 minutes ago)
What does S.P.E.C.I.A.L., V.A.T.S and G.O.A.T stand for?
Thomas Evans (6 hours ago)
Videos like thus make games like this make the game so much more intense
Broden Hanichen (6 hours ago)
LAQU (8 hours ago)
You stole lyrics from dan bull
Ginger Snapsback (9 hours ago)
You should totally make a doki doki rap
Mr.Patriot 777 (14 hours ago)
Can't wait for fallout 76 rap
Gavin Golf (15 hours ago)
I don't want to set the world on fire I just want lite a flame in your heart
Grace Stufkosky (16 hours ago)
lol any one excited when he make fallout 76 rap (+_+) apclapse sorry
Santiago Ahumada (14 hours ago)
Santiago Ahumada (2 hours ago)
The Real ShaggZ (22 hours ago)
Cant wait for a Fallout 76 rap from Jt
It's VeNm Gaming (23 hours ago)
I can almost sing this word for word because Fallout 4 is my favorite game I even think it’s better than Fortnite, and for it being more fun than Fortnite that’s really saying something
Mr. Raven (1 day ago)
I love the DLC's 2018 Fallout 76
Otaku Gamer (1 day ago)
Help i'm addictedto this music
Stephanie Preston (2 days ago)
I know this was a very old rap, but what if we had a rap based off the enemies of fallout 4, like the tf2 rap JT Machinma made? (this is gonna get about 500 dislikes)
Jack Attack (2 days ago)
UF GasterHyper The Oc (2 days ago)
If your wondering why this is getting so many views it's because I keep watching this spectacular video
Eevee master (2 days ago)
Still awesome in f**king 2018
Maxtime MeHD (3 days ago)
You've haven't truly leveled up without headshotting with a teddy bear
Chuckwagon (3 days ago)
Are you gonna make a fallout 76 rap!?
I can't wait to see theses guys Make the fall out 76 rap if they do but I think other people are exited to keep up the good work
Carmine 3rd (3 days ago)
For the brotherhood brothers and sister
Odysseus Of Ithaca (3 days ago)
I love fall out but this was stupid as fuck
Vince Wilson (4 days ago)
samples from 40s songs in a 2000s video game song
Cole Parker (4 days ago)
I absolutely love this rap its simply the best!!
DBExperStyle (4 days ago)
Reply if listening after the announcement of Fallout 76!!!
Xavier Woodson (4 days ago)
R_ _down (4 days ago)
I finished the game and the best gun i had with ammo was a glowing pipe pistol
Braxton Stagg-Dunham (5 days ago)
Ahh theirs nothing better than a nuclear war
Ix S (5 days ago)
"I don't wanna set the world on fire" pulls out a fatman
Santiago Ahumada (5 days ago)
Thats a fine dog that you got sir!
Guardian Man 123 (5 days ago)
Make a fallout 76 rap when the game comes out to the public
5:30 " I don't want to set the world on fire" as he throws a molotov😂😂
Skyrocket xv (6 days ago)
Like the my love is "radiating" pun. That was intentional right?
Courtney Fairbanks (6 days ago)
yo!!!!!!! welcome to my butt!
Wailord gaming (6 days ago)
Make A Fallout Shelter Rap pls
Destroyer (6 days ago)
My persentage says i can hit that, had 14 perception, point blank, 95% chance.... Fires 5 shots in vats, miss all.
Sad that they didn’t say anything about the BOS route or blowing up their prydwen.......
RG07 Gaming (7 days ago)
Now I wonder what JT Music's gonna do for Fallout 76?
ISTOCKYOU77 (7 days ago)
Yankees? Come and get some
Naruto gamer (7 days ago)
Giant bug😩
Naruto gamer (7 days ago)
Same as always
Adrial McMayon (7 days ago)
Hashtag new base ohhhhhhhh!!!!!
Nalani Manigault (7 days ago)
I can rap to this whole thing that's what you get when you've listened to it 5 times
Oikawa 2770 (9 days ago)
Good anakin GOOD( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
mr horror (9 days ago)
i cant wait to see what you do with the fallout 76 rap i bet its going to be grate
Renald Bacigulupi (9 days ago)
The beginning of this song gave me autism from how Good it is
Dawn Giddens (9 days ago)
When BO4 comes out do a rap about that plz👌🏻😀
Meme Machine (9 days ago)
Get hit by kinda fast teddy bear. Entire body explodes leaving only organs
Cool vlogs (9 days ago)
DIE MUDDER F****ER!!!!!!!
Kubson007 (10 days ago)
Primal Carnage RAP RAP RAP RAP
MegaDejv CZ (10 days ago)
Nice, now go for Metro
Zane The Gamer (10 days ago)
My dad plays this game and this song Rock's!!!
Roloove (10 days ago)
I love this
alex Gomez (10 days ago)
Fallout 4 is the best of them all like if your exited for fallout 76
masqueraider plays (11 days ago)
Do you get the man at first, the girl? Or is it random?
ZenoRaptor (9 days ago)
You choose at the start
Martin k918 (11 days ago)
welcome to our apocalypse
Demongaming 56 (11 days ago)
One word badass
Desiree Baker (12 days ago)
This gave me shivers
FiReCrAcKeR ! (12 days ago)
Eric Falconer (12 days ago)
ived just relised that all the Os have lighting bolts
TheHiddeNinja07 (13 days ago)
who is watching in 2018?
Reverbose (13 days ago)
This is the theme song of Fallout players who use the "My name is not important" option when they can.
ςㄩЯSΣD company 9 (13 days ago)
76 is near
Ken Moritz (13 days ago)
This reminds me of my self playing fallout
MR Milano6363 (14 days ago)
The Zeuster (14 days ago)
I like it how he use a line from the song i don't want to set the world on 🔥 shit was nice 😈💯
crazy painter (14 days ago)
Death war sacrifice not! This is awsome
Adrial McMayon (14 days ago)
10000 likes for fall out 4 dab on the fall out hateiners
Eli Thomas (15 days ago)
Domestic_Chicken (15 days ago)
hmmmm I think danbull stole some lyrics for his fallout 76 rap
Nick Lugner (14 days ago)
You are aware it's referencing a real song that's featured in Fallout?
Khilynn Young (15 days ago)
Wwe2k16 vs gta rap Battle
Jonas Nascimento (16 days ago)
Jonas Nascimento (16 days ago)
Brayden cole (16 days ago)
Has anyone just did a save were they were total evil and join the brotherhood
insert text here (16 days ago)
Plz make fallout 76 rap
Brayden cole (16 days ago)
"I dont want to set the world on fire" *blows up institute*
Jonathan Galindo (16 days ago)
I played fallout 3 when I heard this
Blade720666 (16 days ago)
Mean while I just wanna watch it burn
Christian Abbott (16 days ago)
😂😂😂👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽 LOL, chem addicts, just take sum *addictol!* 😂👌🏽😂👌🏽😂👌🏽😂👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Plushie Cuties (17 days ago)
Bast rap
Justin Davila (17 days ago)
This is what happens when Chuck Norris doesn't get his food on time.
Sebastian Wilke (18 days ago)
Lyrics are awsome lyrics are perfect
the hunter (18 days ago)
I cut off a man's head with a1
the hunter (18 days ago)
Protecttron has no hands cause of me
Gicela Jacinto (19 days ago)
Tommy Ricci (19 days ago)
Aren’t nukes only in a small place when they hit like a couple kilometers so the rest of the World is fine
Tommy Ricci (12 days ago)
StinoTommoMovies are you fucking with me
StinoTommoMovies (13 days ago)
Tommy Ricci it was a war so whole USA and China got blown up and probably Europe to☺️
Zombie Minecraft (19 days ago)
Can you do 1hour gameplay version
Epic Emerald Dude (20 days ago)
Song: I don't wanna set the world on fire... As he throws fire explosives.
talhozlin (17 days ago)
*irony am I right?*
Masashi CZ (20 days ago)
Can i use your song as an audio in intro of video ? i will mention you in the description.
Whose here after Fallout 76!
THECATMAN WRB (20 days ago)
Do a Real Steel rea PLS!!!
THECATMAN WRB (20 days ago)
I mean rap
the medic doge (21 days ago)
Nothing really scares you in fallout 4 as long as you have 1. Really good power armour 2. Mighty gauss rifle or an explosive minigun 3. And a really positive mindset and I mean REALLY positive
talhozlin (17 days ago)
As well as (dlc need): 1.A pet deathclaw 2.Missile turrets 3.That one endless Gatling laser from nuka world 4.I shit ton of quantums 5.A boss assaultron 6.Marine amour 7.peak intimidation perk
Keroger TRB (21 days ago)
*O X H O R N*
Xerdar36 (21 days ago)
Oh my God... Fallout Vault 76 coming!!!!
Joseph Purvis (21 days ago)
I am Dough
Joseph Purvis (21 days ago)
War never changes
Someone9022 (22 days ago)
any 2018
Omar Austin (22 days ago)
I just had a thought...Does Fallout's Japan have Kaiju and Mechs?
Redslicer fire (22 days ago)
I love fallout 4
mallow gaming (22 days ago)
Best song ever
Nuka Rainbow (22 days ago)
get ready for fallout 76!!!!!

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