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What's New in Houdini 16 Amarok

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At the Houdini 16 Launch event held at Rich Mix in London, SideFX is previewing a wealth of new features, including: a new network editor, viewport radial menus, booleans, terrain generation, auto-rigging tools, a new shading workflow and much more. The release is scheduled for later this month. Watch the live-steam of the event here: http://sidefx.co/2kTgM3s
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Text Comments (129)
Umair Khan (4 days ago)
Muscles ....wow
Abdelmounim ZAki (28 days ago)
Houdini guys do not fuck around
Aali.D.Gr8 (1 month ago)
But i saw all these things possible in 3ds max latest version included some plugins
Bartosz Olszewski (2 months ago)
The moment when you realize you need to sell your kidney to afford the software, then you need to sell your soul to Satan to learn it.
carrionfernandez (4 months ago)
Good program, not good in animation (rigging) but in fluids...wow!. I think the new rival next year will be Blender with his new version 2.8, its awesome.
Farsheed Ashouri (6 months ago)
WeskerRezo (8 months ago)
Houdini 16 has the best features ever! That none of other houdini versions have! Super Best!
N33D2HEAL (11 months ago)
Absolutely amazing work you guys!
VIPIN .A (1 year ago)
untameable king in the VFX relam
CallMeLum (1 year ago)
So... Houdini can do everything May and Max can do AND it also negates the need for Real Flow and FumeFX? Why is it not more popular if it's so powerful?
7Spectr (1 year ago)
B Dennis (1 year ago)
How is Houdini learning curve from someone who is a maya and 3ds max user.
Gene Zhao (1 year ago)
Excuse I've been a Maya user for a year now and I always hear about Houdini but what exactly is it that one can't do in Maya that one cand o in Houdini?
Dave (1 year ago)
How is the rendering time tho ?
Dimitri Loginowski (1 year ago)
I would love this system! that would be so awesome!
csiri (1 year ago)
Wow... this is what I call an update. I wonder who works at autodesk...
PowerhousePR (1 year ago)
Does Houdini have a FREE version for people to start learning the software????
TheMgoldfarb (11 months ago)
Maga Animation Studio (1 year ago)
Awesome software!
Adil Qatine (1 year ago)
fantastic work .....hope you make trial version hd 1080p for student for peoples use 3ds max maya untile we buy
I know sorcery when I see it.
Andru Smith (1 year ago)
Folix (1 year ago)
This looks amazing! It really makes me want to delve into 3d creation
flicebaby (1 year ago)
Wauw... it's crushing Maya by now.... that procedual workflow is extremely useful! One question.... are all of these examples made with Houdini only and out of the box... no plugins?
Houdini (1 year ago)
Yes all in the box - Houdini doesn't use plugins.
xXBBB2003Xx (1 year ago)
0_0 NO that cant be animated
xXBBB2003Xx (1 year ago)
2:30 daredevil
sephiroth x (1 year ago)
5 people were not blown away by this.
Gonza Musetti (1 year ago)
Amazing job! Congratulations!!
NOSTALGIC (1 year ago)
wow. everything I want to learn and no money to do it.
Credible Mulk (1 year ago)
You can get a free version and access to tutorials on sidefx.com. Check it out
chonghui luo (1 year ago)
牛逼啊 帅气
I need that tune.
Markus Zeller (1 year ago)
I can't close my mouth! Extra like for the GOA music!
Ruchir raj (1 year ago)
Can you make more tuts for unity 5 and upcoming unity 2017?
MinecraftMaya (1 year ago)
God forbid that Bold Dirty Avtedesk Did not Buy This Wonderful Program !!!
Vanta Black (1 year ago)
Dope !!!
Andrei Pastushuk (1 year ago)
It really looks like Houdini is now more advanced than anything else!
JAYLOW (1 year ago)
Jesus Christ what an update!
V (1 year ago)
Pure genius software. I hope it never will be sold to Autodesk even if they offer a pot of money. Long life Houdini!
cory (1 year ago)
If Houdini gets sold to anything like Autodesk I will cry. Long live SideFX!!!
Blues Man (1 year ago)
interessante ma è troppo difficile da imparare. Con Cinema 4D ci impieghi la metà del tempo.
Emmanuel Umukoro (1 year ago)
hrmm perhapse it's time to learn this wizardry
davidsirmons (1 year ago)
The ocean/splash and rigging stuff was pretty high-end, along with the terrain to a lesser extent. I'd really like to see some truly sophisticated terrain generation stuff added in, rather than just the "all or none" stuff we commonly see, even here. Biomes would be great, along with something more sophisticated than garden-variety perlin and simplex.
Georgio Buloso (1 year ago)
Can't wait for this to be out 😍😍 why amarok though ?
Ol 11 (1 year ago)
now i have to learn Houdini!
Donkastudio (1 year ago)
I am a big fan of c4d; however, after watching this I am going to learn Houdini. thanks for the video.
Riazul Islam Rahil (1 year ago)
Dragoro Dragozinho (1 year ago)
Gona learn this even if I have to start from scratch. Then switch.
Mario Galan (1 year ago)
This is just awesome! I actually work with Cinema 4D, specially for motion graphics, BUT THIS, THIS IS SICK! WOW, I'm definitely going to learn this software! Guys, can you tell me what can I do with Houdini? I mean, is this only for films? I wanted to learn NukeX too, but Houdini is taking over my brain! People told me the learning curve is really hard, but that doesn't afraid me tbh, I just want to know where can I work in the future if I choose Houdini instead of NukeX. Thanks, and congratulations for such beautiful software!
Edin Gacic (1 year ago)
Wow Houdini you did it !
patrick freeman (1 year ago)
Kudos to SideFX. I have to say, even if i use Maya i would love to dive in Houdini, i'm a bit concerned about the different approach you have between the 2 software, in fact, to me Maya seems to have an easier learning curve, Houdini not so sure. Can somebody clear my doubts? thx.
Alexander Riedel (1 year ago)
It's so awesome... ...that trance seems to be socially acceptable again! (and the features of Houdini are pretty neat as well :-) )
TheAwesomeGuy103 (1 year ago)
I am absolutely thrilled for this! Houdini as it is, is already quite a powerful CGI tool, but now... now it's even more. I can't wait!
Albert Sitoe (1 year ago)
I am afraid of this software xD its so powerful but I don't know how friendly It is to single users
Credible Mulk (1 year ago)
Plus, python in houdini is possibly the best of all the major 3d apps. Maya python is also good but is outdated somewhat by PyMel
NiKZAA dfb (1 year ago)
Here's the thing, depends on the duty that you are at. good FXTD with wide range of plugins for max is able to work very fast , on the other hand houdini gives you possibility to build a huge system for the entire shot that's controllable through couple of parameters and is entirely procedular. thinkingParticles (3ds max) does simmilar job as houdini but it is even better, tp is literally something else that I can't explain.
Racko The Third (1 year ago)
Can this be a replacement for like, 3DS Max and Blender and so on ?
Jonney Shih (1 year ago)
What about trees and vegetation? Anything?
Jonney Shih (1 year ago)
Still disappointed there was no real UI overhaul, like flat style and such.
Jonney Shih (1 year ago)
+serjan burlak Are you using a beta or something? AFAIK they said the only UI upgrade is the network editor and radial menus.
Sand worm (1 year ago)
Best tool ever made.U guys rock!
Fuck You (1 year ago)
Jesus buttfucking Christ. Amazing. Amazing work, everyone at SideFX.
GoodDay (1 year ago)
i wish 3ds max had all these features. Unfortunately I dont feel like learning a new software. it will be such a pain to switch with all new buttons and controls
Darryl Dias (1 year ago)
I have been learning Houdini recently and enjoy using it.
David Harford (1 year ago)
Looks excellent!
Eoin O'Broin (1 year ago)
Incredible! Houdini making huge strides to become the most powerful all around 3D software ever! Keep it up!
Tom Jerry (1 year ago)
Truly impressive
Rod Tebisx (1 year ago)
wow, I'm really impressed! the water drop is absolutely incredible from technical point of view. fantastic all new features and improvements showed in this little teaser! I ready for full presentation on Monday! thanks sideFX, it's a proud be a Houdini artist!
Dom Troisi (1 year ago)
My body is ready. I'm buying my Indie licence when' it's released.
Mohamed Reaoo (1 year ago)
Super Team again,
Robert Truşcă (1 year ago)
This is gonna rock! Can't wait to see it in action, in VR! And also SideFx, where is my license!? xD
adam albo (1 year ago)
wow you just keep getting better and better , just amazing , from what im seeing the best 3d app out there
legitfreek (1 year ago)
Jesus christ has returned.
Marius Schmücker (1 year ago)
Looks amazing! The only 3D program making huge progress at the moment (beside blender). Keep up the great work!
HIPNAME (1 year ago)
Well done SideFX. You guys are amazing.
Tatsu Li (1 year ago)
wow, fantastic!!
Javier Santos (1 year ago)
李跃 (1 year ago)
Andyanos 42 (1 year ago)
Fits the name "Amarok".... Badass...
Andyanos 42 (1 year ago)
Woohoo...hoo...hoo...Nice Release... can't wait to try it....
Dominik Liščák (1 year ago)
Just wow...
Vasya Morozov (1 year ago)
Dũng Nguyễn Anh (1 year ago)
All hail Houdini !!
From Director (1 year ago)
fkck it made me want to learn houdini
Ahmed Osman Elseed (1 year ago)
WOW - I'm in love.
Vinesh Ramakrishnan (1 year ago)
3D mouse support! Finally
Jokester The Mighty (1 year ago)
Hi! If i bought the houdini license now, is it automatic upgrade to the next version or it's a paid upgrade? Basically should I wait till this come out to get the license?
the indie is time based and not version based so every houdini version that is available on the market you can use with indie new and old(H16, H15.5, H15, H14,.....). :-)
Ray Alez (1 year ago)
This is AWESOME! Houdini is the best, and it just got even better!
Ryan Tam (1 year ago)
awsome upgrade, houdini upgrades is true every time.
Sincrol (1 year ago)
the shortest 5 minutes in Youtube...THIS IS AMAZING I WANT MORE!
makuta (1 year ago)
Neil G. Dickson r
Neil G. Dickson (1 year ago)
Maxwell: If you're wondering what the music is, near the end of the video, it says 'Music Credits: Vibrasphere "Archipelago" Track 04 - Landmark'.
Maxwell (1 year ago)
Music please.
Houdini (1 year ago)
Tune into the live-stream on Monday!
国荣谭 (1 year ago)
Amazing !
John Draisey (1 year ago)
=O Oh sweet baby jesus that's awesome.
RyanHappened (1 year ago)
Awesome! Looking forward to release.
Christopher (1 year ago)
Impressive, although I'm not quite ready for H16 yet; still learning on H15 :) The Boolean is impressive and the widget I like.
The Oracle (1 year ago)
MinecraftMaya (1 year ago)
The Oracle Houdini Like???
Oliver Banasiak (1 year ago)
Holy fucking shit! Pardon the language - but this update blew me away. The new node system looks awesome and the bookmarks - mind blowing!
gravitomagneticpower (1 year ago)
Very nice video, I am curious about certain specific improvements... I hope there will be the plasticity (plastic deformation) in FEM again.
Digital Arts (1 year ago)
epic can´t wait
Eloi Andaluz Fullà (1 year ago)
That boolean system! and that voronoi! Installing apprentice version as soon as possible, if its as good as it looks...
jeff quinchy (1 year ago)
It's so beautiful, I have to learn how to use Houdini asap.
Adrian (1 year ago)
Ridiculous, what an update! Math wizards at work.
Urtello (1 year ago)
Leonard Ngu (1 year ago)
Houdini, undisputed king of the 3D realm. yeah !!! One of the wisest things I ever did to my career is undertake to learn Houdini.
7AY (24 days ago)
Hey, Im in uni studying VFX & motion and coming from a past of cinema, boujou (cant remember how its spelt :p) etc im really excited to start learning about this soon... but for the meantime do you have any suggestions on where to get started?
Credible Mulk (1 year ago)
Ditto. The python implementation is really good as well. Maya python is good but 3ds max is terrible.
Leonard Ngu (1 year ago)
+Ricardo B. Ponce Fascinating - is exactly what I thought when I discovered it coming from Maya and Softimage
Leonard Ngu (1 year ago)
The ones in sidefx.com have a couple of advantages. Well organized: You can filter by beginner, intermediate, expert levels. Our by discipline: modeling, shading, fx, etc and get just what want. Most are free. .There are also a few blogs. Googke them. But i would start on sidefx. I almost forgot. Unlike an other software I know, on forums like sidefx forum or odforce.net folks can actually help you by building a houdini node network that solves your problem and send you the file. Since it's all laid out in nodes, you can either just build up from their work or learn how they did and do yours. It's an awesome way for beginners to find help
Ricardo Ponce (1 year ago)
Thank you for the very nice reply. Apart from the SideFx tutorials, any other good (re)sources worth mentioning? I followed a few tutorials already and the software is simply fascinating. Best regards!
MES (1 year ago)
Amazing !
Nathan Mooth (1 year ago)
Finally have a good boolean operator!

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