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Diversity | Mostly 4 Millennials | adult swim

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Text Comments (521)
night scriber (1 hour ago)
every nationalist ever
John B. (8 hours ago)
This show fucking sucks.
John Connor (9 hours ago)
Mr. Clown Baby (1 day ago)
all these fake ass eric andre fans calling this a rip off and should get cancelled and don't even know he's a producer on this show
Cytoplasmicful (2 days ago)
hmm if you took everything from Eric Andre's humor except for his yelling, you get this guy/ a slightly more tolerable adam sandler ....
-cowed tha ikon- (2 days ago)
So you cancel MDE's show and steal it's aesthetic but just present it in a soulless way. Not to mention that this is just a scripted Eric Andre show without Eric. Total trash, your whole network is a joke.
Orgotheonemancult (2 days ago)
World Peace was a good
JacobTheSomething (3 days ago)
really hate how our current-day millenials keep wanting to put brown folks in a crushing machine on a tv show to make orange juice
A2Z83 (3 days ago)
i dont get this. is this a parody of their own shows?
Rex Sexson (3 days ago)
This show proves millennials will get mad at anything before they realize they took the bait. These millennials in the comments section proved this point. Millennials are way dumber than even I thought. I must be lefist, or liberal, or wanting illeagels, or Obama lover, or why else would I disagree with you?.......... Maybe because your brain is too thick to realize that most of your comments are not facted based, it's based in scare tactics to forward an agenda that you fell for that is going to wind up hurting even you. You are the ones who are pushing an agenda that is against yourself. Yeesh! Idiots!
McKaos (3 days ago)
Lol everyone getting so triggered. It's fucking Adult Swim, and co-created by Eric Andre, grow a pair lmao
MurLurPer (3 days ago)
Montana? What's that? Let's bomb it so I can finally die
Jaiquan Fayson (3 days ago)
There's a shit load of pissed off millennials in the comments 🤷‍♂️
big brother (3 days ago)
robertpro235 (3 days ago)
This is Eric Andre show but on crack
Jay Fisar (4 days ago)
Just bring back World Peace 🗺 ✌️
King Darthrog (4 days ago)
everyones tryin to be Tim and Eric, and im ok with that
Woah just saw episode 1.... They completely just jacked Sam Hydes style, and shit..... It`s exactly like his show was pretty much.... Just make some aqua teen and stop with this retarded style show
NoFeelzhere (4 days ago)
This show is trying to be Eric Andre so damn bad 😂
condenetwork (4 days ago)
This screwed up sort of comedy reminds me of Chris Elliot’s “Get a life” and “Kids in the hall”
Wait For You (4 days ago)
this is just a crappy ripoff of world peace
Pretentious Adonis (4 days ago)
Eric Andre produces this show you fucking dilberts
Mouthyy (4 days ago)
After 9/11 millennials has been suspicious of everything. Glad to be Z gen
Wolfie Chan (5 days ago)
I wish Tyler the creator could be a guest
metaleggman18 (5 days ago)
So is this like a mde knockoff made to satiate the Brett Gelmans of the world?
Husk (7 days ago)
*_T r a s h_*
Andre Bhutta (7 days ago)
"it's man crush monday" nahhhh "it's time to deliver a pizza ball"
gausm warhole (7 days ago)
Flavor town recipe
D u a l i t y (8 days ago)
I don’t trust like that.
devianbomb (8 days ago)
We want MDE
MyPickleTickles (8 days ago)
"Good thing it's MAN CRUSH MONDAY!!!"
SoCali (9 days ago)
What is this crap?
Marya Quintana Ernst (9 days ago)
real Big Dick Energy coming from this guy
Cristina Laris (9 days ago)
We want Eric Andre!!!
GamingFTW12 (9 days ago)
You guys realize this was made by Eric Andre? Right?
Pretentious Adonis (4 days ago)
Syrus Williams Yeah because everyone is comparing it to eric andre and calling it a ripoff
Syrus Williams (8 days ago)
GamingFTW12 does that really matter?
colin xylon harris (9 days ago)
so this is allowed but you cancel on Sam Hyde? smh
Wojman12 (9 days ago)
Like Q said, their symbolism will be their downfall
Luqmanul Hakim (9 days ago)
Trumps america in a nutshell 😂😂😂
Multiwatered (9 days ago)
i needed this, totally 4 teens deserved more than 1 ep
This is god awful
Tom Keefe (9 days ago)
This feels like watered down MDE and Eric Andre
Vladimir Djokic (9 days ago)
What the shit is this? And why is it on my home page??
lil kim (9 days ago)
MDE fan boys think everything is a rip off of World Peace bc it's the only show they've ever watched
JacobTheSomething (3 days ago)
keep telling yourself that
lil kim (3 days ago)
JacobTheSomething No, that's who you are. You're that guy.
JacobTheSomething (4 days ago)
this is probably the guy who thought it was actually an eric andre ripoff
Young R33ZY (10 days ago)
This shows gonna be ranch
Chris P (10 days ago)
sam hyde 4 prez
Spicy Cock (10 days ago)
haha yes life is very black and white indeed
Thee Parris Hill (10 days ago)
Its alright but the MDE crew does this shit better while eating tacos son.
Colton (10 days ago)
Bring back MDE before somebody does something drastic
-cowed tha ikon- (2 days ago)
Colton wow it's almost like they're trying to pull back Sam's audience even though they cancelled his show and fired him
saL sageV (10 days ago)
Fake ass Eric Andre Show.
Jasper O'Reilly (10 days ago)
This is cancer.
toditron (10 days ago)
Those man crush smoothies look a lot better than they taste, fyi
- 2D (10 days ago)
When you want a bring back MDE Presents: World Peace but you don’t know what actually made that show funny
Spencer Vrieze (10 days ago)
Nah just bring back Million Dollar Extreme
johnulcer (11 days ago)
This is what happens when Tim and Eric inspires something really unfunny.
3pac shakir (11 days ago)
you make this but MDE is not okay?
Pretentious Adonis (4 days ago)
3pac shakir The controversy behind world peace wasn't the content behind the show, but that someone that makes a lot of adult swim shows was told that sam hyde and his gang were alt right, so this naturally caused a domino effect of many prominent adult swim producers and creators to threaten leaving the channel entirely so Adult Swim was forced to drop the show despite it being extremely successful. And this is a sequel to totally 4 teens which was made in 2011.
Funked Up (11 days ago)
This show is about you internet, and all your douchebaggery.
Argon Behaamorh (11 days ago)
Tim and Eric (30%) and Eric Andre (70%), nice try but NO! We want original content!!!!
Argon Behaamorh (4 days ago)
Pretentious Adonis i see here tim and eric to
Pretentious Adonis (4 days ago)
Argon Behaamorh This is original content produced by Eric Andre himself
GUY HAS A NEW SHOW diners drive ins and death
Baksorama (11 days ago)
I don't like.... get it
Gorby (11 days ago)
Stop being inbred retards and enjoy the show separately from Eric Andre.
Nick Hackett (11 days ago)
this is awful
Peptoplasm (11 days ago)
How the fuck are Eric Andre fans not finding this funny? I just don't understand. It's the same humor, written by the same fucking guys. Is it just because they hate change?
I Agree with you and (11 days ago)
Enough with the political bullshit. I miss Tim and Eric.
Rex Sexson (3 days ago)
Pretentious Adonis why is everyone's comments trying to judge what people are thinking? Oh so you don't like the comment so it must be the person making the comment is wrong, or something is wrong with them. Yeesh. And you wonder why ppl pick on millennials. Yeesh!!!!!!!
Pretentious Adonis (4 days ago)
I Agree with you and You're probably one of those people that complain about everything being politicised unless it's politics that you agree with. This is satire my dude, get over it.
Satanjugend (11 days ago)
what about trans* representation though? time to doxx these fuck*rs, folks
Satanjugend (11 days ago)
what an ethnically diverse show! loving it :)
The Endleader (11 days ago)
kayla flower (11 days ago)
why does he remind me of Eric Andre? but it makes me uncomfortable. I know Eric Andre is one of the producers on this show but it just feels weird watching this.
Pretentious Adonis (4 days ago)
kayla flower Surrealist comedy fucks me up too sometimes. The way this dude looks creeps me out as well.
ocean_ sapphire (11 days ago)
So yall killed World Piece to basically rip them off?
Pretentious Adonis (4 days ago)
ocean_ sapphire Nah Eric Andre is producing alongside Derrick Beckles who made Totally 4 Teens which was made in 2011 and Mostly 4 Millenials is a sequel to T4T which has a very similar style of humor.
oktopustrainer (11 days ago)
Waaah waaah ! Where's Sam Hyde? Sociopolical themes have no place in comedy also bring back that Alt Right Comedy Show !
oktopustrainer (3 days ago)
JacobTheSomething I mean yeah, I wasn't being ironic about the fact I think that either.
JacobTheSomething (4 days ago)
I unironically think World Peace was an Alt Right Comedy Show!
we wuz prometheus (11 days ago)
Bring back world peace or my wife's bf will be mad
Jay H (11 days ago)
If you aren't versed with TV Carnage, seek it out. This isn't a pastiche of Eric Andre or anything else. The producer behind this show has been doing culture jamming stuff since the late 90s. I have all the TV Carnage DVDs, and they're still fantastic!
Joshua Byers (11 days ago)
Its like eric andre but not funny at all
Dilly Mackey (11 days ago)
THEORY: Derrick Beckles is a self-aware robot humanoid.
Random Space Monster (11 days ago)
Dilly Mackey (11 days ago)
Vnarves (11 days ago)
M D E would kick this show’s ass in the cage! Let ‘em battle for a spot on your network! So sayeth the millennials!
Pretentious Adonis (4 days ago)
Vnarves Eh, MDE is hit or miss. I think that world peace doesn't hold a candle to anything they have on youtube, but since their comedy is so over the top a lot of shit just ends up not being funny. This show is good, but Eric Andre has made way better shit in the Eric Andre show and the Eric Andre show completely demolishes MDE in every way.
Luke Skywalker (11 days ago)
That's about right..
Naythaniel Robinson (11 days ago)
*This show is so stupid!* It's just a really *really* bad version of the Eric Andre show! There's no room for bad copy cats. I'll show no sympathy for non creative people! *GTFO*
Bobby Digital (11 days ago)
Glad to see Sam Hyde is back! Edit: i still love this
Blink Pink (11 days ago)
Is Drastic gonna be sponsoring this one, too?
HulK TopF (11 days ago)
I don't get the point of the joke here
toobs (11 days ago)
Bring back World Peace.
tschawty (11 days ago)
This sux
Melanitta nigra (11 days ago)
this is just lousy ripoff Million Dollar Extreme fuck you shitbirds
Ben Aqua (11 days ago)
I feel so much safer in the USA knowing immigrant children are being forcefully stripped away from their families and held in cages. God bless this Jesus-approved mess y’all! 🇺🇸
Avery Jenson (21 hours ago)
+Gul Maraz yeah he’s as complicit in this as trump is. what a shitty comeback foh.
DORIAN PRIME (23 hours ago)
Dumbass Demoman it 5akes so long because administrators and lawyers are being spent on illegals Its illegals that fuck every thing for the honest ones
DORIAN PRIME (23 hours ago)
SLOWER the statue of liberty is a message to those around the world to come to America.....legally
Andrew (1 day ago)
Ben Aqua no one cares how you feel libtarded. Illegal pieces of shit aren’t allowed anywhere.
Gul Maraz (2 days ago)
Dumbass Demoman What about the Russia conspiracy theory? 😂
Kelsey Menges (11 days ago)
So what have we learned from the comment section adult swim? This show is a mistake. Destroy it now.
Some Random Name (11 days ago)
Bring back Million Dollar Extreme. They'd at least do Diversity right.
This is very funny and very sad
richard wright (11 days ago)
This is racist
ShutYoMouth (11 days ago)
No shit.
Dav Crowned (11 days ago)
Im from colombia 😂
Zhrothgar (11 days ago)
wtf did i just watch
Drink Listerine (11 days ago)
This is better than fucking Sam Hyde. Nobody takes the time to understand that this guy is a close collaborater with Tim and Eric.
Guy Citron (11 days ago)
Wow. Every comment is about MDE.
PsychoticMango (11 days ago)
It's all the shitty programming adult swim throws money at that really makes cancelling Metalocalypse a worse and worse decision
HalfBakedCuck (12 days ago)
Fuck Eric Andre MDE needs to come back! Sam Hyde is better than anything else you jews call funny.
thadan99 (12 days ago)
World peace was ok but it wasnt great who cares ???
Mac Mac Mac Mac (2 days ago)
True. It's kinda overrated actually.
Strontiummuffin (12 days ago)
Hmm this feels like it's trying to Imitate those shows that where making fun of this corporate formulaic stuff, and is now becoming corporate and formulaic. Seems so emulating of other content down to the editing, if you wanted to give Eric another season or asked him to write a new show wouldn't that be better? Is your heart really into this new thing? Or do you just want to be that thing before. I am not angry I am just disappointed.
Strontiummuffin (2 days ago)
Matt Pen yeah very open minded response thank you I could have clarified more myself that what sucks about the internet so much goes over each others heads even at the level of companies
Matt Pen (2 days ago)
I wouldnt say its good, ive only seen clips myself, and it seemed like a very niche show. I enjoyed the eric andre show the most personally. Everyone else in the comments is acting like this is a ripoff of the EAS when it is more like its predecessor (Totally for Teens) then its like the EAS. That said, if you want an idea of what Mostly for Millennials is going to be like comedy wise, i suspect Totally for Teens would give you a good idea. All good, i think I misinterpreted your original comment as saying it was a ripoff of Eric Andre Show as well btw, which is why i commented what I did. Edit: just fixup'd grammar
Strontiummuffin (3 days ago)
Matt Pen he definitely didn't! There was stuff before Eric Andre for sure I will look this up, sorry years of closed minded Internet folk has lead you to feel like everyone will be closed minded I get that sometimes in moments of weakness too. I will look up totally for teens is it funny? Any good? Edit might have read your reply a bit wrong myself haha hard to pick up tone
Matt Pen (3 days ago)
Totally for Teens existed years ago. this is the same format as Totally for Teens and that makes sense because the producer is the same + eric andre.... absurdist humour isn't exclusively Eric Andre, people seem to think Eric invented it
Pretentious Adonis (4 days ago)
Strontiummuffin Eric is producing this show
Vulcan Raven (12 days ago)
When the fuck did Adult swim become SJW and to think they turn MDE away for this
emu (12 days ago)
lol people can't take a joke... not sure if the dislikes are from lefties or right wingers, probably both haha
Pretentious Adonis (4 days ago)
emu Judging from the comments it's right wingers and rabid MDE fans.
Chleeb (12 days ago)
Chinese bootleg MDE, just isn’t the same tbh. “Muh millenials” Who the fuck still says that, is this FOX news?

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