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Galaxy S2 with latest MIUI live wallpapers, custom ringtones, themes, and games :)

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Galaxy S2 with latest MIUI live wallpapers, custom ringtones, themes, and games :)
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Jonathan Martinez (5 years ago)
Hi can I plz help me I wanna make my gs2 like yours plz message me asap thank you
juanhayes81 (5 years ago)
Do you have instruction on how to do all these cool things? Can you put up links on how to apply all these things to our phones? Thx buddy
Eekhin Tan (6 years ago)
What is the theme for sgs2??it is nice..
iqouopi zs (6 years ago)
i just got my new galaxy sII LTE can you tell how do u guys do that stuff? please tenks
Viking (6 years ago)
Ey don u got some crack?
CanonEOSseries (6 years ago)
where did you get those ringtones, like "bambam" and that motorola ringtone?
haloavenger (6 years ago)
I'm not going to lie, you sound like a gang member.
Ahmad Hneine (6 years ago)
you are a hacker cooooool
dhawal1194 (6 years ago)
Is that Voldermort talking ?
Aeden Chau (6 years ago)
Can you make a video/or show me you get apple themes/apps on ur Galaxy s2 cuz it looks AWESOME!!! THX PLz reply
Carlos Rodriguez (6 years ago)
hey i wanted to ask what is the theme called because i just got the phone and i think it looks amazing
FreeFromWar (7 years ago)
How the hell did you change everything on the Galaxy S2? The incoming calls, notification bar... how?
dinislam (7 years ago)
@bruce280yt Thanks, installed it and the kids love it.
dinislam (7 years ago)
Hi, whats that live wallpaper called, the one of the pond with the fish inside. Looks cool.
Gilles Roques (7 years ago)
@GOKK999 Hi Thanks for your video ! Excuse me but can you tell me what's is the application installed (cydia) on your iphone ? (for unrolled icons and animated wallpaper?) thanks for your answer =)
kquiles89 (7 years ago)
sorry for asking but it wont work with my sg2
kquiles89 (7 years ago)
hello friend how did you do that when a incoming call a video pop ups .?
Glenn Scott (7 years ago)
@btheshit123 Did u figure that out? looks good
Cory Burroughs (7 years ago)
How do you get the screen to look like its spinning when your changing from slide to slide?
Joe Gallego (7 years ago)
Jonas Amnå (7 years ago)
What version of MIUI do you use and does the bluetooth work for music ?

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