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Lion Attack New Island | Hold Your Own | Survival crafting # 9

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Text Comments (27)
brian herman (3 months ago)
Oil shale may be bugged.
Silf69 (3 months ago)
The lion fur comment
artanis1987 (3 months ago)
Mini meaty is awesome. I like when he pops up. At the part where you opened and closed the doors both my dog ran to the front door thinking someone is there. Lol
Ever Garcia (3 months ago)
What do you think about fallout 76 will you play with fans , guns , or just other people
Ever Garci (3 months ago)
That would be awesome
angie sweetheart87 (3 months ago)
Are you going to play the new prey DLC mooncrash? Please please meaty when one of your series is over please play it
Blackdragon73 _ (3 months ago)
Here's an idea, look it up on the internet, I'm sure you'll be able to find your information.
flips for daysss (3 months ago)
Excited for new Fallout 76
OhSoCali (3 months ago)
Meaty: I need fuel Me: maybe the Gas Station Meaty: I gotta get out of here Me: 🤦🏻‍♀️
cocopufer (3 months ago)
Meaty! There was a GAS STATION in that village you were in LOL it had a big sign that said GAS. Maybe try there?
connor roberts (3 months ago)
hay have u ever thought of playing sea of thieves? keep it up😁
bigfoot 2222 (3 months ago)
I like mini meaty he's a lot nicer than mini me
the beast channel (3 months ago)
It's big rocks piled up
Bryan Simon (3 months ago)
oil shale can be found on surface of mount island but mostly in caves
Connor Elkins (3 months ago)
Hey Meaty whats up, did yoi realize that tge fishing boat is based off the boat from Jaws
brandon guillory (3 months ago)
great video chris
Joseph Nietos (3 months ago)
When are you going to play Fallout 76
Heat Casualty (3 months ago)
Joseph Nietos when it comes out
Anthony Sloan (3 months ago)
Meaty you have the boat from jaws you should watch the movie
killer Man (3 months ago)
Brayden Durham (3 months ago)
I thought mini meath was your eye ;)
55s s (3 months ago)
Lions, Tigers and Bears O my.
Aubrey Wright (3 months ago)
I would think oil shale would be in the water
themighty 12345 (3 months ago)
Mini Meaty is awesome!
Jay Keyes (3 months ago)
Are you guys gonna do unturned again that was a good series, anyways love the content!
Luqman Butt (3 months ago)
Dying light 2is coming !meaty you have to play it
Pustin Y. (3 months ago)
Plz Pin Also First

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