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Woman only eats ice cream! Leave a Like if you enjoyed! More Fortnite and Omegle soon :D Subscribe to join the Wolf Pack and enable notifications!
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John and Rosie (1 hour ago)
When I eat some sugary I neeeeed to eat something healthy I don’t know why
John and Rosie (1 hour ago)
If she’s lonely she should get a pet
Nathan Woodard (1 hour ago)
Now I’m never eating ice cream again
Nathan Woodard (1 hour ago)
I don’t like ice cream that much but I like it but compared to her I barely like it
Elayna Spencer (2 hours ago)
I can only eat 1 possibly 2 ice creams a day but 40,000 a day is just GROSS
Melina Herrera (3 hours ago)
I love ice cream but wtf???
kaylee torres (4 hours ago)
I got a stomach ache watching this.
Yoshikid 87gamming (5 hours ago)
I’m addicted to swimming
Christina b (5 hours ago)
I thought I was bad when I ate 2 icecream sandwiches smh
central gaming (6 hours ago)
sssniperwolf her pjs are cupcakes
kaylee torres (4 hours ago)
I though the same thing but then I was ,like, Nah!!
Idania G (6 hours ago)
The icecream bar she's eating in the thumb nail looks sooooo goooodddd
Blue wolfplayz99 (6 hours ago)
I love popsicles but thats just to MUCH ice cream ( if u eat to much ice cream u will do the poopy all day and you'll get sick)
kpopshookems kookies (8 hours ago)
*imagine Kimberly watches this video.*
kaylee torres (4 hours ago)
*dies of laughter*
Fnaf Lover (9 hours ago)
I mean I love ice cream and I have my most favorite ice cream almost every night but not this is has gone out of ✋!!!
kimmy kimmy (12 hours ago)
My name is Kimberly
MXL 981 (12 hours ago)
My favourite food is Sashimi
GradedFlunky (12 hours ago)
About 14600 ice cream bars.
Erik Eisenherz (12 hours ago)
Their cupcake PJs
Melody Rodriguez (12 hours ago)
i wish i could eat that much ice cream, but i will have to work out sooooo much
Krispy Krisity (12 hours ago)
Damn I want ice-cream now
kaylee torres (4 hours ago)
Christine Montgomery (13 hours ago)
im on a diet... and i want icecream :=(
Popfox xox (13 hours ago)
I cant eat 3 icecream without feeling sick
Gymnast at heart 2005 (13 hours ago)
I have an addiction to water for real
CorruptedWhisper (14 hours ago)
I don't even eat 40 icecreams in a year!
Kitten Girl (14 hours ago)
This made me have a craving for ice cream.
Tat Xenh Lay (14 hours ago)
My diet is basically~ Rice!! Noodllleeezzzz! Water! WATRMEELLLLOOOONNNN!!!! Caprisuns! And potatoooeeeeeezzzz
Ms Koala (15 hours ago)
Typical American
Maile Posner (15 hours ago)
What lashes do you use😍😍😍
Malcolm Young (15 hours ago)
she also eats diabeates ha
Brooklyn Barisone (18 hours ago)
Im addicted to eat in rood
cymphony Red (18 hours ago)
Believe it or not my addiction is water the only bad thing with it well let’s stay be next to a bathroom
0fficial_Janae 2005 (18 hours ago)
So we’re not going to talk about how she didn’t have Ice cream on her pajamas it was cupcakes
sateria ross (19 hours ago)
I'm heathy
sateria ross (19 hours ago)
your kinda pretty
Gisel Lopez (20 hours ago)
Ice cream is too much I don’t even let my kids eat ice cream 1a day done but in 1day they ask me about 10 times for icecream
Cecy Rodriguez (21 hours ago)
I eat healthy I eat ham sald eggs
Cecy Rodriguez (21 hours ago)
She's eating to munch ice cream that she is so fat
octarian mother (21 hours ago)
she lives in Pennsylvania wow
Yunus Bahce (22 hours ago)
I always like to drink red-bull and when am making like my private game i always like to drink 2 of them each minute
Stacey H (22 hours ago)
Allison Loneelk (23 hours ago)
I like ice cream but not eating it for a while makes it good like if you have to wait
Lana pecova (23 hours ago)
I love ice cream but THAT IS TOO MUCH
Julia Strömbom (23 hours ago)
i Love watenmelons
Marissa Windler (23 hours ago)
Ok, so fun fact, diabetes CAN go away with nothing more than a diet change and exorcise! (A.N. I could be wrong about this, so yeah)
Marissa Windler (23 hours ago)
Well HEY! at least she’s not doin something dangerous like drinking bleach or eating rocks :/
amelia keefer (1 day ago)
i would pass out if i ate like her
DCHS LCB Dance (1 day ago)
This isn't so bad
You are what you eat but you might just have diebeties
Ash ley (1 day ago)
When She poops her poop might be ice XD
jorgie banales (1 day ago)
I wake up to get water
Vanasaurus Aj (1 day ago)
I pet my dog about 50 times a day. I should be on there
MyieshaTrishia (1 day ago)
Im addicted to dogs ( Mostly my dog)
I only eat popsicles about 150 times a year rip
Tina da potato (1 day ago)
I'm addicted to riding my bike
Myah Potato (1 day ago)
This will be me when I am 50 😂
Alex The octoling (1 day ago)
Lol I was eating ice cream while watching this 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Alice Playz (1 day ago)
I ate a root beer ice cream the other day, and it was DISGUSTING!!!!!
Michell Hernandez (1 day ago)
the 3 sisters (1 day ago)
I have type 1 diabetes and that's not from eating sugary food so maybe you should say type 2 diabetes and not just diabetes because eating sugar would not give you type 1 diabetes
One day I was craving plane 🥛 funny right😂
Jaklin Bityou (1 day ago)
Just for your info... The Guy doctor is: Doctor Mike Dow and THE GIRLL is: JJ Virgin
Morgan Findley (1 day ago)
Libby Papworth (1 day ago)
I eat healthy but I have an occasional snack like a small bit of chocolate then I have enough or I need veggies or fruit
Juanita Thompson (1 day ago)
I love ice cream but not that much 👎👎👎👎
funny dog dog (1 day ago)
omg it's like ur addicted to saying lettus
NEKO GAMING (1 day ago)
da m n is she gonna have 10x worst diabetes
Andrea Williams (1 day ago)
I'm addicted to writing stories, and, SssniperWolf, you give me inspiration for them w/ your videos!!!!
Andrea Williams (1 day ago)
I'm addicted to writing stories, and, SssniperWolf, you give me inspiration for them w/ your videos!!!!
Gacha Studio Edits (1 day ago)
I was drinking water during this 😑🙃
I was eating a fuge bar while watching this video
JJ Virgin is a lady, lmao
SuperSloth 08 (1 day ago)
After this I made a salad
Heather Gentry (1 day ago)
I ate cereal for the entire day
Alicia peraki (1 day ago)
Trisha Beauty (1 day ago)
The worst part was is that I was eating pizza rolls when I was watching this 😂
Teamsuper Person (1 day ago)
Then just have food as your significant other..works for me
Patricia O'Donnell (1 day ago)
If I eat any ice cream I get really sick but I’m not lactose/dairy intolerant....help
Freya Staples (1 day ago)
Not saying I don't love sssniperwolf but I find it offensive when she talks about people with diabetes.....my mum has diabetes so it's offensive but I still love her
Random Things (1 day ago)
The guys name is dr. Mike daw, and the girl's name is j j virgin
Random Things (1 day ago)
If ur annoyed by the icecream, check out the Coca-Cola addict. It is sooo anoying!
Random Things (1 day ago)
There's one who eats plain cornstarch all the time!
Sajjad Is Epic (1 day ago)
How is she alive by eating 40 A DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Elizabeth Reynolds (1 day ago)
I'm gluten free
Cibibi Eevee (1 day ago)
What that girl does not like chiken wings WHHHHAT
Gang of demons (1 day ago)
I have addiction to watch her videos
Batuhan Durkut (1 day ago)
Im adicted to roblox
Minty And Others (1 day ago)
_even sum dam _*_lettuce_*_ would do_
Tiffany Morkovsky (2 days ago)
And here I was thinking I was bad sneaking a second or third ice cream sandwich 😂😂
David Caison (2 days ago)
After I watched this video I literally went to my freezer and grabbed a tub of sherbert ice cream and a spoon to eat some in my room and after that I grabbed 3 chewy chocolate chip cookies I don't know why but I did but not to pour my heart out into it but because this video made me want ice cream... 😐😐😐😐
cheyann garrett (2 days ago)
I’m sorry I disappointed you 💔💔💔 luv u lia ur my idol but I’m so sorry I’ll try better
cheyann garrett (2 days ago)
Just as u said instead of coke I had just walked into my room with a cold glass of coke at almost 2 am and I’m like oh 😞😞😞
Can I get addicted to watching Sssniperwolf?
Super Ravenclaw17 (2 days ago)
The quickest thing you can get sick of eating is Cookies and Cream Hershey's. After like 2 pieces you're like 🤢
EnderOwl Artz (2 days ago)
Speaking about ice cream what is your guys favorite Ice cream Flavored? I started I love vanilla IceCream🤤
Kamil Aliev (13 hours ago)
Every flavor ...
Kaylee Trahan (2 days ago)
react to the woman who is obsessed with livestreaming EVERYTHING
Daniela Fajardo (2 days ago)
Wasabi:imagine eating waking up and eating chocolate. . . Me: 😋 yummy Sssnipereolf:eww!!! Me:😢 😢 I'm . . . heartbroken 😢 😢
Nolan Becker (2 days ago)
she needs a dog! oooh like a big pit bull! they are so cuddly and loving!
Unicorn Angel (2 days ago)
I always go in the fridge and take a piece of lettuce out of the fridge and eating it😋
Imma stop eating sweets for 7 weeks
Prince Vegeta (2 days ago)
can she be my mom

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