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Woman only eats ice cream! Leave a Like if you enjoyed! More Fortnite and Omegle soon :D Subscribe to join the Wolf Pack and enable notifications!
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Rian Ohashi (1 hour ago)
*Imagine all the brain freezes 10,000 times a year oh my freaking gosh!!!*
Rian Ohashi (1 hour ago)
When she said 40 ice cream bars a day I’m just like I’ve eaten 40 ice cream bars for the past 2 years and that’s it.
Milly Moo 2007 (2 hours ago)
She would have a MASIVE SUGER RUSH
FanFoxGamerX Lol (6 hours ago)
CTK Consultancy (7 hours ago)
DOES SHE HAVE A BLOODY POWER OR SOMTHING!?!?!?!??!! how does she not have diabeaties and rotten teeth?!?!bruh get this girl a damn tinder app
Gamer Gurls (7 hours ago)
It’s not a dude it’s a girl jj verion
Alex Busk (7 hours ago)
I wonder when she drinks water it taste sweet
Alex Busk (7 hours ago)
I wonder how much ice cream she eats in her dreams
Caitlin Ong (8 hours ago)
...she said to eat better...im eating cookies while watching this...aheh
Liz Huttner (8 hours ago)
"SHE GOT DAMN ICE CREAMS ON HER PAJAMAS" *Uhm, those are cupcakes-*
Galaxy V04tex (10 hours ago)
Can I get addicted to ledice
DaphJuaFati ArreSapVie (11 hours ago)
The Next day Doctor:Ma"ma you have diabetes Kimberly:What how? Doctor:Do u eat sugar everyday? Kimberly:Umm ..Maybe Doctor:What do you eat that has sugar Kimberly:ICE CREAM!!!!! Doctor:Ice cream? Kimberly:Yes they take out my stress you know i like that cold feeling Doctor:😶
Maddie Bells (11 hours ago)
I love salad and lettuce and chicken
Sabrina the Pikachu (11 hours ago)
How is she not getting diabetes?
Desiree Bunts (12 hours ago)
i'm  literally eating ice cream right now and we're eating chicken and rice for dinner.
Brenda _Gaming (12 hours ago)
so is no one wondering how TERRIBLE and painful those brain freezes are after all those ice cream bars?!
Baylie Daves (12 hours ago)
I don't even like ice cream
Galaxy Lolita (13 hours ago)
Person: Kimmy Kimmy.... Kim: yes person? Person: Eating ice cream? Kim: No person?
Ava Vanheuang (13 hours ago)
My addiction is watching SSSniperwolf
Cheryl Blossom (14 hours ago)
Me eating a whole bag of chips while watching this is savage x100000
Pusheen Lopez (14 hours ago)
This makes me get a stomachache Oh and I ate 🍚 and chicken 🍗 My mom always makes me rice and my friend Bryan is always eating junk food and now is Pre Diabetic and still is eating junk food Hopefully he stops soon
AmyBeanieBoo McKenzie (14 hours ago)
When I feel sad I do origami
SoloRebel xoxo (15 hours ago)
Once you said watch what we are eating and drinking I'm eating pretzels and there's a soda (diet) on my night stand 😂😂
Poptarts Rule (15 hours ago)
Bro so today I went to Walmart I bought a tolberon and it tasted so nasty it didn’t taste like the one I had the other day and I thought it was poisonous but it was just old like wtf
Felina55 AJ (15 hours ago)
when im sad i literly dont touch food :p at all
Hollie Baker (16 hours ago)
She turned me off Ice cream completely for about a week
Mia Rodriguez Clinger (16 hours ago)
does she even eat other food????????????????????????????
Esad Kurt (16 hours ago)
damn 10 000 ice cream per year man i only eat 20 ice creams per year damn
Peggy Bryan (16 hours ago)
Dose she have diabetes
Brooklynn 1 (16 hours ago)
How does she still have teeth???
Not_Human Boo (18 hours ago)
The real question is...where does she get all the money for the Ice cream..I mean she kinda looks jobless..(no offence sorry)
Ifamlove Forever (18 hours ago)
How is she not fat after eating all that
nicole palmer (21 hours ago)
Are u ok u kind sound sick but if ur not thats very good lysm xx
Meraike Gamer/Vlogs (22 hours ago)
My fav. Food is act. In phil. And its called tinola but if u dont know search its its so yummy and healthy!!!and try it too its easy to cook!!!
Omar Vaquero (22 hours ago)
You got it twisted the guy is Mike Dow and the woman is JJ Virgin.
Doge ye (23 hours ago)
doesen't that woman who is addicted to sugar get fat!?
Just Venice. (1 day ago)
Angel Garcia (1 day ago)
But at the same time you can get diabetes (sorry if i spelled it wrong)
Maryteresa Krejci (1 day ago)
why do you say mans???
Angel Garcia (1 day ago)
Wait if she only eats ice cream wouldnt every one want to eat 40 ice cream bars a day 😄
if i eat ice cream more than once in one day i feel like im about to get diabetes😂😂
Austin Achour (1 day ago)
I was eating ice cream during the video
Brownie_Bunni (1 day ago)
i was eating an ice cream bar while i watched this
nersbu (1 day ago)
*me eating a bag of doritoes* damg thats a lot of calories XD
A Kiwi Nerd (1 day ago)
Late squad yeet. and i feel the same i cant eat something that much or i get sick of the food. and what sucks is a couple weeks ago i had to eat a mini freezer pizza for lunch and dinner before florence was suppose to hit me but then it decided not to. and i got so sick of the mini pizzas and now in slowly starting to like it again lol
Maribella Martins (1 day ago)
She had a brain freeze when she put her hand on her face
Rage Lord (1 day ago)
I'm amazed that her digestive system hasn't frozen to the point that the acids in her stomach can't melt through
The Triple J's (1 day ago)
*wHeRe Is My MaNz*
Beyanca Guilme (1 day ago)
No one is too old for footie pajamas and those ate cupcakes on the pajamas not ice cream- who else is commenting as they watch the video. Am I the only one?
Beyanca Guilme (1 day ago)
Girl, your hair is so nice. Not to be offensive, but it is better to have your hair curled for a change than the usual hairstyles
Pablo Marin (1 day ago)
I got an ice cream ad
Beyanca Guilme (1 day ago)
*SUPER LATE SQUAD* Bout to fall asleep
Kimberly Ramos (1 day ago)
Lol my name is kimberly lol but am no like that woman 🤣😂😐
Steven Aragon (1 day ago)
The sugar has her addicted af, the brain is relying on sugar now, food co’s secret weapon.
I’m addicted to water lol
Zachary Siple (1 day ago)
2:23-2:29 That was hilarious!
Edit Vega (1 day ago)
I would round it to 24 ice creams a year
Isn't her pjs cupcakes idk😛
RAZORlukic (1 day ago)
Also,lettuce has literally no taste, I only eat it sometimes because of that exact reason, otherwise I don't like each grassy stuff
RAZORlukic (1 day ago)
To be honest, I rly hate eating rice and Chicken... but I love me my vegetables and fruits and actually only eat meat once every day or two
Mrs Fishyalot (1 day ago)
Hayley Marie (1 day ago)
I haven’t ate one in a year
Azul Artist (1 day ago)
If anyone wants a good tea to drink unsweetened, I recommend Good Earth sweet and spicy. It's a cinnamon tea that is naturally sweet and really doesn't need anything else in it and it still tastes good. :D
Hello kitty 123 (1 day ago)
I bet -ALL- of her teeth are rotten
Jay Moreno (1 day ago)
I mite eat like 2 or 3 but not god damn *40*
Mattie Abner (1 day ago)
You said chicken and rice I looked down and i was eating chicken and rice and lettuace
/ gaming (1 day ago)
She wanna succ
Alina NinikaTV (1 day ago)
*Im addicted to eating healthy :D*
Connor B (1 day ago)
Mmmmmm ice cream
BlackPanda (1 day ago)
Ok I have an eating disorder. Normal food is just tasteless to me and I just don't have the need to eat. Ice scream is the only thing I really enjoy eating. So I can totally understand her haha. I always eat the most ice scream if my fam has them in their fridge.
Esosa O (1 day ago)
how dis bish do dis, aye? i eat one mini icecream and i get bellyache for the next week. anyone else?
Oksana Judakova (1 day ago)
I eat 3-2 ice cream a day
Anya Gamer (1 day ago)
*Grandmother dies* Me: Moooooommmm.... Can I have a whole tub of icecream to grievee....? Mom: Yeah, of course... *Months later* Mom: I'm going to the grocery store! I'll be back soon! Me: MOM, GET ME A TUB OF ICE CREAM! Mom: No Me: BUT YOU SAID! Mom: no. Me: *Triggered* MF IMA SLAP YOU
Theanimelover (1 day ago)
Is there atleast one person who's addicted to.... A GODDANM SALAD Her:I eat candy first thing in the morning Me: hehe I'm also gonna get a snack *goes to fridge and grabs a salad* Me: Ok where was i
Girl the reason its called Diabeaties is because if u keep dis up u gone DIEEE Idk if this is true so don't hate reply
Kimberly Reyes (2 days ago)
sssniperwolf her pjs there are not ice cream it was cupcakes by the way ily
-GDXdominator- Geo (2 days ago)
Earlier I got a ice cream bars after school and it was good but not something where I would eat 40 of...
Bryan/g Pena (2 days ago)
I can’t even drink water with ice it hurt my teeth cuz it’s to cold
Kaitlyn Wildeman (2 days ago)
My favorite food is a forgien food called bon bons they are delicious!!!😍
Cole Schultz (2 days ago)
Me in 10 years
Angie Fairley (2 days ago)
I have been eating popsicles made with real pure stawberrys and no artificial things Is that good enough?
Joss XD (2 days ago)
I know what is going away. Guess ??????? Duuurrrrr THE ICE CREAM BARS lol like if this is funny
Turtle Girly (2 days ago)
I have a story for you earlier when I was shaving I cut myself on accident like BRUH!
Omq Tyler (2 days ago)
I’ve only eaten about 25 for my entire life ( 15 years )
My dad is addicted to coke
A girl's life M (2 days ago)
To much ice cream! !😦
Peyton Combs (2 days ago)
My addiction is sleeping lol 😂😜😋👍😹
Eva Isakhanyan (2 days ago)
I wake up at 6:00 a.m. idk why tho HOW THOSE SHE DIBATES im sorry I’m still learning English
Eva Isakhanyan (2 days ago)
Only ice creams HOW DOES SHE LIVE
Avery Cruzan (2 days ago)
Lol I was drinking a mr pibb xD
Eve Lentz (2 days ago)
I need candy because I'm a 9 year old kid who's 46 lbs
LavendaQ (2 days ago)
*she eats 40 ice cream bars a day* o.o IS IT JUST MY MOM THAT GETS EXTREMELY MAD WHEN I *SNEAK* EAT 2 ICE CREAM BARS?! ;(
Tiny the Chihuahua (2 days ago)
Pig Lord15 (2 days ago)
While she is eating ice cream I am just eating a bowl of rice XD
Zofia (2 days ago)
After I watched this video at 9pm I went straight to the kitchen and packed myself vegetables for lunch to school 💘 thanks for the motivation lia ! 💋
Msp_player 123 (2 days ago)
Late squad!!!!!!! Where y’all at?
Cats Cool (2 days ago)
Lurline LaBeaud (2 days ago)
Heather Eldred (2 days ago)
I want chicken
Heather Eldred (2 days ago)
Is it only me or do I wanna eat fruit or something now

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