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Top 10 WTF Cartoon Endings

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The saddest part of a cartoon is always the end, but sometimes the conclusion is not at all what we expect, going all out and throwing us for a curveball. These are the endings you don't see coming, from Codename: Kids Next Door, Rocko's Modern Life to Regular Show, here are the TOP 10 WTF Cartoon Endings! ► MERCH: https://teespring.com/stores/roundtable-entertainment ► JOIN THE ROUNDTABLE! https://www.patreon.com/RoundtableVids ► DISCORD: https://discord.gg/U4jbBPK Follow Us! Twitter: https://twitter.com/RoundtableVids Instagram: http://instagram.com/roundtablevids Snapchat: RoundtableYT Facebook: http://facebook.com/roundtablevids Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/roundtablevids Website: https://www.roundtablevids.com/ Roundtable Hosts and Crew: @AwestruckVox @ItsRetroNemo @TomEpQm @joshuatcri @WillMirai_ CREDITS Written by: Shane Verkest Hosted by: Shane Verkest (RetroNemo) Edited by: Joshua Criger Produced by: Kevin Williams Artwork by Glasmond & Kitsune Zakuro! http://www.glasworks.tumblr.com https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXD0pNXyQuHtsSAdckwWdiA This video, including all pictures and clips used is a critique and is covered under "fair use" under section 107 of the US Copyright Act 1976. If you would like to see the shows and episodes in full. Purchase them online or the DVD sets by their respective owners.
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Text Comments (5940)
Knowinghasha Arts (2 hours ago)
teen titans was my favorite show of all time...and now...I CAN'T LIVE WITH OUT!!!
Kat Lu 's AMV (7 hours ago)
I think it sounds like the last episode to Teen titans was kind of good. It maybe have been a cliff hanger but it does say some things. Tara choosing to be a normal human instead of joining the titans says sure you live in a world where over half the people are super but sometimes even if you are a super all you want is a normal life. Then her saying its a memory of who he wants her to be says sometimes you can get someone back no matter how hard you try because they dont want to be the person they were while they were with you anymore. Also it kind hints at the fact that growing up happens and moving past the teen titans might happen for another member.
Zevnn (7 hours ago)
Miss most of these
An Unnoticed BEANZ (8 hours ago)
Steven Mathews (9 hours ago)
But did Number 3 and Number 4 ever get together?
Mercury Blackhole (10 hours ago)
Joseph Hailu (11 hours ago)
Teen titans is coming back with 13 more episodes if teen titans go to the movies does well
Jordan Lego (11 hours ago)
Original teen titans for the win!!!!!!!
EliteHand Soap (13 hours ago)
How is Bojack Horseman not on here
DoomBringer957 (14 hours ago)
That teen titans ending has one of the best amvs ever though
Tom Hummer (14 hours ago)
When I watched the last episode of regular show I balled my eyes out for like 30 minutes
LJSupe (16 hours ago)
The Clone Wars is coming back!!!!
Manic Vasquez (16 hours ago)
For some reason when I finished Regular Show the first time, I didn't cry but I still felt emotional. But when I rewatched and finished it the second time, I actually cried.
MeloTheCat666 (16 hours ago)
rebbekah cannons (16 hours ago)
Oh that Tera drama I recall that strongly.
Aj R.R (16 hours ago)
The office is awesome change my mind
Erick Kohn (17 hours ago)
"no wait a pterydactyl with a really big...". i am dead
Shane Rowsey (17 hours ago)
His voice reminds me of morty
Cloud One (17 hours ago)
Regular show was the shit, after they went to space i lost a little interest, i missed the episodes where its mordicai and rigby screwing something up or not listening to skips rip
Tsahr Gang 17 (18 hours ago)
Great channel man
Prince00001 Washington (19 hours ago)
This guys opinions are terrible. Not the list but the things he says like mystery inc is the best Scooby-Doo
Justin Rivera (19 hours ago)
You're the new scoutfly
Debora XAVIER (20 hours ago)
Regular show is one my most favorite shows. EVER
123OP Angry Beaverz (21 hours ago)
You are gay and too old for cartoons
Stuie Malan (21 hours ago)
I like tho think that FlapJack, Captain K'nuckles, and Bubbie eventually find Candy Island.
Random Stuff and ye (22 hours ago)
When I think of the Teen Titans ending I just think of an Xxxtentacion song
Cassi The Gamer (23 hours ago)
Aquilifer X (1 day ago)
KND was so good!
Peach Cob (1 day ago)
The terra finale was great. You're immature if you don't get it. Not everything in life is "action and get over it and be a hero."
bitter Boy (1 day ago)
hey thats pretty good
paul peters (1 day ago)
That lazlo ending is awsome lol had no idea it ended that way lol
xloserx 62 (1 day ago)
Scooby doo mystery incorporated and teen titans was the only show I got to finish the rest I watched but just not the ending
Sir tate (1 day ago)
if adventure time ends im die of a broken heart btw marcelene the vampire queen was my bae
Sir tate (1 day ago)
i remember uncle grandpa. and the disgustoids
Sir tate (1 day ago)
atari (1 day ago)
rockos ending just made me upset tbh, it wasn't a satisfying conclusion to their story at all and after being so attached to them for 4 seasons the finale just didn't feel right, it felt more like a rushed idea to close the series i hope that static cling gives us a proper conclusion
Nivea Nation (1 day ago)
Why does batmit souds like ivory from Minecraft story mode
PARTY 808 (1 day ago)
I didn’t know Morty had a YouTube channel!
Nikola Peh (1 day ago)
Cake is a lie!
Pedro Colaço (1 day ago)
I bloody loved Mystery Inc and Batman brave & the bold. Edit : Bat-mite is an actual comic character, first appearance Detective Comic 257
dillon benjamin (1 day ago)
RIP pops
Just saying...the hate for Teen Titans Go is well deserved...fuck that shit and fuck CN for blasting reruns of it ALL DAY. Im an adult man who usually watches youtube, only turning to cable for very few shows, but I like animation. CT used to be amazing for good animation but now its just Teen Titans GO garbage all the time.
Lauren Darnauer (1 day ago)
Rocky is a wallaby NOT a kangaroo
Sasha Popovic (1 day ago)
Roosterteeth has there own camp lazlo- camp camp. It is fucking hilarious and everyone should go watch it
Alex Estes (1 day ago)
At the end of The Regular Show when Pops said good show good show old Ladd I was like he was watching the entire time!
Zachary Vogel (1 day ago)
Lol just noticed the Napoleon Dynamite in the teen Titans episode
Phylip Green (1 day ago)
That was awesome!
JPro TrollBait (1 day ago)
somebody has not seen braveand the bolt it was craaazy, not only the ending
i actually watched the scooby doo mystery inc. all the way through to the end. i liked it. same thing with batman the brave and the bold.
Zachary Goering (1 day ago)
Loved these shows back then
FalconBoy76 Gaming (1 day ago)
What about Star Wars the clone wars? That was a really wtf episode
FalconBoy76 Gaming (1 day ago)
I liked the og Scooby Doo and what’s new Scooby Doo. Mystery Inc was a little too dark for me XD
wait there making a movie of teent titans go soo does that mean the same thing????🤔
FalconBoy76 Gaming (1 day ago)
Watches the intro. Thinks of ending of Naruto Shippuden
Link Blake (1 day ago)
Batmite is actually a really old magical batman character
ItzAmbarTM C (1 day ago)
Omlll I remember that last episode of FlapJack 😭 I feel old
just_ Chilling (1 day ago)
I hate your stupid anime character
Cheeki Breeki (1 day ago)
Fred is obsessed with TRAPS. huh hella gay
NerfmodZ 1000 (2 days ago)
Hi people
YoshiMonster2000 (2 days ago)
i remember batman brave and bold
YoshiMonster2000 (2 days ago)
regular show was beast
YoshiMonster2000 (2 days ago)
scooby doo was my fav cartoon i used to get all of them then the new on a cane out and it slowly ruined it for me
YoshiMonster2000 (2 days ago)
knd was great all these were my fav especially knd
YoshiMonster2000 (2 days ago)
all my childhood
YoshiMonster2000 (2 days ago)
tara ruined beast boys life
YoshiMonster2000 (2 days ago)
teen titans was great
Nicki Nicki (2 days ago)
Young Justice
Ian Seymour (2 days ago)
Number 1 from KND has got to be a reference to star trek TNG
Morgan Workman (2 days ago)
Star wars the clone wars :( And Gravity Falls
Lieutenant Meatball (2 days ago)
“Fred is obsessed with traps” Me: ...Astolfo?
EL David (2 days ago)
lazlo ending i never saw it dem it was a good show XD
Viralshadow (2 days ago)
Now im happy i didnt see the end of regular show, though i could never, the same episodes kept rerunning this year and i never saw the last ones.
Aerhiz Gaerlan (2 days ago)
The Regular show ending is very sad and ends my favorite childhood cartoon show
The Stalking Chicken (2 days ago)
whoa.... I never knew there was an original Teen Titans but just from the few clips you showed it looks 200X better than the current one.
ShadowkillZ (2 days ago)
Newest Scooby-Doo reboot is *C A N C E R*
Gwinner 1 (2 days ago)
Am Gravity falls
sam wise (2 days ago)
fuucking out a SPOILER ALERT BEFORE U START U FCKFACE omg , u already ruined a couple before u stated that we should move on to next video if dont want spoilers -_- .... (i guess i should have known to begin with ,,,, i mean it said ''ENDINGS '' )
POTACK THE BEAST (3 days ago)
mystery inc was the best i love it sooooo much it was great.
Just Kristie (3 days ago)
I miss regular show :/
Alice Hollett (3 days ago)
Yeah I kinda like teen titans go. it's not my favorite but it's not THAT bad.
Cancerous jokes _ (3 days ago)
I couldn’t agree more thy scooby doo mystery incorporated is underrated and amazing
PandaGodessMV (3 days ago)
Oh yeah scooby doo mystery inc. Show. Damn I was tearing up I wanted more episodes. Edit: The Regular show was disapointing-ish me. I mean it was good. But that last photo, WTF MORDECAI WHO TF IS THAT WOMAN?!?! NOT CJ OR OR (i for the other girl bird)?!?!?!?!?
Kid Herio (3 days ago)
Fred is in love with "Traps" XD
StarBit Von Syn (3 days ago)
There was one for me, it was Invader Zim, like..why end on a Christmas special? And don’t worry, I do know there are comics, ( but I don’t know,if they’re cannon) I know there MIGHT be a made for TV movie, heck it might be the ending, but for now, they’ve ended on a Christmas special. ...Oh well, if anyone has any info on the release date of the movie, let me know!
Phantom Foxy (3 days ago)
I wish they would make a separate series of the original and it would continue the story
V I (3 days ago)
Whoa WTF flapjack!
Burton Borja (3 days ago)
I can’t stop watching the office either 😂
Cristian Salas (3 days ago)
The Scooby doo show scared the shit out of me and I never got to see the last episode of regular show because I was running errands with my mom
Helious Games (3 days ago)
So that's what happened to camp lazlo kinda sad :(
Brayden Krigner (3 days ago)
I miss original teen Titans sooooo much :(
Mystery Incorporated was my fav to
Reyli da boss (3 days ago)
I loved Scooby-Doo mistery inc plus the game Ps I can’t spell
Andy (3 days ago)
what is a wtif?
Ariel Diaz (3 days ago)
I ain't gonna lie... Lazlo and the bean scouts had a hella good summer lmao
Jarett Nakamura (3 days ago)
They said they may do a season 6
Memer greifer (3 days ago)
I love scooby doo incorporated
Gabby Palos (3 days ago)
Regular Show really made cry😭😰😰
tatiana corado (3 days ago)
The rick and Morty one was so confusing in the season 3 joint
Seafaring Simon (3 days ago)
Bro, you really need to rewatch some of the batmite episodes if you believe the Batman show was so quote "straightedge".
Colfdra Legend (4 days ago)
In Regular Show, Pops didn’t ever lose, it was always a draw. If he lost, Anti-Pops would take over

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