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Tactical Rebels - Gameplay

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Play Here! - http://goo.gl/0tDNUS Click Here To Subscribe! - http://goo.gl/zqjVZf Enjoy and Like to support 9FishGames! Play TPS Multiplayer team-based game - Tactical Rebels, and fights with knives and rifles. The opportunity to be as ordinary fighter, a sniper, demolition, and even zombies. Create an online game server and call friends to participate. The game is very large, so try to do everything possible to find the enemy first. Enjoy on 9FishGames.com
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Text Comments (4)
Looodld Kdkmme (2 years ago)
10 fps
Who wants to see the tactical professional matches between the Rebels to my channel
does it still exist?
Janine Merl Ala (3 years ago)
ilike it

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