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Assassin's Creed Revelations - E3-Trailer

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Mehr Infos unter http://www.assassinscreed.com Wenn ein Mann all seine Kämpfe gewonnen und all seine Gegner besiegt hat ... Was soll er noch erreichen? Meisterassassine Ezio muss sein Leben aufgeben, um Antworten zu finden. Die Wahrheit. Schau dir jetzt den Trailer zu Assassin's Creed Revelations an!
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Text Comments (8204)
Heechula (1 day ago)
Ubisoft should just stick to making trailers
Owais damn (1 day ago)
The best trailer ever even in 2018
Alexander Nicolas (2 days ago)
1:36 i was like "OH SHIT MAN, OH SHIT THAT IS SO BADASS", even i watch this trailer like 5 or 6 years ago :))
amo hogride 阿無 (2 days ago)
What is this song?
JustaPseudorandomDude (2 days ago)
Probably the best AC trailer ever, after all these years, seing Altair walk alongside Ezio still fills me with emotion. Too bad the actual game didn't meet my expectations.
Blank (5 days ago)
2018 anyone???
مستر جيمر (5 days ago)
Rahul Rahul123 (5 days ago)
WAQAS JAVED (6 days ago)
Ezio Auditore Da Firenze <3
Furkan Kara (7 days ago)
mermer gibi oldu
Ayberk Altun (7 days ago)
Still the best
JustJinxIt (7 days ago)
Watched this 1000 times still imprest
matias cornejo (8 days ago)
Shit... so many years...
Ali Seyidzade (8 days ago)
I...I dont understand bruh music in Ac Rev. Trailer ? I remember that orginal version of Trailer was like Ezio talking about his adventure and his fight lol its weird
julius * (9 days ago)
2018 Still the best AC game
Alex Bgd (9 days ago)
Talon vs Demacia 🗡️👌
Maggie Caldwell (9 days ago)
Remember the goosebumps watching this on E3 that year. 2018 still getting them. "Requiescat in pace" Ezio, you Italian stallion 😍 xx
Pandu Arya Acita (10 days ago)
High school
Rizky Hermawan (10 days ago)
what name this song ?
Balvant rai (10 days ago)
what's the name of this song!
OVOX (10 days ago)
Best assassin's creed
Tae Keel (10 days ago)
Song!!? FIRE
FIFA GALERISI HD (11 days ago)
Michael Farber (11 days ago)
Best AC game and trailer.
anonymous world (11 days ago)
Ezio become most deadliest assassin in this game. And every one saying this is a under rated game .. Really ... No its not ,, ac2,ac revelation and ac4 is the most addictive assassin creed game ubisoft developed yet .
Filip G (11 days ago)
Shame Asassin's Creed isn't what it was was anymore...
J B (11 days ago)
would've been better with just the instrumental
Matteo Tteoma (12 days ago)
Best ac game
Fun Shine Beast (12 days ago)
still watching in 2099
Jamie 1872 (12 days ago)
Still the best game trailer ever made.
Marwan Abd El-Ghany (13 days ago)
Best AC game ever for me
Reaper (14 days ago)
Song: IRON woodkid
Leb_icon96 (15 days ago)
Good lord it’s 2018 I still find this trailer so addicting
Eyup caner (16 days ago)
Best Assasins Creed
Abdulla Khan (16 days ago)
from wer can i get this audio
Sam G (16 days ago)
I’m sorry why did this era of gaming have to end, games aren’t made the same anymore, there’s no story, there no epic music and epic moments, what happened?
Karcirok (17 days ago)
Best AC trailer ever, and the greatest assassin ever.
Atiye ŞAŞTIM (17 days ago)
Şarkı iyi
Juan Rios (17 days ago)
What happened to you Ubisoft?
Ezhun The Snow Elf (18 days ago)
What's the song title?
Can Sarıcan (18 days ago)
The best trailer I have been ever seen
ellembi baly balk (18 days ago)
Back when it was all about the creed .... now its just a rpg game with glowing swords .... shame
변땥땡 (19 days ago)
갓 띵작
TheWalkingMan ZZZ (19 days ago)
Who is from 2K18?
abdullahtaha hizarci (20 days ago)
Song men pls
GAMES forLIFE (20 days ago)
The hidden bladd that killed a dozen (maybe million) foes was finally destroyed
Dank Cat (20 days ago)
Who agree with me that this would be Great Movie
Mark Mironov (20 days ago)
It's history... It's legend...
Luis Aguilar (20 days ago)
This was the moment when assassins creed died :(
unknown name (21 days ago)
who's watching in june 30 2018?
YaBoi Lines (21 days ago)
Atleast 100K of these views are mine lol
Xephro (21 days ago)
This will get lost in the comment sea but I don't care, I just witnessed a man in his 50s about to annihilate an entire army, which he would of if he didn't get distracted
Mwmen Shaker (22 days ago)
GOD!!this was the greatest trailer in gaming history
DJ Dragon (23 days ago)
I thought this was an Assassin’s Creed movie trailer when I first saw it. Then we got the actual AC movie and... yeah
rohit manocha (23 days ago)
Best AC trailer
zB3n (24 days ago)
Can somebody tell me the name off the song
anthos332 (21 days ago)
zB3n Iron by Woodkid
Assassins Creed (25 days ago)
Assassin's Creed Have The Best Trailers I Think
Jasper Rivera (26 days ago)
i just want to see if they can make a remaster of ac revelations like the cinematic trailer graphics, that would look cool af.
thebeast 0709 (26 days ago)
WhyBeUgly (26 days ago)
Deep in the ocean, dead and cast away Where innocence is burned, in flames A million miles from home, I'm walking ahead I'm frozen to the bones, I am A soldier on my own, I don't know the way I'm riding up the heights, of shame I'm waiting for the call, the hand on the chest I'm ready for the fight, and fate The sound of iron shots is stuck in my head The thunder of the drums, dictates The rhythm of the falls, the number of deaths The rising of the horns, ahead From the dawn of time to the end of days I will have to run, away I want to feel the pain and the bitter taste Of the blood on my lips, again This deadly burst of snow is burning my hands I'm frozen to the bones, I am A million miles from home, I'm walking away I can't remind your eyes, your face
Budbaem (26 days ago)
Most legendary ac trailer TeaTime? Hah... I saw bigger better faster, Ac. Altair ibn la ahad. Forgotten, Watch the ac brotherhood trailer its one of the best
Joker (27 days ago)
Back when Assassins Creed actually was about Assasins and a Creed ...
Nomadic Doctor (28 days ago)
1:44 I bet that guard felt so fucking dope taking down Ezio
Sony Singh (29 days ago)
I played many assain creed but ezio collection is one of the best,always best game
Netflix Membresia (29 days ago)
best example of expectation vs reality for me
ademar ferreira (29 days ago)
So good...
Indust Tree (1 month ago)
Best Trailer Ever 2018?
Abhiroop das (1 month ago)
The fight sequence is just so fluid, best trailer ever
Overwatch Girl (1 month ago)
Iconic piece of art
Black Lion (1 month ago)
Last really good AC game ever made...
FIFA GALERISI HD (1 month ago)
Ujjawal Singh (1 month ago)
I don't know why I love Revelations sound tracks.
Foxgod Taylor 466 (1 month ago)
Ezio was such a badass
Pimapples ! (1 month ago)
When I saw "Assassin's creed Odyssey" I came here, to see what a real assassin is.
GEOwarriors tv (1 month ago)
Best trailer
CHEZGAMER (1 month ago)
best game ever
Berkant Devrim (1 month ago)
Einen guten Trailer gucken da wieder mal ein schlechter rauskam 😃
After such a shame as the Odyssey it remains the best trailer in history of the AC
2Pac (1 month ago)
Why they didnt make a game where you can play for an expample ezios son:( would be amazing
Tom Brooks (1 month ago)
JoHnRyD3R (1 month ago)
This trailer is a work of art
splashgameur (1 month ago)
R.I.P replay button
vany nahkov (1 month ago)
FireGamings (1 month ago)
Ah... Nos trailers ne sont malheureusement plus aussi géniaux...
J3RICO gonzalez (1 month ago)
mustafa chey (1 month ago)
Istanbul was beatiful and still is today.
Andrew Burrows (1 month ago)
The way I hunted down the song after I saw this trailer! Amazing trailer, amazing song!
Game Maker (1 month ago)
slaymax (1 month ago)
who comes after that trash AC Odysee
Harry Taylor (1 month ago)
I miss Ezio so much
ZapperZeus TM (1 month ago)
Music name: WOODKID-IRON
Noodliest (1 month ago)
Still gives me goosebumps 7 years later.
Yousef Waez (1 month ago)
God, when Altaïr appears !!
Robert matzenauer (1 month ago)
i miss the old assassins creed. imo new ones are trash along with assassins creed origins no matter what others say.
Alexis Luna (1 month ago)
Estamos en el 2018 y sigo diciendo que este es el mejor tráiler que he visto en YouTube!!!!!
Kaspisija Alo (1 month ago)
I'd say in this cinematic he is more deadlier than Connor
ayzen leet (1 month ago)
One of the most Badass Game Trailer in the History.
12AliCat6 (1 month ago)
I remember this
Hari haran (1 month ago)
Proud to have lived the life of Ezio Auditore. This is the connection we need in games. Witcher 3 also gave it after a long time.

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