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Let's Play Haunt - TAB - Part 1

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Text Comments (6496)
Yoshihammerbro (1 month ago)
someone has to name their child Tabitha
Dillinger R. (4 months ago)
I have this game and I'm just too much of a sissy to play it lol
Anne Hatfield (5 months ago)
The legend of tabitha
Beast Studios (1 year ago)
Don't give up and keep making vids toby, be the next pewdiepie, I believe in you, I've been watching your videos for years
Teddy Grevers (2 years ago)
If you keep your eyes closed and just listen it kinda sounds like he's constipated at some points.
Berry Delight (2 years ago)
So, Slender is the result of some messed up top secret government project? Interesting.
Novidas (2 years ago)
Funny that in the middle of a dark forest with no signs of life around except for an extradimensional spirit that he KNOWS is out to "kill" him, when he sees red writing saying "DON'T LOOK BACK", his immediate response is to do just that. Exactly why this man is still entertaining after like 6 years.
Lola Twinkle (2 years ago)
I still love you Tony...you take care of yourself huh and take care of those you love...
Leo The Lion (2 years ago)
i lone you Toby <3
Markipler is the new toby😆
sid32965 (2 years ago)
not hardly.
these nts. ha gat em!😅
toby!these is aways the answer!
why no slender. why there be no slender in a slender game!!!!!!!!!
what toby says when everything is not alright. alright! alright! alright!
"don't look back" toby looked back.😕
faaskee NL (3 years ago)
errr.... that was RageQuit button 2:10
Iron Player (3 years ago)
She obvioulsy didn't know how to press tab
Imagador (3 years ago)
Make a Slender-Man animation
zack jumpp (3 years ago)
I think you are slender in this game
Eve (3 years ago)
*opens the gate*      *SQUEELING*      Ok......   *closes the gate* Ahahahaha lol XD i love you Toby <3
Iron Player (3 years ago)
Thomakia Copelin (3 years ago)
Its a tower dummy go up the tower
NC Tracie (3 years ago)
Game seems pretty boring
Martín Castro (3 years ago)
Download the 1.1 version, they raised slender agro a lot, by personal expierence (in this version, he appears 2 times during the entire game)
Linnetta Navarro (3 years ago)
noob toby
Kadin Hodgman (3 years ago)
Were the fuck was slender man?!
mistienygma (3 years ago)
9:17 Oh No Toby It's the bathroom again!! XD
steve pla (3 years ago)
Lol you make funny voices tobuscus your awesome
Arianna Rivadeneira (3 years ago)
Finally toby won the game but weres slender man its like he was slaking on the job of scaring toby he must be tierd from scaring toby to much am I right lol
Arianna Rivadeneira (3 years ago)
MuddinDillon Gaming (3 years ago)
Im with u rocket raccoon
Jon Trucksis (4 years ago)
Austen Toland (4 years ago)
Where the fuck is Slender Man?
vern smith (4 years ago)
I hope slender gets shocked by lightning
Gasai Yuno (4 years ago)
Ⓧ Am I right? XD
Jack Burns (4 years ago)
leave it on or leave it off LOL!
Nic From Oz (4 years ago)
Hey your constapated lll
dan (4 years ago)
you should try playing grave
Toby Pridgen (4 years ago)
please make more slender vids.
Toby Pridgen (4 years ago)
hey tobuscus my name is also toby.like your vids.
Brayan Angomas (4 years ago)
Asmr Fettish (4 years ago)
Nick Seger (4 years ago)
Shortly after toby finds out about TAB being used to look at pages, 2:38 a girl screams in the background. He then ironicly names the random girl (that screams) tabetha due to his recent discovery of the TAB key. He then jokes about "tabetha" not knowing how to press TAB. And thats why she died~
Nightshift10000 (4 years ago)
Where is slender man in real life, why can't he make Toby and Pewdipie both disappear?
Wolf blaze (4 years ago)
If I woke up in a place like that I would get the feeling I should start yelling CHERYL!!!! Maybe JASON if I feel like it.
Zac Lucas (4 years ago)
4:34 looks like a black hunter is running on the right
Logan B does things (4 years ago)
u doooomed
Stop Please (4 years ago)
"She didn't know how to press tab"😂😂
david fletcher (4 years ago)
Adlia Aida (4 years ago)
I am selnder man i see toby play me now he is going to die!!!!!
Evan Lowry (4 years ago)
so was sopoused to be see sorry
Evan Lowry (4 years ago)
I don't even need to so slender and the game scares the crap out of me
Hobo Joe Films (4 years ago)
Toby you are the best youtuber of all time!!!
Julie Van Der Laan (4 years ago)
I'm sorry but who's tabitha?
Blue (4 years ago)
A girl who died because she didn't know how to press TAB
Le English Muffin (4 years ago)
2:38 "She obviously didn't know how to... push Tab." Lol! Moment of silence for Tabitha....
Wuxian Wei (3 years ago)
+xX Kate Xx *silence*
Phillip Saffold (4 years ago)
NO SENDER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
tybler plays (4 years ago)
lol 12:57
McGaha (4 years ago)
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Fletcher Robertson (4 years ago)
Summer Baker (4 years ago)
I love watching how people get so scared of slender but to me he just looks wierd and kinda akward cause my game is on the Xbox and It's not that I'm scared its just when he shows up it startles the heck out of me then I run for my life its crazy
RottenRroses (4 years ago)
For some reason games hardly can scare me anymore even though I'm totally yellow in real life. I wish I could still enjoy horror games. Back in the day Resident Evil 1+2 scared me out of a lot of sleep.
hailie Mariee (4 years ago)
He always looks like he is constipated when scared
trentonsmom925 (4 years ago)
trentonsmom925 (4 years ago)
Karlee Meier (4 years ago)
Did you know that whileplaying hide and go seek the best place to hide is behind a lamp because its such a stuiped place no one will look there!
n (4 years ago)
Are you merry'd
Andree Castellanos (4 years ago)
Rock. You
Shayla Conley (4 years ago)
Watch VenturianTale if you like toby!!!
ΨΦ PsiPhi (4 years ago)
"All the buttons on the keyboard are being press-AHA!"  :D Dude, your commentary! xD Subbing!
ΨΦ PsiPhi (4 years ago)
Chey._breeá (4 years ago)
Holy smack!! Ima climb some stairs
Albert Zaragosa (4 years ago)
Why do all of the Halloween movies people go up stairs instead of going out the front door i mean comon
Gatsby (4 years ago)
LOL TAB is the vid title. 
kody sam (4 years ago)
Uuuuu bbbbb huuuu ttttt
kody sam (4 years ago)
Hunt tuevgyguj uh
Lesly Turcios (4 years ago)
Toby could u play a house 2 please!!!
michaelr893 (4 years ago)
thats the slowest ive ever heard u do ur outro
Meagan Diley (4 years ago)
My friends name is Tabitha
Grace Alvarado (4 years ago)
Hi toby im slenderman I am your nightmare i am going to hunt you
Amr Osama (4 years ago)
Covered my self with a blanket but why do we feel safe under blankets??!!
Yoshihammerbro (11 months ago)
Yeah slender has a mental disorder thinking that blankets get bulges because of his presence
pil0t (4 years ago)
Because Slender-Man won't suspect us under blankets.
Isaac Quinlin (4 years ago)
You need to make more of the haunt slender videos plz
Cole Romero (4 years ago)
I'm surprised that he didn't die
MaRi PoSiTa (4 years ago)
Toby your such a BOSS
FuRy Yeti (4 years ago)
He trys to act like pewdipie he's stupid and annoying with his dumb sounds he makes.
Yeoh M.J. (3 years ago)
Slender calmly does it! — 😨🎮👀…😶😂😶 …taken too vigilantly.
kinit 935 (3 years ago)
Stop this, its old it is 2 year old discussion.
D1337 Gaming! (3 years ago)
Excuse me, I have some words for you.... GRAMMAR AND ORTHOGRAPHY!
Jaden Phelps (4 years ago)
There was a picture on the truck
Casey Tolley (4 years ago)
Slender sounds like the TV
iiisticks (4 years ago)
Play saw
Ringo 05 (4 years ago)
really !? what do you ahve to do in that game? xD
mason bird (4 years ago)
+schrumpel schwanz there is a game of saw on xbox and ps3 and probably computer as well so yeah
Ringo 05 (4 years ago)
But thats a movie! :O
Emily Mills (4 years ago)
+Deidara Kagamine Tabitha is my cats name..
William Homer (4 years ago)
I that he was dead. =-O
D1337 Gaming! (3 years ago)
What does that mean?
Desertrain765432 (4 years ago)
2:36  "well she obviously didn't know about Tab." 
Rose farmer (4 years ago)
Emma Dotson (4 years ago)
The house is scary
Emma Dotson (4 years ago)
When he findes the stairs and then he reads don't look back
Spoof (4 years ago)
Toby needs to play slendytubbies XD
mundanepants (4 years ago)
Do slender rising
Isaiah Gutierrez (4 years ago)
The 515 People who disliked this Video are STUPID AND HAVE NO LIVES!!!!!!!
MLGNoah (4 years ago)
Poor Tabitha
MLGNoah (4 years ago)
Poor Tabitha
If this is still free they really should think of trying to make a profit off of it. This game is worth money, really we'll made, but doesn't cost anything.
LPS_Maji'sLife (4 years ago)
um i think you past some pages from the bunker
Z Houle (4 years ago)
I have this on my tablet
Cheese (4 years ago)
I remember when this was new
Fateil (4 years ago)
She obviously didn't know how to press tab.
Spencer Keller (4 years ago)
Hey guys, please go check out this video, just look up, Big Beast Band Brothers Expert Parkour, its pretty awesome! At least I thought it was ;) And I'm sure they would love it if you subscribed or liked too! Thanks for reading!
Catherine Elizabeth (4 years ago)
"I don't need a flashlight. I'm fine. I can see" *turns on flashlight* 😂

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