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Card Games : How to Play Spit

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Spit, also known as Slap, is a card game in which all of the cards are divided among the players, which should number no more than five. Play Spit and get rid of a hand as fast as possible with tips from a gaming specialist in this free video on card games. Expert: Windy St. George Bio: Windy St. George has worked at Games of Berkeley for eight years. She is an expert in all types of card games, board games, tabletop games, RPGs, and miniatures. Filmmaker: Sam Lee
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Text Comments (147)
Sajid Afridi (5 months ago)
Jimmy Ponciano (8 months ago)
Is she still alive? Serious question.
Maisie H (10 months ago)
she didn't say how many cards to dish out at the start
Grimmy Jaegerjaquez (10 months ago)
Anyone who says that this game is speed obviously needs to go look up how to play speed because this is not speed
Stephanie M (10 months ago)
How many cards does each person get???
aaliyah Fertick (1 year ago)
you play speed a nother way
ExpertFails (1 year ago)
Definitely not how you play. You were playing the wrong game lol
SharkByte GD (1 year ago)
This is great thank you
Guided Meditation (1 year ago)
The 3rd pile of cards confuses me. If you divide all the cards to the players then how does the 3rd pile factor in?
Brandon 2.0 (1 year ago)
Bad game just like speed
TheFifaFox P (1 year ago)
How many cards do u start with?
donnie bromitch (1 year ago)
this was dumb as fuck
Niya G. (1 year ago)
Did anyone else see at 0:17 or 0:18 she put 2 cards on the deck to the left?
Derica Babb (1 year ago)
We play it differently where i am from
Kelissa Grant (1 year ago)
Itzik Avrahami (1 year ago)
you have to check out this game it's super cool https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/human-flesh-card-game--2#/
Sukhpreet CDU (1 year ago)
Checkout my channel
Gail Bennie (1 year ago)
do you need the extra jokers.
TUO DoubleHelix (2 years ago)
How do you play "Swallow?"
Aidan Harrison (2 years ago)
U stupid
o k (2 years ago)
um pretty sure thats not how you play
erick Salinas (2 years ago)
That's not how you play
Michael Lambert (2 years ago)
I'm more confused than ever now! Lol
Crookedsmile7 (2 years ago)
i remember this being called slap!!! speed is a different game :D
Ana (2 years ago)
funner? really
Randy Llewelyn (2 years ago)
I have never played this game before the end
thecatona mat (2 years ago)
spit is laid out differently than what is shown in this video. This is not Spit!
Edwin Garcia (2 years ago)
people lay it out different ways
Liz Garcia (3 years ago)
STRANG3R (3 years ago)
Primaski (3 years ago)
This is speed, not spit, you fucktard.
Mariah Hariram (2 years ago)
There are different names
Primaski (3 years ago)
+Sneaksalot626 watch your mouth you disrespectful spit tard
LordSwitzer (3 years ago)
+primaltare Stop trying to copy me you pile of shit, follower.
Primaski (3 years ago)
I'm sorry: "this is speed, not spit, you spit tard"
LordSwitzer (3 years ago)
watch your mouth you little disrespectful spit tard
I shared this
Jada Vince (3 years ago)
Isn't this called speed?
Maisie H (10 months ago)
speed is different
Kid_A11 (1 year ago)
Jada Vince or spit
Anya Anya (3 years ago)
chicken is life (3 years ago)
Yea it's called speed
Fluffymuffy Pelican (3 years ago)
its called fuck this
Finally found a not confusing game😂👌👌👍👍
Dinky Me (3 years ago)
since when was "funner" a word.
The +Skyelar Raiti​
Skyelar Raiti (3 years ago)
+CuteGirl Buttercup MSP I think Alexis was referring to Dinky Dee's behavior.
Your a child +Dinky Dee​
Dinky Me (3 years ago)
GeneralAmerica (3 years ago)
This is clearly not slap.
Aiden Desai (4 years ago)
This is not slap and rules at end are wierd, fobbish, and confusing.
Hunter03 (4 years ago)
Its called speed
gerardo villafuerte (4 years ago)
i understood nothing. A combination of the lisp and colorado education i am assuming it is, from an idiot i know from colorado. i watched this video 4 times and understood nothing.
LordSwitzer (3 years ago)
on the Retard scale you're a ten
陳家華 (4 years ago)
It's an awesome game! I never know that Poker can have many ways to play! 
Julie jmommymom (4 years ago)
Playing Spit with these cards gives this game yet another twist - http://highhillhomeschool.blogspot.com/p/highhill-educational-supplies.html
Armando Ozuna (4 years ago)
It is speed
stephanie hernandez (4 years ago)
this is way similar to one of my favorite card game SPEED.
yevgeni levshunov (4 years ago)
i understood nothing
yevgeni levshunov (4 years ago)
how much cards should each player have ?
yevgeni levshunov (4 years ago)
of course not
posterierman (5 years ago)
cards are gaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyy get rid of them quick
BrokeMoFo (5 years ago)
This is not spit... This is a variation on speed.. Spit is a poker game where I live...
shellrock10 (5 years ago)
That is so shitty that's not how you fucking play
kyle creaton (5 years ago)
im pretty sureits called shit... not spit
thatanthraxguy (5 years ago)
This is basically speed.
Samantha Justice (5 years ago)
well if you are playing with 2 people which is how i play you split your amount of cards evenly and you get half and your opponent gets the other half
James Gillingham (5 years ago)
Thanks. This helped
alstar555 (5 years ago)
how many cards does rach player get
Mia & Leann (5 years ago)
Funner is not a word
etcetcetcetcetceable (5 years ago)
Cards are gay
Saul Valdez (5 years ago)
So how many cards each person get??
Ahmed Shez (6 years ago)
Say wha
TomJames49 (6 years ago)
Total True but its not at 0:16 its at 0:17
MrTigers6423 (6 years ago)
did she say "the funner it is" does she know english or...
ForeveraLovely (6 years ago)
it's ok they're not playing for real chill
The one (6 years ago)
Terrible teacher man. I had to watch this about 10x. Misdealing, Slapping hands down etc. What was that all about?
Nati Coco (6 years ago)
U suk at teaching !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hotdog2747 (6 years ago)
"ha ha ha I blocked you"
ShagenTheGoat (6 years ago)
Expertvillage is fucking garbage. Jesus Christ get you shit together. God dammit I hate these people
Taizán (6 years ago)
This Isnt The Right way to play tha fuck ?????????
Primaski (6 years ago)
THIS IS WRONG. this is more like crazy eights. message me for the real way to play it...its too long for a comment :P
BeautyQueen42 (6 years ago)
Your not supposed to look at your cards....
SmithCDE (6 years ago)
what happens if you have 1 card left and cannot go?
Ashley Pierog (6 years ago)
Funner is not a word! 0:18
Myles Williams (6 years ago)
what the heck your doing it wrong
Leo (6 years ago)
@laragazzadoltremare why would you come to a video on how to play a game if you already know how to play?
Richard Bridgelal (6 years ago)
Richard Bridgelal (6 years ago)
hcv agugik
JoshyBallz4 (6 years ago)
This is swallow!
izzy vos (6 years ago)
this game is not spit these rules are for a completly different game, surely you should know this information as you are supposed to be a card 'expert'. Or are you?
Jarod_Insane (6 years ago)
its kinda like uno without turns
Jacob Lee Anderson (6 years ago)
which store is this
teameglin (6 years ago)
@laragazzadoltremare That game is called Speed
Alicia Phillips (7 years ago)
this isn't spit....
msfibberlerda (7 years ago)
did yall notice that she put 2 cards down on the other guys at 0:17??
Damien Redshirt (7 years ago)
U cheat u gave him two cards Instead of 1
Fraser Stubbs (7 years ago)
do u have down sydrome?
SuperKarina122 (7 years ago)
@laragazzadoltremare well actually dat is how u play spit its only d easier version T_T
MODOCPro (7 years ago)
I know 2 ways to play spit and this is not either of them
tyler (7 years ago)
She said funner hahahahahaha
Ryan Denver (7 years ago)
David Middleman (7 years ago)
thats a stupid ass version of speed
goblinman7 (7 years ago)
I wonder if there is a game called swallow lol...
adramirez095 (7 years ago)
@laragazzadoltremare she says its also called slap..
Nick Pattison (7 years ago)
@hub313 a methlab
indianguyfromindia (7 years ago)
umm this is speed but a little different!
ofaixa (8 years ago)
This is called speed where I'm from, or a similar variation of speed.
LJCleave (8 years ago)
i know this isent spit
David Gustav (8 years ago)
is there any card games to play by urself except for spider solitare
dontworryaboutit (8 years ago)
this isnt spit
dmany13 (8 years ago)
this is a tottally different version of spit with is two easy the real spit is much faster pace and have manoy more varieties on how to play it my video on how toplay spit may be in crappy quality but atleast tis the real game
MonsieurJason (8 years ago)
not even close to spit
joeysthename (8 years ago)
This isn't speed nor spit.
Jon Wright (8 years ago)
uhh this is speed.

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