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Dire Straits - Sultans Of Swing (Alchemy Live)

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ziggygas rovers f.c (10 hours ago)
Every musical pundit raves on & on about Clapton, Hendrix etc but come on....Mark is up there with them or even beyond. I remember queuing up for tickets at Bristol's Colston Hall before the Straits were famous. A phenomenal band.
Cynthia Chu (11 hours ago)
GOSH DARN THEY"RE GOOD! And so effortlessly!
Thomas Chaney (14 hours ago)
This is the best live performance of all time. Go ahead, Change my mind i guess.
Marc Gomariz (15 hours ago)
Okay, so the man is doing one of the best solos/performances ever without looking at the guitar, but also smiling, jumping, moving around the stage... I can't understand it I'm sorry it's beyond perfection and humanity.
Pedro Le marc (16 hours ago)
Ángeles de la música, bello.
Carolos Solonos (17 hours ago)
Fantastic band performance. Thanks to Mark Knopfler, this song and his red Stratocaster are now a piece of music history
Chris official (17 hours ago)
it may be old but it is such a great masterpiece of music, you just have to love it
Nelson Peres (17 hours ago)
Sorriso maroto
L M (18 hours ago)
Tout simplement génial, un chef-d'oeuvre ......
joseph callahan (19 hours ago)
Remembering cruising 95 to Florida from Mass, making time listening to this jam, leaving the past behind me...
Daniela Di Biase (20 hours ago)
Borja Farnos (20 hours ago)
Favourite song for many years, i love mark playing guitar. But what Terry Willams done is wooooo what a drummer if it was a fight he piss over mark in firts 6 minutes, he was like having an orgams 6 minutes orgasmic, and being honest very high he was like flying, what a performance. No doubt one of the best live song perfomance all times. Terry Williams' underwear were not clean at he of song.lol. Fucking Master Piece !!
metal up your ass (21 hours ago)
what year was this concert
metal up your ass (10 hours ago)
Arthur Dent I‘m sure that is was awesome
Arthur Dent (21 hours ago)
July 1983 Hammersmith Odeon, London. It was awesome.
Trust No one (22 hours ago)
imagine if les claypool was the bassist!
Amazing where this song came from!
ROOKTABULA (1 day ago)
Still have the VHS I bought of this concert.. lolz
Babs Govender (1 day ago)
makes you relax
Michael Zschoche (1 day ago)
Best thing about not playing with a pick is never having to worry about dropping it. Such a killer song. Definitely one of my favorites. What a great performance. Everyone in the band was moving and and grooving. Best stage presence and song ever.
Enzo Br (1 day ago)
this is a masterpiece, maybe THE masterpiece
Gaetano Mcfons (1 day ago)
Semplicemente MERAVIGLIOSI!
Drinette Aya (1 day ago)
Other guitarists play guitar. MK makes it sing
Knopler is the best guitar singer! Bar none. Listen to Roll Away.
mark verberne (20 hours ago)
Check out Guitar George, he knows all the fancy chords, he dominates the thumbnail, cuz pics are better than words ..
Hermann Jaovao (1 day ago)
mi piace tanto questi , incredibile
Loy Chit See (2 days ago)
Look at 1:56
Loy Chit See (2 days ago)
Who listening in 2020?
steven Hammond (2 days ago)
Music will never be made this good ever again. One of the best groups to ever grace the stage. Them drums that guitar solo out of this world. Thank you
Babs Govender (2 days ago)
wish they were still together
Babs Govender (2 days ago)
jérémie dessertine (2 days ago)
woww.. rock'n'roll, The headband(banner) to hide the rising baldness of Mark make me laugh, haha..
borzas (2 days ago)
he makes it look so easy
nick pagan (2 days ago)
came from sandy ravage’s stream
Maria Frade (2 days ago)
Was this in London, anyone know were they recorded this?
Arthur Dent (21 hours ago)
July 1983 Hammersmith Odeon, London.
Leonardo Di Maro (2 days ago)
Bravissimi...Leonardo di maro YOUTUBE jazz PIANIST COMPOSER
Davy1951 (2 days ago)
Oh yes James you are so right.
Patrick Arnet (3 days ago)
had already christmas today, bought tickets,  see you soon in zurich :-)
odmar rodrigueiro (3 days ago)
The best
Paula Chagas (3 days ago)
Meu pai amava essa música😭😢💔
Joaquin Tolentino (3 days ago)
2018 now and it still gives me chills
vjeran vlahovic (3 days ago)
Mark when you will be back in Zagreb?you are welcome as allways
Joviel Rodrigues (3 days ago)
Awesome song..Mark 😎
Harley Orfiano (3 days ago)
Hey idol money for nothing :)
Stephen Szczepaniak (3 days ago)
The talent is beyond this world. I am blessed to be able to see Mark Knopfler next summer.
LUIS Torrez (3 days ago)
Knopfler es un gigante de la guitarra pero igual el resto de la banda son unos depredadores 👏
esse cara toca muito tem seu estilo proprio
Ben There (3 days ago)
118,818,491 Views? Am I the only one to watch this?
rodolfo souza (4 days ago)
Isso e que música de qualidade!!!
Alfonso Garcia Molina (4 days ago)
Especial onesssss . ....Buenisimos
Felipe Dibbern (4 days ago)
Salve aos brasileiros que gosta de uma boa música!!!
Jesper Mangelsen (4 days ago)
This is modern day Mozart. Can anyone catch even one single musical mistake in this video?
Shaun Strasser (4 days ago)
Man I am getting old I remember when this song came out in 1978
robert ross (4 days ago)
Never would have guessed McEnroe could play like that!
Jamie Steinhauer (4 days ago)
music now can't hold a candle to music then
jez thandi (4 days ago)
Definitely one of the Greatest songs ever ! people forget how great Alan Clark the pianist is. Tony Banks of Genesis , Need I say more. Unsung heroes.
Sergi Peña (4 days ago)
One of the best performance. The soundtrack when I was only 15
keenian 61 (4 days ago)
wow che dire..... NO DICO, che dire? <3
Joseph LTD (4 days ago)
This is so exciting!
Lana Campbell-Moore (5 days ago)
Every member of the band ROCKING OUT!!!😊😊😊
GuitArcher 02 (5 days ago)
The drummer stole the show.
jadexleah x (5 days ago)
its *insane* to me how good not just the guitar is, but those drums! good god the drummer must have been built like a machine! i would have adored to hear this live. absolutely amazing, i wish more people my age could appreciate this music. but i suppose each to their own 😂😂
acdrts 024 (5 days ago)
My grandfather was a police officer for 25 years and he was at one of dire straits concerts working as a guard and ended up partying with the whole band that night and they became freinds my grandfather passed at 52 years old but it is still cool to think he was freinds with the whole band and my father when he was 12 ended up talking to the. Singer on the phone
TheEriekayaker (5 days ago)
Mind-blowing musicianship. Everyone working in synch. This incredible music gone now replaced by garbage.
Kseniia (5 days ago)
One of the most amazing songs I ever heard!
Guilherme Henrique (5 days ago)
*Uma das melhores coisas que já vi no Youtube.*
Dan Miller (5 days ago)
Love the way he smiles when he gets the harmonic - this is a GREAT video!
Zinou Saadi (5 days ago)
The engineer of sound is stupid
Sahitro Chatterjee (5 days ago)
The live version is much better than the original version due to the drums and the guitar.
annacansu (6 days ago)
In 2019 i'm going to the concert the Mark Knopfler in Valencia ( Spain )!!!🎸🎸🎸🎸
annacansu (6 days ago)
My name is Marc!
Konrad Cichocki (6 days ago)
Mistrzostwo świata
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Bryan Bain (6 days ago)
This is the absolute best live version of any song I have ever heard. That drummer is nothing short of phenomenal.
Jochen H (6 days ago)
Its unbelievable how well Lead Guitar and Drums play and harmonize.
Holli Wood (6 days ago)
......restored to pristine high definition visual clarity - in 360p?????????????????? Are you friggin' kidding me?
Arthur Dent (21 hours ago)
Hey kid, I'll trade your 1080p video for our real music any day!
Maximus Morimus (6 days ago)
Goosebumps every single time 👏 👏 👏
Dimitri G (6 days ago)
Jey Fez (6 days ago)
God I wish I can play guitar like that!! is that too much to ask?
Пиздато Хуйярят бритты!!!
Abdul Muaiz (7 days ago)
Nevermind the guitar, I wish I could play any instruments at all. But I'm 33 yrs old I think it's already too late to start
David Grout (7 days ago)
Terry Williams destroyed this song.
jose rojo (7 days ago)
Si,, Mark hace que la guitarra hable,,,aqui su calidad tecnica,, unico ,, grandioso,,
Simplemente INCREÍBLE
Anilarac Lewis (7 days ago)
Person: what's your sexuality Me: Mark Knopfler Person: say no more
patrick musap (7 days ago)
This song will be listened to for centuries ahead, they truly created something special with this one..gets my blood boiling every time.
clyde cox (7 days ago)
one of the best pickers of all time top 5/7 none better ok eric clapton hendrics gilmour not many more
Nathan Hood (7 days ago)
Shout out to the bassist, keyboardist and rhtyhm guitar - their discipline allows Mark Knopfler and the drummer to go to town on this song!!!
Margarita Ruiz (7 days ago)
!!! Una de mis preferidas, genios….Gracias por su arte..!
Marko Marcello (7 days ago)
This song, this energy can move the earth....and it did. And still does. Thank You guys for making my life better.May you live forever. This song will, I am sure of that...
Oilsmoke Jones (8 days ago)
What's wrong with the drummer? He's like on the wrong number..studio version is outstanding
Arthur Dent (21 hours ago)
Eh? This is one of the greatest pices of rock drumming in the history of mankind!
Аrsenie Muntean (8 days ago)
Dedicated to Frida Gustavsson in Perpetuity, by James, Father of the Scrolls of the Temple. (THE COMMENTS ARE FUCKING DISABLED)
Daniel Slv (8 days ago)
NoneButMyOwn (8 days ago)
Oh my Knopfler!!!
Larry Fink (8 days ago)
Great live version of a great song.
Veli-Pekka Kultanen (8 days ago)
We are the Sultans of Swing.
Sahitro Chatterjee (9 days ago)
That drummer is on fireee !!!!🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
foxinho82 (9 days ago)
God, so mesmerizingly good.
Michael Porter (9 days ago)
Quintessential live rock band performance to probably never be surpassed: as close to perfection as possible in this world!!
Izaias Junior (9 days ago)
Justin Trudeau on drums!
Arthur Dent (21 hours ago)
In his dreams!
Marta Pereira (9 days ago)
Amo !!! Música linda demais .

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