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MLP Minecraft Server

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Do not ask me to update version because im not the owner of the server. It's been 4 years already, Maybe they've changed their name, maybe not, Dont ask me about the version too, i've long left the fandom New Server IP : mc.squarehorse.com Server's Website: http://www.squarehorse.com/mlc/
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Kitty Gal Meowzys (7 months ago)
what us ip nvm
Speakonia Master 400 (11 months ago)
I went on the server 10 minutes ago and it works. I have autism and try not to pull any autism hate. I've put up with enough hate. I'm 21 and I believe in God.
Marycris Rillera (2 years ago)
it is 1.9.4
SteveGL64 (2 years ago)
iipastelcake forever (2 years ago)
What's the name?
iipastelcake forever (2 years ago)
Am on 0.14.2
OMG Warriors!! (2 years ago)
i try'd to put this on my pc but it didnt work! is this out dated?
Christina Cheeves (2 years ago)
ask he/she if needed
Carson Clark (3 years ago)
BerrySus (3 years ago)
whenever i try to join it says token canot be null or empty what does that mean?
Missgamer 808 (3 years ago)
umm whats the server name....
Allison Besa (3 years ago)
+MissGamer 808 if you mean ip:mc.squarehorse.com version 1.8.7
Izzy Moses (3 years ago)
whats the ip?
Allison Besa (3 years ago)
+Izzy Moses mc.squarehorse.com
WALAHH (3 years ago)
you must download the mod?
Levi (2 years ago)
+Allison Besa can you play it with 0.13.0
Allison Besa (3 years ago)
+CaptainLamprosas No right now they are not using it, so now cuz they dont have 1.8 mine little pony mod, you can play on 1.8.7 with no mods!
recc (3 years ago)
can't play its on 1.8.3 ;w;
recc (3 years ago)
+Allison Besa oh.. ok, works now, tnx
Allison Besa (3 years ago)
+Mistah Secksi well if you go on to ur launcher and under ur name in the bottom right corner it will say edit profile click on that and it will say mine craft version 1.8.7 lick on that and u will get multiple mine craft versions click on the version it says to play and hit that and click save and play! My name is Riversong2002 and my rp name is DawnNightShade have fun! 😆
recc (3 years ago)
+Allison Besa it says it still on 1.8.3
Allison Besa (3 years ago)
+Mistah Secksi its on 1.8.7
Jacob Boyer (3 years ago)
wow, i wish i could download this server and join y'all on there ;)
Allison Besa (3 years ago)
+Toxic thewolf9 no not yet i think they MIGHT but i am not sure cuz they dont have mine little pony for 1.8.
Allison Besa (3 years ago)
Jacob Boyer (3 years ago)
+Allison Besa i see, even tho its only taking me to the endix that link tho lol
Allison Besa (3 years ago)
+Jacob Boyer actually it a sever so the ip: mc.squarehorse.com (version 1.8.7)
Jacob Boyer (3 years ago)
+Zelda Plays true lol
Chocolate Of Funny (3 years ago)
kiarastardust (3 years ago)
i hate you 1.8.1
Cute Shaymin (3 years ago)
is it capatable with the brohoof mudpack
PP 69 (4 years ago)
Emmm ¿no parece algo anticuado?
MrSandwich (4 years ago)
It's Premium
lorenz canlas (4 years ago)
NYET!,this server is outdated!!!! why (;_;)
MarchingArts (3 years ago)
Go into the MineCraft launcher, click "Edit Profile" then there should be a box with a drop down menu that says something about the version, it's near the middle of the screen, click the version the server is on, then click "Save Profile", launch minecraft, and bada-bing, bada-boom, you're done
lorenz canlas (3 years ago)
Brenna Nelson (3 years ago)
Look in the description he said it wasnt his server
lorenz canlas (4 years ago)
please update it (;_;)
UmBreon (4 years ago)
Is this FTB?
No4 Delirious (4 years ago)
+Demon Gamer No NO, it FTB *sarcasm
Anna (4 years ago)
Need 1.8
Nobody plays It 0-0
Exploded Fate (4 years ago)
is this a survival server or a server like brohoof?
Jubal Perez (3 years ago)
Its crap for you but you really didn't know how to use the classes. Look Sebastian , theres a place called Freebuild (survival kinda creative) theres Equestria and soo many more :3
Brenna Nelson (3 years ago)
Dont go on that server its crap
Milk Weed (4 years ago)
Thank you for this, it looks fun
English Derpy (4 years ago)
The server is on 1.7.9/1.7.10 Ip is Mc.Squarehorse.com Silverhaven is best fac Ign:Stronghold42
Music Flame (4 years ago)
what is ip
Music Flame (4 years ago)
Eliza Meeks (4 years ago)
+Music Flame The IP Is The Server Address So U Can Put It In U Click Add Serer And It'll Say Server Address Then You'd Type mc.squarehorse.com Got It Welcome :D
Music Flame (4 years ago)
what is the ip i mean
Dimas Med (4 years ago)
version 1.7.9
John Carver (4 years ago)
I got banned from dis server
Michael Alberto (4 years ago)
Bad server. My friend was temp banned for Multi - Accounting when he wasn't. All he did was keep chaning his nickname. Then I asked where did he go then I got banned for life! Really? Just don't go here. There is better servers.
Jennifer Avery (3 years ago)
I got banned for getting revenge on someone I hate, and I tried to tell them on the forums about it, but they banned me from the forums thinking I was faking everything :\
Cynical (3 years ago)
i just got banned for greifing ^-^ i don't really care either i feel happy
Cynical (3 years ago)
thanks for telling me that the owner is a faggot
Brenna Nelson (3 years ago)
I know the same thing happened to me wtf who ever owns it is a idoit restarted bitch he got me banned for nothing what an idoit
Sashauna Patterson (4 years ago)
how did you get the mod for 1.7.4?!
Ally Roberts (4 years ago)
it didnt let me on
RosaBaileyzem (4 years ago)
Please update it!
Dashie010203 (4 years ago)
what version is this server on  
Allison Besa (3 years ago)
+dashie010203 1.8.7
MrSandwich (4 years ago)
strifeg0d (4 years ago)
This makes me cringe
Chibi Rules (4 years ago)
it keeps saying "disconected. end of magic stream"
Derpy the mail pony (4 years ago)
Guys the server u need premium minecraft it's in 1.6.2 and u don't need the mlp mod to play on it
Derpy the mail pony (4 years ago)
I love this server I even donated 40 dollars to it it is currently in 1.6.2
Creamy Meme (4 years ago)
do we have to have the mod?
SweaterWeather (4 years ago)
""Out dated""
JKPieGuy (5 years ago)
I was really hoping to join, but ever since the 1.7.2 Minecraft update it's been kind of difficult to join servers.
Jerkfire (5 years ago)
i should make a server with mlp mod just for nice people to go to. i could make it first five to come get admin and can help me build some portions.
Jaime Lupo (5 years ago)
do you need the texture pack
Princess luna (5 years ago)
are we allowed to rp ase alicorns/etc?
Awesome cloudsdal
Nelpz XD (5 years ago)
no up ever
egtarazi1122 (5 years ago)
Update the server please!
Sasha Cawich (5 years ago)
does the server come with the mods ?
Super Computer (5 years ago)
won't lemme in the connection for that sever is refusing like a little 3 year old boy not wanting to eat a type of food
Arachnid The Spider (5 years ago)
come to warsoul
Louis Meyer (5 years ago)
if u see someone named coalminer girl thats me
Espresso Depresso (5 years ago)
How do I get there and how do i make twilight sparkle in minecraft?
Shenwolff (5 years ago)
OHHHHHHHHHH I have dis server but I deleted it...... It wasn't really a good server I didn't enjoy it, Sorry
Brent van der Velde (5 years ago)
Yeah, I couldn't find the "Train Station" that is meant to take one out of Ponyville. I gave up and left after 20 minutes of searching one town over and over again.
Matti Lave (5 years ago)
thats (5 years ago)
is dis cracked?
nanathekuroneko (5 years ago)
i get lost all the time
Z Randall (5 years ago)
is it FTB server? im asking because of the waypoints in it =P
Kovács Fanni (5 years ago)
What's the ip??
Cadence Love (5 years ago)
There all OUTDATED!
No4 Delirious (5 years ago)
Its "Love and Tolerance" Texture Pack
Victoria (5 years ago)
What Texture Pack do u have?!?!?!
No4 Delirious (5 years ago)
Its Not a Whitelist server - anyone can come inside it - Ranks and stuff
thejirachifreak (5 years ago)
mind whitelisting me? im DeepyBubblez
No4 Delirious (5 years ago)
Yes, Yes it is
kimplix (5 years ago)
this is mine little crafty ain't it?
Divise Johnson (3 months ago)
kimplix I’m still on mine little crafty 🤗

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