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Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon Review

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The first 15 minutes of Blood Dragon here: http://bit.ly/16eH2dH Our in-depth analysis of the year's dumbest, most hilarious game is here. Subscribe to IGN's channel for reviews, news, and all things gaming: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=ignentertainment
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Josephthinleg (1 month ago)
I Love this game! Too bad it isn't longer though. I get the shotgun flame rounds and sniper explosive rounds and then go and beat all the outposts, so much fun! Also does anyone know if one of those random scientists is Jim Rash (AKA Craig Pelton) from the show Community? Can't find anything on it, but sounds just like him and even says "I can't die, I just graduated from Greendale!" Or something like that. Lol!
s.m farhan (1 month ago)
I feel like a terminator in FC3 BG GREAT EXPERIENCE THNX UBISOFT :)
Alvin Alers (2 months ago)
This is a cult classic when it comes to standalone expansions, probably the best we’ve ever gotten.
Spoonful for You (2 months ago)
That’s Michael biehn on the thumbnail right?
Heavy Bouldering (2 months ago)
Given the face you could just AMP up the difficulty the review is at least a 9 out of 10 ;)
Kartikey Singh (3 months ago)
It's lovely
Miner Watt 360 Gaming (3 months ago)
MARCMØDE (4 months ago)
BroGamer (5 months ago)
the most confusing review ever, "is it an 80 throwback, is it even a far cry game, is it a movie!?! Yes." ._____. wtf.
DOAMA (5 months ago)
For some reason, this game is no longer available on PS4. Looks like I waited too long.
SHASHWATH R (5 months ago)
Hi Mom (5 months ago)
That far cry 5 version in side mission is so cool
lewis4642011 (5 months ago)
The ending of Far cry 5 has pretty much confirmed Blood Dragon is a legitimate entry in to the far cry series.
LF Drumming (5 months ago)
This is the best Far Cry game. Even if it is a DLC. The music itself makes it the best one.
Kygotron (5 months ago)
2018 anyone?
Shaun Nash (6 months ago)
Without spoiling anything, I sure hope the ending means we’ll be getting either a ‘Blood Dragon 2’ DLC for a future Far Cry game, or a fully-fledged triple A ‘Far Cry Blood Dragon 2’ title!
Dead Pool (7 months ago)
I want more love 80's futuristic theme
Deserves a 9.
Kevin Cruz (7 months ago)
About to buy it for 4.49
Wizdigo (7 months ago)
Does anyone ever realize that opening shot of a city being exploded to death is Toronto?? I guess this was a hilarious inside joke from the Montreal devs at Ubisoft hahahah!! A true Montrealer hates Toronuhh!
Ardit Kurtalani (8 months ago)
Karate tiger 1☺
NeonTime (8 months ago)
Why can't they make DLC like this anymore?
Patz (8 months ago)
its not dlc thats why
Mike (8 months ago)
when i grow up i want to make a Virtual Reality: Far Cry Blood Dragon 2
Andi Pacquet (10 months ago)
I don't know why, but when I see this game, I have to think of Jean-Claude Van Damme
HOMERSAURUS (10 months ago)
FC3: Blood Dragon is good game.
Omega 3370 (11 months ago)
I don’t consider Trials of the Blood dragon a proper sequel. I feel this hidden gem deserved a proper sequel game.
XpertRebel95 (9 months ago)
Bigby Wolf (11 months ago)
Omega 3370 I freaking agree with you 100% I want a proper sequel, I haven’t played trials of the blood dragon but I’ve seen gameplay and I hate that they didn’t do a proper sequel, this game needs a proper sequel, a FPS sequel
grillagabe1 (11 months ago)
Friends through eternity loyalty honesty we'll stand together through thick and thin friends forever we'll stay together we're on top cause we play to win
Hideika (11 months ago)
lol I loved this game I got it when it first came out, wished there was a sequel to it
Bigby Wolf (11 months ago)
Hideika Gaming same, there is that stupid trials sequel but I didn’t want that I wanted an FPS sequel
hartono dyx (1 year ago)
I only interest with ...what ... name of this weapon... Rolling machine gun...
New chanter (1 year ago)
Am I the only playing this game on 2017 ?..
Bigby Wolf (11 months ago)
New chanter nope I’ve finished the campaign in 2017 and I’m replaying it because it’s such a good game
Dapper Raptor (1 year ago)
I only just played this game and I gotta say I can't believe I waited until now to play it. I loved it
Vibhore Dubey (1 year ago)
This was better than far cry 3
Tapetalraindog 9 (1 year ago)
If you want the highest quality farcry game then turn down your brightness all the way and turn of recticle
Nuggie Nation (1 year ago)
Got it for 5 bucks on steam
Goth Boi Clique (1 year ago)
This game is beautiful!
dmgp1f (1 year ago)
there has to be a sequel Elizabeth eyes were purple!!
Bigby Wolf (11 months ago)
dmgp1f I know, I think she was bad all along
dmgp1f (1 year ago)
I just beat it, playing on triple monitors and my mind was blown!!!! failing to understand our capacity for kindness!!!
nicholas (1 year ago)
new one or ps4 remake plzzz
Bruno Bruno (1 year ago)
LASERS!?!? 10/10 IGN
rasmiitsus (1 year ago)
this im gonna buy, since steam has sale!
Rafael Ciampi (1 year ago)
"occasionally easy" is actually a good thing if you look at this as a stoner game
imicca (1 year ago)
David Belcher (1 year ago)
Dec 15-18 Ubisoft is giving away ALL 7 of the Free games for this year!! I already got Assassin's Creed 3 and I didn't want Any of the other games except Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon. When I got to Ubisoft I got the impression you had to download ALL 7 because it says "Bundle"...... But don't worry!! You just click that to *Claim* all the games and can DL them or Not anytime from then own. So, don't be fooled, you Absoluteky CAN just download 1 game or 3 games or whatever you want.... I ONLY got Far Cry myself..... Fact that it's Free and you can choose what you do and do not want.... AWESOME!!!
JHIN - THE VIRTUOSO (1 year ago)
This game and six others including Assassin's Creed III are free thanks to ubisoft. Should i download Far cry: Blood dragon or Assassin's Creed III? What do you say guys. Rn I'm downloading Assassin's Creed3 but this looks cool too. What do you say. What is the best game?
LAMO (1 year ago)
The 80's Is Back (With Dragons)
Kanto Native (1 year ago)
Luma what?...this whole game is 80s...the dragon and the distraction die are from dungeons and dragons.....noob.
Christopher Stevens (1 year ago)
It was free on PlayStation for a month I'm so glad I got it
KarmaCazi09 (1 year ago)
just played it cuz it was obviously free. couldnt help but fall in love with its authentic 80s feel. i love it. colors man. music.. its all there lol
BAT BOY (1 year ago)
Flop (1 year ago)
I absolutely love how self away this game is
Yujiro Hanma (1 year ago)
- Floppy - self away?
foorene duh (1 year ago)
Kung fury short film voice :)
DarkStar7564 (1 year ago)
6/10 No Sloan Boss Fight...
Robert Warnecke (1 year ago)
i actually hate boss fights
camkablam (1 year ago)
DarkStar7564 yah I was looking forward to the fight but nope it was just a cutscene
francescogeo (1 year ago)
Music sounds like TERMINATOR with RoboCop MIX, great job by the way:))) I hope someday they gonna do RoboCop! MISS SO MUCH!
d e a t h d r e a m (1 year ago)
francescogeo Power Glove does the music for the game. There is quite a Genre of music out there. Go to Bandcamp or download the app and Look for Synthwave music. You will be glad you did. 👍
Schwiggity Schwaggity (1 year ago)
its synthpop
If you like this then should watch KUNG FURY on youtube
Bartholomeo B (1 year ago)
It's FREE on Xbox right now if you have GOLD!
George Brezerakos (1 year ago)
same xd
The Notorious A.M (1 year ago)
That the reason why I came here
Goatznhz (1 year ago)
Here because it's free on Xbox one
New chanter (1 year ago)
Goatznhz I'm here bcoz I haven't played this game .
elchamo14 (1 year ago)
Completely separate yes, Completely different... well yes and no xD
Sovereign Shiba (1 year ago)
MicrochipSlayer it's a great game
Sovereign Shiba (1 year ago)
MicrochipSlayer nah it's a completely different game
Devonian (1 year ago)
Where do I get this?
Ethan Anderson (1 year ago)
Free on xbox too noob
Brock .Lovatt (1 year ago)
Devonian it's like origin for pc only
UnknownUser (1 year ago)
Free on PC lol noobs
Devonian (1 year ago)
Its £11.99 on the PSN though unfortunately. What is this uplay thing?
Nate c (1 year ago)
Brock .Lovatt yea
portal turret (1 year ago)
ubi 30 for the win!
The Big DILF (1 year ago)
How are you gonna drop 2 FULL POINTS, simply because the game is OCCASIONALLY EASY?!
Mohan Ajay (1 year ago)
Other minor problems also. He just listed the big ones.
KazeRV (1 year ago)
This game is now FREE on Uplay's U30 for a month, go get it ASAP! c:
Samurai-174 (1 year ago)
Same here its so fun
MrRexthegamer (1 year ago)
this will be free for a while from november 9 on uplay
Khronic X (1 year ago)
And on the 16th for xbox
Pink guy 4 lyfe (1 year ago)
Soon for free on pc
Merben Tan (1 year ago)
I'm here because it's free on PC care of Ubisoft!
Simon Davis (2 months ago)
Got it tonight, $6 on Uplay with the sale.
Cyril Sneer (2 months ago)
11.99 on uplay...
Bigby Wolf (1 year ago)
Merben Tan it was also free with gold
John Stamos (1 year ago)
not free anymore go buy it if you want it
max adams (1 year ago)
Swolelord Nito where is it then ?
PBear (1 year ago)
Who is here after November 2016 Games With Gold?
elchamo14 (1 year ago)
Hell yeah!
Netan Seamster (1 year ago)
Whose here from Xbox November games with gold? @BEAVERNUTZ1 lets go
YOUTUBE REPORTS (1 year ago)
Netan Seamster yeah
Alex Silva (1 year ago)
Netan Seamster same
Commander Video (1 year ago)
My Channel Sucks (1 year ago)
President-elect Wolf (1 year ago)
+Mr.Claude it will be available from the 16th go to the Games with Gold section of your dashboard to download
TheLoneWolf (1 year ago)
i wish they would come out with another one
Sean Z (2 years ago)
great game.
Not (2 years ago)
Solid 9-10/10, they better make a sequel
Gaming Elite (2 years ago)
best soundtrack ever its like terminator
TruScottishGuy (2 years ago)
Fabian69 (1 month ago)
TruScottishGuy blood dragon is one of the best dlcs of all time fc3 blood dragon and fc5 are the best the other games dont even bother playing fc4 is ok i guess
Duarte Santos (5 months ago)
ovuvuevuevue enyetuenwuevue ugbemugbem osas So, because it's old, Far Cry 3 is better? Have you even played Far Cry 2? By your comment, it doesn't seem like it
Vladimir Makarov (5 months ago)
Duarte Santos because it had the best story. Best atmosphere and characters. You can't just say that Far Cry 2 is better. It sounds dumb. And btw its so old so definitely fc3 is better. Thats for sure. We don't even need proof or comparison. Far Cry 3 is better Confirmed Im out
Duarte Santos (5 months ago)
Novaluck Why?
Novaluck (5 months ago)
Duarte Santos FC3 is the best tbh..
Joseph Ocasio (2 years ago)
Now Backwards Compatible!
Fan Boy (2 years ago)
hopefully it becomes backwards compatible on xbox one. always wanted to play it
Joseph Ocasio (1 year ago)
+The One Been since August.
Neos (1 year ago)
Hey I'm from the future. Good news, it'll be BC in November for you. ENJOY!
bepis (1 year ago)
Super Ozgur It's now free for gold members this month
Joseph Ocasio (2 years ago)
+Drunk Not I Am yup.
Takashiari (2 years ago)
This is to Videogames what Kung-furry is to Movies!
jalal ali (2 years ago)
"Easy" is a con when you can change difficulty WTFFFFFFFFFFFF
SMJSmoK (1 year ago)
and you can even change it mid game
jalal ali (1 year ago)
You have a point but I dont think thats what he meant. Also uncharted crushing mode is a nightmare to me and in no way easy, unless you have cheats but i'm talking about first playthrough.
Wesley Otero (1 year ago)
In games difficulty would mostly only affect enemies but a games easiness could also do with puzzles in the game you know, like in uncharted even crushing mode is easy but the puzzles are confusing sometimes so the games still hard not just that you can run through the game without using your brain or looking around
Pharoah Polystyrene (1 year ago)
jalal ali right, you're not married to the difficulty level, can change at any pt
Dan S M (2 years ago)
This might be my goat for last gen. Far cry 3 is so technically amazing it's like mgs5 fps years before mgs5. Then blood dragon on top of that. This game needs a full length sequel, it should be far cry 5 or whatever they're at now
Nanderlizer Nanderlizer (9 months ago)
so? he is talking about all games of last gen. far cry 3 and blood dragon were nowhere near the best of last gen
C (9 months ago)
Wealthy Pepsi Hard to compare though
Nanderlizer Nanderlizer (10 months ago)
what about dishonoured or skyrim? they were both better.
hotline miami + far cry?
Billy Mays (2 years ago)
mixed in with a little Duke nukem.
+Original Juice Yeah man love this game got it on pc with far cry 3 for free in a bundle
mooganify (2 years ago)
Too easy = 8/10Too hard = 5.9/10 K
Devesh Kolla (2 years ago)
Is this open world game?
Naethan Carter (2 years ago)
There is open world and closed off levels
Ak47 (2 years ago)
humor is same as in borderland games which I LIKE
Mr Slave (2 years ago)
I agreed with pretty much everything in this review until the final verdict popped up.
Shady Oweda (2 years ago)
+Mr Slave lol no one can ever agree with IGN dude :D there has to be something that we will hate about those idiots
Hollowed_Ember (2 years ago)
Any one hear because of this months PS Plus
mooganify (2 years ago)
Not Alpharius (2 years ago)
Jesse Tzo (2 years ago)
Is this a doc?
hehahi (2 years ago)
+Jesse Tzo It's a stand alone DLC so you don't need to own the original Far Cry 3
Jesse Tzo (2 years ago)
I mean dlc?
zero_gravity_91 (2 years ago)
anyone else here because of playstation plus? :)
Not Alpharius (2 years ago)
Mario luis Bonoan (2 years ago)
yes, and enjoying it so far, best expansion set iv played so far,
zero_gravity_91 (2 years ago)
+Organic Videos they will have it for as long as December goes on you have until I believe January 1st to pick up this game so pick it up while you can during this month and no this game isn't permanently yours this game is only yours so as long as you have PlayStation Plus it all depends on how long of a PlayStation Plus subscription you have for example if I picked up this game for free now I would be able to play it for 126 days because I have 126 days left of PlayStation Plus so depending on how long your subscription is is depending on how long you'll be able to play the game
Kevin br (2 years ago)
How long will they have it in ps plus for free? And if i download it with ps plus will i get it forever? Or just at the time when i have ps plus?
tommy bawse (2 years ago)
This game should have been a 10/10 i hope theyll make a sequel... only this this time make it a full game, not an xbox live arcade game
bored312 (3 years ago)
How did they go from this masterpiece to the crap dlc for Far Cry 4?
G&T HD (3 years ago)
Which DLC? I enjoyed the yeti one, but obviously this one is a lot more flashy and loud whereas the yeti one was more based on stealth and defending your base.
alex duffy (3 years ago)
see ea and dice and activision?this is how you do dlc expansions right
Mike (8 months ago)
+Lazy Daze It feels like it. It's much shorter and it's pretty much a reskin of the base, but it's a good game nonetheless.
Lazy Daze (1 year ago)
alex duffy It's not a dlc fucktards it's a spin off game smh.
Hasu (2 years ago)
its not even dlc which is good. this is what convinced me to get farcry 3
A Challenged Clone (2 years ago)
I would honestly say this was better than the base game.
Crog The Kritter (3 years ago)
lol i played the game for the first time on hard and it wasn't that hard actually  i used the dragons for the outposts like twice and i die not even 10 time but i i am hating in my opinion it's the most awesome game EVAR!!!!!
Reggie Lovato (3 years ago)
Doesn't get any more cyberpunk than this shit! I love it!
Nanderlizer Nanderlizer (10 months ago)
this isnt cyber punk at all.
matthew miller (2 years ago)
+IIIOII [3O2] new retro wave. new synth wave same thing basically
N/A (2 years ago)
+IIIOII [3O2] true
IIIOII [3O2] (2 years ago)
+James O'Morain Cyber punk first. Synthwave next. Vaporwave is last.
alikh idzam (3 years ago)
this game is a JOKE
MARHVIN XII (1 year ago)
Denver Renner (3 years ago)
Lol I finished it in 116 minutes in normal
Adrian Flores (3 years ago)
Imagine if Ubisoft decided to make a blood Dragon dlc for far cry 4
il100374 (3 years ago)
CheetahSub (3 years ago)
Either Far Cry: Blood Dragon 2 or Far Cry 5: Michael Bay Edition...
Lak2014 (3 years ago)
I bought this a couple of days agin on the Xbox market place..... Never had so much fun!!!!!!
Swickful (3 years ago)
Puts some C4000 on the side of a dam. ''This'll crack you up''
Ender Blox (3 years ago)
Far Cry 4: Blood Dragon 2? Nah, jus' kiddin'.... But that would be sick. Oh, and for the lols... AIET ATTA TEIN.
ShinTensei (3 years ago)
gotta say i like this way more than the 3rd. hopefully it gets a sequel.
Kyle Parker (3 years ago)
looks much better than double dragon
The RainMaker (3 years ago)
This guy sounds JUST like Ashton Kutcher! O_O
charlie hindle (3 years ago)
Pioneer Kaps (3 years ago)
Anyone else here from Steam Mid-Week sale?? ;-)
TheAsianSwagster (2 years ago)
The time has come again

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