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THE ADVENTURE BEGINS - Let's Play Minecraft Modded Survival (1.5.1) Part 8

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A.K.A. finally leaving the house and exploring. Also, let this be known as the sick session. Because I was sick while I was recording. Complicated, I know. Leave a like fo cookies. http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=FoxofLegends15 Please don't add me, my friend lists are reserved for my in-real-life friends and I get too many friend requests to be able to accomodate everyone without having to remove other people. Your enthusiasm is appreciated however. The playlist: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLNeqI98R_L1YSS9smUFxKaLiP9uBboG73 The mods (might have missed some, may add more) : Forge http://bit.ly/Zj2B8l Optifine http://bit.ly/XADhKx Aliens vs Predator http://bit.ly/ZUBzjN Animal Bikes http://bit.ly/15dG2X9 Backpack http://bit.ly/YG2ncS Balkon's Weapons http://bit.ly/117POV0 Battle Towers http://bit.ly/YVfk1I Better Furnaces http://bit.ly/ZUBRa8 Chicken Chunks http://bit.ly/ZuH5JR Custom Mob Spawner http://bit.ly/158nUxq Damage Indicators http://bit.ly/158o0VM Death Chest http://bit.ly/Zj3DBm Dr Zharks Mo Creatures http://bit.ly/16WvGsG Dynamic Lights http://bit.ly/112lrRh Elemental Creepers http://bit.ly/XAE4Lx Extra Biomes XL http://bit.ly/Zj41jp Familiars http://bit.ly/16WvTvP Finder Compass http://bit.ly/XAEfXh Flan's http://bit.ly/100bpDn Legendary Beasts http://bit.ly/158ozPw GuiAPI http://bit.ly/117CtvS Inventory Tweaks http://bit.ly/YGoBeB Iron Chest http://bit.ly/131hOyS Lion King http://bit.ly/YG4Unm Millenaire http://bit.ly/ZuHz2I More Bows http://bit.ly/Zj4B0u More Stackables http://bit.ly/Zj3DBm Not Enough Items http://bit.ly/ZuH5JR Pam's Harvest Craft http://bit.ly/114v7YC Pam's Get all the Seeds http://bit.ly/114v7YC Pam's Weee Flowers http://bit.ly/114v7YC Parachute http://bit.ly/133zLJf Player API http://bit.ly/Zj54Q9 Portal Gun http://bit.ly/100d7Vi REI Minimap http://bit.ly/XAF4iW Render Player API http://bit.ly/YG6427 Rival Rebels http://bit.ly/129481T Ruins http://bit.ly/XAF7eB Sign Tags http://bit.ly/Zj3DBm Smart Moving http://bit.ly/179MTwQ Stalker Creepers http://bit.ly/114vJNU Superheroes http://bit.ly/129g8k8 TF2 Teleporter / Sentry / Dispenser http://bit.ly/112nk0f Timber http://bit.ly/YVhgHk Twilight Forest http://bit.ly/YVhn5I Weather and Tornadoes http://bit.ly/16WwKNd I'd also like to throw it out there that I love Amazon.com, the best shopping website EVAR. Dumb tags: Walkthrough Playthrough "Video Game" Guide Help Part Live Commentary "Live Commentary" FFiYthrough Foxthrough Let's Lets Play "Let's Play" "Lets Play" LP Gameplay "Single Player" Single Player HD 1080p 720p 480p 360p Minecraft Mods Modded Survival 1.5.1 "Mod Survival" Mod "Modded Survival" Forge Optifine Mo Creatures "Mo Creatures" Millenaire Pam's Harvest Craft Elemental Creepers Smart Moving Weather Minimap Familiars Twilight Forest Lion King
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Text Comments (21)
thethedarknessrules (4 years ago)
Diamond shards are from the avp mod
Quentin Guedon (4 years ago)
What did yoûdo ? XD
Johnny Appleseed (4 years ago)
Oh, so you do have a couple animals in there
Huskywolf (4 years ago)
sorry 125 including things like forge ect.
Huskywolf (4 years ago)
123 exactly check out episode 1
louia jones (5 years ago)
Noob JK lol skythekidrs
the bird trolled you! :D
Crystal Brooks (5 years ago)
U got trolled
Jassen Otto (5 years ago)
u can intaspawn sheep duh :P
Jassen Otto (5 years ago)
u sound soooooooooooooooooo sleepy and sick :<
WildRenji (5 years ago)
please tell me which mod gives you titanium and the other ores..i cant find it D:
jose ortiz (5 years ago)
i am to
bram (5 years ago)
anal burgerking is awesome!!!!!!
The Killing Wolfs (5 years ago)
the video lages
Zane Cattage (5 years ago)
fox u hnow u can dive in smart moving mod
wow man (5 years ago)
BurgerAnalKing Hahahahaha
drane mane (5 years ago)
Lillana Blue (5 years ago)
I have a cat name bunny and a bunny name kitty .
Gustavs Ciesnieks (5 years ago)
he has installed 36 he said.
Luxxx (5 years ago)
Get better cant be sick
lee sponaugle (5 years ago)
Cool vid.

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