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Will YOU be gaming on Linux soon?

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Try Dashlane here for a more secure digital identity: https://www.dashlane.com/lowspecgamer Use "lowspecgamer" as your promo code to get 10% off a year of Dashlane Premium #Linux #Gaming #Proton #SteamPlay #Native Is there any alternative to Windows? How about Gaming on Linux? Why should you care? Because the future of Linux is vital for the future of PC Gaming. For this video, I tested lubuntu on an i5 750 and GT 1030. Games tested are CSGO, Mad Max, Rocket League, Bioshock Infinite, Nier Automata, Doom, Skyrim, Overwatch. Lubuntu: https://lubuntu.net/ Some links of people testing Steam Play: https://store.steampowered.com/curator/33483305-Proton-Compatible/ https://www.reddit.com/r/wine_gaming/comments/99elr4/steam_play_unofficial_compatibility_list_sheet/ Join the community: https://discord.gg/lowspec https://www.reddit.com/r/lowspecgamer Social media: https://twitter.com/lowspec_gamer No Copyright Motion Graphics Motion Graphics provided by https://www.youtubestock.com YouTube Channel: https://goo.gl/aayJRf Chiptunes by Roccow
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LowSpecGamer (26 days ago)
Once again thank you to Dashlane for sponsoring this video. You should give the free account a try: https://www.dashlane.com/lowspecgamer I have been wanting to explore more of this topic for a while, but without the support of the sponsors, it would have been difficult.Thank you!
Raccoonus Maximus (10 days ago)
seeing Warframe flagging up on your Dashlane as compramised just hit home just unsecure my online world is... looks like ill need to invest in some new software
benediktus andhika (11 days ago)
Can you make ghost recon wildlands to the lowest graphic?
Assad Ali (11 days ago)
Hi i follow you since about 2 or 3 years ago. I am subbed and i would really appreciate it if you could do a guide to reduce the lag in rings of elysium for amd radeon please. Its a good game and its free but i cant run it properly with constant freezes and stuttering in addition to low fps
TapPineapple (12 days ago)
As long as I can play tf2 I'm happy!
Jordan Brown (13 days ago)
Hey Alex! I've got a question that's been burning on my mind and I was hoping you could answer it with a video. I know an SSD doesn't necessarily improve overall performance in terms of FPS in games. But what I really want to know is does it reduce stuttering and input lag? Edit: Also could you do a segment on how to improve a CPU bottleneck?
Brandon Wandrie (1 day ago)
Debian based os is best.
djunia4u (1 day ago)
Right now Forza is the only reason I still have Windows on my PC.
Cringy (3 days ago)
Why would you hack a guy that helps people with less money play games at a decent framerate!!! It just doesn't make any fucking sense,you need to be a very horrible human being to do this....
FPSGaminginHD (3 days ago)
Is the Ryzen APU compatible with SteamOS? Also, is SteamOS any better or worse than Lubuntu?
Marcel Alexandru (4 days ago)
What's that "Windows License"?
SinikkaL (4 days ago)
Not let's get Easy Anti Cheat to work in every game....
Repairman (4 days ago)
Nope, I do not play games at all
R K (4 days ago)
I already do use linux for gaming i havent been on windows since 2011 yes lost some games regained a lot of them for steam play in all honesty most of the ones i was missing like skyrim. A couple of points though dxvk was funded by valve since feb 2018 as was wine (the basis for proton) Valve are continuing to invest heavily in proton because they want a safety net against ms restricting steams growth because they control the platform steam operates on its a simple quid pro quo valve helps linux because linux ultimately helps valve keep a option should ms try to restrict growth which is what the uwp program and store is aimed at doing. Also there are other tools to use that just work with linux games with no messing about with configuration files or the command line (though in my experience the command line is easy to learn and a better way of working however there is a learning curve) and that is lutris, lutris is inbetween layer that offers one click installs of games and installs and adds patches and work arounds automatically to get games to run on linux there is a performance hit it can be as little as 5 to 10 fps but it can be as much as 30 fps loss depending on drivers etc. A final note if you are an AMD user you are better served using Mesa graphics drivers rather than the AMD officals drivers as the community drivers are partially developed & funded by valve and Mesa updates are tied into kernel updates but unlike windows updates are easily managed and linux tells you exactly what is installing how big the files are and how long its going to take never normally more than about 500- 600mb to upgrade all the drivers on your system.
Gareth McCumskey (4 days ago)
Its far easier to install a Linux OS than it is to install Windows
Gareth McCumskey (4 days ago)
Yup. Already am
gary hall (5 days ago)
i cannot wait to have a real alternative to windows
Armand79th (5 days ago)
Thankfully Microsoft isn't the "gatekeeper" and Linux has been a mainstream option for at least 3 years. Vulkan has been the biggest change to that, but Proton is finally looking to put Windows at risk.
ShadowBeast (5 days ago)
Don't use the dashlane plugin for chrome it uses the same ram as chrome
kdlittle88 (5 days ago)
I already happily game on Linux.
LaidbackjuaN (5 days ago)
The voice makes it goooood
CrimSun (6 days ago)
It's interesting that you are able to install Ubuntu and its variants. Thanks to some Ubiquity bug, the installer for any version of Ubuntu past 16.04 crashes when detecting the hard drive. No errors or anything.
Foot Maniac (6 days ago)
Amd r7 240 2gb or gt 1030 2gb?
Games For Cykits (6 days ago)
Can you help me find a budget all in one pc that has 1 TB, 8 Gigs of ram if not higher also a gaming pc and has vr support? Budget is 400
Zucas Gamer Pro (7 days ago)
Que vídeo maravilhoso e mais... Essa voz me hipnotiza ;3
Obuzābā (7 days ago)
nope maybe in 5 Years Linux will be good
Tammy Silverwolf (8 days ago)
I moved off of Windows quite a while ago after seeing where Microsoft was going with it, I'm really happy to see big companies like steam (Who I have plenty of problems with) opening up the floor for more people to look into linux. The big problem is always going to be momentum, so making it /possible/ to step into an alternative operating system really helps bridge that chasm.
Bruno Finger (8 days ago)
MANDRIVA? This distro was discontinued in 2011 :)
Chico Veinte Minutos (8 days ago)
Gabe is relentless. Even after stammachines failure, he is fighting to protect his ship from a windows closing system ambush.
Sand Man (8 days ago)
Your accent... puzzles me...
Mamiya645 (9 days ago)
With Windows 10, who wouldn't be gaming on Linux if not for a very few essential bits of software that cannot be done in Wine etc?
Robert Waghorn (9 days ago)
in my experience games run faster on linux
Nonetrix (9 days ago)
You probably could use that extra money your saving for a better cpu or gpu good video
P. (9 days ago)
One of the best videos on the topic.
Galaxy Tiger (9 days ago)
I wish devs would code for it more....
therandomdot (10 days ago)
Linux has a ways to go for driver support, because they make it difficult to make drivers for it. IE: IIRC instead of having some kind of abstraction layer to make unified driver development simple, you have to write very specific drivers for every little change. Thus, there's more time and money involved in trying to make Linux drivers. So, most manufacturers just ignore it, since the marketshare (to them) doesn't justify the work put in. Also, as Moore's Law is coming to a close, we're going to start seeing systems switch to a multi-dedicated-chip architecture.. where you have dedicated mini-chips for stuff (eg: a disk processing unit - DPU - that will handle all the micro-management of data pools, a memory processing unit - MPU - that will handle the micro-management of massive RAM and RAM-like pools (because some storage media is becoming as fast as RAM, and can double as psuedo-RAM, so you'd have a RPU that would manage .. RAM, paging files, etc, on all the various hw slapped in the box), etc). The CPU(s) will just turn in to orchastrators to offload work to their respective dedicated-chips... (graphics to GPU's, data to DPU's, memory to RPU's, etc)... and piece it back together. This will take some of the work off the CPU(s), so they can start to shift to more RISC (reduced instruction set) architecture.. which would mean ARM chips could become more mainstream in high-end computing. What this means is ... things like Android, iOS, etc.. are primed to becoming the major OS' over time, b/c they're already designed to run on RISC. It would be easier to adapt them to a multi-chip environment then to rewrite Windows / Linux to run on them. But, we could see things like Linux hyper-optimized to be the mini-OS controller for dedicated chips.. like a DPU. Currently we're seeing the branch off of graphics chips into normal GPU & now RTX (dedicated ray-tracing / physics). We're going to see more and more chip dedication in the future. So, before we can answer the question of which OS we will game on.. we have to first figure out which OS will be driving the future of multi-chip computing environments. And that question is up in the air. But will be the deciding factor in the next decade (2020-2030) as we branch into multi-chip environments.
But when are we gonna get gaming on temple os?
ScheeWheed (10 days ago)
5:57 where did u get the footage?
Noah Haas (10 days ago)
just download wine and then download steam then enable steam play for all games. BAM! I can play all steam games on linux :)
dustojnik hummer (10 days ago)
Nope, no plan on switching for next at least 5 years or so ;)
zueiros do alem (10 days ago)
obrigado por traduzir o video
Nonexistant Shell (11 days ago)
Why are you showing the arch wiki install guide? It's scarying the user away. Installations are not hard, when you use ubuntu for example!
Nonexistant Shell (6 days ago)
yeah, i rewatched it. Sorry
LowSpecGamer (11 days ago)
I literally say that on the video. The most performance providing versions of Linux (like arch) requires a lot of technical know-how, which is why I then explained that I pick Ubuntu (or rather a variant of it). Not because of performance but because of ease of instal.
Gustavo Lourenço (11 days ago)
Please do a video on dragon quest xi
SkelyStorm (11 days ago)
Please assassins creed oddysey
Martin Levo (11 days ago)
Please do Shadow Warrior 2.
Mason Davis (11 days ago)
ubuntu is the only dist i have used and is better than a life time of windows. try it its free you can put it on everything even a ps3
sentinel1986 (11 days ago)
Will YOU be gaming on Linux soon? Me: No.
Kevin Põder (11 days ago)
Rust plz
FlashOnly (12 days ago)
MUMBLE [BS] (12 days ago)
aliffi abdulahin (12 days ago)
first thing first: Can you do Contra 2028?
Mior Irfan (12 days ago)
make low end rule of survival
adolf hitler (12 days ago)
Iron sight next (like if you want it too
Shyan Kothari (12 days ago)
Do a video on ring of Elysium with specs a Pentium dual core 2.4 GHz and Intel integrated graphics
Gabrielxdxd4 (12 days ago)
Please you can make a video about, how to game rFactor 1 in an Intel HD Graphics? (Sorry for my bad english)
have been gaming on linux for some 6 or 7 years AAA game does not mean it is a good game, quite a few indies make very good games Fallout New Vegas works very well with Proton
Sir Diealot (12 days ago)
Thanks for the video. Unfortunately I have to disagree with a lot of things said in this video. I don't think the picture it paints is accurate at all.
Supcrafty 7 (12 days ago)
Finnish software is nois
daryoush ramezanzadeh (12 days ago)
Hey man! Can you pls make one for ring of elysium?
HeyIts Jay (12 days ago)
Can it run Roblox?
El heladito Derretido (12 days ago)
De ahí vienen muchos juegos, también deberían ir allí. La verdad es que me gustaría mucho que exista esa comodidad en linux. Si así fuera, superaría o alcanzaría a grandes como windows. Quizá nunca pase, pero soñar nunca está de más.
Dictator Dedede (12 days ago)
RIP Windows
Sir Galahad (12 days ago)
Widnows will soon need monthly payments so maybe
big doohan (13 days ago)
Your tutorial is work. But can you please make lowes to FIFA 19? Pleaseee
Julian (13 days ago)
I don't know why you're having such a performance drop. I've never seen anything like it on similar systems.. And AMD drivers are included in most distros by default as the amdgpu or xorg-driver-amdgpu package.
Tunacan yay (13 days ago)
after a long time of using windows it caused my computer to completely be unusable, but i created an ubuntu usb and used it to install on my computer and its back to its now good as new
0:39 Because only Windows 7 and 10 exist. Oh, and Linux. But nothing else. There is no MacOS, that handles audio-video renders like nothing else, there is no Windows Vista, that works better than Windows 7 (if you run them on the same hardware, which doesn't involve crappy HDDs and slow CPUs, not that I recommend Vista these days), there is no Windows 8, which runs better than Windows 10, because in it you can prevent Telemetry from eating HDD speeds and it is better designed for backwards compatibility than Windows 10. Truth is, Windows 7 is buggy (one good example is %temp% never gets cleaned up, just open it) and, sometimes, even unstable. It is rare to be unstable, but it is much more probable for Windows 7 to be unstable than it is for 8 and 10.
+LowSpecGamer I agree with thr fact that Linux should matter, but it is incredibly annoying when I seeor hear people saying "the only options are Windows 7 and 10". Linux is great, don't get me wrong, and so is 10 (ingoring the long "Welcome" loading times), but these aren't the only ways to go. A Start Screen is also one possible way and it's actually way more useful than a Start *Menu* , that's how I find it (on a PC). Plus it looks different than anything else.
LowSpecGamer (13 days ago)
You can not buy a MacOS license for the PC that you built, you can only install it as a hack with does not support a lot of hardware and the gaming support on it is worse than Linux, especially if you consider proton so for the purposes of that example, no, it is not an option. Windows Vista was taken out of mainline support on 2017 if I am not mistaken, so it does not get any security updates. The point of that sentence is to show that your main gaming options are currently limited to Windows. Does not matter which version. There is no mainstream second horse in the OS race and that is why Linux should matter.
John Smith (13 days ago)
Ok, first you star with some bogus news and then and OLD video of GABEN(Blessed be his name) using Vista... Do I sense Windows Hatred on your video? Ah... How couldn't anticipate that... An Umbutu(I call it that way, I don't care) user "linux expert"... Umbutu is the worst distro anyone can use, and if you fail t install windows that says A LOT on how ignorant someone can be...
LowSpecGamer (13 days ago)
These "bogus news" are real-life examples of how the overdominance of a company on a market brews trouble for final consumers. Also, the Gaben clip is a joke, in case it was not obvious. His concerns with Windows 10 are very well documented if you are looking for something more modern. As explained in the video the perspective is of a casual user trying to figure Linux out, and for that purpose, Ubuntu is the best example both in adoption and ease of install/use. In fact, I am careful not to call myself anything close to a Linux expert at any point in the video. Windows installs can fail for a million reasons, a lot of them outside of user control. Troubleshooting it can be as difficult as troubleshooting a Linux install. When you have to reinstall it on a weekly basis you see it happening from time to time.
Bon (13 days ago)
You sound like lemmino
Kruzgi (13 days ago)
Garry's mod and cs source plz
Þór Sigurðsson (13 days ago)
i7-3770, GeForce 970, 8GB RAM, KUbuntu. Finished Tomb Raider (2013) and thoroughly enjoyed it. Upgraded to vanilla GeForce 1080 and 32GB RAM to play Rise of the Tomb Raider. Thoroughly enjoyed that as well (400 hours played!) Totally recommend people adding Linux to their fold and choose Steam/Linux titles over the same title on Windows to show developers what is the right way to go :) Oh, and I have not had ONE game on Steam bork on me - except trying to run RotTR while not having upgrade to 1080.
Ravince Cervantes (13 days ago)
Pls do DOTA 2
ThiLA (13 days ago)
far cyr primal need
MrMovieMan941 (13 days ago)
Android is future! I hope it will be on any device in next 10 years :) Rage comments incoming....
VoltX (13 days ago)
mint linux is good too
Mopantsu (13 days ago)
I love your schizophrenic commentary. I don't know how many characters I heard listening to your dialogue but it was pretty high lol.
Nahuel Cabral (13 days ago)
a video about ring of elysium would be nice, thank you
microfg4 (13 days ago)
Arch LINUX - *Master Race!!*
Soul Sell (13 days ago)
You should try 2 do vr on the trash top
Carlos Carroll (13 days ago)
All depends on your hardware , a Geforce GTX 1080 Ti 11gb Will run perfect , high FPS, " Linux does what MicrosoftDon't "
over00lord Unknown (13 days ago)
*I ALREADY AM!* :D (Raspberry Pi 3B+ with active cooling fan and open sided case, running RetroPie) I even brought it to the last testing day last year, and after the 3rd hour, our class finished, so for the next 4 or so hours, I played original PlayStation games and Nintendo DS games.
over00lord Unknown (13 days ago)
My teacher even sat down and tried to play a race in Mario Kart DS. (He was awful, but I don't think he plays games normally, so I can't really blame him.)
Groot sd (13 days ago)
How about the r9 290? Right now it's like 130 euro here in the Netherlands. It's better then the 1050. I am still rocking it in my setup.
Chiquinho do Pipoco (13 days ago)
which cheap video card do you recommend to play pubg?
Yigit Reyiz01 (13 days ago)
Fortnite season 6 fps boost pls
mworld (13 days ago)
Am already :)
Miicro (13 days ago)
Universim pls.!
David Ilic (13 days ago)
Can you make h1z1 for radeon hd 5450 graphics like in scum but playeble and graphic for cs go too for amd radeon hd 5450 pls I don’t care about graphics i just want to play pls bro
ти во (13 days ago)
Small audience => Poor Linux optimisation => Small audience
Arno P. (13 days ago)
Using Linux Mint and all of my games are running FINE. No man's sky and Skyrim for example are running extremely well on my i3-8gen, 8gb ram GTX1050 GPU and their are only running through the steam compatibility mode. So that's a good sign for linux future
Bryce Forsyth (13 days ago)
You don't have to add a repository to install nvidia drivers, you can get far newer drivers if you fetch the drivers from nvidia directly.
Youtube Surfer (13 days ago)
I do not think that the future of gaming will be on linux. I think the time of native gaming is coming to an end. We will game in the cloud in the future, with subscriptions like for netflix or spotify, everythink will be streamed. The OS will no longe be relevant. So "this war" is already over and windows won. Linux is way too late to this party.
Stick Dude (13 days ago)
Can you make a low end mod video for sniper elite 3 pls.
Death to Anime Avatars (13 days ago)
no i won't
Dugi Devet (13 days ago)
If Frame Rate are Better then on shitty Windows yes! There is 2 things needed that all people switch to Linux gaming 1. Better Frame Rates in game 2. Better Game support for all Games for easy instal and play.
Reiuji Utsuho (13 days ago)
Native ports are only better than a highly optimized translation layer if the people porting it dont use a compatibility layer inside the game code itself and spend some time actually optimizing like Valve did. If you look at the open source games that Phoronix sometimes uses to run some of its benchmarks you will see that they often run way faster on Linux than on Windows, because they had YEARS of optimizations piled up on both systems, which means they get the best perfomance out of each OS.
David Alvarado Chavira (13 days ago)
that'd be awesome
Tarasu (14 days ago)
i love linux and id love to use it but the most games are for windows :/. i really hate windows. cant even describe how it sucks.
SkyLordD3A7H (14 days ago)
Do hunt showdown on low video pls
Burak Gamer Xx (14 days ago)
PLEASE UNTURNED Im Have 2gb ram and 800 mb grapichs card
ItsSpeltGoogol (14 days ago)
FoseFx (14 days ago)
So I use Arch btw
Amazing Andrew (14 days ago)
Can you do tweaks on far cry primal please
Charles Baldwin III (14 days ago)
i tested the new PROTON on MINT and Kubuntu - Kubuntu, by far, supports MORE GAMES.
Larry Paul (14 days ago)
Posted during a time when the future of linux is in question... Not a linux hater just so ya know. But ya really should check out what's going on currently with linux. It may not even be available in another year or so?
LowSpecGamer (14 days ago)
This is not the first time there is controversy on Linux development, and it is probably not going to be the last
US (14 days ago)
Looking forward to your new series, Linux Tech Tips ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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