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i 😡hate 😡this 😡 game - Trap Adventure 2 - #002

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Text Comments (24199)
yuki rein (3 hours ago)
where part 3 ?? come on .. play again!!
Falcon (5 hours ago)
7:47 (funniest part)
Angel Corpin (12 hours ago)
I gotta learn Swedish! 😂
Samuka (1 day ago)
Portugues porra
SharkanG (1 day ago)
Felix plz play vr chat again
Minaxi Sutariya (1 day ago)
No you have to play more 3
صديقي انت برنس
Xlordman Noobu (2 days ago)
Ahahahahahahahaa 😂😂😂😂😂 oh oh ahhahahahahaha GAME OVER WTF!?@!
Greeg Nauljam (2 days ago)
Hhhh nice dude
PORO SNACK (2 days ago)
Zero death!
Leha M (2 days ago)
Just Shapes & Beats play
Utsav Pyakurel (2 days ago)
not e u piggypie'
- Jooh GamePlay (2 days ago)
Lina :3 (2 days ago)
Tanya West (2 days ago)
0:43 it sounds like pewds is having sex😂
Harrison Gentry (2 days ago)
2:12 pewds enters full weeb mode
Puzzle 43 (3 days ago)
this game makes mario look easy
Она на российском?
Andro Gamer (3 days ago)
Congratulations for reaching to the next level 👏👏👏👏👏
Andro Gamer (3 days ago)
What the FUN!!!!!!!!!!! 😆😆😆
ChillGamesStonedMusic (3 days ago)
YESS! Trap Adventure 2 ^^ 9:33 congrats!
Kent Michael Galang (3 days ago)
1:27 tell that to the terrorists
Sameep Shakya (3 days ago)
8:43 to 8:49 the best part wwtch his face till that time
Anuj Talwar (3 days ago)
9:43 omg🤣🤣
flaming tornado (3 days ago)
That's really funny
hitman reborn (3 days ago)
this game killing
Парсифаль (3 days ago)
Lol, i rus
joao vitor jv (3 days ago)
5:27 nooh god please no
Albus Dumbledore (3 days ago)
6.06 tears dropping :((
The life Of a Brendan (3 days ago)
Episode 3 please
DOMIGAMER yt LoL (4 days ago)
I Am from Sweden i know what u say on Swedish fa* betyder inte fun
Kono dio dah (4 days ago)
Eren Longs (4 days ago)
I never laughed so hard in my life.. oh my God that was hilarious..😂🤣
DJI Mavik Gamer (4 days ago)
Noobs Can't Play This Game
Orsi gameplays (4 days ago)
My parents guessed i were watching a porn video beacuse you screaming all the time like..... lol
1 like = 999,999,996 vbux
Ethan Banister (5 days ago)
Zero deaths for pewds
Rome (5 days ago)
more of this
Sam Styles (5 days ago)
Need part 3 c'mon man ;-;
2:09 *that's what she said*
DUSaggin (5 days ago)
when you think YouTube is less stressful than working a job with other people all day. you have a mental break playing someones torture game.
Əfə Mərt (5 days ago)
I hatə traps
Herman Svärd (6 days ago)
Din jävla prinsesstårta
Dat boi joey (6 days ago)
close ur eyes at 0:40
Smile Football (6 days ago)
川の中のRiver (6 days ago)
オーリマスRin (6 days ago)
are you okay pewds? 9:37
Parker Hamilton (6 days ago)
More More More More! (BTW, you have a new subscriber! :-D)
Agung Setiawan (7 days ago)
9:40 eng sub (not uk)😆😆😆😆
Hipolytus Rivalta (7 days ago)
Selow pewds..
niceguy169 (7 days ago)
This is the first video that got to the sub that I've seen constantly dropping bombs, that isn't normally a problem...
Khaoula Elyoubi (7 days ago)
Parttttttttt 3 🙏🙏🙏
Resinds .P (7 days ago)
Game Audio ?????
Fidget Lps (7 days ago)
*fun! ✓*
Mohamed Nagah (7 days ago)
why do you torture yourself! xD
PRAVEEN MISHRA (8 days ago)
FUN ..
D1A2N3I Howes (8 days ago)
I would just like to mention that this is funnier with the subtitles on they are hilarious :)
aljohn bragais (8 days ago)
Quinn (8 days ago)
Dude i want him to finish i wanna be the boshy game
Glenn Piong (8 days ago)
Mission field
America Fuck_yeah (8 days ago)
What's with these ads about Bigo- Live showing thots dancing making people around me judge me and think that I am a Wierd little perverted prick with no purpose in life but to waste the World's resources.
Windglide Angeldragon (8 days ago)
I thought pewdiepie loved balls. He said he was gay in the last episode :3
Domination kid (8 days ago)
2:11 I laughed so hard I woke up my neighbors 😂😂😂
Eugene Solis (8 days ago)
Waiting on part 3.
I hate ti to..... ajajajjajaj
Marlonpuff 01 (9 days ago)
Dilip Roy (9 days ago)
Porn video
Sebax Gamelplays (9 days ago)
Alejandro Carvajal (9 days ago)
Droid Gamer-Tech (9 days ago)
Still waiting for part 3
Aiplaya TV (9 days ago)
Why this Boi is screaming "Fun"?
Ammon Oler (9 days ago)
This is funny to see how he has to contain himself
Mason Lanoix (10 days ago)
im dying 6:41
Miko miko won (10 days ago)
I'm​ gonna die laughing 🤣 please stop
BLASTER SHIDO (10 days ago)
Tadashi Umemura (11 days ago)
I guess P has become an alien. I like this music. I instinctively shook my back. Sometimes, thank you for your Japanese. It stopped stopping anyhow. Thank you very much.
Savage Planet 2 (11 days ago)
I'd be aggervated to
NuitdesAmes (11 days ago)
FEXL FR (11 days ago)
Wizard (11 days ago)
0:24 "i never played a game more easy". how about getting over it?
Ann MC (11 days ago)
Zero Death 👌
Soulnime (11 days ago)
#001 #002 i think become #999
Eugene Solis (8 days ago)
WTF i think its #010
Savage Planet 2 (11 days ago)
MaKayla Wood (11 days ago)
*You gotta PATIENCE*
Steve Damon (11 days ago)
He's victory smeagol laugh at the end killed me.
Suchapill!! (11 days ago)
Get help.
Renas Raad (11 days ago)
Pewds is getting serious
Username_ x2BROS (11 days ago)
Hooooooly shiiiiiiiit that's realy fuuuuuun😂😂😂😂😂😂Fuuuuuuck i enjoy this so much😂😂😂😂
Vmin4 ever (12 days ago)
8:25 why you go down so mucheu 😂
Nonsence Badger (12 days ago)
big mood
꧁DarkBlaze꧂ (12 days ago)
This game is so easy
Keth Daz (12 days ago)
I can feel the frustration coz I tried it after seeing him playing
Syalinza Lukman (12 days ago)
Part 3 pleaseeee!
little rose (12 days ago)
Zero deaths •~•
Henrique Reis (12 days ago)
2:11 Best part of the video
ZiggyZeg 2005 (12 days ago)
wheres the du dudu dudu du du du dudu duu?
Gaming with A.T (12 days ago)
Hey bro you have to watch this https://youtu.be/QhOO7yespxw that's amazing
LORD SAME (12 days ago)
stroke alert
I had to pause the video so many times so I don't laugh so fucking loud
Ingnan Farit (12 days ago)
BEST Rage Game ever

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