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9 Things Far Cry 5 Doesn't Tell You

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IGN clues you into nine helpful things that Far Cry 5 forgets to mention in its tutorials. 16 Minutes of Far Cry 5 Gameplay - A Dish Served Cold Mission (4K 60fps): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AkCVV8c8Gp8 Far Cry 5: Saving Your Comrades Co-Op Gameplay (4K 60fps): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TQmbQC9nrmI Subscribe to IGN for more! http://www.youtube.com/user/IGNentertainment?sub_confirmation=1 ------------------------------­---- Follow IGN for more! ------------------------------­---- YOUTUBE: https://www.youtube.com/user/ignentertainment?sub_confirmation=1 IGN OFFICIAL APP: http://www.ign.com/mobile FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/ign TWITTER: https://twitter.com/ign INSTAGRAM: https://instagram.com/igndotcom/?hl=en WEBSITE: http://www.ign.com/ GOOGLE+: https://plus.google.com/+IGN
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Text Comments (847)
AussieBlokeGordo (11 hours ago)
Mullet forever
T A (4 days ago)
This game is so damn short ... And I hate there's no random matchmaking ... The arcade is only thing that saves after the fact ..
dazzaburger (14 days ago)
I'm disappointed with Far Cry 5 the story is linear and the missions are repetitive and the arcade is very boring
Katrina B (20 days ago)
I had a great time watching VoscalVids playthrough of Farcry 5 (FYI)
Jerome Fernando (22 days ago)
Valarinan (24 days ago)
Psychotic != Psychopathic
Sphereslip (29 days ago)
9 things everyone knows about Far Cry 5, but we will just make a video anyway.
Peter Piper (1 month ago)
How are you flying the helicopter so fast? When I fly it’s super slow, not super fly.
Liam English (1 month ago)
I also upgraded my perks to get the wingsuit, parachute and grapple and didnt know how to use them properly or if i even had them until like 10hrs into the game. The game really immerses you into it so you have to really learn stuff on the fly.
Justin Perry (1 month ago)
2:30 where can I get those gloves?
999alex9991 (1 month ago)
arcade required xbox live, so if you don'T have it, well forget that
You can change your charecters gender in game it will just take you to main menu
Wort wort what (1 month ago)
So i have a solution for that first problem. Get a pc
Alan_ Drawz (1 month ago)
10. The game isn't as good as everyone says
Sir_ TopCat (1 month ago)
Or... you could just let the insanely generous auto aim let you get head shots every 1-2 shots, if you know where the center of your screen is.
Champloo (2 months ago)
I just want to know what John Seed whispered to Nick Rye in the church before cutting the "greed" scar off his chest.
HomeGrown (2 months ago)
I dont find it hard shooting sideways out the cars
Blood Red (2 months ago)
Finished this today. And I could quite happily start a new game tomorrow knowing it will be nothing like the first time I play it (barring the plot obviously).
VroodenTheGreat (2 months ago)
Tip: All mounted guns have unlimited ammo, including the ones on planes and helicopters. So grab a truck with one, or a helicopter or plane to avoid having to constantly purchase costly ammo.
Jym E. Changa (2 months ago)
the problem is you can't replay missions or cut scenes. Say you wanted explore some of the prepper stashes in those caves, just to roam around. Nope. The bleeding out is a clear ripoff from sniper elite 4. Another thing, forget using aracde mode if you don't have a PS4 plus or xbox live subscripton. Even on solo mode!
tigertom58 (2 months ago)
why they get rid of healing animations
Joysticks Member (2 months ago)
i know all of these things except for the last one
Randy Smith (2 months ago)
You can change your gender and your hair
Corbin Garrett (2 months ago)
If you opt to keep the classic driving controls, your sidearm has an aim assist that is very, very generous. I kept the classic controls for this reason only.
Puya Rahmanian (2 months ago)
Should I get this? I loved 3, but wasn't a fan of 4 if that tells you anything.
Brayden Pernell (2 months ago)
There was a bit of a mistake is the video. You guys said that if you fast travel in a vehicle, the vehicle will come with, but only if it’s a land vehicle. You can actually bring an aircraft through fast travel with you, you can at least bring a helicopter with you.
Subhash Chander (2 months ago)
I have far cry 5 its awsome
SuperSeshMaster (2 months ago)
Mr. Ted (2 months ago)
Far Cry 3 was my favourite Far Cry, now it's Far Cry 5
J G (2 months ago)
There is a lot in this game that you have to learn yourself. I definitely wouldn’t recommend this to someone if it’s their first FC game
InsaneGamer 223 (2 months ago)
Oh thank God you can change the controls on shooting while driving thx for the info 👌😎
Qflick (2 months ago)
I have no more sickies left 😄
Bob Bob (2 months ago)
U and your 2 followers can fly around in 3 different choppers. This creates some epic moments and is also just really powerful
Gatorade Me Bitch (3 months ago)
i just finished the game, and i think i'll play it again straight away. The ending was, well, shitty, but now that it ended, without more spoilers, i must actually start over to know that what im doing is of any purpose, like side-missions. Also, maybe challenge myself to not die ONCE.
KillBill Grill (3 months ago)
Your aim hurts
Corbin Garrett (3 months ago)
If you'd played any previous far cry, you'd already know most of these "tips"
Rhys (3 months ago)
my man Chris Ambrose has 61 kills mate
TheIcelandicPrincess (2 months ago)
Lucky, Betty Ambrose just did 27...........Then again i stopped using her after i got Jesse so ;)
TheitaniofRome (3 months ago)
Did anyone play the game with out a mullet?
Lenard Roque (3 months ago)
This game is totally lit I'm new to FarCry and this is amazing!
John Michael Halbig (3 months ago)
John Seed and Whitehorse have the same exact face, just different hair and facial hair. Found out from the special outfits.
Beth Simionescu (3 months ago)
At least it tells us who drops the bombs
darren zou (3 months ago)
The special sniper is really good too good infact
Gitali Jetli (3 months ago)
This is the far cry that seems most interesting even though I hate fps games as fps makes me nauseous
Funsyze (3 months ago)
Wait whats the small amount of music at the beginning?
Self Righteous Jerk (3 months ago)
If you fly low enough in a copter it reveals the map. At least it did for me.
Denovanligaman , (3 months ago)
Everyone doesnt play on ps4
Terry Lord (3 months ago)
That looks completely awesome, I loved 2 & 3
Emily Green (3 months ago)
You said assault rifle you must be a liberal
Jacob Flavell (3 months ago)
In the new update you can change your gender after you select it
Aiden Bazylinski (3 months ago)
I DONT regret that mullet
Torchmanz (3 months ago)
Anyone else sad that you beat the game? I wanted it to keep on going :(
Balthazar Naylor (3 months ago)
My favorite thing in far cry 5 is that there is actually bullet physics and post penetration damage to enemies in vehicles
Ready Player Nguyen (3 months ago)
Number 10: it costs $60.
Throwshub (3 months ago)
The game is total garbage. Seriously. This is my top favourite series, absolutely loved playing them, then this game out, got it on day one, and then, after 2 days, I came to a personal conclusion that it is by far the worst game I’ve ever played.
zak Leach (1 month ago)
the only far cry game to force you to do sidequests for main campaign advancement, every enemy looks the same, they removed half of the stealth takedowns, the map is dreadfully empty, the enemies are of the same skillset we've seen in every far cry game before, theres mo narrative or true motivation behind the protagonist and there's no dialogue between you and the villain leading to a disappointing one sided hallucination conversation... gunplay is decent enough but they removed more than they added
Mildly Amusing Channel (1 month ago)
If this is genuinely the "worst" game you've ever played, you must not have played many games at all.
Davide _- (1 month ago)
VroodenTheGreat exactly
VroodenTheGreat (2 months ago)
"Total garbage" "by far the worst game I've ever played." No reason given. Well done. Very persuasive.
Michael Mahbod Bahramian (3 months ago)
then youre a leftist
Games Cooky (3 months ago)
I did not fast travel once in this game. Firstly because i didn't know you could. But also because i just wanted to take my time and travel through the map instead of rushing through the game. When you have such a lively world as in Far Cry 5, i just didn't see the need for fast travel
Amatsu Maloney (3 months ago)
Shameless IGN Wiki plug...10/10
J. NightWinG (3 months ago)
Great/phenominal game Horrible ending(s)
dark (3 months ago)
How do you open a safe?
Emmanuel Perez (3 months ago)
I assume you guys know what you're talking about because I'm really having a tough time with the game. I can't do anything without getting shot. I can't explore. I can't drive anywhere. I can't do anything without the cult shooting at me. Is that all this game is about? A war with the cult? I've seen some people who do not have in counters with the cult but I don't know how to do that.
I don't feel so good. (3 months ago)
Your loss.
Emmanuel Perez (3 months ago)
brilliantlysplendid That is just pathetic. I eventually gave up. I sold it today. Thanks though.
brilliantlysplendid (3 months ago)
You essentially have to stay off the roads, sneak everywhere, fast travel, or only go out at night. I remember taking the roads during the day trying to get to John's ranch and that was the worst thing ever
I don't feel so good. (3 months ago)
I've been there. No worries that'll pass. Don't take the roads. Trust me. It'll do wonders.
Andrew Freeman (3 months ago)
The game itself and graphics are incredible; the religious metaphors and theological provanity is macabre, petulant and ridiculous!
S Khan (3 months ago)
fast travel for air vehicles also work, I did it with a chopper once.
S Khan (3 months ago)
that I don't know, the only time I fast travelled in a chopper was from a road in faith region to the prison resistance base.
king lich (3 months ago)
It will not work in most place thou,tried Fall End and lost my UH1
Jay Berry (3 months ago)
Only you....
SN1P3RK1NG (3 months ago)
Anyone wanna co-op ps4
alfonso chy (3 months ago)
I killed john seed in the most unsatisfying way possible he parachuted then just drop dead on his legs
Future M3lon (3 months ago)
Hurk + Cheeseburger = Never ending fun
Ryan Taylor (3 months ago)
You also uncover fog when hanging from the bottom of a chopper to
Skillz2Play (3 months ago)
What's the song at the beginning?
Ira Clinton (3 months ago)
I did like the flamethrower and I did take it
TheAeroflotbitch (3 months ago)
This is no rush game,if you play it right you will develope amazing feeling of transtendence and deep satisfaction,is like watching Twin Peaks and first Rambo movie combined,your senses are on fire in a good way,you'll get surprise every five minutes,my best gaming experince yet
IamFrancis (3 months ago)
Another thing they do not say to you: Montana is really like this lol jk
urmonator (3 months ago)
Highly recommend the game, besides some sloppy writing with some quests. Because it's a "choose your path adventure" sometimes there are big continuity errors... but overall, still love it.
Stephen Corfield (3 months ago)
You can also get stuck in permanent night and theres no fix for this yet
Pacmans Ghost (3 months ago)
I got in to a plane and fast travelled before taking off and spawned in the plane at the location.
LuvLexyU (3 months ago)
The ending was the biggest disappointment ever ;-;
Kottkamp Jordan (3 months ago)
I un fogged map by doing airdrop and wingsuit. I did this ALOT it worked
Gappster (3 months ago)
need people to play with on pc, respond with ur uplay username down below
Crow's Bridge (3 months ago)
thumb sticks? what blasphemy is this?
Dean Reynolds (3 months ago)
I really want this it looks amazing I had primal and 4 and got all the trophies
hd warrior (3 months ago)
Already knew all of this.
Liam Vic (3 months ago)
I have literally gotten emotionally attached to one of my npc guns for hires. I'm that desperately emotional. Cliff, my brooding Asian friend, I'm sorry I ran over you (thrice) with my truck. I hope you can forgive me.
Guy McSir (3 months ago)
Now why aren't we allowed to swap our character's gender and face type, it's not like they refer to you as a guy or a girl. Also we need an update so our fangs for hire can ride with us.
Far Cry Primal is better
Eloy Zamora (4 months ago)
John Smith (4 months ago)
There were. Baseball cards? I only ever found kegs, lighters, and comics, as well as cheeseburger bobbleheads.
PROTOYPE Gaming (4 months ago)
You can't track or set a waypoint with IGN Wiki
Alex Agius (4 months ago)
Everyone seems to be praising the game and I am left wondering did we play the same game? It's the same basic gameplay as 3 and 4, the story is god awful (those BS capture things for instance), characters have that most insufferable quality of "too dumb to live", I hope that the only correct ending (the nuke one) means far cry 3 blood dragon is cannon. The guns all feel like pea shooters too, but idk perhaps I expect 4 .45-70s to take out a bear
Stimpod (4 months ago)
“Relaxing walk”
I don't feel so good. (3 months ago)
Why yes this is a relaxing game if you like taking long walks through the forest/country side or fishing. No joke.
Conlin Lee (4 months ago)
Fast travel with vehicles also works with helicopters. Idk about planes but I've done it in a helicopter.
M (4 months ago)
So bad looks on 2 GB RAM but awesome on 3 and 4 GB
Kevin Mathias (4 months ago)
Far cry 5 does tell you all of this lmao just play the game for an hour and you would know
Mario Cardenas (4 months ago)
“Nice relaxing hike in the woods” *gets attacked by a bear*
Kevin Roberson (4 months ago)
also you can throw your melee weapons. Impaling people with a shovel is important and you should try it at least once.
fat jack Gaming (4 months ago)
Ign is great
Shining Darkness (4 months ago)
What far cry 5 doesn't tell you: 1. Revolvers are garbage never use them 2. The bows this time are sub-par and sometimes even headshots do not kill heavies and vips so have fun with that entire alerted base. 3. You are doing yourself a disservice if you do any side missions or take all of the bases BEFORE liberating the area as there is a liberation bonus of 400 for basically every completed task after liberation. 4. Suppressed .50cal is god-mode why even use a bow when you can shoot a guy from within melee and none of the other enemies will notice the sound. But why even get that close? Shoot them from outside their search limit and it doesn't even matter if they start looking. 5. Throwing knives and thrown melee weapons are not silent kills, apparently. If you kill someone is this way it will also count as if you threw a rock and any enemy within the detection radius will notice the kill and beeline straight for where you were when you threw it. 6. Most importantly for anyone who, like me, prefers close-quarters to range: Breaking LOS with an enemy for an instant is usually enough to allow you to run right back to them for a takedown or charged melee to the head...also you can ALWAYS takedown from above even if they are actively shooting you. 7. Last: DO NOT GET THE LOCKPICK PERK!!! The repair torch opens anything lockpicking can and costs one point less. There is no reason to get this perk unless you have all other perks.
not gus (4 months ago)
There’s literally one item on this list that the game doesn’t outright tells you. Have these guys even played the game past the first 2 min?
I don't feel so good. (3 months ago)
No would be the correct answer here.
wgitelman (4 months ago)
you can uncover the map with the helicopter, however you must occasionally land in the area and exit the chopper to uncover the area
Fire Fux (4 months ago)
My heli fast travels with me
Alex B (4 months ago)
Polygon had some nerve to rate this game at 6.5
A.G.M (4 months ago)
It should’ve been illegal for Ubisoft to have the default plane controls set to shooter lol. It’s an objectively bad control scheme that takes basic functionality of the vehicle away and automatically puts you in a disadvantage in any dogfight or even just general flying you have to do. It would be like if the default car controls removed the ability to brake lmao
sideramet (4 months ago)
I want my money back

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