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Dying Light 2 - E3 2018 Gameplay World Premiere

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See how your choices will decide the fate of a decaying City in the Gameplay World Premiere footage of Dying Light 2. #YourChoices #YourWorld #DyingLight2 #E3 #XboxE3 #gameplay Subscribe to our channel for all the latest Dying Light 2 trailers and announcements: http://bit.ly/Dying_Light_Subscribe_YT Follow us: Web: https://dyinglightgame.com Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/dyinglightgame Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/dyinglightgame Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/dyinglightgame
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Dying Light (3 months ago)
Make sure you also check out the Dying Light 2 - E3 2018 Announcement Trailer 👉 https://youtu.be/KRScQU_bS1s Alongside announcing Dying Light 2 we're also offering massive discounts on the original Dying Light and all DLC to bring you up to speed. Check out Steam, PlayStation Store and Xbox Games Store. And subscribe to our channel for all the latest Dying Light 2 trailers: http://bit.ly/Dying_Light_Subscribe_YT
Jeff Jiang (2 hours ago)
I just wanna say that where the health bar placed is a bit weird and it blocks a lot of sight, why can't it just be like in Dying Light 1
GudGamerGuy Gaming (1 day ago)
When are pre orders going to be available?
Caleb Khosh (10 days ago)
+Graffiti X oh yeah I didn't think about that
Graffiti X (10 days ago)
+Caleb Khosh Crane it's dead In Dlc Folowing he make a zombie in bad eding In good eding he dead in explozion He died I sad You ideea it's good For a new CHARACTER voice will be Kyle Crane actor?You like that
Graffiti X (10 days ago)
For CHARACTER voice,Kyle Crane actor make a voice for a new CHARACTER That will be a good ideea How like this idea CHARACTER voice for Dying light 2 will be actor for Kyle Crane
TomcioP04 TM (12 hours ago)
I hope night will be horrible
TomcioP04 TM (12 hours ago)
Do you hear me Techland ? I going to Pre-Order your game of course. Please! Don't change anything.
Shut up and take my money.
Abin George (1 day ago)
Hope this is good was really disappointed on the first games ending
Bor (1 day ago)
Gives me fallout 4 vibes, very cool!
Elizabeth Lestrad (2 days ago)
It looks nice, but I'm going to wait to make sure they don't pull the BS they attempted with the first game. Namely advertising one game, then pulling an 11th hour stealth change to the games current iteration (but "forgetting" to change their website which had still been advertising the game they promised), then attempting lame excuses "we wouldn't be able to tell a strong story" when caught. Especially when they know #### well that games like Dragon Age, Fallout, Mass Effect, etc have just that, and successfully to boot. Sorry Techland, but some of us still remember.
ケリィ (3 days ago)
1:01~1:04 It's cool!! nice kick!!
Scarce Hyperion (3 days ago)
Is Kyle Crane coming back? Or is this someone new?
Scarce Hyperion (3 days ago)
Dying Light is the best zombie franchise in gaming imo, and this seems to be taking it to a whole new level narrative wise. Really excited to play this.
TheKelloz (3 days ago)
In the night things tend to get alot... Darker. No shit sherlock -.-
Velocetech 1 (3 days ago)
In my opinion dying light the best game ever made
Velocetech 1 (3 days ago)
Dying Light it’s true man intense and the music is phenomenal wish I could meet you guys 😂
Dying Light (3 days ago)
Oh stop it, you ;)
Le Cobra (3 days ago)
They have Chris Avellone and the first one was, and still is, a great game so I'm more than confident about this one as well. I just hope there will be zombies because in this presentation they seem to not be the central piece of the game and that bothers me a quite a bit because, well, I love slaughtering zombies.
Dying Light (3 days ago)
Who doesn't?
I will like to see a statue of Kyle Crane, he is the best survivor, never forgotten
One Legend, Also, I love ya'all for making this piece of gold, I play the first game everyday
Dying Light (3 days ago)
One love!
TF_Anthony (4 days ago)
I am so hyped for this game!
Seba Seba (4 days ago)
I really hope the choices are tangible and important, but with Chris at the helm I'm sure they are
Davideq (4 days ago)
So who are we in this game? Probablly not Crane cause he's dead
John Tanner (4 days ago)
If this is gonna have another bullshit story with an even shittier ending, please, dont bother. It was honestly pathetic in the other game. Luckily I mistakenly spoiled myself the whole ending when I was playing the first game and I saved myself the waste of time.
Gay Jesus (4 days ago)
I did not know this existed until shenpai’s stream
Regan Huitema (4 days ago)
That's what I love to see. More focus on the human interaction
Louis oO (4 days ago)
Very excited 😆
The dark Pipe (5 days ago)
Will the grappling hook have actual physics kinda like Spider-Mans web slinging because if so that’s so awesome?
Einzigartiger Junge (5 days ago)
Respekt best game! 1 and now 2 👏 bravo! Bestes Spiel was man auf der PlayStation 4 spielen kann!
Weeravat Panich (5 days ago)
Look so bored.
melted snowman (5 days ago)
Still waiting for a new trailer and a pre--order date⛄Dont let me melt.
Martin Cortes (5 days ago)
lil francis baby (5 days ago)
Italiani in questo capolavoro?
Mr Poofey (5 days ago)
I hope this game still keeps that retro wave soundtrack like in the first game
Ritesh Ranjan (6 days ago)
is that kyle crane???
Mystic (6 days ago)
Better than Fortnite
CK Lee (6 days ago)
Zombie parkour
michael vansteenkiste (6 days ago)
Dying Light (6 days ago)
<3 <3 <3
san francisco iOS (6 days ago)
at first I was wondering if my laptop could run this, but then i remembered most of the games at E3 get downgraded graphic's wise so I wont have any problem... ;o)
Global Relief Effort (7 days ago)
Get to The Nearest Ps4 And Play Dying light (1) Until Dawn
Kolbi collins (8 days ago)
Does anyone know when this is coming out? This year? I want it soooo bad! Can you tell me of you know?
The dark Pipe (5 days ago)
Bubble BoB shut the fuck up . They are doing the best they can
Bubble BoB (5 days ago)
Gives us an exact date already you stupid fucks. I wouldn't be surprised if your shit game got delayed.
Dying Light (7 days ago)
2019 :)
TeHb Music (8 days ago)
ı hope ı can play this game with my 1050 ti
Gigatless (8 days ago)
The first game was absolutely amazing. I wish to get the same refreshing feeling this time.
jimmy smith (8 days ago)
Dying Light (8 days ago)
Hello Jimmy!
Artur de Paula Furtat (8 days ago)
Best survivor/zombie franchise nowadays.
Dying Light (8 days ago)
Thanks Artur :)
Robemax71 (9 days ago)
Dying Light (9 days ago)
Yup, we can't wait as much as you do! :D
Cy Xarth (9 days ago)
I cant wait to beat demolisher again...perhaps they added new bosses and zombies to keep us entertaining
Dying Light (9 days ago)
Perhaps... ;)
Пурвайк (10 days ago)
Я желаю эту конфетку (Игру) / I want this candy (game)
Dying Light (9 days ago)
You'll get it :)
Emanuel gomez (10 days ago)
Dying Light (9 days ago)
That is correct :)
17Seventysix (10 days ago)
original dyling light I shitted my pants, i can just imagine what this will do
Dying Light (9 days ago)
You will sh*t some more, friend :D
Shinzu (10 days ago)
Adam Parker (11 days ago)
Mortal Engines soundtrack?
w.a.t.d a.o.t.w (11 days ago)
It's in Europe because there was a picture of a plague doctor from the black plague, which was the diesel that killed most of Europe
krieurs (12 days ago)
Ok se jeu va etres une tuerie
Dying Light (10 days ago)
Ok, in the next year :)
John Smith (12 days ago)
Mixed feelings. The graphics are beautiful, but ... In Dying Light / The Following I LIVED. Because the disaster occurred in a real MODERN city. Maybe in the city where my friend lives? Or in a city where I come for a vacation? And maybe in the city where I AM live? The game was UNIQUE and the only one. And what I see here? Dying Light 2? No. Another clone of Fallout. The Last Of Us 2. I Am Alive 2. The Division 2. Metro 2. Mad Max 2. xxx 2. Apocalypse-MMORPG 222. I was not born in the Wastelands and they will never become my home. Give me REALITY.
Dazidan (12 days ago)
Dazidan (9 days ago)
+Dying Light Holy shit!
Dying Light (9 days ago)
Chris says hi :)
angel cruz (9 days ago)
Good night Good luck Edit:why the city looks like a fallout world?
Dying Light (9 days ago)
<3 <3 <3
Gamez Forums Net (13 days ago)
I am dying to play this, take my money already!
Dying Light (12 days ago)
Oh we will but after the game is released! :D
Daniel Portillo (13 days ago)
Don't fuck up the story the gameplay of the first was amazing but tbh story wasn't the best I enjoyed it a bit more cuz I played with friends
Daniel Portillo (13 days ago)
+Dying Light thank you so much for a reply it shows you listen to fans feedback I loved dying lights parkour it felt real :D
Dying Light (13 days ago)
Thanks for the thumbs up Daniel! We will work on the story for sure :)
Elbl Jiří (14 days ago)
Welcome to *dying light,become human*
Dying Light (13 days ago)
Hahaha, good one! :)
Duoble -A- ron (14 days ago)
Release date
Dying Light (13 days ago)
Can't say more than it is planned for 2019.
poteto (14 days ago)
Thats awesome
Dying Light (13 days ago)
Thank you so much! :)
Andrei Zota (14 days ago)
Krane is dead of dying light the following is respawn ?
Andrei Zota (13 days ago)
+Dying Light I mean Krane in DyingLight The Following ia Dead cuz he detonate The bomb And kill all The infected
Dying Light (13 days ago)
We're not sure what the questions is Andrei. Can you say more please?
general3009 (14 days ago)
dammit, i liked crane
Dying Light (13 days ago)
Well, he was a decent guy.
- Fordsy (14 days ago)
R.I.P. Jade❤️
Epic Gaming (14 days ago)
Dyling light is one of those games that don't really need a story, some context, yes, but the gameplay alone is just so great
Dying Light (14 days ago)
Thanks :)
\-[_Tarkhiel_]-/ (14 days ago)
Now I hope we will not have those shitty head on every character of the game lol
The Knuckle Chuckle (14 days ago)
Looking good! I’m very exited.
Dying Light (14 days ago)
Thanks :)
LAWKI (14 days ago)
please let this game be multiplayer campaign like the first one
Dying Light (14 days ago)
We need more time before making any statements about the multiplayer. Stay tuned!
EntonOfDoom hi (15 days ago)
And his name is KYLE CRANE
The Cyclop (15 days ago)
So it's more like an alternate timeline if Crane got out from Harran and become a volatile?
Dying Light (14 days ago)
The action takes on 15 years later, in a different part of the world, north from Harran ;)
papi balero (15 days ago)
Denis duncan (15 days ago)
dis looks fake
Dying Light (14 days ago)
We'll take it as a compliment ;)
Bl4cKZeR0 (16 days ago)
Fallout 2.0
Führer des Benutzers (16 days ago)
With Chris Avellone (designer of Fallout 2 and New Vegas) as part of the team, I can expect great things.
Dying Light (14 days ago)
You surely can :)
Jalat Al Al (16 days ago)
This is Ayo, Time to lay Low people 😁
Jalat Al Al (16 days ago)
My fav game
Pekecitto Poweer (16 days ago)
Gigababait (16 days ago)
If you look at 2:33 where the zombie jumps at the camera frame by frame you can see that in the last shown frame its head clips through the camera.
Dying Light (13 days ago)
He ate the cameraman ;) Nothing funny about that! Trust us.
Gigababait (14 days ago)
Of course, just thought it was a funny thing to share.
Dying Light (14 days ago)
Thanks for the feedback! The work is in progress...
peka thompson (17 days ago)
techland and them must be so proud
Mr. Plague (17 days ago)
0:13 Hey look! It's me!
Mohamed Haddioui (17 days ago)
looks dope
Bubble BoB (18 days ago)
This game is gonna be as awful as Bad Blood
Luka Veljković (18 days ago)
i can't wait :D
mr Greatness (18 days ago)
i was hoping the developers would somehow have zombies try and break the door down if the see where you went and hid and maybe shoot them through the door or smash there heads if they broke down the door. like hideing in closets bathrooms etc etc. wherever there is a door or a screen.
Jacob St.Clair (13 days ago)
That sounds like shit.
In dying light 1 inding the cure in dying light 2 where's the cure
shadowq2 (18 days ago)
I hope you will do a decent multiplayer, not the crap that was in DL1.
Grandz (18 days ago)
this footage looks so scripted tbh
Grandz (18 days ago)
hopefully it wont be a complete disaster like the first part was, the only dying light game i played is bad blood, but the reviews from people shows that the game isn't good, but i hope DL2 wont be a bad game
Владислав (18 days ago)
Tahsin 123 (18 days ago)
Good night good luck....
Koran Ananda (19 days ago)
Dying light 1 was literally the most played video game I have ps4. It's so much fun, especially on online coop! You guys really knocked this one outta the park Techland 🙏
Epiphany K (19 days ago)
oh shit take my money!
Trenton Anderson (19 days ago)
Can't wait.to play this I love Dying light.best zombie apocalypse game ever.
AtlettMapper (19 days ago)
paul hughes (20 days ago)
Just watched Overkills the Walking Dead game play video and when compared to this its a complete embarrassment to Overkill. It was always going to be tricky but you would think with the Walking Dead franchise behind it, it could definitely compete. But no chance, not where its at currently.
KUBI (20 days ago)
Polish peoples make this game
Risk Dentz (20 days ago)
Can we choose to make love with “the love interest” in this game since we weren’t in the last. R.I.P Jade
NICK (20 days ago)
zombies r like that movie I am legend !
vaal2a (21 days ago)
Jesus Alvarez (21 days ago)
I can play dying light for 8 to 10 hrs straight and only stop because I have to sleep. Its addicting!
Kamihate_288 (21 days ago)
ダイイングライト1では日本版の規制が問題となったが、それ込みでも神作! 2の発売を日本から心待ちにしています!
ARs (21 days ago)
hope that the Chinese translation can be better... more humanized it's weird when it came out at DL1 希望中文翻譯能好一些
JJdylan 421 (21 days ago)
what happened to crane?

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