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Inside Llewyn Davis | Please Mr Kennedy clip (2013)

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Darsteller / cast: Carey Mulligan , John Goodman , Justin Timberlake , Oscar Isaac , Garrett Hedlund , Genre: drama Regie / directed by: Ethan Coen , Joel Coen Kinostart Deutschland: 2013 Kinostart USA: 2013 offizielle Filmsite: http:// Verwendung mit freundlicher Genehmigung von used with authorization
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Text Comments (286)
Yessie Arguera (1 month ago)
Dang Adam is good but to be honest this is super funny who knew the dark lord would be singing go kylo Ren
Eivry Lachover Peretz (1 month ago)
Jared Mendiola (2 months ago)
Gotta have more cow bell baby!
amélie (3 months ago)
adam driver is sooooo cute aww!
Leonor Pernas (3 months ago)
J'adore Oscar Isaac et son air pathétique 😂😍😍😘
Leonor Pernas (4 months ago)
Ç tellement drôle et bien
Correct but use the other clip
Lily Jo (6 months ago)
PrettyTiaF (7 months ago)
Tagren (8 months ago)
Im coming back to this clip evry fucking day cuz it dries my tears OUTTAAAAA SPAAAACE
Torah Xavier (8 months ago)
Outer space..... How ironic
The Bea Hive (8 months ago)
Why isn't this on spotify?
PunishedKaz (8 months ago)
aaaaaaaaaah....AAAaaaaaaah...AAAAH....AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH lmao
Mash Mashkur (8 months ago)
😂 omg kylo & poe
Andromeda (8 months ago)
Why isn't Al playing his guitar
WOLF PACK 101 (9 months ago)
Adam is so cute
RaymondtheA.I. (9 months ago)
So this is what Kylo Ren showed Poe when he was torturing him.
wertq1111 (9 months ago)
Episode 9 looks great so far
Dallas W. (10 months ago)
I wish I could get this on Apple Music
Morley Sobol (11 months ago)
He has to sing this at the Super Bowl.
Ruby Marlowe (11 months ago)
Sweet quirkiness by Poe and Ren... Justin Pussylake on support.
Glen Kersul (1 year ago)
Uh Oh!!!!
adam woytalewiCZ (1 year ago)
that was so horrible..wow
RUN YANG (1 year ago)
Crow Creator (1 year ago)
otter space Lol
PPF (1 year ago)
Ave Estrella (1 year ago)
1:06 - 1:12 Ok here's my new ringtone
Ellie Trout (1 year ago)
"So who sings first, you sing first? I sing first?" I love this super awkward and somewhat retarded but amazingly awesome and brilliant song/video Hahahaha #Thefolkawakens #Starwarsforever
Eric Tenaya (1 year ago)
It's been a couple years. I'm still coming back. The f*ck
unlitcigarette (1 year ago)
You know what I'm here for. The lyrics.. to Please Mr. Kennedy.
wowbob wow (1 year ago)
is AD saying "Shoot" , "Shout" or "Shaooooot"?
Sid Plimmer (1 year ago)
Can we appreciate that this is a hilarious scene from a great film made by a great director duo Actors star in different films and theatre, that's their purpose.
John R Ziemba (1 year ago)
Let's do the p-p-please into the verse.
BlueBirdZW (2 years ago)
This really cracks me up every single time I watch it! it's so good! OUTER! SPACE! lmao
TF (2 years ago)
This is so...awkward to watch but also funny. And want context but also don't want context.
justeverything (1 year ago)
It's a really good movie. Get the context! :)
Milo (2 years ago)
Uh Oh!
What's the point (2 years ago)
Is Adam there just to make weird noises??
The Cinematic Mind (2 years ago)
No wonder Kylo Ren was pissed off. Poe stole his music career.
Garrett Norris (2 years ago)
does this mean justin timberlake is gonna be in rogue one
Jordi Carnè (2 years ago)
please take a look of our version :) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O0a4o32Z2hc
Megann (2 years ago)
I didn't know Kylo ren couldn't sing
Megann (2 years ago)
I didn't know Kylo ren couldn't sing
penny lane (2 years ago)
Is this available on iTunes? It's amazing 😂
Bradyn V (2 years ago)
Dave F (2 years ago)
Though I recognize the hilarity of this scene, containing two would-be Star Wars actors singing about outer space, I urge people to watch the movie itself as well, which is so incredibly good. One of my favorite Coen Brothers movies, or movies by any director for that matter.
Joseph Dutra (2 years ago)
Who knew the guy who sang "outer...SPACE!!" would be such a great villain?
pink phloid (2 years ago)
I had no idea we had the most talented folk singer in The Resistance
Kiley Quenemoen (2 years ago)
Star Wars Episode 8 looks great!
Some Guy (2 years ago)
He is fucking smoking
Jenny Warm (2 years ago)
justin and adam together. too much for my ovaries
Tafami (2 years ago)
Daisy, John, Adam and Oscar have proved they can carry a tune, Please please please let there be a behind the scenes feature with them singing together
TJ Hastie (2 years ago)
So who sings first, you sing first?
JJ Prince (9 months ago)
Jenna Leens (2 years ago)
Just when you think Kylo Ren is cool you see him singing a song about Outer Space with Oscar Isaac and Justin Timberlake lol
Eskimo JOE (2 years ago)
Shoouuut xD
Mauricio Avendaño (2 years ago)
Steven G (2 years ago)
So Mr.Kennedy did actually shoot Kylo Ren and Poe Dameron to outer space.
osman abuziddib (2 years ago)
What the fuck man the star wars jokes aren't funny can't you just focus on how good the movie is?
Dave F (2 years ago)
+osman abuziddib Yeah exactly. It's too bad that this great movie and scene is dwarfed by the later success of The Force Awakens. A movie that, in my opinion, pales in comparison.
Ryan Hartwell (2 years ago)
Kylo Ren's early singing career.
Nick Mannarino (2 years ago)
Can we get Justin Timberlake in Episode VIII?
Nick Mannarino (2 years ago)
holy shit I didn't even know that was Adam Driver
Blackfish (2 years ago)
Everyone is talking about the Poe and Kylo thing, and I'm here cringe-laughing about that super awkward moment @ 0:46 "Hey I'm happy for the gig, but who wrote this?" "...I did." ._.
Juan Inchauspe (2 years ago)
+Blackfish Also 0:39 Justin like "I'm getting real tired of your shit"
RooneyFire (2 years ago)
inside poe dameron
DuckTalesWooHoo1987 (2 years ago)
Caitlin McIlvenna (2 years ago)
this is great
MrTdafan123 (2 years ago)
First Order Trooper: Sir, we have the lost the droid on Jakku Kylo Ren: UH OH!
Tayelor Smith (2 years ago)
why did he have a guitar and he didn't even play it😂😂😂 OUTER......SPACE
Gehrig Harris (2 years ago)
I guess they did get shot into outer space after all…
XenoKaiju (2 years ago)
Driver had me on the floor in this scene xD! "UH OH!"
Thea Gabler (2 years ago)
I guess Mr. Kennedy didn't listen
Mimi Kitch (2 years ago)
/kylo ren went through a rebellious country phase/
miss fandom (2 years ago)
this song is soo retarded I don't know why I keep listening to it lol
choke1on1my1waffles (2 years ago)
Please Mr. Kennedy UH OH
João Vinicius (2 years ago)
kylo ren and poe dameron in the parallel universe.
LeOtter (2 years ago)
When Justin Timberlake tried to reconcile the New Order and the Resistance
Ole Guacamole (9 days ago)
Best comment here
jbvader721 (1 month ago)
Give him credit. He tried.
Ale95n (2 years ago)
How comes the first time I heard it I was kinda shocked and I found it ridiculous, but now I find miself singing along and dancing like an idiot (while laughing and still finding it...and me..a bit ridiculous)?
Don Zunner (2 years ago)
Is it me or does have the same vibe of O Brother Where Art Thou? I love it.
Lucas Sampaio (2 years ago)
+Don Zunner It's true! It's the Coen Brothers.
Don Zunner (2 years ago)
No kidding?
Lucas Sampaio (2 years ago)
Same directors, in fact!
Abby Wightman (2 years ago)
what the hell did I just watch?!?!
comanchio1976 (2 years ago)
Did you just watch a documentary about neolithic stone monuments?
Abby Wightman (2 years ago)
but I love all three of them! I'm a Timberlake girl lol!
Proinsias Cassidy (2 years ago)
Adam Driver is such an angel.
Matthew Showers (2 years ago)
You may be cool, but you will never be Kylo Ren and Poe Dameron singing a folk song with Justin Timberlake cool. And what's even better is that it's a song about being shot into space. ‪#‎TheFolkAwakens‬
Climax DeAbsurdum (2 years ago)
So...the Cohen Brothers TOTALLY knew Oscar and Adam were going to be in Star Wars... This is way too big of a coincidence to be otherwise
J. Jun (2 years ago)
Horace B (1 year ago)
wowbob wow (1 year ago)
jan kralik (1 year ago)
J. Jun
J. Jun (2 years ago)
+Jun Lagda SPACE
richardhalo (2 years ago)
That was god damn brilliant!!!!!!
Mark Arandjus (2 years ago)
"Supreme Leader senses it. Show me again... the power of the *outer* ... *SPACE* "
tragicramen (2 years ago)
ohitsdaniella (2 years ago)
And this is how Oscar Isaac and Adam Driver ended up in "Star Wars"...
Hedy Lamarr (9 months ago)
no it's not, this film came out before star wars was even being cast.
Agar Noob (1 year ago)
this is after STAR WARS
Andrei C. (2 years ago)
" UH OH " " Outer... SPACE " - Words spoken by a true dark lord
Crunkboy415 (2 years ago)
Kylo wore the black hat even back then lol. Sorry I meant way in the future and far, far away lol
Madzie 2000 (2 years ago)
You are both missing one key factor: different galaxy too
WilhelmScreamer (2 years ago)
+Crunkboy415 A long time ago, not the future
Lorena Abreu (2 years ago)
Never give me context
CharlesFBronson (2 years ago)
Anything else
unicornrocker7 (2 years ago)
wow the new star wars movie looks great! I didn't know JT was in it too..
Blasted Heath (2 years ago)
Even better if you imagine JT playing Luke as middle-aged Luke before he went to the Jedi Temple.
Ainaa Ismail (2 years ago)
David Smith (2 years ago)
I need to see this film!
darkanguiel (2 years ago)
Music teacher: You will never be good at this (Humongous amounts of teen angst later) Kylo: Ok, fuck folk, I'm trying the Dark Side.
NumbLock (2 years ago)
RACHiT (2 years ago)
poe and kylo are friends?
RACHiT (2 years ago)
+RACHiT SiNGH They seem like frenemies..
Anton Aguilar (2 years ago)
Andrew Manford (2 years ago)
the one time his guard light saber could take out timberlake he doesn't use it...
BilboB (2 years ago)
So Poe went from a folk singer to a crazy scientist to a badass pilot in a galaxy far away, and now i understand why Kylo Ren went to the dark side...
BilboB (2 years ago)
+Rain Man if you lock yourself into a bunkerapartment for several months and have sex with a robot you are pretty darn crazy.
Antonio C. (2 years ago)
2:09 - 2:21 Kylo Ren's audition tape
Gulam (2 years ago)
Luke has some weird training methods
leonthesleepy (2 years ago)
This was the start of Kylo Ren's decline.
OddGonzo (2 years ago)
+Little Waffles oh I get you. That's ridiculously gay.
OddGonzo (2 years ago)
+Little Waffles Doesn't mean he didn't have one. He even has a decline in the film when he kills Han, because that action completely removes his struggle between light and dark and sends him head first over the deep end.
OddGonzo (2 years ago)
+Little Waffles So? That doesn't mean he didn't have a decline. By that logic, Anakin never had a decline just because he redeemed himself by killing the Emperor.
OddGonzo (2 years ago)
+Little Waffles Did you not watch the film?? He was training as a Jedi but then he was tricked by Snoke and killed all his fellow students and descended to the dark side

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