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Epic Prototype 2 Montage!

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It's been a while since I made any kind of montage and I had a load of footage for Prototype 2, so I decided to make this and it came out pretty decent! It took me a couple of days to make so a thumbs up would be awesome! Instead of messing around with fancy effects or transitions, I decided to just try and synchronise it with the music to the best of my ability. It's not done exactly to the beat at some parts due to software errors. Of course, there are minor spoilers in the video and if anyone complains about that then they are morons for clicking the video in the first place. I tried to avoid using late-game cutscenes, especially involving Alex Mercer and the main story so it doesn't spoil too much. Many of you may recognise the song as being 115 from the popular Call of Duty: Nazi Zombies game mode. After the announcement of zombies in Black Ops 2, it was the first song that came to mind. It was composed by Kevin Sherwood with vocals performed by Elena Siegman and he gave me permission to use it for this montage, I think it suits pretty well! Kevin Sherwood's Channel: http://www.youtube.com/ksherwoodops Kevin Sherwood's Twitter: http://twitter.com/KSherwoodOPS Elena Siegman's Channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/elenasiegmanmusic Elena Siegman's Twitter: http://twitter.com/ElenaYAY Game: Prototype 2 Platform: PS3 Gameplay by: Evanz111 Recorded with: AverMedia C281 Game Capture HD Edited with: Roxio Videowave
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Text Comments (40)
Russian trooper (10 months ago)
Awesome how you use 115 as a song for awesomeness
Randy Felipe (2 years ago)
this is amazing!!
Gabe Wilkerson (4 years ago)
Badads vid
tee aich (4 years ago)
the song is called 115 and is used in the trailer for kino der toten in blops zombies
yandle121 (4 years ago)
What song is this ? :3
A10N50 Macias (1 year ago)
yandle121 if you're still looking it's "115"
SecondDeath777 (5 years ago)
Oops. Brawler, i mean.
Popabuddy1 (5 years ago)
I don't get why this is the only metal song that people use in montages, it really shows something...(HINT) PROPAGANDA
dewster8523 (5 years ago)
Joseph Jennings (5 years ago)
RNA Nelseru (5 years ago)
Kino der toten
TeachAndSon MC (5 years ago)
2.00 best moment
Jacob Halls (5 years ago)
is this your game play
Raymundo Sosa (5 years ago)
the song is from black ops zombies.comes out round 15 and 115
Cubpletionist (5 years ago)
Vote space evanz111
MegaGothmog (5 years ago)
2:01 most epic ground pound attack i've ever seen!!!!
SecondDeath777 (5 years ago)
It's an honor to be subed to you......and your Playstation friend.
xKoR3 (5 years ago)
should i buy this game? (steam sale)
casey jones (5 years ago)
Active Determination (5 years ago)
I cannot wait.. to wreck shizz when I get this. >w<
Aeron Masters (5 years ago)
As you asked so nicely
Weretooth (6 years ago)
Seversher (6 years ago)
Elena Siegman in her awesomeness!! Love this music so much!
Dick Chappy (6 years ago)
was the song by kittie
Tspidey 99 (6 years ago)
Wow! Instant subscription after this video! Nice job!
GamerFlux (6 years ago)
No, the maker of the video :P
HeavySandvichGuy1 (6 years ago)
Me? O.o
GamerFlux (6 years ago)
By better I meant something other than 115 :P
GamerFlux (6 years ago)
Congrats! I know, was just saying because to be honest, you could have chosen a better song. Great montage though!
HeavySandvichGuy1 (6 years ago)
we have description -_-
GamerFlux (6 years ago)
115 from Black Ops -.-
AbeLuvsTheatres (6 years ago)
Should've used Broken Down by Sevendust. Fits Heller perfect.
Dustin Irwin (6 years ago)
never played this game looks sweet 115-one of my faves crazy ass drumin
TheRollingStone258 (6 years ago)
GODDAMN! I believe i have found my new god of war o-e...
ksherwoodops (6 years ago)
528grave (6 years ago)
I didn't know you made good videos 0_0 Jk but the video is indeed nice
websterboyHD (6 years ago)
thats kinda good, but you should kinda sync the music to the gameplay for a mad montage
AkashV22 (6 years ago)
Really well done man. The music fits the gameplay perfectly, just like a montage should do. Also, the gameplay used actually makes sense (well, for Prototype anyway). :P
Evanz111 (6 years ago)
Please leave a rating guys! :D
DolusIIIG (6 years ago)
very impressive

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