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Top 3 Best Android Emulators for PC 2017 / 2018 | Speed + Gaming

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Text Comments (44)
WINSTON MAY (2 months ago)
lol, the dog face makes me laugh:)
Also SK Tech (2 months ago)
how to get dog speak
Vincent Marphix (4 months ago)
Nox lollipop version handles great in games i always got 60fps using my nvidia 940mx. but i need some emulator which uses the full potential on my Nvidia GPU because Nox and other emulators doesnt use the full clock speed of Nvidia GPUs and other emulators also have no FPS control unlike Nox It does have FPS control in the setting so i can play games in 60 FPS on benchmarks also Nox handles the rendering well. I have tried all other emulators and made a 3D benchmark on them and Nox is the one with the highest 3D score
how do you get that doge thing
gaming arbic (7 months ago)
yes it good
Yanuze (8 months ago)
What about roblox?
Abel Sebastian (9 months ago)
dog stop bending or u ll neck will pop out
Imed Koody (11 months ago)
Still trying to figure out how is that dog talking! This is insane, wow!
Member Berry (10 months ago)
It's just the guy, using a dog overlay... there even are enough android apps out there who do that.. nothing special lmao
RD (1 year ago)
I visited ko player website but didn't see that dog.
Abel Sebastian (9 months ago)
ManTFox (1 year ago)
you are dog LOL
Kostas Albanidis (1 year ago)
Talking dog? FaceRig is awesome :)
Lanze pogi (1 year ago)
Parang AkoSiDogie
Leo Leka (1 year ago)
god damn it! that dog is very good
idgd chu (1 year ago)
memu is a good emulator
S S (1 year ago)
hey chu, i tried memu and its great except for the fact that even when i enabled my virtuilization option in the bios it still wont run games.
Good Doge (1 year ago)
That dog is reason enough to subscribe.
PaperPlanesParadise (1 year ago)
I have tried memu, koplayer and nox, they all lag when I play Crusader Quest and Juggernaut Wars, my system is Window 7, intel core i7-2670QM 2.2Ghz, Nvidia GeForce GT 630M/2GB Dedicated VRAM, 8GB DDR3 RAM, 15.6HD display. I have tried lowering display resolution, even add them in Nvidia buff app, nothing seems to work, please give suggestion.
oddtoddy (11 months ago)
Bluestacks is the only one that will play video in Mobdro but yes, like you said, it's shit.
PaperPlanesParadise (1 year ago)
thanks for the suggestions, nope, not gonna try Bstack again, not gonna risk the safety of my laptop, and I'm too broke to repair or buy a new one. A big thanks for your advice.
Fennec (1 year ago)
PaperPlanesParadise My friend I have a good news for you I just try Blue Stacks and work just fine with mobdro ... I was septic like you it was my last shot which work absolutely fine ... enjoy ! Blue Stacks improved a lot
Fennec (1 year ago)
PaperPlanesParadise do Google search for owl tv, mobikim tv, solid streamz, uktvnow, swift streamz, live nettv ... it work well u add some player like vlc, lazy iptv, mx player, xmtv player, xyz player ... enjoy ! it work well for me on droid4x and koplayer and nox you can add free market like 1 mobile market and aproide
PaperPlanesParadise (1 year ago)
can you share the iptv apk link?
Rinda Bunda Aisyah (1 year ago)
wow.i.keep watching the talking dog..and miss the whole point
AJ oyce (3 months ago)
same haha
Captain Crunch (6 months ago)
lol me too
novHeavens (7 months ago)
same here xD.
oddtoddy (11 months ago)
Such distraction
Skysky251AJ (1 year ago)
Lol Same
Xecular (1 year ago)
I heard Nox is bad because it has a huge memory leak and slows your PC down.
RG RICKY (10 months ago)
Thats bluestracks
Mineldo Albania (1 year ago)
no i have low end pc and it doesnt slow down your pc
Kiliancf (1 year ago)
Sorry, I understood nothing, just staring at the dog
Arnold Rudd (1 year ago)
LOL! the dog is too dramatic!
Yanuze (8 months ago)
Download facerig and you can do what he's doing its on steam
Abel Sebastian (9 months ago)
lol yeah
Skysky251AJ (1 year ago)
Jinify (1 year ago)
on the whole video I was just staring at the dog XD
Skysky251AJ (1 year ago)
XD I was too
Dark Falz (1 year ago)
Lol cute dog

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