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Far Cry 2 Survival Guide - Stealth

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The first episode of my Far Cry 2 Survival Guide Series - Stealth. In this episode, I'm going to guide you trough the steps of becoming a dangerous, stealthy predator. NOTE: This video had sound problems while rendering. At some clips, the sound is unsynched. I apologize for that matter.
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FarCry2SG (2 months ago)
Hello lads , i haven't logged into this account ever since i've uploaded this video. the reason why i did now though is that the sudden viewcount growth surprised me quite much, so the one thing i'd like to say is , please excuse the garbage usage of english in this video, i haven't had spoken practice yet at the time. perhaps someday i'll re-do this with my current linguistics and setup. cheers have a nice day
FarCry2SG (1 month ago)
here's a new one ! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P2bAGBDxJbA
VvultasS (6 days ago)
1. Aim at the head of a still target with the scope on any sniper rifle 2. Switch to your 6P9 (some call it the silenced Makarov for whatever reason) 3. Silently kill him with one out of your 32 bullets Am I the only person who abuses this? It's amazing for infamous difficulty where your dart rifle has 3 or 6 rounds.
FarCry2SG (1 day ago)
i've done that a couple times before though i usually made the mistake of trusting it too much haha
tyrone biggs (9 days ago)
not stealth at all. You just kept your distance, diverted their attention and then flanked. Still a good strategy, but far from stealth. That's one of the things I enjoy about this game is that I can shoot and move and the enemy's AI does not just lock on to you as soon as you fire.
FarCry2SG (1 day ago)
yeah i have to agree with you i've seen this video again after several years and i couldnt believe i picked that clip as demonstration lol. I've had far better ones recorded, perhaps i was going for the 10 minute mark
DAAT GAMR (9 days ago)
How do you slide after sprinting?
FarCry2SG (1 day ago)
crouch during it
rhys green (26 days ago)
why not suppressed makarov as secondary?
FarCry2SG (1 day ago)
yes, that's it. since you're going for one shot kills you don't require two weapons for the same role. ammo isn't that scarce either
Antarct1c (12 days ago)
Maybe because you wouldn't really need another silenced weapon when you already have mp-5, there will be no logic in switching to makarov from [forgiving-your-bad-accuracy] MP-5
MPAMPAS SAS Jakob (26 days ago)
Do they wake up with the dart rifle? Awnser plz
MPAMPAS SAS Jakob (21 days ago)
Greg Aye thanks
Greg (21 days ago)
No, they stay down
TotallyToonsTV (28 days ago)
If I hadn't done it on my own copy of Far Cry 2 I would say stealth is impossible. While it is possible its bloody friggin hard. I can kill a maximum of 3 guys before being seen by someone I can't see. I must've been doing hard mode because I had no idea the game had a camo suit. I wonder how I never found that before.
Term1nator 98 (1 month ago)
Do you recall the intro music?
FarCry2SG (1 month ago)
the qemists - lost weekend
nomercy8989 (1 month ago)
How can you make a 10 minute video on something that doesn't even exist in the game? :D
FarCry2SG (1 month ago)
you have much to learn
Journey awaits (1 month ago)
Whenever I try backstabbing people they always scream very loud, oops
FarCry2SG (1 month ago)
yeah you cant do stealth kills with the machete
rahul (1 month ago)
Thanks man. I just reinstalled FC2 and I usually like to play in stealth.
Key Lime (2 months ago)
This is real challenge
Ethan Stapley (6 months ago)
Is this a stealth guide or beatboxing guide? Nah, it is so confusing how they realised stealth in this old Far Cry. I still love this game's atmosphere though and this is a good guide to a confusing stealth system.
Trent F (1 month ago)
Ethan Stapley It's not confusing, it's realistic. You must plan, be patient and skillfull to pull of stealth in far cry 2 unlike far cry 3-5, you can kill every single enemy in the entire game in stealth in the newer games and it's quite unrealistic and not at all challenging.
Depth Jacks (11 months ago)
holy shit a proper stealth guide, thank you so much
Szymon Dawid (1 year ago)
Really useful guide :)
really nice
hunterb89 (3 years ago)
Ah... Far Cry 2, already ancient history to most gamers... Not me. I remember what my favorite all around class was: The Dragunov (long range anti personel weapon), PKM (short-mid range anti personel), and the M79 Grenade launcher for anti vehicle purposes. Works really well I find, can be used for nearly any mission, it is one of those "great at everything, master of nothing" type of deals, it's built in such a way that it CAN be used for light-stealth (if you know what you're doing), but when the shit goes down, you aren't left without anything good to fight with. :)
boznizzle (1 month ago)
Just Another Arrogant Internet User gonna try that load out out.
My stealth load out is the dart rifle, 6P9 silenced, and, just in case I get caught, SAS-12. I'm going to buy the MP5 soon though.
Grom _09 (1 year ago)
hunterb89 and im still playing that same session for like... 4 months!
Grom _09 (1 year ago)
hunterb89 I have like 60 hours in ONE game session. the greatest for me...
jamie kendall (1 year ago)
of course. top dollar.

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