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How to Add a Game to Steam That Downloaded Elsewhere | Install Steam games without downloading

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Today I will show you how to add Steam games that you've Downloaded from somewhere else to your steam library without downloading again. This is a neat trick hidden in steam that not many people know about. Don't Forget to SUBSCRIBE if this video helped you !! Thumbs Up !! Share this with your friends so they too know about this trick !! Let's get to 2K Subs guys !! we're almost there ! Thank you for the support so far :D
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Flight Royale (4 days ago)
Hi everyone, see I have non-steam files that I have to somehow get them on Steam. More specificly, I dunno if any of you play X-Plane 11 and I have Zibo Mod which I installed from google drive and have to get it on Steam! Can anyone help pls?
Collin Pew (5 days ago)
thank you very much! a little constructive criticism: your mic quality is good, but it appears that you need a [better] pop-filter or mic afro. there were times, for example, when using words starting with F and P where the mic picked up a lot of breath. this is a natural way of speaking for everyone, of course, but microphones don't like it. like i said, your mic quality is good, so if you change what i pointed out, it would be perfect! just a friendly tip! :D great video <3
Low End PC Gamer (5 days ago)
Thank you! Yeah I need a new pop filter lol
Sventt (6 days ago)
Thanks very much my friend, it works!
Marwan Abd El-Ghany (7 days ago)
Hey man I'm trying to installing the Witcher 3 and this what happened i'm using a repack v1.31 goty 35gb(removed from it unnassasery language files) but steam recognize the filesat first then downloading about 2gb updates and when i start the game it stuck at running then deletes the files even when i click steam verifying integrity of game files and start downloading the 45gb again! also i used this appmanifest "AppState" { "appid" "292030" "Universe" "1" "name" "The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt" "StateFlags" "4" "installdir" "The Witcher 3" "LastUpdated" "1479804701" "UpdateResult" "0" "SizeOnDisk" "53615464255" "buildid" "1330401" "LastOwner" "ENTER YOUR ID HERE.. look at other .acf files to get it" "BytesToDownload" "4670208" "BytesDownloaded" "4670208" "AutoUpdateBehavior" "0" "AllowOtherDownloadsWhileRunning" "0" "UserConfig" { "language" "english" } "MountedDepots" { "228984" "3215975441341951460" "228985" "5758075142805954616" "228990" "1829726630299308803" "292031" "9099929434680125737" "292032" "5532124926614426235" "292034" "4124979479367169479" "292036" "1080174915365360441" "292042" "1812028695326272672" "370000" "6754592371078633094" "370001" "2123820691647700796" "370003" "3783277845123100762" "370002" "1183907436675245007" "292033" "3150416369691530630" "373950" "8036482907570547641" "373951" "7393197967227681390" "376390" "5457357262637939850" "376391" "1174721699882428209" "378642" "6120398453205415979" "378640" "4194278256410465007" "378641" "7947357952624525520" "378643" "8757198111691945682" "378644" "3953608334983921864" "378645" "7330699567953797536" "378646" "485010395064154329" "378647" "6374504264360744096" "378648" "7446068858845329423" "378649" "711906333732248852" "292044" "9112418031206090218" "310611" "9087403118674428852" "310613" "8061815007703797548" "310619" "4855315366624356663" } "InstallScripts" { "0" "_CommonRedist\\vcredist\\2012\\installscript.vdf" "1" "_CommonRedist\\vcredist\\2013\\installscript.vdf" "2" "_CommonRedist\\DirectX\\Jun2010\\installscript.vdf" } } Also i used what you made and it didn't work
Waseem (14 days ago)
thx bro u helped me with csgo
ThePeoplesChamp (21 days ago)
Steam is so dumb at finding existing games. I had to reinstall windows and now I need to repeat this process like 50 times.
ThePeoplesChamp (19 days ago)
+exlipsiae I found out that you don't need to close Steam every time. Just copy the game to the new 'common' folder and begin the installation process.
exlipsiae (19 days ago)
Youtube Paul (21 days ago)
Not all heros wear a cape.
Saad Saleem (29 days ago)
aby to pagal k bachy i have already downloaded a game but it not shown in my library becaause we had to purchase it first it will only install when we will purchsahe and download it bhenchod phddu katwa lo bs tmse
navid gerami (1 month ago)
thank you man it worked
Drexie TV (1 month ago)
gonna try thiss!!
Łoňë Wøľf (1 month ago)
thank uu
T Otaibi (1 month ago)
steam is just so stupid if you have this problem download the game like you dont have it then take the game files you have and drop into the folder that steam created and downloading the game in then steam will say wtf im downloading the same files that are allready there and it will stop the download (ready to play)... videos here wont help i found it out myself.
Gilang Adrian (1 month ago)
i did as the video and it worked
Daniel Ogbuigwe (1 month ago)
Guy I fuck with you.!!!!! You saved me 5 hours . thanks bro keep grinding.
JayGamer 317 (1 month ago)
I bought The Sims 3 as an iso img. How would one upload the game to Steam in this situation?
Low End PC Gamer (1 month ago)
Extract the fill and install the game (if the iso is contain the setup) after that follow the video
NinjaCatz335 (2 months ago)
Thx man
XBeastX (2 months ago)
Bro what if the game is paid? Like csgo, I have already installed it from nosteam site but i dont understand the configuration of the nosteam server. So i liked to play it with the help of steam. How would I do that?
Ramiz Khalid (2 months ago)
I have downloaded the game "THE KING OF FIGHTER 14" from torrent it was an ISO file I installed it manually and it is not coming in steam app what should I do now ??
Aniket (2 months ago)
Worked man!! Thanks
DizzyDwarfPlays (2 months ago)
Your the best man i love you it worked you da bEST
Marc Christopher Orcales (2 months ago)
youre a life saver
BEST TRENDS (2 months ago)
I did every step and mine just downloads the game like normal
Low End PC Gamer (2 months ago)
It's probably downloading some files that needs updating... Maybe the version you had was outdated
carl raniel (3 months ago)
I have csgo that I downloaded in torrent then I decided to buy it. Can I put my cracked csgo in steam
Low End PC Gamer (3 months ago)
Yes. Steam will do an update which will redownload the changed files
Boki Games (3 months ago)
Thanks man!!
amith n (3 months ago)
How do I play csgo on steam for free
XxSn1perkidxX (3 months ago)
tanks dude, it worked!!
JunDa? (3 months ago)
i want to ask steam can i add games like.. Digimon Digital Card Battle got online is fun where can i ask put steam (mean steam dont have that games)
JunDa? (3 months ago)
how to ask steam :)
Low End PC Gamer (3 months ago)
Yes you can
SaRMD911 (3 months ago)
2:15 RIP hahahaha
Alan Stefan (3 months ago)
Did not work could not even show the steps "let's just assume these are the files" geesh do it for real It failed for me
Alan Stefan (3 months ago)
Ok I got it to work I uninstalled the game then reinstalled and it said "Discovering existing files" . But for real make a real example not just assume , because I had to do extra step
Gourav Sharma (3 months ago)
Show us a proof. By doing this
Griminvain (3 months ago)
does F:\Steam stands for "F*ck Steam" ? :D
Umuntu (3 months ago)
dude, why all the trouble? at the bottom left corner of your screen on steam there's an option to add non steam games to your library
Bethsec (3 months ago)
Really worked man, rest all videos were shiz
UalidOvy (3 months ago)
mgs v that is the game that am adding what a coincidence
Breeze (4 months ago)
I downloaded the game on my laptop with steam and then shared the files in my pc so now if i do the thing showed in the vid gonna work?
Low End PC Gamer (4 months ago)
R V (4 months ago)
i have a crack nba2k18 can i do the same procedure? i already brought from steam but i don;t want to download because i have a crack copy of nba2k18. Do u think it will work?
R V (4 months ago)
thank you so much mate! :) im gonna subscribe u :)
Low End PC Gamer (4 months ago)
Yes it will work
Abdo Zarawota (4 months ago)
thx alot u save my ass
Mohit chauhan (4 months ago)
Answer me and get 9 subscribers (I have 9 gmail id's LOL XD XD XD) i download games from some website and they have items (Kapala Shard in FC Primal) which can be accessed only with steam. But i don't want to spend a single Penny on those Kiwis organization (Sorry if you are From new zealand). Does it mean that i can just add them and access the items and contents.
Low End PC Gamer (4 months ago)
Nope it won't work. For that to work you need to have bought the game on steam
BYGON 33 (4 months ago)
how to download the files that you showed in the video to copy and paste ?
TacoMilitary (4 months ago)
You bought it off of Steam....
Lone Wolf (4 months ago)
It worked with me and i didn't need a updates or anything thank you very much :)
Yo bro i just clicked on this vid, i just wanna ask. Would it worked that I GOT For Honor downloaded FROM UPLAY (Im talking about the app For Honor Uplay version downloaded on my pc) tho i bought the game from steam. Would the game work? Thx man
Low End PC Gamer (4 months ago)
Yes this same method will work on Uplay games bought on steam
MrHello6999 (4 months ago)
This does not work. Your required disk space is 58 gb. And you have 87 gb available. If you now copy the game data into this folder before installation ( 87gb - 58gb = about 29gb free space), steam will simply tell you that there is not enough space for the installation of the game. At least thats what it says for me. Been trying to get my gta 5 data to be recognised as installed for at least 2 hours now but it won't accept it. I have 120 gb free space and the game has about 73 gb. So I think for your method to work you need at least double the space on your hard drive of the required space so it can start searching for files instead of telling you that you can't install it BECAUSE THERE IS NO FUCKING SPACE. Why is there no "search for files option"... If you have any idea let me know.
MrHello6999 (4 months ago)
ok I got it. Start Installation... Don't click "cancel" and just exit steam... copy your files to the game folder... open steam back up when the copying process is nearly done. It worked.
struggle luffy (4 months ago)
you're accent stink as fuck
Erick Gouw (4 months ago)
how about you Delete all data on : SteamApps ? How u Put Back the FIles As Just Copy ? missing ( u Move all of this , and start from Zero Folder + steam reinstal ): -common -downloading -shadercache -temp -workshop -libraryfolders.vdf can help me ?
Mostafa Nabil (5 months ago)
hey man what about uplay
Low End PC Gamer (5 months ago)
On you play it has the option to select an already installed files
florastacey9229 (5 months ago)
dawa rai (5 months ago)
bro i have a paid games sad what to do?
Rosalito Udtohan (5 months ago)
this method only applies for FREE games not for the PAID ones.
Szymonicus (3 months ago)
Rosalito Udtohan Rage isn't free game :/
MissChoA (5 months ago)
Can u tell me how to search for your downloaded games in steam?.. I can't find my downloaded games and I need to redownload the game even tho it not got any issues yesterday and I already updated the game
Gohan (5 months ago)
My friend play a game and his game is updated and when i tested your method it has big update it recognize only 269mb of 6gb (like i said the game is updated) :/
Gohan (5 months ago)
I figured out and the game work great without re-downloading Thanks bro for reply
Low End PC Gamer (5 months ago)
Yeah it happens sometimes.
Aksita Og Marius (5 months ago)
ohhh man... u are a 10000 iq Beast <3 thank u so muchhhhh
one punch man (6 months ago)
Sry but where do I find the files of the game
Low End PC Gamer (6 months ago)
You can use the files of a friend who already has the game or download a cracked version of a game.
Steal (6 months ago)
Thank you.
ItzAmz (6 months ago)
do you need to have purchased the game previously?
DA_FK (2 months ago)
DA_FK (4 months ago)
Mr.F (4 months ago)
you can't add that game to your steam libarry if u didn't buy it
Low End PC Gamer (6 months ago)
straight forward (6 months ago)
armando lekaj (6 months ago)
hei dud can u send me cs 1.6 pelase :)
Assassin Zionists (6 months ago)
ty man so much sub and like
Tommy Nagayen (7 months ago)
someone help me, when i try to download a game, on disk space available it says 0!, but i have more than 200 gb of sapce!
DarkWind Man (7 months ago)
my friend when i do this can i update the online games and play with my friends online in the steam?
「AFR」 (2 months ago)
DA_FK (4 months ago)
U need to buy that game. It is necessary for this tutorial.
Isaac Clarke (4 months ago)
Steam ---> Settings ---> Downloads ---> Folders of Steam Library ---> Add folder (must be a folder that resembles or that was a Steam Game Folder from another PC). Done.
Gerald Greyvenstein (7 months ago)
Kinda worked but now I have a massive update..
Arry Gaming (4 months ago)
Wolf Arrow (8 months ago)
can we install the demo mode or not
death raja (8 months ago)
Where i can download the crack game?
Maleksgamingstation (8 months ago)
What recorder u using ?
Low End PC Gamer (8 months ago)
Chal be tatti
Minecraft Skywars (8 months ago)
for freeee i need freee
aeff ash (8 months ago)
it work but i got 7.0gb of update omg XD
aeff ash (6 months ago)
i forgot to add the 730 file in the steam folder ..
Test Arya (6 months ago)
7gb update? Is that PUBG?
aeff ash (8 months ago)
and i got my csgo back wew save my data
Othmane Tami (9 months ago)
i have rainbow six siege on uplay and i got it on steam . will it work???
TOFFIX hero (2 months ago)
exactly same problem
Low End PC Gamer (9 months ago)
Ohhh. Yeah it will work no prob
Othmane Tami (9 months ago)
Low End PC Gamer. Because the first account is not mine
Low End PC Gamer (9 months ago)
Yes it will. But why did you buy it again on steam ?
Hamed Almaawali (9 months ago)
What to do in the case of cracked fallout4??
SickTIM Makiings (9 months ago)
Ty dude
jhomar reyes (9 months ago)
what to do in case of pubg? same method like this?
jhomar reyes (7 months ago)
Haydar Muhssin (7 months ago)
jhomar reyes worked ?
jhomar reyes (9 months ago)
Low End PC Gamer (9 months ago)
Gren Asd (10 months ago)
not working.. i copied PUBG from cyber cafe and paste it in my PC none of the thing work, mind showing me alternate way or doing so? im stuck last resort i have to redownload 13gb again
Low End PC Gamer (10 months ago)
It's probably because your files were outdated. Pubg is getting updated regularly if your files don't match the updated files, steam will download those outdated files.
Its Rathee (10 months ago)
What to do in the case of csgo please tell 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
Low End PC Gamer (10 months ago)
It'll be in your library. Counter Strike: Global Offensive
Its Rathee (10 months ago)
Low End PC Gamer can u make a video for csgo
Its Rathee (10 months ago)
Low End PC Gamer I had downloaded but what will be the file name of csgo in steam
Low End PC Gamer (10 months ago)
Well for CSGo you can either get the files from a friend or just download directly from steam

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