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Steve Vai - "For The Love Of God"

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Steve Vai performs "For The Love of God" live with the Holland Metropole Orchestra, 2005, featuring orchestration by Chris Opperman. From the amazing DVD "Visual Sound Theories" - available through the official Steve Vai website, http://www.vai.com and music retailers everywhere. Features: • Over 2 hours of live footage • 15 Songs • 5.1 Surround & Stereo Mixes • Feature-length Commentary • Behind the Scenes Features • Interview with Steve Vai http://www.vai.com http://www.myspace.com/stevevai
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Text Comments (23016)
BalticBuffalo (35 minutes ago)
GB96 REVO 0099 7053 4520 41
Shivam Dubey (3 hours ago)
People have the audacity to dislike STEVIE ?
B Ropous (7 hours ago)
Most amazing performance I've ever seen next to Frank Zappa and Robert Fripp.
Jérémie Martin (9 hours ago)
One of the only's who uses a whammy properly
Generic (15 hours ago)
0:41 Nathan Fillion plays the clarinet.
Gilbert Brown (15 hours ago)
This is the second best instrumental after Whispering a prayer ❤🤘🤘
American Idiot (19 hours ago)
I could kill the people who say Steve Vai is only good in technique. His songwriting is so fckin awesome!
Romeo Victorino (1 day ago)
Intro is so dark.
Felix Flores (1 day ago)
The sound of a guitar orgasm at 7:00 and my ears officially lost there virginity.
jolan cebuco (1 day ago)
IplayWithCars (2 days ago)
Damn, gifted I would say,
blackcamelify (2 days ago)
Is that a Zero Edge Tremolo?
walter white (2 days ago)
excellent playlist thanks man!
PRISCILA ULLOA (3 days ago)
TeTae Rock You (3 days ago)
TYK (3 days ago)
God show's himself.
Matrix Free (3 days ago)
Great match classical and guitar rock
María Laura García (4 days ago)
No words to speak!! Numb.
Anton Vitulskiy (4 days ago)
I can't understand this music(
Ryan Golds (5 days ago)
Beiber play this me thinks not
Davi VRC (5 days ago)
Gun Itzme (5 days ago)
I'm heard your name from TAXI driver he told me to listen your fantastic song
Tshering Topden (6 days ago)
Andy Bevill (6 days ago)
Brother, You need to take that whammy bar off and throw it in the trash can along with those other stupid effects! You are amazing but those effects sound kind of petty!
A B (6 days ago)
El tío toca de puta madre, como siempre, pero la música que toca no me gusta mucho. Por eso siempre me ha gustado mucho más Yngwie Malmsteen, igual de virtuoso o más y su música suena mucho mejor . Además aquí la orquesta apenas pinta nada, pues no está integrada con los temas. Se les nota antes pero apenas nada cuando empieza la guitarra, en eso también estuvo mucho mejor adaptado el de Yngwie con la New Japan Phillharmonic . Aquí es más el postureo de decir que voy con una filarmónica!!! wow . Aun así le doy like al vídeo pues el arte que tiene es indiscutible.
Sammy South (7 days ago)
Certainly can appreciate Steve’s immense talent. I just happen to be more of a David Gilmour fan. And yes I do see similarities between their musical sensibilities. Although it does seem Steve does more of the pyrotechnics.
Lethal Toast (7 days ago)
I’ve seen Steve play. It’s the most unbelievable thing ever
Danilo Abreu (7 days ago)
That's for my little sparkly
Abhishek Bahuguna (7 days ago)
I still like synyster gates's soloing than him
Thalian Demon (8 days ago)
My testicles started to dance... \m/
TheRicokilla (9 days ago)
Dumb song
Deborah Goins (9 days ago)
Oh my Goodnes! Wow
Syracuse 88 (10 days ago)
He's just on another whole level....
Helen Ouelta (11 days ago)
Compared to Gilmour he is just a beginner, and a noisy one !
Petr Duba (11 days ago)
yang don yes (12 days ago)
นี้เองรึ ที่ท่าน เสก ได้กล่าวถึง!!
John Wick (12 days ago)
Meglio Richard Benson
Bobby Peru (12 days ago)
Such magnificent bone structure.
Kimi Fanai (12 days ago)
Leo Li (13 days ago)
''All Steve Vai does is playing million notes per second. He has no feel''
lalhlunpuia mahluna (14 days ago)
God of guitar
Alex Tarbell (14 days ago)
5:53 is where it at !!!
R Weil (14 days ago)
Underwhelming. What a drama queen.
taciomaldito (16 days ago)
I'll bet this man can't even play a horse with no name,...
Oi mundo Hai world
gendalfff (17 days ago)
the first 2.20 minutes sound like the music from final fantasy or another game like that
Artur Santos (17 days ago)
br porra heuheheuue
Darshan Sreekumar (17 days ago)
Who are those 6.3k numbskulls that disliked this?
August McLaren (17 days ago)
4:48 when I abuse someone from distance
August McLaren (17 days ago)
That's an ibanez j.custom
Marco Lima (17 days ago)
edmundos99 (18 days ago)
And I thought Gary Moore's facial expressions were bad...
Ninjagoboi (18 days ago)
I came here for the lick
Brad King (19 days ago)
thanks for posting God loves you deeply
Yusuf Cahan (19 days ago)
Harika bir sey bundan sonra tek rakibim steve vai cok sag ol Ecee
Victor Dulerain (19 days ago)
frank zappa saw you, you did not disappoint. wow, fantastic talent.
stephen shiels (20 days ago)
What is the process for writing this great song.
Julia Baranovski (20 days ago)
I ALWAYS CRY WHEN I SEE IT. I want that guitar. I think everybody wants.
Lam Truong (20 days ago)
2:27 what is that technique called? Guys please help.
pyro (17 days ago)
Lam Truong pick sliding. Then after this, when he moves his hand, he's just doing a slide between notes. I hope I answered your question
people always talk about who is the greatist guitarist. the great ones will tell u there. is no such. thing to me they all are unik. and its one who. is never mentioned. That mr. Ernie Isleyof the isley.brothers When u have your own. unik sound .is a very. rare thing.when A million guitarist play and when u play . a person says hey. that such and such. i no that sound that is raw. that is u nik.and it us very difficult. just ask chuck berry or jimmy hendricks.or for that matter.Bobby. womack.
Doug Retrodaze (20 days ago)
the more I hear this and the more I watch Kung Fu, I think he may have got this song from that show? Silly I know.
Jason Karcher (21 days ago)
Alex Alv (21 days ago)
That guitar are talking to me o_o AMAZING!
MrMarinian (12 days ago)
! You are too good...get away...don't get away...I love you so much
MrMarinian (21 days ago)
I love you so much...you are incredible
jozeph miles (22 days ago)
there is alot of frank zappa in this but im not suprised
Seva Alexeev (22 days ago)
David Beckham (23 days ago)
More emotion than santana himself
Haassan1 (23 days ago)
This is gay.
Haassan1 (7 days ago)
Lets just agree to disagree. Im just some random idiot, that happens to think this music sux. Im pretty sure ull think the music I like sux, so what does that say? That we cannot learn to appreciate all the music, nobody has a perfect soul.
78 Pacer (7 days ago)
Learn to appreciate the music, jerk.
Edwin Cucho Rojas (23 days ago)
ho yea
Pepito Comecuchis (23 days ago)
Can you imagine if that guitar had a vagina? With those fingers 😱that bitch would die after 1000 orgasms.
NativeNewMexican (24 days ago)
The start reminds me of Kung Fu from the 70s
AL: C (24 days ago)
you sold your soul to the devil, there is no other explenation, the king, the godfather, the holy grail ...
El mejor
hellnuker753 (25 days ago)
Steve God!
Decio Pereira (25 days ago)
O cara O melhor. Number one.
Azazel (26 days ago)
But can he play sweet child o mine
Jonathan Walker (26 days ago)
If Zappa could have seen this.
artekfiatgostynin (26 days ago)
Rıdone Forest (27 days ago)
3-4 senedir dinliyorum bunu. Oh be amk ergenleri de yok burda..
Dat Pixel (27 days ago)
I wonder what string gauge he uses. I'd love to see Steve Vai 'Steve Vai'ing on gauge 13 strings
Flinty94 (3 days ago)
Steve uses 9's
Oregon Life (28 days ago)
Emric Oquindo (28 days ago)
4:38 out of this world.
Luken Struken (28 days ago)
You gotta love that locking system for staying in tune after all that...
SamAlexander14786 (28 days ago)
Such great melody and feel Vai has always been brilliant!
Christopher M. (28 days ago)
6.2k people just do not understand.
Aashish Karki (29 days ago)
Unnamedlegend48 (1 month ago)
4:35 he’s insane fucking hell
enrique u (1 month ago)
I just have an orgasm!!
Jon Lenin (1 month ago)
Whole song is a masterpiece, absolutely love the turnover at 4:30, beautiful stuff.
Fresscoo Cepillo (1 month ago)
Rukiye Tan (1 month ago)
Rukiye Tan (1 month ago)
büdüt: GÜLPEMBE :D
Estiaqe Evan (1 month ago)
Even when he checks his hair the guitar still goes nut
The Spirit Molecule (1 month ago)
Your NOT a real guitar player until u get the "about to bust a nut" face when performing a solo. Sorry its essential and I truly 110% believe that not just trying to be funny. Its something every great does cause once u get in that zone u are at one with guitar. It's like u feel the music instead of just playing and hearing it. You become one with music and u make sweet sweet love to it.
moiz jawed (1 month ago)
It's like he is trying to communicate through the guitar.. simply amazing
marcjan2500 (1 month ago)
Make a meme out of 4:14 already.
Josep Salvadó Serra (1 month ago)
👏👏👏👏👌🌞🌞🌞🍀🍀🍀🎇🙏 Super!!!...
gogo jojo (1 month ago)
I've always imagined that when you cross into the afterlife, you're sat in a twin Pegasus chariot pulled by a lone driver who reveals himself as Steve Vai, and he plays angelic, sonicly ascending guitar solos as you're pulled through skies of gargantuan silver clouds and golden rays of lights....
When Vai counts the 4/4 to make sure. Lol

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