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KARMA ME GOOD - Far Cry 4 #21

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Text Comments (146)
Mrfrits94 (6 hours ago)
Welp, rip channel. time to Unsub. sorry Olga
Jill's Sandwiches (27 days ago)
Why is this channel so dead?! 🤔
Landon B (2 months ago)
this bitch die?
morozovandrey42 (2 months ago)
HELLO Ello ello lo ....
“Restart this mission when we get back next time” HUH?????
Alihan Hatipoğlu (3 months ago)
Link (4 months ago)
Oh, Olga!
Pizza Cat (8 months ago)
(SpongeBob guy voice) *literally 3 years later..*
Nicks_ _Life! (10 months ago)
Braxton Smith (1 year ago)
Where are you
Stephanie Stevens (1 year ago)
Alissa James (1 year ago)
Where you at tho
Hi Bye (1 year ago)
U should deactivate all ur accounts bc they r dead and u don't post
Aldous Huxley (9 months ago)
Hi Bye You haven't posted anything.
RedPandaLover (1 year ago)
Omg a year without a video ir 2 i Sony remembre 😡😂😭
Denílson Wagner (1 year ago)
miss u, Olga...
Naiyanna Montes (2 years ago)
This channel should be deactivated cuz its dead😩
Brenda Bond (2 years ago)
why isn't she posting videos on this channel anymore
Marshmallow King (2 years ago)
Daniela Diaz (2 years ago)
Can you please play mine craft again because i miss it so much !!
Cam King (2 years ago)
Omg this channel is fucking dead
G Callen (1 year ago)
What did you expect from a fake ass "gamer girl" that wasn't in it for the gaming from the start like actual male gamers with far less views or subscribers.
Cam'Ron King (1 year ago)
Abdel Hady omg nobody asked u lol
Black Mist (2 years ago)
right. I use to enjoy her minecraft videos.
Unknown (2 years ago)
all her channels are dead
sippin tea (2 years ago)
I really miss Olga Kay's videos. I've been watching them years ago (before I actually made this account) and I really miss them. Olga please play more games! :(
Capitan Keter (2 years ago)
dead ass channel
Armando (2 years ago)
So i guess the channel is dead, ha?
Alysa Fajard (2 years ago)
how many moosharmy left after olga stopped uploading to this channel?
TobyMarvelous (2 years ago)
mariguano13 (2 years ago)
play saints row 2
sheddinator (1 year ago)
saints row 2 > saints row 4 idiot
TooRisky_Bacon (2 years ago)
thats so old ,play saint row 4
Gina TV (2 years ago)
rayzer (2 years ago)
Why does olga condone rapists like Toby Turner?
CrazyKitKat (2 years ago)
Yeah, personally I grew up watching Toby and I want video proof because my past keeps coming in the way saying he would never do this kind of stuff. I somehow hope some way this can all just be false but very unlikely with all this stuff.
rayzer (2 years ago)
+CrazyKitKat You're thinking of the types of rapists that follow people in the park at night and rapes them. Drugging them without them knowing is worse because they won't even remember what's been done to them. Do you think that Toby's just going around spiking alcohol because that's where he get his kicks? What people need is video proof of Toby in the act of taking advantage of these girls for people like you (no offense to you personally just that, that comment and opinion been around for a long time even though newer evidence has shown up but it's never good enough) unfortunately even I don't see that happening.
CrazyKitKat (2 years ago)
+rayzer Yes I do agree with you. But I just don't think it's fair to call him a full blown rapist you know what I mean?
rayzer (2 years ago)
+CrazyKitKat Those are their individual issues and you'll have to ask them spousal abuse affects people differently and even causes Stockholm syndrome. Besides his Exs, there are his friends both male and female who have spoken out against him. From Philip DeFranco, Toby's struggling with drug addiction where he shown up and caused a scene at Phil's wedding and at one of Phil's Super Bowl parties where Toby basically sexually assaulted one of Phil's female employees.  There's a bigger picture than just Toby's exs and women speaking out that they were drugged, or sexually assaulted by Toby. His friends and employees have turned their backs on him. Olga and maybe a few others including his mom who haven't seen his dark side are standing with Toby. If he's lucky that he's just an abusive sex addict who does drugs and gets paid by youtube/google and didn't rape anyone... It would still be best to keep away from the guy(children and teens especially).
CrazyKitKat (2 years ago)
Yes, I can see that and idfk he might be a rapist. its just hard to believe that like what 10 or so girls all saying crap about him like at the exact same time. Also how come that girl posted it on Tumblr why not call the police and arrest him. Also she said in the post that she kept coming back to him. If that was real why on earth would she do that.
LopyKipy (2 years ago)
Post more good gameing plz
fatimah lumpkin (2 years ago)
Its too late for Olga Kay game's but I post gaming vids so check me out
The Ghost Army (2 years ago)
More games Olga :)
nsharman13 n.s7173 (2 years ago)
post more danm shit
xXwi11your3m3mb3rm3Xx (2 years ago)
Olga you should totally play Life is Strange! ❤ you!
Den Then (2 years ago)
why you close this channel?
Louise Pearce (2 years ago)
Please do continue gaming. and please start playing until dawn. its a really good game. I wanna see what you choose
CORRA (2 years ago)
You should play Life is strange.
Selam Rajoo (2 years ago)
olga kay can you do the drawing challenge
PussMeist3r 69 (2 years ago)
come baaaaaaaaaaaackkkkkkkkkkkk!!!!!!
You are not 1000 miles the m stands for meters
Ben Murphy (2 years ago)
Guys.... She's dead.
Gamer Girl (2 years ago)
It's been 10 months since you uploaded a video, please upload.😢
Gay king (2 years ago)
Plz add Scarlett25 on your MOOSH craft friends and let me play with you once you are playing minecraft also plz play more mooshcraft!!!!
ziggy stardust (2 years ago)
Junrui (2 years ago)
cristian diaz (2 years ago)
I think she's dead
Alyssa_ The _good_cat (2 years ago)
shes not dead if you look at her other channel it says that she posted a video 2 weeks ago
Vortexx (2 years ago)
R.I.P olgas PC or Console...
.::Let's Play::. (2 years ago)
dead channel, ARISE!!!!
bribunny _12 (3 years ago)
start doing ur games again
Irianys Rios (3 years ago)
olga do more far cry 4 !!
Phoebe O'Reilly (3 years ago)
start doing more games olga your really good
TDAnimates (1 year ago)
Phoebe O'Reilly if you watch her other channel you can see her vlog
SpongeSoapGamer (3 years ago)
я бы с тобой сексом (By the way English is my first language)
Brooke Johnson (3 years ago)
r.i.p this channel....
External Panda (3 years ago)
Why aren't u posting anymore? :(
deana95043 (3 years ago)
Olga can you play next: Tomb Raider Underworld or Sims 4
deana95043 (3 years ago)
Olga can you play next: Tomb Raider Underworld or Sims 4
deana95043 (3 years ago)
Can you play next: Tomb Raider Underworld or Sims 4
deana95043 (3 years ago)
Can you play next: Tomb Raider Underworld or Sims 4
matt (3 years ago)
So this is the channel that jacksfilms makes fun of.Can someine explain?
AaronLoLlololol (2 years ago)
Lol he does a lot I guess she has bad grammar in her main channel vids and tweets
Speed! ja die Lijnen (3 years ago)
She just needs to show her boobs
lushsoundscape (3 years ago)
Wow, I guess having a secondary gaming channel isn't the "in" thing anymore. lol These  "Content Creators" can't hack it unless the video is scripted...
scooter Toribio (3 years ago)
OlgaKay post more Minecraft videos please 👍
Debbie Smith (3 years ago)
Play more minedcraft
Sarin Kim (3 years ago)
Amitas taking children spoiler
ilseizi (3 years ago)
Diana Popok (3 years ago)
Play five nights at Freddy's!
Enzo Parattori (3 years ago)
On Xbox 360
Enzo Parattori (3 years ago)
Make more minecraft and can I join your server please
NERDY LAMA (3 years ago)
Dick hed
Sarin Kim (3 years ago)
Your an idot
.::Let's Play::. (3 years ago)
why is this channel dying?
Black Mist (2 years ago)
He didn't give the channel bread.
Ventura (2 years ago)
Mii 2.0 (2 years ago)
+Jesus Christ Why not give the channel wine?
Ventura (3 years ago)
+.::Let's Play::. because he needs food, feed it.... PLEASE
irma andrade (3 years ago)
Avery Mitchell (3 years ago)
When will you upload more videos?
eleanor pazon (3 years ago)
olga is raely addicted to farcry there is no more other games she plays
traci goodroe (3 years ago)
R. You. DiD
katherine (3 years ago)
It's kind if sad that since Olga stopped vlogging and other things that people started unsubscribing because "it's a lot of editing and snapchat is easier" now she only gets a couple thousand views and like at least 30 comments sorry but I'm kind of disappointed of what all her channels turned into 😪✌️
Vlad S. (3 years ago)
оооооооооооооооооль, ты хде?
lilybella224 (3 years ago)
Please do gta5 gameplay more!! You just stopped one day and didn't play ever again...
Alyssa Gutierrez (3 years ago)
Play five nights at Freddy's 3
jaxson smith (3 years ago)
You should play Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain when it comes out.
DjionMustard (3 years ago)
play Elder Scrolls Online plz
Trey Alec (3 years ago)
I agree
I love candy (3 years ago)
anything but farcry
Jimmy Elliott (3 years ago)
Amita is bad
U should do a few dayZ vids
Luis Martinez (3 years ago)
Have finished playing far cry i havent seen anymore post or your game olga ???
Allan Szydlowski (3 years ago)
Yes I agree
Daniel Rocha (3 years ago)
OMFG u fucking suck!
Gee Roge (3 years ago)
Those ho not suscribe are assholes
Alayna k Smith (3 years ago)
Can you please make more razor blade videos
Kiki Kaii-lynn (3 years ago)
Play five nights at freddys I love the game
Tyler Throne (3 years ago)
+PewDiePie :>
SONNY MAPANAO (3 years ago)
Rob lox you should play
Moriah Rose (3 years ago)
Minecraft ?
Suhayne Figueroa (3 years ago)
Diana Farrar (3 years ago)
Nacho Wolf (3 years ago)
Olga Kay will plz play Spookys house of Jump scares or FNAF
chris Tshibangu (3 years ago)
You need to finish walking dead
hobimochi (3 years ago)
What happened to Minecraft 💔💔💔
frank ? (3 years ago)
Inger Mari Alm (3 years ago)
Can you soon make a new pt game video
imkluu (3 years ago)
"I'm sorry I killed you but I saved you from the animal..." -Olga Kay
Matt Chris (3 years ago)
I chose Sabal for the first mission mainly because I didn't want to let his people die.. but I chose Amita on the second balance of power but I am not going to spoil anything for ya.. I am going through this game right now as well so thought is was cool I found you playing this. Keep up the vids.
Chanel K (3 years ago)
What happens? Is one better than the other? I need to know lol
Devendacoo (3 years ago)
i would choose Sabal... just saying

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