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The Shawshank Redemption (1994) - Institutionalized Scene (4/10) | Movieclips

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The Shawshank Redemption - Institutionalized: After Brooks' (James Whitmore) breakdown, Red (Morgan Freeman) explains to the other prisoners what the prison walls do a man. BUY THE MOVIE: https://www.fandangonow.com/details/movie/the-shawshank-redemption-1994/1MV03b5962872c34a91ad6553e83a4c0f65?cmp=Movieclips_YT_Description Watch the best The Shawshank Redemption scenes & clips: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLZbXA4lyCtqqQBdTalbzVGCKQf43YI3GV FILM DESCRIPTION: Andy Dufresne (Tim Robbins) is sentenced to two consecutive life terms in prison for the murders of his wife and her lover and is sentenced to a tough prison. However, only Andy knows he didn't commit the crimes. While there, he forms a friendship with Red (Morgan Freeman), experiences brutality of prison life, adapts, helps the warden, etc., all in 19 years. CREDITS: TM & © Columbia Pictures (1994) Cast: James Whitmore, Tim Robbins, William Sadler Director: Frank Darabont Screewriter: Frank Darabont Watch More: ► Fresh New Clips: http://bit.ly/2taDWqW ► Classic Trailers: http://bit.ly/2qTCxHF ► Hot New Trailers: http://bit.ly/2qThrsF ► Clips From Movies Coming Soon: http://bit.ly/2FrP8VL ► Indie Movie Clips: http://bit.ly/2qTZMRE ► Deleted Scenes: http://bit.ly/2ARbLPJ ► Bloopers: http://bit.ly/2qYmBnc ► Celebrity Interviews: http://bit.ly/2D4tzw4 Fuel Your Movie Obsession: ► Subscribe to MOVIECLIPS: http://bit.ly/2CZa490 ► Watch Movieclips ORIGINALS: http://bit.ly/2D3sipV ► Like us on FACEBOOK: http://bit.ly/2DikvkY ► Follow us on TWITTER: http://bit.ly/2mgkaHb ► Follow us on INSTAGRAM: http://bit.ly/2mg0VNU The MOVIECLIPS channel is the largest collection of licensed movie clips on the web. Here you will find unforgettable moments, scenes, and lines from all your favorite films. Made by movie fans, for movie fans.
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Text Comments (28)
prettysteeve47 (4 days ago)
A corporate job slave can also suffer the same emotional psychological damage of institionalization similar to a prisoner as a result of working on a  job they hate for over 30 years. After  the corporate slave is laid-off or forced out via early retirement the corporate slave feels like they cannot make a living without a J-O-B(Just-Over-Broke).
Michael McLennan (9 days ago)
Send you here for life, that's exactly what they take. Part that counts anyway.
Three One (10 days ago)
Why are criminals always the good guys in movies?
TurtleBurger (11 days ago)
Crazy to think this takes place in the same universe where Pennywise eats children.
Jon Stewart (14 days ago)
A 75 year old man has the strength to take a 40 year old at knifepoint. He should have told the parole board to go to hell
Acceptable InD80s (22 days ago)
Andy Durfrense would have probably spent 50 years in Prison aswell if he didnt escape after 19 years
Mikey Holland (24 days ago)
I mean being imprisoned for 50 some years will kinda make u like that I mean like the last he was free was like early 1900s so add 50 years yeah he'd be in shock to find out all the things that changed
Jaegar Ultima (25 days ago)
1:33 Richie Aprile: I heard he had you shittin' in your pants.
Kbholla (26 days ago)
I had no idea that Richie Aprile did his time at Shawshank. Kind of explains a lot.
Lairdyful (12 days ago)
its where he developed those Manson lamps
Keelan Murphy (14 days ago)
"Boggs may never walk again". "Never say never". "No, say never. Here on out, he's a shopping cart."
meredrums1 (27 days ago)
Family is Family.
Chasing Enigma (29 days ago)
"They send you here for life, thats exactly what they take.... the part that counts anyway." Definitely one of my top 5 films of all time. Shawshank Redemption The Green Mile Always (Korean film) The Dark Knight Powder
Schmohawk Jabroni (17 days ago)
Chasing Enigma this and green mile, same director!
John Smith (30 days ago)
When my parents tell me to go out and socialize.
Joel Gussman (1 month ago)
best film of the decade. hands down. conversation over. no contest.
Adrenaline Thump (12 days ago)
Forrest Gump. Pulp fiction. Schindler's list. Saving private Ryan.
Pankaj Kumar (1 month ago)
That's a clear explanation of how our minds work.
Javk6pakfa (1 month ago)
Institutionalized, one of the words that got stuck in my brain ever since I watched this movie.
BLT4LIFE (1 month ago)
I'm not crazy! Institution!
Elijah Vigil (23 days ago)
All I wanted was a Pepsi, and she wouldn't give it to Me!
Ricky Lucas (23 days ago)
+Aaron 1997 you're driving me crazy! Institution!!
Aaron 1997 (26 days ago)
You're the one who's crazy!
Mahfuz Rahman Shakkhor (1 month ago)
‘First you hate them Then you get used to them Enough time passes,you depend on them’ This is so goddamn true!
Rocco Santan (1 month ago)
Es la mejor película de la historia
Jeremy Tate (1 month ago)
1st... love this movie
Na ni (1 month ago)
Me too...

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