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Far Cry - Most Wanted

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All rights on the original song are reserved by Celldweller. Song: Celldweller – One Good Reason Made on CE 1/Far Cry 1 Enjoy :D For this I used: - Crypack 5 Volume 1 by Tnlgg - Sniper's pack by Sniper - Modified vehicle scripts spec. for me by pvcf - xz_roadpack - Ported by me cars models from NFS MW (2005) by EA
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Beverley Anne (1 year ago)
Nice!! FarCry1 meets NFS.
Goku SS Blue (1 year ago)
I did this with Need far speed mod,remember. Well pvcf & me. Pvcf DevKid has better car handling then FC. Nice work.
Maximilian Neumann (1 year ago)
Beverley Anne but this is not all, I want to port more cars :D

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