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Zombie Army Trilogy #10 Get to the CABLE CAR!

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Don't you just love a cable car? Twitter: @MorphShuffle Facebook: www.facebook.com/MorphShuffle
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Text Comments (7)
arvind newman (2 months ago)
nice play man
arvind newman (2 months ago)
too many weekend soldiers
Sarah Fields (3 months ago)
Keep moving OK I'll try it this way lol ps you sound fit!
Sarah Fields (2 months ago)
It worked! Took me ages but it worked
HarrisInMotion (2 months ago)
Thank you! I can assure you I am not but thanks for the kind words :D
Gurny Manne (3 years ago)
Solid vid, thanks man. Also, gratitude for keeping the dialogue to a relative minimum, it's getting hard to find walkthroughs that aren't clogged with incessant and abrasive yammering.
HarrisInMotion (3 years ago)
+Rub 'N Tizzug I'm glad that you like this. I didnt want to talk over all of it as the game is more important :) but Thank you

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