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10 More Things about WW2

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Text Comments (3017)
GNIKULODEON (3 days ago)
How do you do the world map with flag colors on it, Sir?
random life (6 days ago)
It's only a model
Grefer Girl (7 days ago)
*T H I S A N I M E I S G R E A T*
M8 these are basic things most people already know.
karam boubou (10 days ago)
3:28 no the deadliest war is the war between catholics and seedless watermelos
Raptoy Games (16 days ago)
Mexico was in the allies
MrESPRIMOMountain (25 days ago)
So is Norway allied or axis? Picture shows it as axis, and previous slide you said it as allied.
Rebecca Payne (26 days ago)
The Axis powers were good at making people mad.
Edgar 12 (28 days ago)
I know the 1st one lol and the third one
Ayy (29 days ago)
i just love how he goes in detail for most of them and for number 6 its just JAPAN BOOM BOOM AUSSIE DARWIN
Andrew Cumming (1 month ago)
I want a Crimean war and a Korean war please!!!!
Dexter Online (1 month ago)
Just look at the alliance difference in the ally its like 65% of the world then 25% for the axis then other 10% is neutral
Langus langus (2 months ago)
You realy shouldnt draw Kosovo as a territory seperate from Serbia. It is a region of Serbia..
Richard Issel (2 months ago)
Can you do the anzacs how they were created
Vikram Aditya Paul (2 months ago)
Please be corrected-- India's army (Indian National Army) fought against Britain along with the Axis Powers during WW-II. Britain used the armies from the subjects (kingdoms /states) of it's colonies in India & regiments raised with Indians recruited from India, under the British flag.
Tom Cruz (2 months ago)
You forgot Nigeria who was part of the West African Regiment who fought in the Burma conflict against Japan
Rage Chicken (3 months ago)
Turkey you forgot turkey
Ronnie (3 months ago)
Glad I saw the subtle swipe at Trump and the implication that his followers are allowing another Hitler to rise. I was subbed, but no longer.
Cold Blood Demon Bálor (3 months ago)
The next Catastrophy will be the downfall of Europe to the Islamic World...Angela Merkel and Leaders of France, Great Britain and Sweden are ignoring the common People and just say that everything will work out just fine...But hear my Words...Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, Romania and the Czech Republic are not taking this Goatf***ers and look where no Terror Attacks happened...thats right...IN POLAND...These Countrys are the last stand for a safe Europe...With our Christian God in our Souls, we will fight on and carry Europe into safety 💪
Hitler did not want war in 1939. Hitler was a good person
Hitler and the national socialists were good people.
Bash Lucero (3 months ago)
Argentina declared war on the axis on March 27, 1945
joan delaserna (3 months ago)
(1940s)second most weakest allied country :my own country the philippines
Anna Philip (3 months ago)
You diddint do Finland on the allies and axis powers board
Fumdoo (3 months ago)
4:09 Did you just draw a genital at the place of the philippines
you mean the holohoax jews evil people the World lost in 1945
4D1 (4 months ago)
1:33 you fucking idiot why you are making serbia bigger by adding Kosova ??
Christian Hexum (4 months ago)
Stalingrad, The Gettysburg of WWII
CapKolarov (4 months ago)
In fact, the Molotov Cocktail was invented by the Spanish in our Civil War: it was used by the republicans against the fascist's tanks. Although this, it was named by the Finnish, as you said.
Elliot Knight (4 months ago)
Joseph Caiña (5 months ago)
Can You make History of the Philippines?
Alejandro Padilla (5 months ago)
Who would win 505 Soviet soilders with artillary and counter snipers or a sniper
SGT Kunze (5 months ago)
I'm waiting for Germany to one day demand all of it's former territory lol. That day I'm buying a bunker.
lschroter2020 (5 months ago)
great job but you forgot the Kamicaze attacks by japan and the sinking of the USS Indianapolis, and the battle of Okinowa
Conan Kavanagh (5 months ago)
Tannu tuva
Ginga Ninja o (5 months ago)
I dont know what world war 3 will fought with but i know that world war 4 will be fought with sticks and stones - Albert Einsten a true hero
United Arctic Nation (5 months ago)
It's simo hiha that's how it's pronounced.....it looks like hayha. Not hyala
Mr Wolfpack14 (5 months ago)
At 3:43 it says “We will make Germany great again!” Is like “Make America great again!”
Special Eddy-cation (5 months ago)
LOL I feel like he was talking about Donald Trump at the end XD
Ghosttime TV (5 months ago)
Japan never really was a part of the axis
Brick filxs Films (5 months ago)
Nplay (5 months ago)
Romania did join the allies during the war after pulling out from the axis
badquality airways (5 months ago)
Kosovo je Srbija
Jason Knoll (5 months ago)
You need more subs.
Finn Downey (5 months ago)
Why did you not include all these facts in your main World War 2 video?
Michael Asebedo (5 months ago)
Wonderful presentation. The lesson: Unless we learn from this..... History has the ability to repeat itself. I have some serious concerns with the United States and our current POTUS.
Gaurav Singh (5 months ago)
At 2:23 (Number 8), Republic of China was written a little too south, almost in India (then British India)
Mak Kim (5 months ago)
Maybe you can do videos about the free French or the Korean resistance or the Chinese rebels etc
Mak Kim (5 months ago)
What about the island hopping campaign
Roomi Rauf (5 months ago)
1:05 that face , I'm dyin XD
Youngassassin 1190 (6 months ago)
“Highly requested Vietnam war” Two years later and still nothing yet
number *_nein_*
Loucas (6 months ago)
What about Cyprus in the allied countries
Hommie Wolf (6 months ago)
Italy was both axis and allies, (at different times if the war)
Ronald Crawford (6 months ago)
yay mongolia
Pepi Hamahohoho (6 months ago)
Can you make an video on the break of Yugoslavia
Kushimaru Kuriarare (6 months ago)
Thanks for referring to Trump
Texas (6 months ago)
Do the golf war
TheAnimationLads (6 months ago)
You forgot to talk about how Singapore (Britain) was invaded with 600 planes just 12 hours before Pearl Harbour. The Japanese did this because their war against China had gone to a halt, and they wanted to go south, but SouthEast Asia was heavily colonized by Britain and America. The only problem was, there was a lot of water in SouthEast Asia, and water means Naval combat, and the Japanese knew they couldn't compete with the American and British navies so they thought they could knock the navies out before they started taking over SouthEast Asia. So Singapore and Pearl Harbour were bombed.
Bloodwolf 720 (7 months ago)
You forgot Facist Spain was an axis power
sherlock holmes (7 months ago)
2:45 United States, Canada, Mexico, Panama, Haiti, Jamaica, Peru...
Pate Riot (7 months ago)
1:17 don't you mean Dimitri Petrenko?
Вова Барс (7 months ago)
Number 15-Burger king foot letuce
Izzet Onol (7 months ago)
What about the ottoman empire in the axis powers?
Julian Djdj (7 months ago)
Dear John my name is Julian or my YouTube name Julian Djdj. When I found out about your YouTube channel I really like it, it's so historical and interesting to some viewers and I want to thank you for A. Teaching the viewers about history in a creative way and B. For being one inspiration why I started YouTube. You are awesome 😊🙂 thx
Joey Melo (7 months ago)
*asks bartender* pass me a drink.. *bartender* what kind? *me* one with some boom to it *bartender* Molotov cocktail then? *me* thats an interesting name..... hit me.
Mexico CountryBall (7 months ago)
Your welcome
TheLegendOfJoey (7 months ago)
I see you = Nice tank guys apparently.
Hulkatron67 (7 months ago)
When you were saying who were the allies of the axis powers, you left out austria
Boring Life (7 months ago)
Ottoman Empire was in WW1 huh
Doot Doot (8 months ago)
Man its weird that all these trump supporters who complain so much about "snowflakes" and "sjws" are such crybabies themselves.
Filip Poposki (8 months ago)
albania was an affiliate state of the axis powers
Ellis Smith (8 months ago)
Where I live sorry
Ellis Smith (8 months ago)
Hey John I know I was complaining about Vietnam but ya think you can also make something like the war in the pacific afterward, because I want to know more about it, and I want to know more about the USS ALABAMA’s operations since that’s were I live
Valtv2 (8 months ago)
Yoj forgot tannu tuva and east turkestan
Im not GLAD its the PAST i want ut to be the present
India was British raj not indua5
Mbathroom1 (8 months ago)
Thank you for mentioning Canada!
Docter Switzerland (8 months ago)
The War of Sticks?
Jacobi n (8 months ago)
The Finnish workers would have gladly accepted the Soviet Union, but the Finns were under a fascist dictatorship.
tartanelm6 gaming (8 months ago)
Spain was in the axis powers
memes peepers (8 months ago)
Ouch helmet on your eyes thats painful
Dough Daddy (8 months ago)
pleeeeeease do vietnam war
lil bloke (8 months ago)
Rather go and buy balmains
Jacob Dyke (8 months ago)
Finland and Spain was part of the axis
corey jobson (8 months ago)
Mairid Berz (8 months ago)
You mentioned latvia thats were i live
Anthony Franco (8 months ago)
Number 9,Number 9,Number 9
Kingdom of Romaniaball (8 months ago)
in the 2nd half ,romania left nazi
David Sinclair (8 months ago)
in my class in school
David Sinclair (8 months ago)
im the only one knows anything about ww1 and 2
the warrior (8 months ago)
Ye you are in teh same country as me
Antti Asp (8 months ago)
Tykkää kos oot suomalainen!!
Free Speech (8 months ago)
The Epic Maxgod (9 months ago)
Error 505 Soviet victory not found
Iron Geek (9 months ago)
My great grandfather served in the pacific during the Second World War
Chef Boyardee (9 months ago)
He forgot the great nation of Bulgaria
wolf it the fifth (9 months ago)
2:44 yakko's countries of the world But its WWII Allies
Storm Anteater (9 months ago)
War, war never changes.
Laura Alexander (9 months ago)
Wasont Iceland an allied power during ww2?

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