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FAR CRY 5 RAP by JT Music (feat. Miracle of Sound) - "Shepherd of this Flock"

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Subscribe for More Music ▶ http://jtmch.co/SubJT JT Merch ▶ http://jtmerch.com **Song Download Links Below** We get Miracle of Sound on another Far Cry Rap chorus and it turned out amazing. You'll be humming this tune as you take out cultists in Hope County. Download Links! iTunes ▶ https://jtmch.co/2qjfwKm Spotify ▶ https://jtmch.co/2qi7php Google Play ▶ https://jtmch.co/2qfcQxu Amazon ▶ https://jtmch.co/2qgEzhg Check out Miracle of Sound ▶ https://jtmch.co/2uIYgUv ***************************************** Follow us on Twitter! ▶ http://jtmch.co/JTMTwitter Like us on Facebook! ▶ http://jtmch.co/1rojUWT Follow our Instagram ▶ http://jtmch.co/JTMInsta Sign up for RT First ▶ http://jtmch.co/JTMFirst Use Referral Code "JTM" Want to use our music? Read this first: http://jtmch.co/MusicUsage FAR CRY 5 RAP by JT Music (feat. Mircale of Sound) - "Shepherd of this Flock"
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Text Comments (2452)
Dumitru Vasilica (1 day ago)
fro 1:28 to 4:40 is my fav part
Tyler Misero (1 day ago)
Spoiler alert just so you know when you kill Joseph seed the world actually ends
Vilgot From borg (2 days ago)
I just realized that this song is better than the actual game.
??? (2 days ago)
No far cry pun intended under me
Patrick Cross (3 days ago)
Miracle of Sound was a good choice for this; his voice already sounds like that of a wandering country/folk singer, so putting him in a rap country song with Christian sermon bits thrown in is a perfect fit. *ponders* Makes me wonder what sort of game will convince you to collab with Nathan Sharp...
music man (3 days ago)
boomers so gosh darn cute
Aura Eguaras (3 days ago)
Cole Thanh Nguyen (4 days ago)
"The world ain't ending, so take a breath, but I'll make that breath you final." Famous last words.
Oliver Nichols (5 days ago)
This is easily my second favorite song ever. (Sorry, but my first is untouchable)
Daubeny (5 days ago)
I have a friend that looks like Joseph Seed
Sarkar Dhananjay (7 days ago)
Sneaky Snipez (7 days ago)
When you go to hell I’ll hold the door: whenever I play any video game
Hupikassu (9 days ago)
Hey yall wanna hear some Joseph seed quotes "And I saw, behold it was a white horse... and hell followed with him." "Something is coming. You can feel it, can’t you? That we are creeping toward the edge… and there will be a reckoning. That is why we started The Project. Because we know what happens next. They will come. They will try to take from us. Take our guns, take our freedom. Take our faith. We will not let them. We will not let their greed, or their immorality, or their depravity hurt us anymore! There will be no more suffering!" "There they are… the Locusts in our garden… You see they’ve come for me. They’ve come to take me away from you. They’ve come to destroy all that we’ve built! We knew this moment would come. We have prepared for it. Go. Go… God will not let them take me." "I saw when the Lamb opened the First Seal, and I heard as it were the noise of thunder, one of the four beasts say, come and see… and I saw, and behold it was a white horse… and Hell followed with him. God will not let you take me." "God is watching us… and He will judge you on what you choose in this moment…" "Sometimes it’s best to leave well enough alone." "Sometimes the best thing to do… is to walk away" "NO ONE IS COMING TO SAVE YOU." "Everything is unfolding according to God’s plan. I am still here with you. The First Seal has been broken. The Collapse has begun. And we will take what we need. And we will preserve what we have. And we will kill all those who stand in our way. And these. The harbingers of doom will see the truth. BEGIN THE REAPING!"." Let them burn. This is God’s will. This is their punishment." " Despite all that you have done, you are not beyond salvation. You’re not here by accident or by chance. You are here by the grace of God. You’ve been given a gift. Now it remains to be seen whether you choose to embrace it... or to cast it aside...".
EJ Aunu (9 days ago)
Atheist vs Christianity in a nutshell
Zombiemarine27 YT (9 days ago)
Should I start a doomsday cult?
NoobSlothGamin 697 (10 days ago)
God said you can never arrest me, Guess what? It's the devil that sent me! Me: What the hell?!
Luigi Bros (11 days ago)
Luigi Bros (11 days ago)
Now I wanna kicks a cults ads
Joshua Chamberlain (11 days ago)
The Seed's were the best. They made the game more interesting the the protagonists
Dr. Knoblauch (12 days ago)
I say "YES" to Far Cry 5
xKabuki (14 days ago)
I love Faith so much!
TF Allspark (14 days ago)
Been out for for half a year now. Have heard the 1 hour vertion about 4-5 times. I lost count of this vertion some where around late May. This is litteraly one of my all time favorite songs. To put it simply. I have been listening to this religiously for the past 6 months with little hope of stopping. (and I am more than ok with that fact)
Fred Cavender (14 days ago)
U should make a song for Skyrim
Katherine Robar (15 days ago)
JT should do a DC Universe Online rap it has a lot of action,lore,story
Thecloaked&thecloaker (16 days ago)
2:47 anyone else think he looks like jt?
Conner Anderson (16 days ago)
“The word of god is one you trust” Listening to this song it makes me glad I’m an android
Ricardo Da Fonseca (17 days ago)
That Intro was the best one I’ve seen so far.
Darkfire (18 days ago)
Roman 3Rr0r (19 days ago)
noshirtthinker wt (20 days ago)
He was right....
Drew Shanahan (20 days ago)
Drew Shanahan (20 days ago)
0:16 👌
Drew Shanahan (20 days ago)
I lease I like these type songs Unlight western country with a tad of religion perfection 👋😌👌
Albert Bowman (21 days ago)
To the father!!!
Ricardo Da Fonseca (22 days ago)
Parker Holm (22 days ago)
Recently I played Far Cry 5 then went through DOOM 2016 and wonder "What could Doomguy do against the cult"
jayann yara (22 days ago)
"God said you can never arrest me!" Me: Guess what I'm Kratos bi-otch *Slice hack slice hack slice*
jayann yara (22 days ago)
actually, when I first played the game I listen to josep seed while he was talking cause im catholic so i listened
Joseph Seed (22 days ago)
Your whenever welcome to join my cult ,sons!
TheStoryMaker HD (23 days ago)
I cant stop repeating the song its so good made
Orion Wilder (24 days ago)
I forgot JT was part of Rooster Teeth, this means we're just that much closer to have MOS is a RT production. Dude this is so sick!
HEY THIS IS FILL (24 days ago)
If only the game was as good as the song
Gamelord 12121 (24 days ago)
Did I leave a like YES YES I did
Uncle Ned (24 days ago)
Why does everything Gav touch turn to diamonds?
chloehorrer Queen (25 days ago)
That is the best song I have herd in a long time good job on the song love it 👍👍😊😊
boomer farcry 5 (26 days ago)
This music not cool
After watching this I Really want to get FC5 thanks for giving a reason of why I should get this amazing game and the Rap is absolutely amazing and Well made well done JT!
I wish all religion was like this... that would be a lot of awesome songs...
Monokumakuma Senpai (28 days ago)
Awesome rap! But the best Far Cry is still missing... 3!!
The Riddler (30 days ago)
Um...... Arggg fine batman you got me I cant make a Riddle out of this
ItzTheNoob (1 month ago)
this is what i think about god K I L L T H E M >:)
dylan babb (1 month ago)
You know it's a good song when it comes up as your autoplay next song three or four times in a row and you are completely okay with it
Han Ziyu (1 month ago)
Did I ever tell you the definition of insanity?
Scorching Pumpkin (1 month ago)
Far cry 5 is like super troopers
Wilson Krause (1 month ago)
I just realized that "Who found you while you were lost, when blind, who helped you see" is a reference to the lines "I once was lost but now I'm found, was blind but now I see", in Amazing Grace
Under Fan (1 month ago)
Every song you make of a game make me want to play it
Stupid Gamer (1 month ago)
zoro4661 (1 month ago)
Miracle of Sound as the insanely charismatic father and his flock, and JT Music as a super violent protagonist. Holy hell, it works perfectly!
Tyler2014 Tyler2014 (1 month ago)
It is the best
Ioana Isvanca (1 month ago)
I got this awesome game
fernando olivas (1 month ago)
Every time I watch this video and wants and makes me want to play it
Just Rain (1 month ago)
Beat song yet
tatuya onishi (1 month ago)
S K (1 month ago)
Very good good good good good
Piggy Gamer (1 month ago)
I liked that part of "let your soul walk free" at the end :D
Nightbot (2 days ago)
Piggy Gamer it’s a hint from the primal rap for far cry
Kennedy Twins (1 month ago)
Can I get a amen?
Feral Cattt (1 month ago)
I'm 80% sure Jacob gave me PTSD with that damn music box
Darth Addictive Game (1 month ago)
Too bad im a satanist
Mr Vlog (1 month ago)
Is that sunglasses guy good or evil
Mr Vlog (1 month ago)
Andrew Sessa thanks
Andrew Sessa (1 month ago)
The Tiger evil he is a crazy motherfucker
Dex (1 month ago)
Man far cry is so good. I mean, why wouldn’t you not want to by a game with a man with a rocket and have a bear at the same time?
the greek one (1 month ago)
Aaron Rapoza (1 month ago)
Can’t get this song out of my head it is one of my top 5 from you guys
lone wander (1 month ago)
Favorite gun for hire for me motherfucking hurk
Levi zeigler (1 month ago)
dang it i wish i found ive been playing far cry 5 latly and omg i love it! im so fuckin late DX xD
Leo arno (1 month ago)
Churches then: Amen Churches now: Wanna buy some jesus?
Шуириа (1 month ago)
If you sound like god damn sonic the motherfucking hedgehog, you have a good rap voice.
All of the seeds had theirnown uniqe personality thats why i love this game as well as the other npcs
Vaporizer Hydrablood (1 month ago)
were do you get the voice actors for these songs they are amazing
unknown chkn (1 month ago)
The end to this game made me want to kill myself
Nugget (1 month ago)
Nugget wishes to play that game now.
Rainbow_ Guy (1 month ago)
I guid my Righteous sheep's
TheGreenHat W (1 month ago)
I love The game🎮🎮
Robert Bacon (1 month ago)
far cry 5 was 1,000,000 times worst then far cry 2. But as a person who believes in nothing I had a fun time killing christen nut jobs. Yea I say it so deal with it.
Richard Wilson (2 days ago)
ya need some Jesus
Darkshadows45 (1 month ago)
Can you please upload a instrumental for this!? Love it!
Oyun Lordu Gaming. (1 month ago)
i like al of your raps with famous singers and rappers but i don't like this ( because i don't like miracle of sound)
TillTheEnd 0 (1 month ago)
wolfy gamer (1 month ago)
What's worse is....Joseph was right
Erik The cat guy (1 month ago)
“The word of god is one you trust” like hell it is.
SupersonicJay 1512 (1 month ago)
Did anybody see JT in the video at 2:57
Andrew Natusch (1 month ago)
Good song
sparus au (1 month ago)
I have Far Cry5, and I make a hole in the father ass.☺
Mindy Shifflett (1 month ago)
ObjectiveHistorian (1 month ago)
This still one of your best
WORLD FORME (1 month ago)
"But guess what the DEVIL SENT ME" "ahhh!!" As a christian i found this HILARIOUS
Roblox death noise (3 days ago)
how is this ridiculous to you? I'm atheist and it was funny for me.
Chaotikk Nomad (24 days ago)
Makes sense, joeseph seed said "god won't let you take me"
Zolee ,ja ennyi Zolee (24 days ago)
As an atheist this ridicolous
joseph seed (1 month ago)
I LOVE this song
Turnasious (1 month ago)
In my opinion miracleofsounds has a better voice then JT, No hate but JT doesn't really have a singing voice. miracleOfSounds however sounds much more experienced.
Daniel Müller (1 month ago)
Your Best Song i love this game and i love you... Just great
Liam Wheeler (1 month ago)
Guys hours of darkness and lost on mars is out
Stryder (1 month ago)
Doesn't matter how many times I passed FC5. This one makes me always to come back and play it again. Very good job JT.

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