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Ghost of Tsushima 4k Gameplay Trailer E3 2018

837 ratings | 56088 views
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Text Comments (159)
J.N.K Arts (1 day ago)
Amazing! Anyone knows can i download this gameplay in 4K from somewhere?
Ricardo Araujo (2 days ago)
Poxa pena não ter uma data de lançamento :( Gosto muito do estilo samurai e ninja.
Jon Rob (3 days ago)
Looks great ... Graphics so inspiring I've made a music twist on this trailer...
MegaJf16 (4 days ago)
i hope this is counter and parry combat
dac nee (5 days ago)
Uneasiness can't still be wiped with whether a picture is by beautifulness very much. Japanese pampas grass in autumn and the maple which turned red are often made. Anyway I think mistaken Japan is being drawn.
CRIS . . (5 days ago)
Toma todo mi dinero
Gabyy Fcdb (5 days ago)
Yasuo vs Riven
Andrés García (5 days ago)
Reminds me a bit of Shinobido, very cool
Memphis Reins (5 days ago)
Wth no spoken Japanese! That's not cool.
Keowar (6 days ago)
Assassin's Creed: The Witcher IV
Blackbird (6 days ago)
Beautiful game but samuraï game with English dubbing it’s ridiculous !
Mestre do LEGO (6 days ago)
O segredo desse jogo está na iluminação, nos efeitos climaticos, na fisica implantada vento&plantas e no desfoque.... Ao meu ver, são gráficos são possiveis no PS4 PRO sim. Ambient Oclusion , muitas texturas, e outras coisinhas pesadas, se analisar bem, vemos que estão bem simples até... Se pausar bem na parte que ele entra na floresta, vemos que muitos desses elementos embelezadores somem e o impacto visual cai bastante. Os desenvolvedores estão de parabéns por usarem tão bem os recursos do console.
Van Art (6 days ago)
7.50 - da real Soul Calibur
poloshirtsamurai (6 days ago)
I don't think they had katana when the Mongols came.
non 4K
Sanji Vinsmoke (7 days ago)
The Witcher x Uncharted x Tekken (End Fight with Masako)
srrtw Han (7 days ago)
Ps5 gameplay no ps4 no pro
Cave Beast (7 days ago)
Yay a game where the Japanese are the good guys lol
Obsesimusic (7 days ago)
ah shit....i cummed...
Karim Assane-Aly (7 days ago)
Not impress by thé fight système. We want fight against Many ennemis in the same time. Like in assasin creed origins or kingdom come
shadowgangsta92 (7 days ago)
This games too sick
PJthePlayer (7 days ago)
Time will tell if it actually looks like this at launch. I'm skeptical after the lackluster performance of God of War in 4k on the PS4 Pro.
David Horvatić (7 days ago)
Hiroyuki Sanada?
Anderson Aldo (8 days ago)
Aldrin Agpaoa (8 days ago)
Battle Realms feels....
jmek08 (8 days ago)
Combat seems realistic... Which mean this'll be a difficult game to play.
delonzo83 (8 days ago)
yan (8 days ago)
Great! I will buy it. But I'm sorry, the costume,weapons are not like the 13th century,it’s like the 17 or 18century.
Kirk Young (8 days ago)
Im a bit worried the combat is gonna be like AC4's awful combat, in other words it's super flashy and looks cool, but has no depth or challenge
TheSharpmarksman (8 days ago)
that's some incredible shitty acting
Jhericurl1291 (8 days ago)
already my favorite game...
Mendus Flare (8 days ago)
Ohhhhh THIS is new Assasins Creed trailer! I clicked on the wrong trailer earlier.
mike smith (8 days ago)
ITACHIZIN (8 days ago)
Tenchu feels...
Matt (9 days ago)
I really hope this game comes to PC
Cypher (9 days ago)
are you looking at those graphics?
Camper Doidão (9 days ago)
Day Day (9 days ago)
This is fuckin amazing
mike ranger (9 days ago)
3:51: like a Boss😎
punkedklide (9 days ago)
well at least the horse know how to move rather than Roach from Witcher.
西津禦璃 (9 days ago)
黒泽明 saigo
Winter Fox (9 days ago)
I think it would be better if they spoke Japanese with English Subtitles lol
Larry Broadie (4 days ago)
MegaJf16 I love Kung Fu movies
Winter Fox (4 days ago)
MegaJf16 (4 days ago)
no, I don't watch anime lol, but I can tell your one of those that love everything in Japanese even if you don't understand it.
Larry Broadie (4 days ago)
Winter Fox no. I don't watch anime
Winter Fox (4 days ago)
Ah, I see youre the type of guy that watched anime dubbed
pyro lopez (9 days ago)
Playstation is killing it this year
naveed2809 (9 days ago)
I'm an Xbox fan boy... But seriously, games like these and god of war just make me rethink my existence
Neil Patil (9 days ago)
naveed2809 buy a ps4 already while rethinking your exis
YiKuan SU (9 days ago)
Panji Wijaya (9 days ago)
Yi sun shin
Trevor Henry (9 days ago)
Is that Glenn from Walking Dead?
Smiffdogg init (9 days ago)
Oi what agame .... people alwayssss have something to say!!! Mer mer merrrr fuck offff!!!!!
Nikolay Nenov (9 days ago)
Geralt of Rivia meets Witchero San
Collin Venuto (9 days ago)
If only they include the 8 devils of kimon... It's the Jubei Ninpuchyo game I've always wanted to play... Ninja Scroll Interactive!
dai (9 days ago)
yep. i'm getting this one.
TrueInnovator159 (9 days ago)
E. Krieger (9 days ago)
*I have been waiting for this trailer for almost a year!!!! 👏👏🌸GREAT OMG! Ghosts of Tsushima is going to rock, be an amazing game (I am sure) and, for an Assassin's Creed fan like me, is similar to being a Japanese Assassin. I know it has nothing to do with the other companies, I don't want to compare them in any means, I am ONLY SAYING it's going to be awesome for certain gamers like me, who like open worlds and missions that need stealth, and beautiful, ancient cultures. Also this type of gamers love the view of landscapes that can not be seen any longer with this modern era. I am not the "FPS type of gamer, or only RPG without action, or only action with less story", and that's exactly WHY I LOVE Assassin's Creed games and will surely love Ghosts of Tsushima as well. Good plot, long story, landscapes, adventures and ANCIENT CULTURE IS THE BEST PLOT FOR AN ADULT GAMER, hell yeah!!!!!!!!!* (I'm 33 years old lady, I don't like childish games) Ah, I almost forgot to mention that the main character is very handsome man, what else can I ask? 😉
E. Krieger (6 days ago)
ShadowBreaker *I understand your feeling bro!! 😉 I DO. But being a person who have studied social sciences, I have to say that: "if a company doesn't evolve when it comes to a game's franchise, their games aren't sold any longer." So, what I think Ubi is doing, is maintaining the basic essence of AC stealth, landscapes, some intrigue, Historical Events and amazing character's personalities.* But AC franchise changed slowly, adding more features to each game and subtracting just a few of them. Some gamers like this, some don't. I dislike when it becomes "too fantastic" like, the DLC from Origin "The Curse of the Pharaohs" which is TOO fantastic for my taste, as it was the DLC from AC 3 (The tyranny of King Washington, which I played and enjoyed but it was a bit too fantasy for my taste). Now, there are OTHER things I like in the newer AC games like Origin, that is, some romance and some role play (which doesn't take away the basics of AC, on the contrary, ADDS new possibilities), so, that being said, I won't complain if there is some romance, but be happy with it; and AS LONG as AC doesn't transform into "only RPG, or only action, or a modern day franchise, or shooter, or too much fantasy which lessens the seriousness", I'll play AC games UNTIL I DIE. And I hope to live long for this ;)
ShadowBreaker (6 days ago)
Yeah my dream of AC feudal Japan come true. Too bad ubi killed AC franchise. New AC games are not AC anymore
Marth (9 days ago)
why is it that I got a samurai-ish witcher 3 meets assassin`s creed vibe from this, I actually quite like it
Hiroko Takashiro (9 days ago)
How is this even possible, I mean PS4 games just look to real to be true sometimes then bam it comes out and you still can't believe it, Sony devs and just wizards.
Hard work (9 days ago)
The old lady stab Jin in the back with her katana. Then the game is over. Thank you everybody. That's all. Have a good day.
S.H. N. (9 days ago)
The combat system indeed reminds me of the old school AC games. Block, parry, counter attacks. There is the chain attacks too. This will be good
Adrian Ho (9 days ago)
Then gameplay needs the for honor fighting mechanics. N for honor needs it’s fighting mechanics
Adrian Ho (9 days ago)
If for honor had an actual good story
datengu (9 days ago)
What's a tariler?
Ooooops. ☺️ Thanks for the heads up.
Jeff II (9 days ago)
Sandwichman1337 (9 days ago)
Combat looks terribly clunky. Shame, the game is gorgeous otherwise.
Vampire Dr (9 days ago)
Well i am liked this gameplay trailer, something this game looks like a Witcher and Assasins creed. Waiting for data relise this game
BL4CK B1RD (9 days ago)
Release date??
Assassin Gamer (9 days ago)
Shadow fight😄
THAT'S IT!!! I'm buying a PS4 *grabs keys & leaves house*.
n543576 (10 days ago)
Holy shitttt I never saw this new IP coming wow im thoroughly impressed.
Noob Artist600 (10 days ago)
Hmm, I see their taking the intimadtion meter from Arkham Knight with a mix of Assasins creed parkour. Interesting
Bitmaid (10 days ago)
cool effects bro
Donal Duck (10 days ago)
Finally... a samurai version of tenchu, love it!
daniel (10 days ago)
Dudes, theses graphics are not possible in the actual generation (of consoles). Please, dont hype like the case of DS2, No man's sky, Watch Dogs, etc. Maybe we will have the same quality, but in the next gen. (sorry for my english)
Larry Broadie (7 days ago)
If has to be . Can't be PC. It has to be the PS pro
daniel (8 days ago)
The Raw Ninja Harambe, maybe the game will have the same quality showed in the trailer, but the experiences of the last years makes me fear a possible downgrade. That does not means tha the game is not going to be awesome. Take the Witcher 3 (for example) the game was downgraded but its still a masterpiece. I am not attacking Sony, so please be cool dudes. Peace
The Raw Ninja Harambe (9 days ago)
Mezuki are you implying that he's correct?
mezuki64 (9 days ago)
+The Raw Ninja Harambe he skipped Horizon zero Dawn and Uncharted 4
The Raw Ninja Harambe (9 days ago)
It actually is possible and its going to happen
Deja Wuu (10 days ago)
What the hell is a "Tarlier"
Dave Rell (10 days ago)
Deja Wuu tariler, get it right next time
Jacob Kaiser (10 days ago)
That’s Glenn from the walking dead
B0lduk (9 days ago)
And he also plays in The Last of Us: Part 2. Glenn is everywhere!
Mikhail Angela (10 days ago)
Pretty random still about Mongol vs Japanese, the Mongols probably sent way more people to attack Vietnam than Japan and relatively few Mongol soldiers even reached Japan core area.
Rererro Muzzi (10 days ago)
Samurai vs mongol in fucking English?????
DarkLordOfTheSith (10 days ago)
Zam Vallon (10 days ago)
Jeeeeeeeeeesus that's beautiful. We'll soon all be our own versions of WestWorld anyways lol.
tiochelayo (10 days ago)
Cuando no muestran las variables en el juego, el trailer ya huele mal, espero y pueda al menos que el juego sugiera que será un last of us o god of war (el nuevo) para poder moverse al menos en 3 caminitos, como esperaba este juego, ni fecha ni plataforma de generación.
john nguyen (10 days ago)
Lol the sunset background, put that shit on all my bg
Sazumaru (10 days ago)
Jonaï Boky (10 days ago)
I love this 'tariler' hahahaha💯
Bernard Prasetyo (10 days ago)
That's how you play your sword
Jeraldo (10 days ago)
They better let us change his outfit or armor.
モード「M」aude (6 days ago)
This is confirmed it will be possible to change.
rocketscientist14 (7 days ago)
Jeraldo right??? AND his katanas.. those reeeeeally need to be customizable.
Shannon Odum (10 days ago)
I'd watch it
Sour Kush (9 days ago)
sea fish GLP does gameplay movies....check his playlists.
sea fish (10 days ago)
Shannon Odum you mean play right?
sea fish (10 days ago)
Shannon Odum watch it?
Glad Sirens (10 days ago)
those Mongol armors are sexy
Glad Sirens (10 days ago)
and their weapons
LEEboneisDaMan (10 days ago)
Jesus.. it's the Assassin's Creed game we've been asking for for a decade XD
geo man (6 days ago)
Japanese dub has been confirmed, it's Japan. Stay salty faggots.
BrianDgreat123 (7 days ago)
Only Weeaboos.
Baka Monogatari (7 days ago)
Are you serious? As someone very much into Japanese culture, I would be appalled to watch an Akira Kurosawa movie (or any other Japanese production) in English. Its something that would immediately take me out of the experience. And I believe most people who have seriously been following any other culture will agree.
Noctis Altura (7 days ago)
Jin isn't an assassin. He is a freaking one man army.
LEEboneisDaMan (8 days ago)
What in the fuck are you idiots arguing about?
afdan ali (10 days ago)
no wonder he draw that fast at 3:00. Cuz he has a speed buff on his sheath at 7:09 #double speed
gy_sp33dy Gaming (10 days ago)
afdan ali lol i see it now good eye
PottedPundit (10 days ago)
Sony destroyed everyone at E3 this year.
Hiroko Takashiro (7 days ago)
Mopar426Power it was a flop because they put rl cutsceans which were 30min, on top of a boring main character and overall bad plot. I am willing to give them a second chance, as the powers and gameplay seems better overall. I wonder how do you feel about m$ e3, considering they didn't have much that wasn't 3rd party and mulitplat. They had new studios but wont see anything from them till next gen most likely, and giving there track record this gen I won't expect much.
Mopar426Power (7 days ago)
Hiroko Takashiro nioh is 2 niche, def not a game i would consider playing. If people like it great, just def not for me
Mopar426Power (7 days ago)
Hiroko Takashiro the remedy game is coming 2 Xbox. The 4 "main" titles are games they've been showing off already. Besides, the new Remedy game looks like quantum break 1.5, the same game damn near every sony fan called a flop when it came out on Xbox but now because its on PlayStation its all good now lmao
Hiroko Takashiro (7 days ago)
Mopar426Power so you just ignore things like remedy new game, niho2 and and others.
Mopar426Power (7 days ago)
PottedPundit LOL. No, they showed the same games they have been showing for the past 2-3 years lmao. No, just no. Games look good yes, but they didnt sgow anything new, just same games everyone have known about. And conference was boring as fuck...what was with that stupid music and flute and Chinese banjo playing LOL. #Corny
Sean Whipple (10 days ago)
Damn that sound design. The hoof beats on different material. Amazing
Shumunya Cho (10 days ago)
My PS4 library could use more games like this, but I got so many others that I want to get in the process, like Spiderman PS4, Spyro Reignited Trilogy, SoulCalibur VI etc......damn 2018 is shaping up to be a great year for games.
Faheem magan (10 days ago)
now that's what i'm talking about!
joey8404 (10 days ago)
can we talk about this games physics???? The LEAVES have freaking weight
skywalk3x (9 days ago)
I know man the level of detail is amazing, Did you notice when he got into his stance before he struck down the first foe how he dug his back foot into the ground? Awesome stuff.
kamikaze00007 (10 days ago)
Man, the clothes get frckng CUT in that one temple scene if you look closely.
Atomix Age (10 days ago)
Samurai Jack, is that you?
LikeClockWyrke (4 days ago)
B-back to the past...
Theroux (9 days ago)
yeah the only fictional samurai in existence, who else!
twigstudios (10 days ago)
I like....
omni potent (10 days ago)
Samurai vs the mongol
Drip Droppity (10 days ago)
Seems amazing...
The Waiting Flame (10 days ago)
Luke V.S (10 days ago)
sea fish (10 days ago)
Luke V.S but i saw it first at e3 checkmate
sea fish (10 days ago)
Luke V.S nice

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