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Minecraft Daily! Part 123; ft. Sly, Aleks, and Steven! - Powerdough Bread

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Text Comments (43)
micalmus (4 years ago)
You guys should totally gag sly it would be great
CriticalHit149 (2 years ago)
+micalmus Yusssss, thumbs u so he can see! ^.^
Ibfinity (4 years ago)
This TFU Saga is hilarious! Thank you for giving me laughing aids.
Dango Bangal (4 years ago)
Favorite part 13:46
Chaotic BlueShell (4 years ago)
Something about a video being inside him everytime
PiggyProtecter (4 years ago)
What did he say?
Chaotic BlueShell (4 years ago)
He's trying to comunicate. Let's talk back to him and see if he's friendly?
IIcyTom (4 years ago)
His comment gave me cancer :(.
junkymonkey916 (4 years ago)
Blueberry pumper nickle shoud have been its name
illu- (4 years ago)
What is English?
Zeridian Walrus (4 years ago)
So, who wants to talk about corgies
HNCHOS (4 years ago)
DeuceMigalow (4 years ago)
he said this is the best video in ever
DrrGreenThumbb DGT (4 years ago)
How about no
aesthesia (4 years ago)
Steven and Kevin are a couple?
Miniel (4 years ago)
I used to find Steven and Kevin as a cute couple in ,my head up until that livestream.
sceti118 (4 years ago)
Kootra99 (4 years ago)
This bein the bestst videos in my evertim
V G (4 years ago)
This shittomon ruined the series
SockRocker (4 years ago)
Since when were Porygon and Aerodactyl legendary?
TheWOOFinator1337 (4 years ago)
I like how people are saying Kevin's quiet... I'm pretty sure in the start of this recording session he commented (or something) that he was quiet and he couldn't change it for this session, lol.
ellnor (4 years ago)
any1 else having trouble hearing Kevin? may can u increase your voice in the video please am having trouble hearing u
Dillon Janoski (4 years ago)
you should install the ICBM mod
TheLoneTacoJ64 (4 years ago)
SpicyAfterbirth (4 years ago)
kill it
Dat1HispanicGuy (4 years ago)
I think it's trying to communicate...
king tut (4 years ago)
is is possible to breed pokemon in this mod?
Fox Games (4 years ago)
Im masturbating
Holmie (4 years ago)
"I have lost my brain cells, send help!"
Boring (4 years ago)
Den/ Den (4 years ago)
Hashtag TFU
fuck tiana (4 years ago)
Need more bread, Kevin you need more bread!
switchfootfan598 (4 years ago)
Shoulda named it Keanu reeves
Boom Shacalaca (4 years ago)
Team force update
Slythpaw (4 years ago)
XxWolfDerpxX (4 years ago)
Kyoto813 (4 years ago)
Kevin... <3
Will Atkins (4 years ago)
Rhys (4 years ago)
Porygon is not a legendary pokemon.
IDiamondSGz (4 years ago)
Why Is That Poor Corgi, Being Blinded By Carrots ? :o ...DatThumbnail.
matthew devine (4 years ago)
soycanadiense (4 years ago)
BaIISackPotato (4 years ago)

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