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D&D Beyond Official Theme

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An official digital toolset for Dungeons & Dragons fifth edition Song by Sam Riegel & Mr. Fantastic Produced, arranged & mixed by Peter Habib of Mr. Fantastic Vocals by Sam Riegel www.mrfantasticmusic.com Animation by Kamille Areopagita & Kevin Areopagita @karekareo patreon.com/kiframe
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Text Comments (2274)
Robert McGovern (20 hours ago)
I truly love this. It makes even a horrible grey day feel brighter.
Scoff Mathews (1 day ago)
christian cordova (1 day ago)
Could we have an animated series please?..... please you tube.... you tube red needs an original cartoon series....please make it happen!!!!
SkyIsTheLimit (1 day ago)
Depression has now been cured....damn this is awesome!!!
Anomen1010 (1 day ago)
Physical books > digital d&d
Zappazoid45 G (1 day ago)
need, MORE!
gukusama (1 day ago)
Boi... Need this series at TV RIGHT NOW!!
Alba Spire (1 day ago)
I notice something new every damn rewatch
07flaugh (2 days ago)
Still gives me goosebumps. Gotta love musical frisson!
dramasweety (2 days ago)
Gods I can’t stop watching this
Grizlocke (2 days ago)
Brilliant marketing. This song gets stuck in my head so often
Norse Man (3 days ago)
Can we have this as a ringtone?!?!?! I want to hear this everytime someome calls me!!!
DAD BOD D&D (3 days ago)
So much awesomeness and nostalgia in this. I've probably watched this 20 times!
Abelhawk (3 days ago)
I kind of wish this were the intro for Critical Role season 2 instead of the 70s vintage one.
RedDragonRob (3 days ago)
So when is this coming to a TV series? I would watch this in a heartbeat.. SOoooo much nostalgia for the art design. LOVE IT!!
James Griffin (3 days ago)
Still awesome :)
Thomas Bøg Johansen (3 days ago)
awesome :D
MissCandiDandi (4 days ago)
Gaaaaah I just love it so much 😆😆😆❤
Lil D (4 days ago)
I subscribed
Kitty Pool (4 days ago)
What episode of campaign 2 was this again?
Broam Amondaun (3 days ago)
Kitty Pool 21 I believe
Anna Hepworth (4 days ago)
Oh god this is everything I hoped it would be ❤
Simrasil (4 days ago)
11/10 this is too good ^^
SwanDuck (4 days ago)
Vex winks. (Jester at Fjord). Animators perhaps a fan of the show?
antipyrene (2 days ago)
Yes, they did an animation for Vox Machina
Onion Bagel (4 days ago)
This is probably every anime opening ever
Albert Landau (4 days ago)
Yes. Just yes.
TheKnutMan (4 days ago)
This needs to be a show so hard...
Asum (4 days ago)
How is this so perfect? I love it.
spidermanandsnape (5 days ago)
This is so incredibly cool. I love watching all of the characters that I have grown to love in critical role actually animated and moving like this! I would totally watch this entire show animated, even the parts without any action
Christie Cameron (5 days ago)
I will sing this song to my children as they sleep.
Dungeon Master Zach (5 days ago)
I memorized the lyrics in 1 hour
DrJackJeckyl (5 days ago)
I see...
The lone Marowak (6 days ago)
Man I REALLY need to watch Critical Role
Ryan Suddeth (1 day ago)
They've also Podcasted the entire first season I believe... so even if you don't want to watch... you can always listen.
The lone Marowak (5 days ago)
Oof just looked at the first campaign that's a long playlist, I'll probability skip to the second season then maybe circle around and watch the first one if I'm loving the series, thanks for the advice!
iandakariann (5 days ago)
The lone Marowak you should. Note that this is based on the second season. So if you are intimidated by how big the playlist is you can just start at season 2 as it's a new campaign that didn't directly link to the old (beyond the occasional reference the players make and one spoiler one person let slip). Though if you have the time for it do watch the first campaign simply because it's awesome
Quincy Dunker (6 days ago)
Some of the greatest 49 seconds of my life.
Daniel Ström (6 days ago)
This is the best thing.
Vassala (6 days ago)
This song is too catchy, i've had it stuck in my head for 2 days now and i doubt it'll be leaving anytime soon. But i can't complain, It's a good song.
Miles Ried (6 days ago)
This song is such a bop though
Perry Carters (6 days ago)
Real talk, I would 110% watch an animated series based on the Critical Role campaigns.
Emmote (6 days ago)
Love at the end where Jester lands with her Duplicity and they're both winking like Vex.
TheFarbaut (6 days ago)
Sanjay Henry (7 days ago)
At 1.25x speed it sounds like an anime intro
Christina Dixon (7 days ago)
I keep hearing a likeness to the magic school bus theme song. 😊
O B (7 days ago)
I call thy name and summon thee, oh great and terrible Netflix! Please take pity on us mortals an make this a full length animated tv show!
Allen Alvarez (7 days ago)
I wouldn't mind hearing this as an ad every now and then. It's so good.
VerchielxKanda (7 days ago)
This animation is so SMOOTH!!  ^_^
오렌지 (7 days ago)
Saturday Morning D&D. perfect.
Peachy Moose (7 days ago)
I have listened to this song about 100 times, but in my head it been on repeat for weeks. Sam can sure write a banger! To use the parlance of our time.
Sam Gand-Wad (8 days ago)
One of the most amazing things I've ever seen
John Pettus (8 days ago)
10/10 Would watch slavishly.
Crimson FoxHound (8 days ago)
Can there just be a critical role cartoon show?
Katharine Glasgo (8 days ago)
Holy Crap.... Sam's voice is amazing!
madaxe606 (8 days ago)
Love the 90's animated cheese. A hypothetical question: is there a point beyond which inclusiveness becomes pandering?
iandakariann (5 days ago)
madaxe606 intent tends to be a factor. The intent of this is to give a short story of a player who had problems with their character which were solved letting her enjoy a great d&d session. Once you have a good core for your content you are free to indulge if it doesn't mess with the core. Having the cast of critical role means you get ready made interesting characters that appeals to fans while still being understandable to others. The fanservice details don't detract from any of that so you can go all out. If you don't know about criticsl role you won't realize or care that the purple swordsman had cut his neck on his blades or that the lights that white haired woman raged when she threw that gnoll. You may notice the girl summoning a large lolipop but you'll eventually go "ok this is the crazy one" and just accept that there's two of her winking at you. That is good use of fanservice. Bad service is when it's clear the only reason is for the fanservice. If the story is "oh look it's critical role" then that's pandering. It's a thin line.
Joel Zerr (8 days ago)
I still cannot get over how good this is
German-Side (8 days ago)
Why is this so good....
Tom Hicks (8 days ago)
So when’s the series happening?
VioletHaynsworth (8 days ago)
This is what convinced me to start watching Critical Role.
Wolfbourne The First (8 days ago)
How do you make an ad campaign so cool!
Wolfbourne The First (8 days ago)
I just noticed the Phil Collins drum fill at the end
Hainstille (8 days ago)
Damn this is catchy
schaam623 (8 days ago)
I can't stop listening to it. Sam's voice is sooooo good. The animation is AMAZING. It has everything (except being waaaaaay longer cause I want more)
Jeffery O'Neill (9 days ago)
332 Gnolls disliked this video😐
Joe Traub (9 days ago)
how could anyone actually down vote this?
miketheczar (9 days ago)
The character I've been using for almost 8 years now (and I'm 21) is named Anduyn, a 28-year-old magic user who grew up in a very famous fighter family. While his family supported his endeavors into the arcane, he still felt no connection to his family. After going to a magic school and becoming a prodigy at the young age of 18, he went back home to see them prospering more without him. Without saying a word, he simply left a letter and left on his own. After joining a group of rag-tag adventurers, he learned something about himself that he never knew: an affinity for stabbing things. While at first, this seemed scary to him, he adapted it into a skill. Having nothing but the ragged robes of his school from 10 years ago, a Mythril dagger and a staff, he has slowly started to gain notoriety in the lands as a wild card magician who always gets his jobs done. Most recently, he ran with his group along a mountainside to kill a dragon, and not only incinerated a massive troll into ash with a fireball but also transformed into a dragon to wrestle their target dragon. Keep in mind, for some reason, we played Advanced D&D, a much older version. D&D has done nothing but good for me. Anduyn was my first character, and he won't be my last.
Darth Lectus (9 days ago)
I proudly admit to my mancrush on Sam Reigel.
iandakariann (9 days ago)
After watching this way too much I started to realize that this works very much out of context as a general group of varied party members fighting gnolls. Then Jester summoned a lollipop.
Tamara Burk (9 days ago)
so happy this turned out superb. wonder what else Sam Riegel has up his sleeve.
Anthony D (9 days ago)
thank you Sam Riegel
Vanytastic SONE (9 days ago)
I feel that my character Greston the half Elf fighter cleric from 1979 imagined Sam and C.R. into being. As it was dreamt so it shall be done!
Quamont (9 days ago)
Can we get a full song?
valtherockstar (9 days ago)
This gets me pumped for the day!
Jeffry Cochran (9 days ago)
I like the way Beau catches an arrow spins and sends it back catching the gnoll behind Jester in the forehead.
Brad Kolar (10 days ago)
So used to listening at 1.5 times speed, that the original sounds intentionally slow lol. This is just wonderful, I'm loving that 80s aesthetic.
Jordan Kidd (10 days ago)
Is it wrong that I'm 1,000 of these views? I love it! Way to go Sam!
Miss Ellaneous (10 days ago)
Sam Riegel is King!
pyrojobe (10 days ago)
How do I make this my ringtone on Android and Apple
Sophia Fracassi (10 days ago)
I wish this was an actual show
nik700 (10 days ago)
I love how they animated Caleb's spell, just like Liam describes it
TheKhfan001 (10 days ago)
I almost forgot to watch this today
Curious Robyn (10 days ago)
I know that Sam has created many things, including his children, but THIS is the most magical thing he's ever brought to life.
Rodrigo Atilano (10 days ago)
I love this so much! I've watched it so many times :D
nivolord (10 days ago)
A lot of people are getting into DnD because of Stranger Things, so it is only fitting this theme has an 80s vibe.
alon yairi (10 days ago)
I am playing this over, and *over* and OVER again endlessly and I never get tired of hearing this
Robyn Higgs (11 days ago)
NETFLIX get on this NOW!
Dale Swan (11 days ago)
When does this series start?
Lord Elvi (11 days ago)
I could listen to this all day. I frickin love it.
Omar Guillen (11 days ago)
Rowyn Oak (11 days ago)
This is sooooo great!
Lance Boudreaux (11 days ago)
Sam is an absolute genius.
Tyler (11 days ago)
10/10 would watch this show.
77yggorf (11 days ago)
and back
Åsa Karlsson (11 days ago)
I truely hope that they do a cartoon as they did in the 80:s and 90:s! :D
Nathan Adams (11 days ago)
I can't stop watching this!!! It's so kool.
MrMordo85 (11 days ago)
Dammit, YOU, you the creator, travel back in time and make cartoons for 90s Mordo to enjoy
meortas (11 days ago)
I love this so much! Even at 0.25 speed this is a masterpiece, there's so much perfect stuff in the animation.
Cimerio (12 days ago)
It's perfect! thank you!
Samur Eye (12 days ago)
Jordy S (12 days ago)
Jester's little wink at Oska-err I mean Fjord, so cute.
Dakota Donaldson (12 days ago)
I'm only on ep3 of season 2 when does she get a lollipop?
JRoze555 (11 days ago)
Dakota Donaldson It's her choice for the form of her spiritual weapon
K M (12 days ago)
God damn, where is the MP3 for this? Automatic buy from iTunes ❤️
James Goodman (12 days ago)
Love it, and man it made me remember Thunder cats animation. Can't get enough of Critical Role and I am proud to own all 5e hard copy books. Using DnD beyond as well as a DM.
angbandsbane (12 days ago)
I don't know what it is, but I love the animation on the Beholder especially

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