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Far Cry 2 Professional Assassination

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Donut's tard-away service provides quiet and efficient disposal of unwanted vagrants. This video is a demonstration of our service.
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Text Comments (140)
Gianluca Chetcuti (5 years ago)
what mission is this?
Vinicius Chefer (5 years ago)
Dr. Pheel (5 years ago)
Yes, if you have a red rag on your char, you are most definitely josip
Skarlet (5 years ago)
josip was an ass to me, i was Marty
Fish in a Tin Can (5 years ago)
It's part of the Fortunes Pack DLC. It says so at the beginning of the video.
Jonathan Elias (5 years ago)
What's the weapon you got at 1:55? I got all weapons in the game but I've never seen this one!
jak795 (5 years ago)
Im glad you did this video, it really does show that the stealth aspect of the game is not that hard to pull off.
Alexander Magno (5 years ago)
BlacklistAgent 99 (5 years ago)
I'm sure he got a bad rash from laying on his stomach the whole trip there. xD
Wrolfy (5 years ago)
Are you being an ass, or is that really possible? I'm serious.
Wrolfy (5 years ago)
I like the dart rifle.too bad it brakes after like 15 shots.
mazinais31 (5 years ago)
how awesome would it be if the guns didnt work after swimming? altho that would make the ak47 everyone's weapon of choice i guess :)
The Reaper95 (5 years ago)
Who is going to take over the world when I die?
Donut117 (5 years ago)
and they will have fricking lazer beams attached to their fricking heads.
The Reaper95 (5 years ago)
I know..... I was clearly hinting towards that seeing as I saw the Far Cry 3 Survival Video with Sharks in it.
dru12121 (5 years ago)
And now ladies and gentlemen...I present you 'The d*ck of the week'.
JC Denton (5 years ago)
Metal...!? METAL GEAR!? >:O!?
The Reaper95 (5 years ago)
Better watch out for Far Cry 3 then...... I hope you don't mind a good swim, There aren't crocodiles, or alligators to my knowledge, but just saying, don't swim out too far....
tenacious645 (5 years ago)
I LOVE this game. I hope the 3rd one is anywhere near as good as this.
Seth Hutchinson (5 years ago)
Only people who play farcry 2 knows this game teaches you how to kill
Nils Grasser (5 years ago)
1.27 WTF !!!!!!!
Gerasimos (5 years ago)
dart rifle is awesome! i just made same good assasinations using it ;)
dru12121 (5 years ago)
why did u shot flare gun? and was that a shotty silencer?
The Freeman Initiative (5 years ago)
Very stealthy and very well played Good joob!
Andrew Gonzalez (5 years ago)
where do u get the hang glider?
Brandon Rodrigues (5 years ago)
That was cool I keep trying to get cool assinations like that but I FAIL
Scrubby Pochette (5 years ago)
Woot -75% ATM Buying this game time!
Darkcity212 (5 years ago)
is that a shotgun silencer ? where to get from ??
Matthew Stretton (5 years ago)
I think so. Thanks :D
Donut117 (5 years ago)
i think this was josip. hes the guy with the red rag tied around his right wrist, isnt he?
Matthew Stretton (5 years ago)
Awesome vid, what character do you play as?
UrAnus1231 (5 years ago)
Yeah. Comes with the Fortune Pack DLC.
Kikewas (5 years ago)
eso lo hago yo en muchas misiones. xD
Drew Kingston (5 years ago)
Was that a suppressed shotgun
OAKnSTEEL (5 years ago)
0:55 to 1:20 Would probably be by far the best panic attack I've ever heard
JC Denton (5 years ago)
Are there alien bastards in trees?
skyrim overlord (5 years ago)
pause 1:19 lol
Donut117 (6 years ago)
im pretty sure ANYONE could do this. i just ran up and did this. it wasnt planned or anything.
zakarias1886 (6 years ago)
what is the flear gun good for?
Geolas (6 years ago)
What can this signal pistol do?
stonebreaker99 (6 years ago)
Attract the enemies.
JC Denton (6 years ago)
Are there alien bastards in space?
Donut117 (6 years ago)
zabthesandwich (6 years ago)
are there human eating seaguls in the sky?
Donut117 (6 years ago)
unfortunately, no.
Nicholas Gorham (6 years ago)
best video on youtube.
GatorTheHator (6 years ago)
lol, i fucking love the multiplayer haha. My opinion i guess, just needs more players.
JamesTheKyd (6 years ago)
what does the flare gun do?
Donut117 (6 years ago)
fortunes pack. its a DLC package
jorenz nojadera (6 years ago)
shot gun with a silencer? where did you get it?
Brandon Aldana (6 years ago)
No country for old men.
Sheldon Hardy (6 years ago)
boy, i wish i still had FC2
CookieeMonstarr666 (6 years ago)
thanks.. i will give a try..
Donut117 (6 years ago)
it should. i was playing this on an old laptop with an nivdea go 7600. you should be able to play it at a reasonable frame rate.
CookieeMonstarr666 (6 years ago)
intel gma 4500m can run ??
zachbannister (6 years ago)
should have cut just before you hit the water
Robert Farrish (6 years ago)
Silenced shotgun: No country for Africans
DoomJoy666 (6 years ago)
i got crysis 1 for my xbox and far cry 2 and crysis is way better but for stuff like this i love far cry 2 and its better at this kind of thing
SeSeReRfRf (6 years ago)
1:00 just listen to the AI talk ahahaa
ColonelSmoke (6 years ago)
LEAP OF FAITH in the end makes it look really classy. Well done sir.
Makmen • (6 years ago)
Автор А слабо ТОЖЕ САМОЕ ПОВТОРИТЬ, лишь без св с дротиками а на обычный винтовке за 15 алмазов????? либо чем безумнейший тем выёбистий? я на пм с глушаком тебя завалю резвее чем ты с рпг-7 меня!!!
Eirika sacredstones (6 years ago)
now THAT. was some fuck...
Donut117 (6 years ago)
@OOHZnaP insta kill as far as i can tell. i think it does online too.
StyryderX (6 years ago)
@2v1l I think this game has that element. It's easier to dispose some enemies first before taking out your AK47 and blast everything.
stuntkratos (6 years ago)
feel like a ninja
dirtydogdisco01 (6 years ago)
who still plays this? i do
David Ivan (6 years ago)
1:29 well that was pretty fuckin ninja
theParturiMan (6 years ago)
@Donut117 I actually like Far cry 2's online. It's simple just the way I like it.
Donut117 (6 years ago)
@WolfeBane84 theoretically, yes. the ai dont seem to react much to it though.
WolfeBane84 (6 years ago)
Just to clarify (I've never used it much before) the proper use for the flare gun is to pop it off (does it matter if its just straight up or does it have to be up and in the opposite direction that you want to travel) to distract any enemies?
WolfeBane84 (6 years ago)
@AeroplaneCentral I've played it sneaky before and I've never scared the shit out of them that badly to make them start ranting like that.
Cote X (6 years ago)
looool at that guy 'ahh dont wanna get killed, just wanna go home!'' :')
Donut117 (6 years ago)
@themrmacrulz the shotgun is part of the fortunes pack DLC. the sniper is the dart rifle, which is in the game by default.
mack daleo (6 years ago)
how did you have a shotgun and sniper attached
TheitaniofRome (6 years ago)
@davidpholtz yes if its what u like. Very open world. T he only thing i didnt like was driving around all the time to find diamonds because you are looking down at your map a bunch. but the weapons ect are great.. the fire being the best probably. As you can light grass on fire ect.. kill lots of guys
Donut117 (6 years ago)
@davidpholtz if you can get it on sale, as in, for under 10 bucks, its worth it for the single player. the multiplayer is not uh.... that great, lol.
Is this game worth getting?
Andrew Rice (6 years ago)
1:08 the poor man just want to go home!
Donut117 (6 years ago)
@zakarias1886 its a DLC pack. its called "Fortune's Pack". it came packaged with the game when i bought it on steam
zakarias1886 (6 years ago)
were do you get that patch for far cry 2 ?
Viscupelo (6 years ago)
He just wanted to go home. ;_;
kumbandit (6 years ago)
@itwasryan I like to shoot him up close too then run over the bridge and hide in the grass and foliage, then take them out with dart gun as they come, Once I'm done, I take the glider and collect diamonds than can't be reached otherwise. That's how it's done.
Nepal_Guy (6 years ago)
@thebowlzack in multiplayer you can distract people with it or call help
njduran (6 years ago)
me gusta
Donut117 (6 years ago)
@NWOhioValleyAirsoft well, if you get a deal on steam, no, but alone it does. to be honest, you shouldnt get it if you havent played through the campaign yet because it kind of breaks the game to have all those weapons straight up without needing to spend diamonds on them idfk if these weapons even appear in multiplayer. i cant tolerate it personally...im not sure if the fortunes pack is worth it if youre not getting a deal
Shadowthedgehog1 (6 years ago)
@itwasryan LOL I do that too, though I played easy because I hate sneaking around in non-Splinter-Cell games. As for your pillow - you may not know it, but the cat was sent on an assassination mission against it
Donut117 (6 years ago)
@thebowlzack starting fires, taking up your secondary spot, and looking cool
thebowlzack (6 years ago)
@Donut117 ah, didnt even think about dlc's. Oh btw what does the flaire gun do besides attract more people to your posiotion -.-
Donut117 (6 years ago)
@thebowlzack its a special shotgun thats part of the fortunes pack DLC.
thebowlzack (6 years ago)
how did he get a silencer on the shotgun?
OpFor4 (6 years ago)
@Donut117 ya. i wish i had a pc
Donut117 (6 years ago)
@OpFor4 oh were you playing on a console? because this is pc
OpFor4 (6 years ago)
@Donut117 like how u look around. it would suddenly just start moving really fast. not really just aiming i guess
Stratton (6 years ago)
Donut117 (6 years ago)
@OpFor4 no. it was fine
OpFor4 (6 years ago)
does anyone else think that aiming in fc2 was completely fucked?
11secure (6 years ago)
@Donut117 well.. yeah, actually even a normal kitchen knife is more effective. but i like that weapon, too. anyways, nice sniping! love your vid, i subbed. :)
Donut117 (6 years ago)
@11secure yeah, but it was less effective than just shooting them, and youre taking up your secondary spot that could be used for something like IEDs, or that sawed off shotgun if you have the fortunes DLC. to clarify, i use the flare gun anyway, just because its awesome.
11secure (6 years ago)
@Donut117 If use it right, enemies got badly burned.
Donut117 (6 years ago)
@Jerone500 really. i had no idea. ill try that next time i play

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