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Why I'm Quitting PUBG After 1,000 Hours (Strong Language)

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Downward Thrust (1 month ago)
Thanks for watching guys. I hope to be back in a few days with a Cyberpunk 2077 video. I just had to get this one of my chest first.
Jake Wilferd (7 days ago)
blah. just no. how could you like a battle royal game?
Swift MC (7 days ago)
Are u gonna play Fortnite now just wondering.
Agent 3 (8 days ago)
Why not fortnite though?
Jordenator Normanator (9 days ago)
+Jacob Lapoo too successful? Don't make me laugh
Murphy's Law (10 days ago)
Welcome to rainbow 6
iKarma-J (3 hours ago)
Fortnite has always been better. They actually update their game every week. And now we got blackout which will destroy PUBG. Runs way better.
something interesting (3 hours ago)
I think I remember I watched this already
ahmed alghamdi (7 hours ago)
what makes me really angry the fact the PUBG after all the money and the support by the early adopter they went to look for new market (xbox,mobile) supply crate and new maps new skins new weapons and new every thing just to squeeze the last cent they can get their cheap strategy was short sighted imagine if they postponed all the above bullshit and worked on the core of the game top perfect it and then they started to expand? i believe they would be the top selling game right now too sad the faggots with the Asian mentality only thought about garbing as much as they can and never thought about tomorrow RIP
Peter Quad (7 hours ago)
When i play PUBG sometimes im still like... Don't be angry don't be angry you still have worse netcode like Tarkov one this is still ok. I have like 650 hours at PUBG and i end it up just because of this changes..., i don't know why but i like older PUBG even with bugs and stuff more then this current one, community is spliting to new maps before you just have erangel and that was all there was always some rain/fog forecast and it was fun to play actually. Now if i start it i usually play one or two games and turn it off, it's not like i hate it or something but it's just not what it was.
RURR (9 hours ago)
*OpInIoNs ArE fOr MiNiOnS*
BlueWolfGaming (9 hours ago)
Try being a fan of dayz for 3 years this is nothing compared to that
ThaRealChef (10 hours ago)
Welcome to products made by the creator of day z, he has a history of giving up
Candren Lycosa (12 hours ago)
Your talking about the same exact Devs as TERA Online, an MMO so UNOPTIMIZED that Overclocking gives you negative FPS.
HerpFlerpDerp Nerp (16 hours ago)
I couldn’t handle how lazy the dev team was. Anyone that doesn’t agree should take a look at how much money Brownhole and Tom Green’s doppelgänger actually earned.
Cody C (16 hours ago)
Drama queen
Miinite (22 hours ago)
bad words
Swanky SSBM (22 hours ago)
i mean, this guy plays the game exclusively in third person perspective... and yall are sitting here listening to his opinion. lol I can't take this seriously at all
Jonathan Vaughn (23 hours ago)
Man... i probably put in 100 hrs... i've put more into nicotine in a week when smoking cigs and even still when vaping juul... does this mean PUBG didn't drop the ball? No, but was it money wasted? No. It did the job for when it had it's spotlight and it was fun, was there frustration and fucked up times? Yes, but there was also very fun experiences with my friends. Everything has an expiration date. Sad but true, hey, there are plenty of up and coming similar games that will carry the torch and most likely be worth the money spent so no worries. You already own Pubg so if you don't feel like paying the few packs of pods or cigs for a game, welp, you still got PUBG
omar oyt (23 hours ago)
TheMajorSeven (1 day ago)
Why can't Battle Royale in general die, it will never earn the title as "video game" this also applies to Fortnite that game will never be in gaming history also PUBG these games are just BS, just play free for all on a normal game...
Eric Durrant (1 day ago)
this game is trash shooter
smails03 Plays (1 day ago)
Mmmm strong language now that drives me away from the video becasue my mommy said I should not listen to bad boy words
Aimon Hamdi (1 day ago)
cuz pubg is gay
vassili soklaridis (1 day ago)
Pubg didn’t die I T. W A S. M U R D E R E D
maximus14433 (1 day ago)
Let me tell yall why I never got into PUBG after about 2hrs gameplay since release... hmmmm or not.
Unashamed Gamer (1 day ago)
4:32 unless your shroud OMEGALUL
Michael Dodge (1 day ago)
Felix James (1 day ago)
I am quitting pubg because there is not an audience for pubg, and all my audience needs to be fed. Well enjoy feeding the kiddos im unsubing
Banjo Bill (1 day ago)
Anyone who puts strong language in the title of their video needs to be killed
Insanityltself (1 day ago)
Never had any lag or problems wth hitreg at all......
Brandon Hibner (1 day ago)
Cuz of BO4
Dave Cunningham (1 day ago)
Hey guys I stopped eating Cheerios, want to know why? Yeah I didn't think so...
Andrew Longoria (1 day ago)
Andrew Longoria (1 day ago)
Tron Nort (2 days ago)
I quit pubg after 9 hours. I spent 9 hours trying to figure out why people played this trash. Gave up.
.goWa (2 days ago)
King of the kill 100% better in season 3
Presto Games (2 days ago)
Did he quit
superior pro (2 days ago)
He should move to mobile LoL
Jaxxten Markko (2 days ago)
The games dead cuz shroud ain’t playing it as his main
JeffAffects (2 days ago)
Still better than fagnight
Rith x (2 days ago)
Because you're bored of it, you played it too much, you spent too much money on it. no need to criticize it before click uninstall button,
Victor Valenzuela (2 days ago)
I just play the mobile version and I love it! then I stop playing it for a while then I go back when I’m bored again..... we don’t need to play a game for hours these days because we are going to get very bored of it....
Ray Bey The Asshole (3 days ago)
I love this game. But I can dig these reasons for wanting to quit.
The Tillman Review (3 days ago)
I've never played the console and pc versions. The tab version is okay. I hate that I've paid for shot but start me off with no weapons EVERY match...
Speedy Boi (3 days ago)
So basically it was an epic gamer rage
Mike Tyson (3 days ago)
Anukool Shukla (3 days ago)
good thing i didnt play the game yet on pc i just baught it on pc 10 mins ago :P
squanchy squanch (3 days ago)
I bet you haven't even put 100 hours into the game. These essays sucks balls.
Tzeff NL (3 days ago)
On Friday, October 12th, I saw that the #1 game played on Steam was PUBG. But on Saterday, October 13th, PUBG dropped to 3rd! 0.o'
Craig Franklin (3 days ago)
So that you can make this click bait title video. Yeah, we know, and yes, you got me.
Tyler Kloster (3 days ago)
Agreed... unfortunately we only have cod bo4 to look forward too and boy is that depressing
Alan (3 days ago)
Red dead redemption is the first game I've been excited about in years and is the only game I've preordered
Spooky (3 days ago)
You understand what it like to play wasteland in Arma spend 45 min to get a store to get gear to get sniped as soon as you get near the building
Wilshire Studios (3 days ago)
Ring of Elysium is here for you. And free.
SpaceDOOM Purrp (3 days ago)
So do you plan out a speech about quitting a video game or.......
Chris Luha (3 days ago)
Who cares lol
Splishy Gaming (4 days ago)
Why not just play god of war 4
Splishy Gaming (4 days ago)
Best fame 10/10
SG Killerworm (4 days ago)
Ive been playing Realm Royale cause’ I cant get PUBG(I do play the mobile version) and Im kinda burned out with Fortnite
Suu Ree (4 days ago)
I have almost 1400 hours and I feel thr exact same way you do. I've just been playing Tarkov to get my "realistic" fps fix.
drunkskullface (4 days ago)
Who cares!
MrFishVAC (4 days ago)
Downward "I'm not overly dramatic but I'll cry for 15 minutes on YouTube rather than just unistall" thrust
KalleK (4 days ago)
Pubg in a nutshell: 80% boring downtime 15% pure frustration 5% fun and exciting gameplay
gil maia (4 days ago)
if you like steep learning curves and rewarding gameplay u should try R6S
DrowsieCS (4 days ago)
Only genuine problem I have is the hit reg, I die around corners often. That being said I have 410 hours and I'm ranked elite and grinding towards grand Master in fpp. I played 12 hours straight today and I still love it. Doesn't deserve the hate you're giving the game right now.
David Lo (4 days ago)
Mobile pubg is Better
Andrew Cullen (4 days ago)
Is it funny that the reason you like a battle royale is the complete reason i hate the genre? See you say each game is different and a new experience...i see it different All battle royale: 1) drop into map 2) hope for a gun 3) if you get a gun then yay you have a chance. 4) lurk around the map for probably about 30 min, maybe having 1-2 battles 5) repeat Thats it, for hours, these slow large maps where sometimes you get action, othertimes you get crap rng and just ahould give up then and there, and its just so dull to me.
Juan Bustillos (4 days ago)
hace you tried ring of elysium?
Baptiste G. (4 days ago)
I play pubg on mobile
Baptiste G. (4 days ago)
spacepunk (4 days ago)
I have 4,000 hours in a 10 year-old game that barely gets more than 1 update per year that is littered with cheaters and bugs that have existed since launch. We also have queue times of 5+ mins when playing with 5 other people, hardly any communication from the dev team, dogshit optimization, and less than 50k people playing at any given time. By the way, every update released ruins the game for weeks at a time, contains changes that no one wanted or that the majority of the community didn't want, and exploits aren't fixed for weeks/months either. You should consider yourself lucky because everyone in our community would love to have ANYTHING that PUBG has.
Lucas K (4 days ago)
I have none of the problems you do. Except hitreg, and even that is rare. You sure it's not about your pc/ internet?
Kool-Aid-Jamma (4 days ago)
"ESports READY"
Da'Neil Pitts (4 days ago)
Lol the game didn't work out... I played for a 1000 hrs. $30 for 1000 hrs sounds good. When you can complete tomb raider is 5 hrs lol
1inchPunchBowl (5 days ago)
Bye then.
Nate Blankenship (5 days ago)
"Why I stopped playing pubg after 1k hours." I JuST g0t BoRED
M1DG3T (5 days ago)
I can relate to this video 100%
Sky13r M (5 days ago)
*procedes to stream PUBG after uploading video Idk if he actually did but I’m just joking
Darkshock 42 MLG 0 (5 days ago)
It will eventually die out. It will be like the zombie craze. Basically fortnite will be that game that everyone talked about for a year then moved on to the next big thing.
Jasneet Madan (5 days ago)
You are a very bad pubg player and network lag is not to be belamed it's your skill to be blamed.camping won't help. Like in fortnite the skill gap is much greater than ever before. Fortnite is for noobs pubg is for pros
Jasneet Madan (5 days ago)
You can't play pubg as you don't know how to play it. there is bullet vilocity speed etc.It is realistic game not Cartoonish like fortnite.
Jasneet Madan (5 days ago)
Fortnite tard
Itz Serg (5 days ago)
theres mobile so yeah
RAZPOR (5 days ago)
im on 1700 hours. always supported pubg. its annoying the ammount of experiences im getting lately. but im sad to see my favorite game fail like this...
Muresan Bogdan (5 days ago)
Chinese bootleg Pubg games work better than pubg...
KnightHawk Films (5 days ago)
Regardless, any game that you put 1000 hours into is a good game.
zzz J (5 days ago)
the game is ok if you arent trying the be the best of the best and just fking around. But its far far far away from acceptable to be played competitively or even seriously
Espc (5 days ago)
What accent is that or where are you from?
Dismal (5 days ago)
I feel like im one of the few people who haven't had hardly any problems with the game. I haven't had a vehicle glitch out on me, it has been running really smooth and ping has been low, I haven't seen a single hacker, and the wait time only lasts at most 10 seconds before getting into a lobby.
ahmad daniel (5 days ago)
CSGO have longer waiting time.
beastx5323 (5 days ago)
bro at the end of the day it's still just a game and you're a grown ass man still bitching 😂😂
Extrakill_em (5 days ago)
If only they listened to you like epic games
Tecto swap (5 days ago)
Yea BOII one more Fortnite player
Avai Gaming (5 days ago)
What's fucked up is that pubg mobile is better and running smoother
Dora The Explorer (5 days ago)
Best state🤔
Colin Mc Ginn (5 days ago)
Anthony Rojas (5 days ago)
Anthony Rojas (5 days ago)
df71091 (5 days ago)
Check the game Hunt:Showdown, still in alpha but constant updates , the game plays unique and is fun once you know how to survive
Trent Jones (5 days ago)
You got 1000 hours out of it. That is insane good value. Games don’t last forever. Game is broken. But just like a new relationship there is a honeymoon period and that over time goes away. I got 650 hours out of it,which is money well spent.
logan taylor (5 days ago)
The fact that ring of ellisium, a free to play game, runs better, has more weapons and customisation options and is all around more fun than PUBG really show the lack of progress in PUBG
"strong language" I don't know any other language 😼
Darko (5 days ago)
Why i wasted 1000 hours on a video game and decided to brag about it because i have nothing else to do in my life and neither have a life to do so. Seems about right, pretty pathetic..
Mourning Lisa. (6 days ago)
I didn't just quit Pubg | I murdered it Wait wrong shitty video game "essay" channel
Nine Dnine (6 days ago)
Kenny Hotz (6 days ago)
I’m a fortnite player and I tried pub g just to see it I would like it and I won my first game! I was hyped

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