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TOP 20 BEST Upcoming Games of 2018 & 2019 (PS4, XBOX ONE, PC) Cinematics Trailers

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TOP 15 BEST Upcoming Games of 2018 & 2019 | New Games 2018 for PS4 Xbox One PC 1 - Overkill's The Walking Dead Nov. 08, 2018 (PS4, XB1, PC) 2 - Cyberpunk 2077 TBA (PS4, XB1, PC) 3 - Anthem Q1 2019 (PS4, XB1, PC) 4 - Earthfall July 13, 2018 (PS4, XB1, PC) 5 - Fallout 76 Nov. 14, 2018 (PS4, XB1, PC) 6 - Shadow of the Tomb Raider September 14, 2018 (PS4, XB1, PC) 7 - Halo Infinite TBA (XB1, PC) 8 - Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden TBA 2018 (PS4, XB1, PC) 9 - GreedFall TBA 2018 (PS4, XB1, PC) 10 - World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth Q3 2018 (PC) 11 - The Last of Us: Part II TBA (PS4) 12 - Red Dead Redemption 2 October 26, 2018 (PS4, Xbox One) 13 Beyond Good & Evil 2 TBA (PS4, XB1, PC) 14 - Metro Exodus 2019 (PS4, Xbox One, PC) 15 - Final Fantasy VII Remake TBA (PS4) 16 - Biomutant 2018 (PS4, XB1, PC) 17 - Skull & Bones 2019 (PS4, XB1, PC) 18 - Spider-Man Sep. 07, 2018 (PS4) 19 - Darksiders 3 TBA 2018 (PS4/XB1/PC) 20 - Death Stranding TBA (PS4) Bonus: 21 - Days Gone Feb. 22, 2019 (PS4 Exclusive) 22 - Ghost of Tsushima 2019 (PS4 Exclusive) ►SUBSCRIBE: http://goo.gl/w0ca4q
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Text Comments (1395)
Richard Rich man (40 minutes ago)
I want same of the ps4
Daniel McCann (1 hour ago)
Half-life 3 :"v?
Masterminded Games (3 hours ago)
So at 40:00 they put walking dead in mars
KaiTheGuy (5 hours ago)
Emre Bal (11 hours ago)
HALO INFINITE, comeback of real halo
We need Dying light 2 in here too!
MIGO (17 hours ago)
...trade 'em all in and more for Borderlands 3
Roy Stewart (20 hours ago)
FUck any EA association (middle finger) to EA... micro transaction ....(fill in blank)
Zed Amadeus (20 hours ago)
... Last of Us part 2?? Anyone??
Mental Challenger (1 day ago)
Road to eden: The 1st person feminist perspective...
pizza patates (1 day ago)
I wonder how can a human beeing can live without drinking and eating
C T (1 day ago)
im not hyper at all for Fallout West Virginia... Fallout 4 was such a disspointment to me that I lost trust in Bethesda.. And what they did with the mods was disgusting.
Heegaherger (1 day ago)
Eh. Lots of Pretties. Half of them too dark to see anything. And those that aren’t, don’t really show anything. All fluff. There was nothing there that sparked anything more than “might be interesting...”
DasIllu (1 day ago)
Wake me up when the zombie bullshit ends...
dwukropek ifał (1 day ago)
who on earth cares about spider man or halo infinite? Age of Empires 4, DMC 5, Life is Strange 2, Tropico 6, QUAKE CHAMPIONS?
Dvs Animations (1 day ago)
fallout 76 is my fav on them all
Earthfall is just ten years or so to late for the left for dead craze...
Justuas (1 day ago)
>cinematic trailers *sigh* >2018 & 2019 but lists FFVIIR LMAO
TheLittleBigGamer (1 day ago)
Is cyberpunk the new gta 5?
TheLittleBigGamer (1 day ago)
Is anthem a rip off of halo
Goddess shepherd (1 day ago)
0:28 i see somebodys a "Marcus"(GOW) wannabe
PoLsKi BaNaN (1 day ago)
2:49 💕❤💕❤💕❤💕
Maxgglol (1 day ago)
14:32 why do theo play swedich music in the background?😂
professer Sparks (2 days ago)
No Rez Evil 2 or The Division 2 hmmm
BlacklistP226 (2 days ago)
Wow! Look at all these games that I'm not going to play for eight years and then possibly buy for seven pennies and a goat leg from the meth addict who sells used games out of his cardboard box down the street.
JB Tree (2 days ago)
What Games Are Yall most Excited for ?
Jelena KT (2 days ago)
Death stranding: Another LSD game...
Ghostly (2 days ago)
I can't wait for Fallout 76!!!!
Ghostly (2 days ago)
6:27 isn't that the mystery printer from COD: AW Zombies
Noctis Kami (2 days ago)
Resident evil 2 remake and devil may cry 5 is all i need for 2019
ace- - (2 days ago)
anthem 攻殻機動隊だろ
Kingsley Seow (2 days ago)
Why do people think that the future have to look like ugly gaming laptops
Upcoming Games watch https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UXkL7621Cao&t=7s
Cosmin Paval (2 days ago)
Anthem with Muse Haaaaaaan !!!!! I have cum.
Deadly Fury (2 days ago)
A pre rendered cutseane tells me as much abaut the game as it does abaut fresh water fly fishing.
Bloody Communism (2 days ago)
*Where tf is aoc 2?*
James Remington (2 days ago)
The Last Of Us 2 didn't look that good and it makes me sad
If I did not see the name of the game which is in 4th place. I'd think it was left4dead 3. (Если бы я не увидел заглавие игры которая на 4 месте. Я бы поразмыслил что это left4dead3)
Unpretentious Wind (3 days ago)
all these games are failure so much cinematics this means they will suck only 2 may be good
juan martinez (3 days ago)
algún día nos dejaran jugar como el covenan? ya se el el 2 nos dejaron pero yo quiero una campaña jugando solo con el covenan
Marcio Almeida (3 days ago)
Donnie Cervantes (3 days ago)
Where's black Ops 4?
Nokam (3 days ago)
Why there is not a Just Cause 4 ?
Jinx S (3 days ago)
For the horde
wahid djebbour (3 days ago)
Where is minecraft battel royal 😬😬😬 Jk 😅😅😅
Stephen Attwood (3 days ago)
It seems like ea should just make movies because they can’t make games
trautsj (3 days ago)
yea... look up ACTUAL GAMEPLAY from that walking dead game ... its fucking horrendous ... never trust pre rendered cutscenes boys and girls
MyName IsZeus (3 days ago)
1st is look hot
Holypikemanz (3 days ago)
"The walking dead" starts with scrawny girl beating up dudes and bigger women, no way Im watching/supporting that beta male jerk off fest. Edit: o look most of this shit is for cunts. Ninja special ops 90lbs girls destroying everyone.
Lplayer320 Pussy (3 days ago)
shadow of the tomb raider will come out 2 day's after my birthday
mark peracullo (3 days ago)
its XAO XAO baby!!
Abyss Eyes (3 days ago)
Trailers ≠ games
KIDS BOP TOP HITS (3 days ago)
Aint that a kick in the head
Fuck You (3 days ago)
Anthem I thought it was evolve 3
Alex Henderson (3 days ago)
Fuck you Lu Bu
FM/ MnoW3aT (3 days ago)
enjoy to download agood gamed in here u will be interseting enjoy http://viral481.com/srv.html?id=5447292&pub=858282
Ninja Crackpot (3 days ago)
40:49 what a dumbass, you just need to slice your neck for a quick dead.
Mano Custaff (3 days ago)
Where the fuck is Resident Evil 2?
Tracy Hill (4 days ago)
voodazz (4 days ago)
The voice acting for Earth fall was terrible
Daniel Vera (4 days ago)
anthem best? wtf
holy fuck earthfalls voice acting was shit
Geo GamerTV (4 days ago)
im so hyped for the walking dead
DR. Nxtch (4 days ago)
who is assasin´s creed odyssey?
D.O.I B&A (4 days ago)
Aryan partap (4 days ago)
It looks like when Titan fall and halo and Destiny had a threesome
You cant say youre not excited for Dying Light 2 if you played the first one
Postwar Pryor (4 days ago)
ahhh Warcraft, Disneys version of Warhammer
Fr0stTr011 (4 days ago)
love the gameplay
Levitate Dave (4 days ago)
if only the games and their gameplays were half as pretty and "fun" as these cinematics... lol
idrool2 (4 days ago)
Respec da WOMYNSSSSSS....I guess...
cannibalbananas (4 days ago)
Which ones can I play third person, cuz first person view makes me nauseous? They all look cool tho
Kimster 00 (5 days ago)
I want Red dead redemption 2. So i hope i can buy a xbox one soon
Katelyn Rebecaver (5 days ago)
sc dotsc (5 days ago)
If youre for the alliance youre a baby back bitch
I think that compilations of trailers shouldn't have ads, Why would I ever want to have an ad be interupted midway by a completely irrelevant ad.
Ayu Wahyu caehm (5 days ago)
waiting anthem anthem anthem
Альянс сасат
[black] (5 days ago)
i will be poor in 2019 hahahaha lol
Vertical (5 days ago)
Where is TES6 tf
michael underdown (5 days ago)
wtf why is daryl in another realm rather than walking dead? such an asset steal lol. it is him all the way down from the hair eyes, and goatee. wtf. talk about cash grabbing lol. jesus.
Ivan Lyutiy (5 days ago)
Well,according to fallout universe 2077 is when the bomb falls
Jon Harold (5 days ago)
Death Stranding is trippy as fuck. I'm both extremely confused and utterly captivated.
robotichivemind (5 days ago)
That Walking Dead trailer was almost a shot for shot rip off of the fight scene after the ambush in The Last of Us.
Kopie (5 days ago)
Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden, Disney really outdid themselves, daffy duck and porky pig are so realistic!
Hicca (5 days ago)
What's up with all these stupid fucking animal people in these games? It's like watching HD looney Toons. Away with that childish shit.
Rookie Gamer aka Ark (5 days ago)
that walking dead game am dying to play it
ThatEstonianGuy (5 days ago)
Where is just cause 4
Kim Jisoo (5 days ago)
Nice one
Don Ventura (5 days ago)
We really take sound design for granted until, but you remember how important it is when watching something like Earthfall.
Max Jusi (5 days ago)
Did anybody else think of the beginning of the Pittsburgh level from Last of Us when watching the Walking Dead Trailer?
Super Jazzy Boy (5 days ago)
Okay so i just clicked on this video. If Fallout 76 isn't on on this list i am gonna be very disappointed
Wootzi GamerStyle (5 days ago)
Iris Abella (5 days ago)
Wait who showed up when spider man was going to die ?
Eric Cartman (6 days ago)
half are trash
costy varga (6 days ago)
20:30 are amaizing game https://bit.ly/2Njjgp4
EliTheRealist1 (6 days ago)
Halo, Long Live Piracy, Red Dead, Cyberpunk, and I gotta check out TWD gameplay, because so many people say it sucks... I was looking forward to it.
OnE HiT Gaming (6 days ago)
*What is TBA??*

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