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Ubisoft Continues Its Q1 Winning Streak - Game Scoop! 481

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This week we're discussing the best-selling games of the year so far, Red Dead Redemption 2, God of War, and more. Subscribe to Game Scoop! https://www.youtube.com/c/gamescoop ------------------------------­---- Follow IGN for more! ------------------------------­---- YOUTUBE: https://www.youtube.com/user/ignentertainment?sub_confirmation=1 IGN OFFICIAL APP: http://www.ign.com/mobile FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/ign TWITTER: https://twitter.com/ign INSTAGRAM: https://instagram.com/igndotcom/?hl=en WEBSITE: http://www.ign.com/ GOOGLE+: https://plus.google.com/+IGN
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Text Comments (143)
Ubisoft's conference is the only one I didn't watch during the 2017 E3. They are one of the worst game companies along with EA.
kuribo04 (28 days ago)
Justin sending in Brian. 👌
Aidan Hosie (1 month ago)
INSIDE and Limbo are must plays if you're looking into Indies
oVRdose (1 month ago)
Sea of Thieves is NOT console exclusive.
Paul JC (1 month ago)
Great to have Brian on Scoop
Ruthless Savage Hatred (1 month ago)
Look, I'm really enjoying Star Allies but I'm sure the only reason it sold well is because Switch owners are so desperate for games.
Wesley Tomaz (1 month ago)
Justin said exactly what I think about side quests. I do like some of them, like the shrines in BotW (I did all 120 of them). But they are usually not nearly as good as the main quest. Once I'm done with the main quest, I am usually done with the game.
adam Kondracki (1 month ago)
Hey Fellow Scoopians!! Luving the show as always!! Just my quick 2 cents: First game I ever bought with my own $ was Turok for N64. I cut the grass 5 times to have the cash to go buy it lol. Great question Damon. And also and I'm sure this has been touched on somewhere on the ign site or channel. But how awesome is it that Sony is doubling down on motion capture gaming by opening a brand new studio in San Diego with more space & all the bells & whistles? Perhaps for the the new rumored Uncharted being taken over by an unknown Studio as of yet?? Or God of War 2?? Thoughts..p.s. I hope we all are enjoying & taking notice that we are currently in the "sweet spot" of the ps4 life cycle:) I think when it's all said & done, it'll be revered on the same level & tone as the PS2. .Keep up the excellent work Boyz
Alien Monkei (1 month ago)
Brian Altano looking goood in that jacket yo!
brad corbet (1 month ago)
brightgamer (1 month ago)
I will definitely rent God of War but will for sure buy The Last of Us 2. I have rented all God or War games on a console so I think TLOU 2 could outsell GOW. MY PERSONAL OPINION
Pedro Soares (1 month ago)
Top 5 consoles before PS1, you guys forgot NEOGEO AES, expensive but amazing.
Game Scoop! (1 month ago)
Good point.
KalamityKode (1 month ago)
Justin, I loved Beyond: Two Souls as well. You're not alone. I actually played it before I knew it was poorly received, and it took me a while to accept that people were playing the same game as I was, and didn't like it lol.
flal186 (1 month ago)
I loved holy chip!
Luo Sam (1 month ago)
They can call it lord of the rings, they choose not to. And Andy Serkis did play Gollum in the game.
Kenny Nigh (1 month ago)
what about The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape From Butcher Bay? I feel like that game was important to fully understand the movie
freak66969 (1 month ago)
Lord of the rings two towers game was great for the time
Mitchell (1 month ago)
The outfit coordination has been on point lately
AwesomeByrd (1 month ago)
If side missions give me more story for a character in my party or explain things in the world and why things are the way they are, then I like doing them. I like doing the side missions as I make my way through the game. Once I beat the game, I don't go back and do the remaining side missions. The only way I play them is if I decide to replay the game from the start.
Aaron Jones (1 month ago)
First game I bought was probably The Ultimate DOOM. Side quest are useful in letting you play the game, getting to use any weapons/powers you have and trying different combinations or for honing your skills with them, although some games have too many which are quite repetitive. I liked the Quantum of Solace, wasn't anything special but was a solid shooter that let you play through sequences from Casino Royale & QoS - including the construction site chase. There are no Sly Cooper games on PS4 and none of the old Ratchet & Clanks are on PS4 either. For PlayStation 'core' titles are tricky since Sony isn't one to continue franchises endlessly, nonetheless the Crash Bandicoot & Sypro the Dragon trilogies are worth playing, and the Medievil remake when that comes out.
Nintendad816 * (1 month ago)
Thank god altano is here someone who likes souls and bloodborne why how what ?
Nintendad816 * (1 month ago)
I think dark souls and bloodborne are some of the best games I’ve ever played . Also last of us which I remember you guys don’t like which is crazy . I will say last of us first few hours are boring
Nintendad816 * (1 month ago)
How can you not like souls and bloodborne I don’t get it they are not that hard so good
BowlOfRice (1 month ago)
Sam completely nailed why I'm not hot on GOW and why I don't get all the praise. Sure the story and set pieces are nice but there's so much bloat and backtracking that it's just ridic..
rustyshackleferd22 (1 month ago)
The pause at 16:00 was hilarious. The look they give like, what the fuck are you talking about lol
Nintendad816 * (1 month ago)
I don’t think I’ve ever just shot right through a game with just main missions I can’t do it . I don’t care that much about the end to blow past side quests . The whole game is the fun to me not the ending I can wait
Nintendad816 * (1 month ago)
Although I’ve stopped being a total completionist in the collectible aspect then I never end up finishing the game.. Theirs two many good games to get hung up on one collectible
Neby Moges (1 month ago)
I can’t believe no one recommend Kingdom Hearts!!
Game Scoop! (1 month ago)
Better believe it.
BattleModeBainbridge (1 month ago)
Seth looks like Max in disguise!!..
Zach Mills (1 month ago)
Damn, I could not disagree more with you Justin. I think the better games (especially the best games) include side quests ultimately contribute substantially to the overall narrative and lore of the world the designers and storytellers want to create. Games like Mass Effect and Skyrim would absolutely not be the games they are if they didn't provide side quests that ultimately make you more immersed in the world, and introduce and build upon characters that you grow fond of/despise/etc... Not all games do it well, some games do it simply just to keep players playing their game (those flags in Assassins Creed 1, so tedious), but others use the mechanic of collecting and side questing extremely well.
nkw1985 (1 month ago)
Game Scoop! - Just to clarify Rare developed Wizards & Warriors but Acclaim published it.
Zach Mills (1 month ago)
Hydro Thunder was an awesome game.
Vita Spieler (1 month ago)
Shantae, Steamworld Dig, Runner2
Terrell Campbell (1 month ago)
I completely disagree with Justin. Some games do side quests very great. Skyrim is the first that comes to mind. The main story quest was interesting but not that great. The side quests are where it really shines. You could find a random corpse in the wild and come to find out that the corpse isn’t just randomly spawned there but had a huge story behind how they died and got there. And it’s not in your face. You find out by reading journals and other subtle hints
Insomnatech (1 month ago)
JokerJay Vids (1 month ago)
I generally don't post negative things but recently I feel like Sam is really out of touch with current gamers. The exploration in GoW is fantastic and I thoroughly enjoy exploring all the extra lore. Generally, good side quests add just that, lore. It expands on the world you are in. He was completely wrong during the debate about whether or not your reaction speed goes down as you get older and I think he's way off the mark on this too. He's knocking it without doing them.
boochtron (1 month ago)
god of war. overrated. #notmygodofwar
Effin Casual's (1 month ago)
I did side quest, while i did the main in god of war.
Marcus Augustinus (1 month ago)
I still think Zelda 2, Mario 3, and Zelda 1 are the most fun games to play, more so than any newer game.
Effin Casual's (1 month ago)
God of war is so much better then The Last of Us.
White Will Smith (1 month ago)
BEST INDIE GAME to play/check out has got to be KINGDOM- NEW LANDS great game spent over 100 hours playing on xbox 1. Pretty sure it was a port from PC, but xbox has all the dlc plus a 6th land oh and its only about $5 or $10 (if you're a fan of tower defense you'll love it and if you like coin managment type games this is for you)
White Will Smith (1 month ago)
David String (1 month ago)
First game I bought with my own money was WCW Nitro for N64 (terrible game). I remember it was $3 at Hollywood Video. First game I received as a gift was Crash Dummies on SNES (I remember it fondly-though it was terribly hard for a toddler)
J hump (1 month ago)
David String mine was nitro on the ps1
Jimbo Nicholson (1 month ago)
rachet and clank for ps4...movie tie in. P.S great show! keep it up
jaime garcia (1 month ago)
I generally like open world games and doing the side stuff. However, I just couldn't stomach it with far cry 5. I just blitz through the main story.
Julien Collins (1 month ago)
Uncharted 1 is better than a 7.5 or an 8 I do believe! I enjoyed the setting better than 2 and 3 and setting is extremely tied to my enjoyment of a game. If you like treasure hunting and outsmarting fools in the jungle you just might like Uncharted 1 a good bit 👅👌😘
greg cord (1 month ago)
Brian's looking fly!
Matt Horan (1 month ago)
Isn't GTA V the greatest selling entertainment ANYTHING of all time? (movies, books, music, games) I thought I heard that it just crossed a specific threshold of some sort?
Matt Horan (1 month ago)
Wait a minute, where is EagleEye6486 coming through in the clutch with the time stamps???
Slumpenstein (1 month ago)
You forgot Neutopia on Turbo Grafx!
FinallyJeremy (1 month ago)
Justin always looks uncomfortable in this show
Justin Davis (1 month ago)
I really don't like our chairs.
Mr. 2006 (1 month ago)
Justin I also loved beyond and heavy rain. They were exactly what I expected them to be
Justin Davis (1 month ago)
Mr Tenzin (1 month ago)
Not sure what sam is on about GOW wise. thought the side missions were awesome and and well fleshed out
Danny Jongezoon (1 month ago)
Holy Chip! Ep 3!!! The people demand it!
LyflessPhoenix (1 month ago)
Just for one podcast Daemon get Ryan, Max, and Filip to join you! I love Justin and Sam but all the hosts would be crazy!
William Hood (1 month ago)
Sean Going (1 month ago)
no chance Spiderman Outsells GoW? isn't it a single player game too?
Lawrence whittemore (1 month ago)
Hey, I'm from and in Maine and I resemble that remark. :P
savedfromdeath75 (1 month ago)
Same here.... cool to see a guest from Maine on the show.
squiddly007 (1 month ago)
I can understand Justin's point about side quests. If done right Like say The Witcher 3 they are great distractions from the main quest if you want to take a breather. You have Gwent, the monster hunts and Treasure Hunts all of which are different and give you something good.
PB Hend (1 month ago)
Stream World dig I only just played and is a blast! Better still there's a number 2, A NUMBER 2!!! Edit: For the lady or fellow that was asking about indies.
Nintendad816 * (1 month ago)
Side missions are like half the game I think that’s crazy
Nintendad816 * (1 month ago)
I think monster hunter has a lot of exploration . I’m hooked and I couldn’t get into monster hunter at all before worlds
HoodedDude (1 month ago)
I very much disagree with Sam on this one. The exploration is really really cool in GoW. We're probably just different types of gamers. Ironically, I found the exploration in BotW really boring.
Matthew Reynolds (1 month ago)
I don't think that's ironic :P
HoodedDude (1 month ago)
hahaha that's how it is, even 10/10 games appeal to different people in different ways :)
Alexander Chilton (1 month ago)
HoodedDude Agree with the first statement, disagree with the second :b
Austin May (1 month ago)
Great episode. Also, the 20 questions game was actually made in San Francisco.
Poppedcollar (1 month ago)
49:19 I need this gif.
Alex Townley (1 month ago)
The exploration and side missions in God of War are far from bad wtf are you talking about Sam 😂
youdosuck (1 month ago)
Isn't sea of thieves on pc also?
xSidn3yx (1 month ago)
I really enjoyed beyond 2 souls. It was very cinematic. The desert section was bad though.
Scallywag Express (1 month ago)
I really like this new guy's sense of humor, a great addition to the omega cops for sure!!
Solidus X1 (1 month ago)
My PS4 Pro is hungry for The Last of Us 2.
crackcorn0404 (1 month ago)
Batman Return for SNES and Top Gun for NES were really good.
MEDUSAvsSHOE (1 month ago)
Ghostbusters II on og GameBoy is a great movie tie-in game...
DeskieFam (1 month ago)
I honestly wanted a Captain America: The Winter Soldier game. Not even the full game, I just wanted a stealth game of the boat mission from the opening of the movie and his fight with GSP.
Trent Walker (1 month ago)
David Hernandez (1 month ago)
Ryan Scott always comes back to me somehow... Applejack...
E_DUB (1 month ago)
Best indie games not mentioned in video: Rocket League Hyper Light Drifter Axiom Verge Inside The Swapper Hollow Knight Shadow Complex What Remains of Edith Finch Guacamelee There a bunch more but those will keep you occupied for plenty of time
E_DUB (1 month ago)
Devon Connelly yes Bastion for sure, surprised I left that off, that game is a gem. Never got into Transistor, wasn't really a fan of the combat. Still need to play Pyre. Nex Machina I really liked but it was way too short.
Devon Connelly (1 month ago)
I would add supergiant games (Bastion, Transistor & Pyre), Firewatch, Superhot, Nex Machina, and Life is Strange. Happy you mentioned the swapper....I love that game so much!
E_DUB (1 month ago)
Ezequiel Hernandez I'm surprised I didn't like Little Nightmares more, I guess Inside set the bar so high for me personally
Ezequiel Hernandez (1 month ago)
E_DUB unfinished swan Thomas was alone Little nightmares
Ryan Devine (1 month ago)
All this talk of indies and no mention of Braid! Unbelievable!
Cheappy V (1 month ago)
weak game, IMO
Ryan Devine (1 month ago)
Game Scoop! It still holds up! I’ll do a speed run every now and then. And the soundtrack! I love it.
Game Scoop! (1 month ago)
Braid was important at the time but not something I want to play today.
Spence Mossman (1 month ago)
or Inside which i think is an Indie.
mattr154 (1 month ago)
What was the song at 45:36? Sounds so familiar!
Jon Kuch (1 month ago)
I love exploring God of War. You are always rewarded. I actually want to explore which makes it good where as in uncharted or other openish linear games there is little reason too. I would have to disagree. I don't think the exploring sucks.
AwesomeNick94 (1 month ago)
Sam's assertion that exploration and sidequests in god of war are just ludicrous. @Cheappy V: Uncharted 4 was the worst for that imo
Cheappy V (1 month ago)
interestengly, despite all the praise Naughty gets, they cant do exploration for crap - it's just not rewarding at all, especially in TLOU
Raphael Pareja (1 month ago)
Listening to this on YouTube while playing Dragon Blaze on switch which Daemon suggested a couple shows ago. Telling us about this game was a scoop gem. Loving it.
EagleEye6486 (1 month ago)
Time Stamps 00:05 Start 02:42 Episode Overview 02:48 Top Selling Games Of March 2018 14:02 Listener Feedback - Approaches To Open World Games 22:08 Listener Feedback - Movie Tie In Games 32:02 Listener Feedback - The Best Retro Gaming Has To Offer 35:07 Listener Feedback - Best Indie Games 39:46 Listener Feedback - Core Playstation Games 45:20 Video Game 20 Questions 56:46 Outro
KBABZ (1 month ago)
My favourite movie tie-in game in the PS4 Ratchet game. No seriously! It counts because it started production AFTER the movie's did! Most authentic movie-game ever.
Rafael Sieber (1 month ago)
Thank you Sam for making the real questions and arguments about God of War. I'm sure it is an amazing game, but I wish I could read his review.. cheers Omega cops!
Davidson Prata (1 month ago)
Game Scoop is THE BEST IGN Show so far! Great job guys!!!
White Will Smith (1 month ago)
Davidson Prata Agree!
YouTubePoopTrain (1 month ago)
So much love for megaman with all the sound effects now im in the mood to play them now only if I wasn't at work
a2c2008 (1 month ago)
Great show guys! I like how you played video from the game from 20 questions on the tv below the counter. :)
George Vanderbilt (1 month ago)
Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets for ps2! Great movie game!
P 23 (1 month ago)
I understand not getting all the crows in GOW, but the side quest felt like they were part of the story and they helped u level up. So idk how they're pointless...
kuribo04 (25 days ago)
+Abraham M. I dunno, don't get that impression
Abraham M. (26 days ago)
kuribo04 Nah, a clear fanboy like him lets his biases gets in the way.
kuribo04 (28 days ago)
+Abraham M. It is also possible though that he just honestly dislikes them. And I'd argue that's more probable.
Abraham M. (1 month ago)
Sam is a self-admitted Nintendo fanboy (he said recently on a NVC episode that he still hasn't played FFVII, and that he boycotted it on its release because he was so peeved that it appeared on PSX instead of Nintendo 64). I bet if GoW was on Switch, he would be creaming his pants with how good the sidequests are on GoW. But alas it's on a PS device, so his fanboy sensibilities get in the way, even if just unconsciously.
P 23 (1 month ago)
I understand every one as there own opinion, but he tried to make a point and everyones quiet, then he tried to grab justin to back him up lmao...like godforbid someone says something bad about mega man lol
Joe Sinsko (1 month ago)
Personal Scoop! Got Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde with allowance money too, and by some miracle was able to take it back to the store and exchanged it for Mega Man 2 (Hills Department Store)
SotNist (1 month ago)
Surprised not even Daemon enjoys Souls games. Is there anyone at IGN who praises the sun?
Kareem El-Baradie (1 month ago)
The Disney movie games were great back in the day. Aladdin gets all the hype but have any of you played Tarzan or Hercules? SOOOOOOO GOOOD!!!!
AffroSoul (1 month ago)
Lion King on SNES is one of my all-time fav games
MagicEmperor (1 month ago)
I loved Goof Troop, and World of Illusion. Not movie based, sure, but I stand by them with love!
Matthaios Grim (1 month ago)
God of War (the new one and the #3 remaster) Nioh, and Infamous: Second Son. Little Big Planet 3 :D
iXi Club (1 month ago)
That's a Scoop Gem!
SotNist (1 month ago)
I'd tell Noah to play Shovel Knight, Fez, Mark of the Ninja, Castle Crashers, Binding of Isaac Rebirth and Inside.
Cpt Clown (1 month ago)
Sam mentions something about not liking God of War that much, ans everyone was speechless for a moment haha
Noah McCay (1 month ago)
There is a hobbit game from the ps2 era that isnt really a tie in but does adapt the book and that was super cool.
Matthaios Grim (1 month ago)
Fun Fact: Liam O'brien (of Critical Role and TONS of other voice work) is Gollum in Shadow of War.
Richard Hannay (1 month ago)
I feel the Megaman 3 music love
adam hartrum (1 month ago)
megaman 3 and 5 > megaman 2
Brent Mercer (1 month ago)
Offer the guy a full time job at IGN, He seems like he fits in well
SotNist (1 month ago)
He seems legit.
ryan011193 (1 month ago)
Brent Mercer I believe they said ign had taken him on
Dirty Daz (1 month ago)
Game Scoop! The one IGN show that's remained consistently good!
Abraham M. (1 month ago)
Ha ha, I love how Daemon doesn't mind throwing the other IGN podcasts under the bus by hearting this comment.
Dat Mage (1 month ago)
Mr. 2006 don't care I love it
Mr. 2006 (1 month ago)
PoRtAbLe MaGe no it doesn't lol. Maybe you dont remember rich and audrie being completely biased never thinking Nintendo ever did anything wrong
Dat Mage (1 month ago)
Nvc says hi
Titan Dropz (1 month ago)
the industry is so weak Ubisoft wins!!! wow.
Alex Townley (1 month ago)
Titan Dropz oh stfu 🙄

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