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God Of War: DUMB Yet Hilarious Glitches

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God of War (PS4) is great, but even the best games have the occasional glitch. Here are the best ones you sent us! Subscribe for more: http://youtube.com/gameranxtv
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ZelosSama (4 days ago)
I had a glitch i didnt record where i had mimir talk before i got him reanimated XD
Daylon Thomas (5 days ago)
6:17 way to surprise your dad
lirio sogno (6 days ago)
I didn't have any glitches It just crashed once 2h in.
Valerie Montanez (6 days ago)
I've done 2 complete (100%) playthroughs of this game and the only thing I saw was a piece of wood got stuck on Kratos' arm, and it only happened once.
Steven McDaniel (7 days ago)
Its called a uvula
Skinny Goliath (7 days ago)
1:55 they didn't notice that when the eel thing reappeared it was at max level instead of what it was before
chuckbrine (8 days ago)
This video isnt even bad enough to laugh at. You guys could have at least gone full circle.
Winston The Wacky (8 days ago)
The last one... Atreus comes out of the closet.
RedLegend (9 days ago)
I love how people praise pc and all the good games just come out as garbage!
Justin Harry (10 days ago)
I come out of the with almost always 8000 most ecoes
Justin Harry (10 days ago)
It’s called a uvula not sure how to spell that
martin ortiz (10 days ago)
Anyone with the trap glitch?
Reeve (10 days ago)
SN00PY 468 (10 days ago)
if this was ubisoft game i bet you all will never play that game and will never buy a ubi game again
I have the first version of playstation4 and non glitch yet
Mixxed King (14 days ago)
I thought the thumbnail was a picture of Ice Poseidon
Cash Only** (14 days ago)
Y’all weren’t about to get me with those ads in the beginning, kept exiting and coming back
JerryBlaze7 (17 days ago)
1:20 - Kratos rips the soul out and continues beating the shit out of its non-existences 4:43 - Kratos finally gets a vasectomy.
Loretta Bes (17 days ago)
That last one got me good XD
Bulletforce gamer (19 days ago)
gh5643 (19 days ago)
behold the pooowwwwwwwer ..............................of PS4 pro
Lara De Pauw (20 days ago)
6:20 actually made me laugh haha
deafghost52 (21 days ago)
IT'S A FUCKING UVULA! Still, funny video...
MrT (21 days ago)
I didn't experience a single glitch during my first play through of this.
Jamil Saleh (21 days ago)
Uvula is the word you're looking for, but i liked dingle dangle better tbh
Arturo Torres (21 days ago)
The Atreus one literally happens to me a couple of times and i already beat the game
Harsha Subasinghe (21 days ago)
I encountered a one where Atreus kept walking to a wall but when I moved away a little he came back from the wall. This was before any of the patches. Nothing game breaking though :) Have to say that this is one of the best games I've ever played! The main story could have been a bit longer, say 2 more bosses. Nevertheless I enjoyed every bit of it.
Gabriel Drake (21 days ago)
Hello barrel my old friend.
Neo TricksterZero (21 days ago)
A well polished game, you have to find the glitches, but a game like State Of Decay 2, just play co-op, the glitches come to you.
SlamifiedBuddafied (21 days ago)
Jake Anderson (22 days ago)
The mouth thing is called your uvula
IHeartBass (22 days ago)
3:40 Uvula
Later Feraligatr2 (22 days ago)
You were thinking of "uvula". The hanging thing in your throat
Goof Troop lieutenant (22 days ago)
this is probably on pc
hunter (23 days ago)
Silvio Rodriguez (23 days ago)
this commentary is worthless
Bnjmo Med (23 days ago)
The glitches on this game are actually so rare, which makes this video kinda special
Jacob Garcia (23 days ago)
Atreus in the chest had me dead haha
Ecstasy And Heroin (24 days ago)
that 'thing' is called the uvula
Ms. Chin (24 days ago)
Uvula, boys, uvula.
Lempis (24 days ago)
Finally!! Been waiting for this :D
Kate Hanami (24 days ago)
**mean look** really nibba?
BroJennan (24 days ago)
‘ it’s the one game where the kid isn’t shitty!’ Clementines just here like 😐
Jabriel Milner (24 days ago)
Corban Barber (25 days ago)
A... *U V U L A* ?
Scoopity Scoop (25 days ago)
Richard B (25 days ago)
Would you upload a glitch that was a split second resulting in it being shown as a screenshot only? Or strictly clips.
Fais Fais (25 days ago)
Was that the rattos? 😂😂😂
0CAUTION0 (25 days ago)
TheSchokodragon (25 days ago)
Just imagine each time you opened a chest, Atreus was already waiting inside, popping up and asking some annoying question. Aaah that last glitch was pure gold!
cloud13 (25 days ago)
0:39 Who knew someone was doing t-pose before us
Dovahkiin (25 days ago)
Fus ro dah
Tim Vano (26 days ago)
5:30 Mexicans when Trump builds that wall
Tim Vano (26 days ago)
4:16 hit so hard he didn't need Valkyries to ascend to Asgard!
Brian Smith (26 days ago)
6:20 BOI!!!!!
Janeil Nold (26 days ago)
6:21 you have acquired...a boi!
Davy Jones' (26 days ago)
1:05 Kratos is punching Drax
Matt Blank (26 days ago)
My wife had a panic attack about your argument over the throat dangling thing
Dick Noordzij (26 days ago)
that thing at the back of your throat is called a uvula
Manses_the_human (26 days ago)
I didn't experience any glitches in the game when I played
Peas Kay (26 days ago)
Damn the budget on this vid
paleoboy22066 (26 days ago)
1:26 i didnt know kratos could fly!
mlggames64 q (26 days ago)
5:27 is my favorite
6:35 *boi intensifies*
dansketch (26 days ago)
The thing that dangles down is called the uvula guys
TheDragonINFINITE (26 days ago)
fredericklag 221 (26 days ago)
Dat thumbnail tho...
John Adams (27 days ago)
1:05 what did the air do to you?
Jabu Decapricornio (27 days ago)
6:22 Atreus like how the fuck did I do this
João Pedro Santana (27 days ago)
Jostabeere (27 days ago)
Just me or it's actually a big joke that such a big game is so broken?
hernan91 (27 days ago)
Alex DemiHuman (27 days ago)
I didn't know God of Soy was a bethesda game.
hefhef54321 (27 days ago)
Dat thumbnail though 😂
OffKey Media (27 days ago)
Clearly no one at has seen monster house, it’s called a uvula
ThunderHaven AE (27 days ago)
Illegal versions are tend the have the most devastating glitches, so people please buy the legal versions.
Alberta Malachi (27 days ago)
_Kratos opens a sarcophagus_ Atreus: "Hi Dad!" _Kratos immediately shuts sarcophagus_
LOLGAMER 076 (27 days ago)
6:21 "Hey Vsauce, Michael Here!"
TheRaziel07 (27 days ago)
5:10 Shia LaBeouf JUST DO IT
Josh Phillips (28 days ago)
100% this game.. and literally found 0 bugs.. no game crash no nothing. Glorious. haha but i wish i could've seen these moments haha
Mill pendragon (28 days ago)
btw that thing in your mouth is called a uvula
Maripet Abad (28 days ago)
Can this thumbnail be a mod it would be called bfg kratos.
Andyamo46 (28 days ago)
And this isnt even open world.
PMMillard Windowlicker (28 days ago)
Orbitronv5 (28 days ago)
Uvula- the danglie thing in the back of your mouth.
Ikram Kermadi (28 days ago)
Mohammed AbuYahya (28 days ago)
getting sick of hearing of Andrew THE NEW GUY, till when this joke will keep happening !!!!!!!!!!!!
Mukuro Ikusaba (28 days ago)
My phone glitched out as I watched this.
T Smooth (28 days ago)
sucks to be a PS4 owner... #XboxLife
*The Earth Shakes*
Mohammed Mahmmoud (29 days ago)
Yo mama is ugly she is the reason why ghosts hide in Luigi mansion to hide from her
nootnootful (29 days ago)
i fcking hate this game tbh like if you agree
nootnootful (28 days ago)
andy E (28 days ago)
this is sad
nootnootful (29 days ago)
that wasnt me saying it i was hacked
nootnootful (29 days ago)
noi dont i love this game so sorry
nootnootful (29 days ago)
i fucking hate this game tbh like if you agree
turntechGodhead (29 days ago)
your name
Scruffy Canadian (29 days ago)
I haven't encountered a single glitch yet except for really minor ones like clipping into things.
Big Fudge (29 days ago)
1:02 reminds me of that scene at the end of LOTR when Gollum is fighting Frodo.
ImNotManny (29 days ago)
This is the only game I've played in recent memory that I can't remember seeing glitches
Loplos224 (29 days ago)
Jordom (29 days ago)
The most common glitch that I got was Kratos hitting the enemies so hard they'll go flying and despawn midair with the treasures floating. You can't collect your reward. Tragic. The other is them despawning over rocks and the rewards are between rocks. Atreus wouldn't get them for me. :c The tiny shit can fit anywhere and magically discover hidden paths to safely travel while I'm risking my life on all crazy booby traps and he won't fetch my rewards?! *BOI* The other trivial glitch that made me rage like crazy was fighting against Sigrun. After her successfully breaking my neck due to low HP, the resurrection stone did nothing. I would press Square to trigger it and Atreus would come to my aid in slow mode (dramatic effect?) and right as he's about to do his little ritual the loading screen would load fading everything to black so I can resume from my last checkpoint. It made my fight with her a fucking nightmare since the stone was ineffective after that kill. If she killed me any other way I would revive just never from that neck kill. Other than that, the game ran flawless for me.

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