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God Of War: DUMB Yet Hilarious Glitches

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God of War (PS4) is great, but even the best games have the occasional glitch. Here are the best ones you sent us! Subscribe for more: http://youtube.com/gameranxtv
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Text Comments (923)
Ryan Smith (5 days ago)
I have yet to see a glitch honestly wow
Cubitrax (6 days ago)
it's called the uvula
Anoobis (6 days ago)
3:46 u mean uvula 😂
IGreenArrowI (6 days ago)
1:34 LOL That's my name in real life. And I didn't even send a video or anything. That's very odd.
Demsky83 (10 days ago)
I didn't run into any of these hilarious glitches my entire playthrough
martin ortiz (17 days ago)
Hahahaha the one of the tyrs trap that was fucking hilarious
Noah Kelly (21 days ago)
5:57 we just gonna gloss over that monster of a name
sumbutt (21 days ago)
The charged r2 after throwing thing keeps happening to me
radchild sixfoursix (25 days ago)
The uvula is the thing that hang in the back of your throat lol.
Tolga Kuyubasi (25 days ago)
I bet, that Jay Tech TV is one of the disslikers.
maghsod fakher (28 days ago)
I did find few of them in 60 hours gameplay
Darth Nihilus (28 days ago)
MD Nation (29 days ago)
Boy Chest
_Paws_ (1 month ago)
Andrew will always be the new guy
Kostas Spirou (1 month ago)
I never got any glitch on this game to be honest.
Aaron Tyus (1 month ago)
3:51 It’s a uvula
Con Man (1 month ago)
Allegedly they've worked 5 years to concoct this game. If this is what they came up with, it doesn't deserve 6, let alone the high scores it got from reviewers. It's worse the Assassin's Creed FFS.
Anna K (1 month ago)
Uvula That’s the thing hanging in the back of your throat.
Evil EU Agent (1 month ago)
Galih Uno (1 month ago)
Kratos dance 1:28
Tejaswi Raj (1 month ago)
I didn't encounter a single glitch!
Apu Sadhukhan (1 month ago)
ha ha ha
Jake Drake (1 month ago)
the last one was the best
Death Sweet (1 month ago)
I just platinumed it
Sigma Omega23 (1 month ago)
I experienced the one when the dark elf gets stuck in the bodies
Will (2 months ago)
i got no glitches throughout the whole game
Mokeshwaran R (2 months ago)
6:22..... Surprise Daddy
Jasper B (2 months ago)
I  love the one were BOY was in a chest.
Broformers ! (2 months ago)
Aidan Southwick (2 months ago)
They really need to fix the bugs😂 not all of them obviously!
IAt0m1xI (2 months ago)
The Thumbnail though fucking hilarious xdddd
Cheyne Smitherman (2 months ago)
It's called a uvula
Fredos Jihhny (2 months ago)
Can this affect the console?
dinoboy09 (2 months ago)
3:48 The uvula, you're welcome
jake smallman (2 months ago)
The dude says he can't get out of Niflheim with more than 300 echos? I'm pretty sure that's doable without any of Ivaldi's armor. I have all mine upgraded and average 10,000-13,000 echoes each pass so 300 seems low AF.
Davion McDonald (2 months ago)
4:13 you raise me uuuuuuup!
Ghost Of Sparta (2 months ago)
The one at 5:07 has happend to Me a few times.After a short throw.
zack roy (2 months ago)
You know im play this game , im not got any bug or glitch , everything is perfect , and for a long time im never play game like 9 hours for a day because many game got same skill attack and god of war make me fill fun again to play a game .
Beesh (2 months ago)
The thing in the back of your mouth is called the Uvula
Michael Higbee (2 months ago)
Never encountered a single glitch in this game
//Orange Sky// (2 months ago)
Didn't experience a single glitch hete
Joel Shajan (2 months ago)
I was hoping for an infinite BOY bug.
C Brock (2 months ago)
5:55 i like to think mimir grew a tiny body and started carrying the crystal, even though he doesn’t appear to be present.
All might (2 months ago)
SansZed G.Turret (2 months ago)
Bloom Erz (2 months ago)
The fk is tht thumbnail
leash44 (2 months ago)
*Opens chest* Oh hello there Atreus
Kevin Mack (2 months ago)
I never experienced any glitches, but its funny seeing it on other people
VendettaHD (2 months ago)
Ashfeather (2 months ago)
3:51 uvula XD
Cocoa Nerd (2 months ago)
A tonsil?! Its a uvula
Beni (2 months ago)
5:55 my nigga Sedami reppin'!
Nindo64 (2 months ago)
6:24 Open for a surprise
ahmed alwahaibi (2 months ago)
I didnt see a single glitch in my game
Novarcharesk (2 months ago)
It's a uvula
ZelosSama (3 months ago)
I had a glitch i didnt record where i had mimir talk before i got him reanimated XD
Daylon Thomas (3 months ago)
6:17 way to surprise your dad
lirio sogno (3 months ago)
I didn't have any glitches It just crashed once 2h in.
Valerie Montanez (3 months ago)
I've done 2 complete (100%) playthroughs of this game and the only thing I saw was a piece of wood got stuck on Kratos' arm, and it only happened once.
Steven McDaniel (3 months ago)
Its called a uvula
Skinny Goliath (3 months ago)
1:55 they didn't notice that when the eel thing reappeared it was at max level instead of what it was before
chuckbrine (3 months ago)
This video isnt even bad enough to laugh at. You guys could have at least gone full circle.
Winston The Wacky (3 months ago)
The last one... Atreus comes out of the closet.
RedLegend (3 months ago)
I love how people praise pc and all the good games just come out as garbage!
Justin Harry (3 months ago)
I come out of the with almost always 8000 most ecoes
Justin Harry (3 months ago)
It’s called a uvula not sure how to spell that
martin ortiz (3 months ago)
Anyone with the trap glitch?
Reeve (3 months ago)
SN00PY 468 (3 months ago)
if this was ubisoft game i bet you all will never play that game and will never buy a ubi game again
I have the first version of playstation4 and non glitch yet
Mixxed King (3 months ago)
I thought the thumbnail was a picture of Ice Poseidon
Cash Only** (3 months ago)
Y’all weren’t about to get me with those ads in the beginning, kept exiting and coming back
JerryBlaze7 (3 months ago)
1:20 - Kratos rips the soul out and continues beating the shit out of its non-existences 4:43 - Kratos finally gets a vasectomy.
Loretta Bes (3 months ago)
That last one got me good XD
Bulletforce gamer (3 months ago)
gh5643 (3 months ago)
behold the pooowwwwwwwer ..............................of PS4 pro
Lara De Pauw (3 months ago)
6:20 actually made me laugh haha
deafghost52 (3 months ago)
IT'S A FUCKING UVULA! Still, funny video...
Mr (3 months ago)
I didn't experience a single glitch during my first play through of this.
Jamil Saleh (3 months ago)
Uvula is the word you're looking for, but i liked dingle dangle better tbh
Arturo Torres (3 months ago)
The Atreus one literally happens to me a couple of times and i already beat the game
Harsha Subasinghe (3 months ago)
I encountered a one where Atreus kept walking to a wall but when I moved away a little he came back from the wall. This was before any of the patches. Nothing game breaking though :) Have to say that this is one of the best games I've ever played! The main story could have been a bit longer, say 2 more bosses. Nevertheless I enjoyed every bit of it.
Gabriel Drake (3 months ago)
Hello barrel my old friend.
Killjointica (3 months ago)
Jake Anderson (3 months ago)
The mouth thing is called your uvula
IHeartBass (3 months ago)
3:40 Uvula
Later Feraligatr2 (3 months ago)
You were thinking of "uvula". The hanging thing in your throat
Big Goofy (3 months ago)
this is probably on pc
hunter (3 months ago)
Silvio Rodriguez (3 months ago)
this commentary is worthless
Bnjmo Med (3 months ago)
The glitches on this game are actually so rare, which makes this video kinda special
Jacob Garcia (3 months ago)
Atreus in the chest had me dead haha
Ecstasy And Heroin (3 months ago)
that 'thing' is called the uvula
Ms. Chin (3 months ago)
Uvula, boys, uvula.
Lempis (3 months ago)
Finally!! Been waiting for this :D
Kate Hanami (3 months ago)
**mean look** really nibba?
BroJennan (3 months ago)
‘ it’s the one game where the kid isn’t shitty!’ Clementines just here like 😐
Jabriel Milner (3 months ago)
Corban Barber (3 months ago)
A... *U V U L A* ?
Scoopity Scoop (3 months ago)

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