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KID IS MEAN TO ME ON FORTNITE THEN FINDS OUT IM A GIRL... Leave a Like if you enjoyed and want me to upload Season 5! GUYS ON FORTNITE THINK I'M A LITTLE KID https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CrtwJTXtBlI Subscribe to join the Wolf Pack and enable notifications!
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SSSniperWolf (2 months ago)
SEASON 5 IS OUT! Leave a Like if you enjoyed and want me to upload season 5 videos! double upload today, reacting video in a few hours :D
matthew someone (21 days ago)
I'm sure you've never heard of sssniperwolf 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
America Gutierrez lara (24 days ago)
hey i love your videos and your the best i send you something to you hause it is so cool
Drax (27 days ago)
SMFC4 6000 (1 month ago)
SSSniperWolf hi
Derpyfriend 236 (1 month ago)
SSSniperWolf can we play fortnite together with my ps4 pls warning even if u do accept I'm kinda a noob
Tyrell Johnson (41 minutes ago)
Why are you solo adoorraaabbllleeeeee
Jocelyn Robinson (1 hour ago)
That dude that said a common postal that’s my cousin
Edith Quintana (2 hours ago)
Kids are so mean I'm ten and I don't call people the b word
Cian Ratcliff (3 hours ago)
Hey sssniperwolf can you friend me plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz:) I promes I well be nice to
Yung Loser & Friends (4 hours ago)
this kid is legend
RONIN (5 hours ago)
That second dude is just saying birtdayyyyy over and over again
LLAMA (7 hours ago)
bonjour! jemapple, jacob u?
POP Xgmg (8 hours ago)
Let me tell you that boy just want a girl to play with nothing else why like is = to agree with me
Jamielee O'BRIEN (9 hours ago)
That kid man when he says "and" when u said your dad is dead... God I would have fckn killed him
izziebizzy games (11 hours ago)
Ok I did not see the one point but I'm sorry but he was very rude
Galaxy Wolf (12 hours ago)
You look like rook
Andy tv (14 hours ago)
Sniper I just want to Fuckyou because you are so beautiful
Lara Coley (15 hours ago)
i like how the gamertags are blured out but you didnt blure out the other ones
Dem Boyz (15 hours ago)
U look nicer with glasses
Daniel (16 hours ago)
Imagine if he is a subscriber .
Manish M (16 hours ago)
I love you do you
Familia Trujillo (17 hours ago)
That kid repeats himself so he looks smart and he thinks he's right
THE GOD OF GOD (18 hours ago)
As sniper wolf IAM wishing god u as my wife
ItsJinga HDi_ (19 hours ago)
I love you
Andrew Smith (19 hours ago)
If u play Minecraft ps3 friend me please
Luis Quizhpi (20 hours ago)
Himanshu Jaiswal (20 hours ago)
Nowadays children learn to abuse inside there mom's womb fucked up generation no moral values ...
Taco Man (20 hours ago)
Lol i swear just like that. I use biscuit, fudge, duck, etc. 😂
Savage gamer (20 hours ago)
Why do you not talk to me and only talk to my brother coolguy3d in roblox
Betty Scott (21 hours ago)
I think the next boy you talked to was ZeroMeter he is my best friend
Tyki brown (22 hours ago)
Lol I wish I could play with sniper wolf but I play on Xbox :(
Mayonnaise loves Baldi (22 hours ago)
*"Are you a kid or a girl"*
Gavin GamerG951 (1 day ago)
And he know your a girl and he is treating you like that
Gavin GamerG951 (1 day ago)
Lol I hate kids like that
glendy del rio (1 day ago)
are you a kid or a girl
candymg780 (1 day ago)
No he's the bich
is tv cool (1 day ago)
Stop watching despacito kid
Rasel Marts (1 day ago)
That france guy tho. Lmao 😂💖
Lily Crane (1 day ago)
I'm friending you now sssniperwolf
WeeKendsVlogs (1 day ago)
Fortniteproboy99 88 (1 day ago)
Love ur vids keep it up. Please pin this
Tawhid Rahman (1 day ago)
hey u are so cute😍😍
Kaylin Kidavo (1 day ago)
Lol it's cute how he apologized 😂🤣
Little_sumsum (1 day ago)
Lol I'll admit, the first kid was kinda cute after he found out you were a girl 😂😂😂😂😂
Alice Ash (1 day ago)
i alomst cried that the litte boy said sorry to you 😂😂😂😂
Gabriela Garcia (1 day ago)
I want to play with you sniper wolf what's you name
Alison Lewis (1 day ago)
when 9 year olds try to act cool.....
Cookies4ever (1 day ago)
what is that skin called? I WANT ITTT
Peanut Riddle (1 day ago)
This boy sounds like a classmate!!!
Samuel Snyder (1 day ago)
0:14 SO CUTE <3
Poke Chloe (1 day ago)
Please add me as a friend on Chloe _ YT
Saddy strawbaby (1 day ago)
Sporting Queen (1 day ago)
Teamwork for life
Sporting Queen (1 day ago)
I was like aw at the end
KKCupCake 07 (2 days ago)
What kid swears at a person
Abdullah Mohammed (2 days ago)
Hello can we be frinds i'm girl to
DannyD47551 Clips (2 days ago)
“I’ll be thirteen next month so.”
Sameer25112008 (2 days ago)
13:40 you've never heard of yourself?
GOLDEN PRIXOR (2 days ago)
That kid, needs to learn how to speak nice to everyone 🙂 hi SSSniperWolf
GAMER GIRL (2 days ago)
pls try child friendly
GAMER GIRL (2 days ago)
pls try not to swear?
Rainbow Madness (2 days ago)
Don't worry I get called a boy too and they me gay but I'm girl
Dj Waves (2 days ago)
This was so funny 😂 I think you sexy
IDontGiveA OOF (2 days ago)
Haha that france boy is so cute BIRTHDAYYY
Oh K (2 days ago)
this was beyond hilarious
The DisneyAddict (2 days ago)
*i didn’t know “kid” was a gender, lmao.* 😂😂
The DisneyAddict (2 days ago)
*1,000 KILLS.* its a 100 player PVP though..
Jennifer Brennan (2 days ago)
Love it lol
Valerie Jordan (2 days ago)
V e r y l I t
Doggo One Ugandan boi (2 days ago)
Cat Boss (2 days ago)
How to get friends oh I have 10 thousand V-bucks
Lps Faith (2 days ago)
girlsfor everworld (2 days ago)
His name Isaiah
girlsfor everworld (2 days ago)
HE USED TO DO DRUGS IN MY SCHOOL but that was in 3rd grade
girlsfor everworld (2 days ago)
The four Amigos (2 days ago)
and your super funny
The four Amigos (2 days ago)
i subbed cus you make awesome vids
Phantom Gaming (2 days ago)
Lia- How many kills you got? (Looking at his 0 kills) Kid- Thousand... Lia- ._. Kid- so shut the -fudge- up... (internally crying)
MLG Coastal (2 days ago)
Cosplay drift
ii_ Madz (2 days ago)
OMG U ALMOST HAVE THE SAME BDAY AS ME!! One day off but that’s ok👍👍😜
Jazmine Degruy (2 days ago)
Wow what about boys huh
Karlos Cortez (3 days ago)
When can we play I'm a big fan
Ice Box (3 days ago)
Awww tht kid is gonna be a gentleman
Nopok3E (3 days ago)
3:08 bottom left the guy that was cursing username
Do You Know Who Is A Loser For Hating On People Read the second word, this is only for people who are rude!
sheena gomez (3 days ago)
me realizing she blurred the psn in the side but never when the kid was knocked out ahahaha love u snippy! <3
bryson Foth (3 days ago)
mumbai masti (3 days ago)
He is gone to far
Beverly Maze (3 days ago)
If he knew who she was he would be praiseing here
Emma Morris (3 days ago)
Awww so cute
Daniel Boyd (3 days ago)
Can u friend me
Marybeth Garza (3 days ago)
Levl 81
iiSxnny (3 days ago)
Lmao, im a boy and idrc about how i talk to girls lol. All genders should be spoken too kindly.
Angela Gedge (3 days ago)
is he calling you a biscuit or is that your editing? pls i need answers
Haziel Galindo (3 days ago)
Hey don’t listín to him he sounds like a kid more you😄
Dominic S0210 (3 days ago)
Her grey burst had 69 shots
DA Loot LLama (3 days ago)
Yay sssniperwolf playing fortnite
SuperGaming Bros Jr. (3 days ago)
You care but I don’t biscuit- said Son of Jerk
Landon J (3 days ago)
She is so cute, and has the cutest voice.. I wanna play fortnite duo with her
Lilly OMG (3 days ago)
Awww your best frends
DellyBelly 06 (3 days ago)
Omg I'm cracking up so hard rn
Johnny Hendrix (3 days ago)
Lol when I got on my fortnite profile I died instantly
Lps shadow wolf (3 days ago)
This is funny😂😂
Lps shadow wolf (3 days ago)

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