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The Best Of Fortnite Dank Memes...

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The Best Of Fortnite Dank Memes... Download War Robots 6v6 PvP game and get AWESOME Starter Pack! https://bit.ly/2GCLZFN Thanks to Pixonic for sponsoring this video Follow me On twitter! - https://twitter.com/NamelsNamel Second Channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCSQvr_IPRM1C-Yq4okWcgCQ Check Out GT Omega Stores! Use Code "Noahs" At Check Out For A Discount https://www.gtomegaracing.com/ Help Me Reach 100,000,000,000 Subscribers! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCL11siSgNXDxhYYNRh8CEew ___ LIKE AND ╔═╦╗╔╦╗╔═╦═╦╦╦╦╗╔═╗ ║╚╣║║║╚╣╚╣╔╣╔╣║╚╣═╣ ╠╗║╚╝║║╠╗║╚╣║║║║║═╣ ╚═╩══╩═╩═╩═╩╝╚╩═╩═╝ Thanks For Watching -Noah
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Text Comments (3446)
NoahsNoah (3 months ago)
Im ready for tilted towers to be blown up
yohan flores (16 hours ago)
AbiGamerX (1 day ago)
MTNDEW Gamer no it’s not ;) I’m from the future
Anonimouse 21! (1 day ago)
NoahsNoah I come from the future... it doesn’t got blown up
Ken Johnson (2 days ago)
NoahsNoah Noahsnoahs
Zachary Nelson (2 days ago)
NoahsNoah wow
conner the cat (10 hours ago)
Fortnite expert :)))
yohan flores (16 hours ago)
Finally a more than 4minute video
Cringe Killer (1 day ago)
I went to a evanescence concert. It originally was someone else but they showed up.
fre Shabakadoo (1 day ago)
telll us tell us now
Slushy Star (1 day ago)
Is can you stop asmr version on SoundCloud?
faz -_- (2 days ago)
RIP anarchy
Foxy Forever01 (2 days ago)
Tilted is a try hard zone
shayne vermeulen (2 days ago)
I downloaded it and i didnt get the gold and silver
Idriss Conteh (3 days ago)
I used to call Canada canadia
Idriss Conteh (3 days ago)
Any season 5 people here to call all these theories wrong
shira moodx (3 days ago)
go Against Rifty in fortnite. It would be the most round tho
Janelle Emsley (3 days ago)
I Have that game. War robots
Eeli Haapa-aho (3 days ago)
I Cracked up to that "TRAP NATION"😂😂
MatthewHensey1234 (3 days ago)
Seen this a good few times but the kim jong un memes are the best one (my opinion)
Amy Blackwell (3 days ago)
Who’s watching in season 4 one day from season 5?
CRAIG’S CRAIG (4 days ago)
Notice me
magma plays-minecraft (4 days ago)
I got 9 ads on this
angel Lopez (4 days ago)
I want to join you in war robots please
LUK3 P0RT3R (5 days ago)
So funny 😂
Chazza’z Hyper (5 days ago)
U noob umm I can t spill soooo eye wont e bum hol for my as
Tristan Trille677 (5 days ago)
Do fortnite With facecam plz
Harshal Melugiri (5 days ago)
i have been playing WWR since 2015
Megatecnolule probert (5 days ago)
Ur soooo bad at building
launchpad 2 (5 days ago)
What’s the outdo song?
Tricia Wendler (5 days ago)
Kaleb Chester (6 days ago)
Plz give me dark vangard
Fortnite Fan (6 days ago)
300k gang
ZOE THE CUTEST (6 days ago)
I had that havoc skin from twitch my account got hacked maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa😢😢😢😢😢
CarrotCakex MSP (7 days ago)
But are you ready to say bye to tomato town?
RM X Pierre (8 days ago)
Did anyone else light up when they heard the sound of the old smg, or is it just me?
Roko Boy (8 days ago)
th longest video on his channel
elio akouri (8 days ago)
You are so funny
Epic Gaming (8 days ago)
you say its hard to play fortnite with freezing hands I always have sweaty warm hands
Mango Gaming (9 days ago)
When shotguns actually did decent damage
Kemet Putnam (9 days ago)
Rip fortnite
TheSilverBanana YT (9 days ago)
Wait what he has an epic tactical shotgun
Hasan Al Juneid (9 days ago)
TheSilverBanana YT you are new to fortnite
Woomy Woomy (9 days ago)
Is this pirates of the Caribbean remix ur favorite song?
Jay Games-_ (9 days ago)
Stop using goblingsfrommars pirates of carabiner it's anoing
blue best colour (9 days ago)
For real u made my day ... well.... thanks...I guess!
ThePiesApples (9 days ago)
I'm a fan but some of these tags are so off-topic.
Drixxy V (9 days ago)
My hot pocket looks like herpes
karlis drone (10 days ago)
You are my favorite fortnite player! I realy like your memes🔥
Ultimate Gamer (10 days ago)
Almost season 5
Ali-483 (10 days ago)
You make the best videos and you are good at fortnite
Bob the Builder (11 days ago)
Enderbrine YT (11 days ago)
space craig
TypicalGamerGal 7 (11 days ago)
What is the song at the start?
Derp asaurus (11 days ago)
Your funny dud
Hyper Metal sonic (11 days ago)
How did you find rare undocumented video of me dieing a lot
Rip Dusty depot
WINGTHESKILL 123 (13 days ago)
That rocket then snipe was amazing¡
Angel Pena (13 days ago)
Back on the day when shotguns weren't broken
r.zero07 (13 days ago)
kim jong-uno duno.
ItsApolloHD (13 days ago)
goddamn xbox players are trash
Spice _bon (13 days ago)
Kim jong un duno
Flare Infinity (13 days ago)
I like how through most of the video all you hear is his mouth opening and his lips
Hasan Al Juneid (9 days ago)
Flare Infinity i did not notice it until I saw your comment
Omar Deleon (13 days ago)
What is that song
Gepke Schouten (13 days ago)
Lee Shang Xian (13 days ago)
Shane O Sullivan (14 days ago)
A true memer
death the kid 101 (14 days ago)
I know I
Yt. Spark (14 days ago)
'Get absolutely shafted up the bum!' Is noahsnoah an offender............IN FORTNITE BATTLLE ROYAALLE. - ali a intro plays
Firepit FTW (14 days ago)
Subscribe to twitch prime through fortnite and you get dem free skins
XGrapplixX (14 days ago)
plays thousand times the same song unsubscribed
Tom 122 (14 days ago)
I hate to break to you it's south Korea not North Korea
TIPOS DE: (14 days ago)
i luv your vids man
Xxx Tentacion (14 days ago)
Its sponsored by tilted towers being George bushed
Haider Mahmood (15 days ago)
Noahs Noah you are a flipping god
Brylon Parker (15 days ago)
I was lmao😂😂😂
selvie (15 days ago)
*my hands are so cold*
clawdave (15 days ago)
back in the days when there were so many no skins
D47937 Fortnite (16 days ago)
More dank memes posses!
Dj Gamer (16 days ago)
“What are you doing you MUG.”lmao
Gabrielius Išganaitis (16 days ago)
War robots sucks :/
Chinky Bois (16 days ago)
Irl we have Social Justice Warriors In Fortnite we have Orange Justice Warriors Don’t worry I’m not an sjw
1xXWater_LordXx1 (17 days ago)
ugh ppl think miniguns are trash but there not bc they can knock down an intire base! even tho they burn lots of ammo they are very affective ten body shots or less leads to a kill!
Gaming Riley (17 days ago)
It’s hard
Isaac Hempstead (17 days ago)
Great thumbnail!
cosmo pixel (17 days ago)
German one was funny
Kyle Simon (17 days ago)
Rip Noah’s hands
Johnny Time (17 days ago)
What is that pirate song
Johnny Time (17 days ago)
What is that pirate song
the shadow (18 days ago)
music 13:6
Kungen Filip (18 days ago)
I like that you put russia national song on northkorea flag🤯
Johanna Nilsson (18 days ago)
Let go 400 k
Ian Gamer Yt (19 days ago)
My friend is like GET SHRECKED NOAH
Ian Gamer Yt (19 days ago)
Noah I eliminated you in a 1v1 and I win the game.
jojo corral (19 days ago)
10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 out of 10
This is Common (19 days ago)
Reeeeeee I am triggered
Torenn Jabki (19 days ago)
And I’m on Xbox one and I’m so BAD!
Torenn Jabki (19 days ago)
How are you so good when you are on Xbox one HOW???
Radiant Cooper SSJ5 (19 days ago)
Most people who solo squad now get killed
Abage (19 days ago)
7.15 song?
Flamer Sparks (19 days ago)
death the kid 101 (19 days ago)
Noah your the fortint king
hichem craft (14 days ago)
death the kid 101 cant even spell fortnite
Hi how Are you (20 days ago)
Play dark souls 3
Crash Webb (20 days ago)
Honestly how do you get so good at fortnite
Donovan Ford (20 days ago)
Ali a memes on point
Matthew Bessey (20 days ago)
I play war robots you should get the test server it’s really fun

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