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DEMONS Are Real: Little Girl POSSESSED!!!

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Could this little girl be merely pretending or was a demonic entity actually speaking through her faculties? During prayer at a church service in Lagos, Nigeria, a young girl from South Africa begins to react violently, denying her own father and speaking in a manner far beyond her tender age under the demonic guise of 'the woman in the water'. After her deliverance through the prayer of TB Joshua, the changes in her life and family speak volumes! Take note - these videos are not intended to spread fear but to build faith, for at the name of Jesus, EVERY knee must bow!
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Text Comments (6168)
SpeedWalker Igor (41 minutes ago)
I have been at such public presentations and I personally claim that these people are being persecuted! I vow in GOD but specifically these people are manipulators and charlatans surrounded by at least 50 people around him who act as if they happened to be here, but they cooperate with him in the wickedness. this is set!
White Devil (2 days ago)
So stupid.
Evangelina Rankine (3 days ago)
wat sup
Brother your phone number pls send me brother
praise the lord brother I want nursing Good government job pls Prayer me brother
Michael Vaughn (4 days ago)
Yung Dubz (4 days ago)
Kingolom Daniel (5 days ago)
Kefe 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Seth Campbell (6 days ago)
Good ol’ televangelists smh.
Suraya Ayadi (6 days ago)
I have personally seen a young man possessed and convulsing in a church in the most evil and violent way. Demon possession is real but this video was indeed questionable as pointed out in other comments.
rivers nature (6 days ago)
Fake ass fuck
Eagle eye TV (7 days ago)
This is bullshit..the bible warns about shit like this..wake up pple.false prophet
Force Marker (7 days ago)
Total nonsense.
King Billajr (8 days ago)
Ricardo Alfaro (8 days ago)
Repent people. This is a wolf in sheep's clothing.
Laurie Rodriguez (8 days ago)
My god is gonna whoop your ass for false teachinh
II II (8 days ago)
I wounder how much those acting jobs pay.
tweety carmona (9 days ago)
Great acting
steven jones (9 days ago)
Go figure one of the birth places of voodoo you can find morons that believe in this shit. spoiler alert " this is fake " Go back to believing in witch doctors. At least then when it does not work you know where the asshole lives.
Ngaransem Julian (10 days ago)
Where do I go to join this service . I need God in my life and deliverance. I have tried so hard to overcome and have faith and turn to God. There seemingly always happens to be a force blocking my path to a life in God
ziad elhelou (10 days ago)
no wayyyyyy mediocre acting.GOD will not stand still when all the lies are told in his name.
Noelene Kynuna (10 days ago)
is this even real?/
Abdiwahab Ohio (11 days ago)
Fake testimony!!!!!!
Donovan Reid (11 days ago)
God is the best
Grand Potato (11 days ago)
Just because she said she don't know him don't mean shit that was obviously fake
Daniel Fausto (11 days ago)
Father!! Slap that demon right out off that little girls face!!!
Mary Fiaola (11 days ago)
dont bother watching this
Mary Fiaola (11 days ago)
BTS ARMY (12 days ago)
Demon chilled
Tallboss Gaming (12 days ago)
Marcdon Masauli (12 days ago)
may God keep on blessing the senior prophet tb joshua and all emmanuel tv crew,i have been trying to apply so that i can come to scoan to meet dad but i dont any reply if is something i really need to accomplish in life is to tb joshua i wont know what god have to say about my life,if you can see this pleaseeeee i really need your help not financially but spiritually pleeeaaassse
Mollymoo (12 days ago)
Lol too funny even the devil was laughing😂🤣😂🤣
Aditya Shinde (12 days ago)
the girl is smiling can u not c that guys ?
OceanicToast700 (13 days ago)
It’s been hitting people that hard Yeezus
Brenna Stratton (13 days ago)
What did I just watch.......
Honey Nut (13 days ago)
Wakanda looks a lil fucked up
Sashas beauty Reviews (14 days ago)
Such bad acting lol
Paul Munro (14 days ago)
Mary Amina (14 days ago)
Praise the Lord hallelujah
Mociornita Stela (14 days ago)
Translate please in Romana
Prasad Jedhe (14 days ago)
Get a job, study & dont do drugs
Zach B (15 days ago)
Taunting Demons is folly, Even Jesus spoke against having conversation with demons even in a possessed person also known as entertaining demons. Jesus only asked what kind of demon they were and thier names and then commanded them out. The only way to get a demon within you is by asking them in, demons cant enter you unless you do, they can however whisper things to you or mess with you through object you bring into your life such as idols like "mary"
Suiker Poppetje (16 days ago)
anyira omoro (16 days ago)
Be blessed man of God. you should visit Kenya one day
Bonnie Zondi (16 days ago)
Fake fake
YT_ Kiayeesmile (16 days ago)
But... I have demons in my house...Exactly Two their name are Soul and black real names Armee and draikon. I'm completely happy to have them😂 I'm a demonic girl😂😂😂I'm completely normal with my other friend that have them too. Well I have one eye red and no contacts but who has my problem can see it. A normal human cant😅😂 I have a problematic life running into other room trying to take the shoes that my friend demon take.😂 We are happy together. If I didn't born with those two I don't know what I was. I really be so sad if they go away. Like we born together... Is like your mother just abandon you in a road when you thought she loves you. Demons can love too they are not just evil. And... I don't like really much God... He didn't save the person I loved too much in my life. And I don't want to change to God. This is my decision and I still have it
Night Wolf (17 days ago)
DEMON!..............du ya no da wae?
Cafane Belinda (17 days ago)
Bianca Prince (17 days ago)
Speaking for the first ever since my daughter's deliverance in December 25th 2011 that was on Christmas day... You dont have to believe it if you like but i must tell you the TRUTH of it ALL!! though i didn't traveled with my husband and kids at the time because i was nursing my newborn baby at the time. I'm only responding because of you doubting Thomoses out there because i just read some of your comments that says "SHE'S ACTING" and "THAT THIS ISN'T TRUTH OR REAL". I just have a word for you, This is my DAUGHTER and my HUSBAND and everything you've watched or seen here is REAL!!! i tell you the truth that you dont want to experience this, you really don't want to know what i went through....." TASTE AND SEE THAT THE LORD IS GOOD AND FAITHFUL..... OH; PROPHET TB JOSHUA (MAN OF GOD) THANK YOU FOR DELIVERY MY DAUGHTER, AND MY HOME. THANK YOU FOR MAKING ME HAVE MY PEACE OF MIND.... MY FAMILY IS FREE!!!! EMMANUEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
clothilde la poète (17 days ago)
Miriam Miriam (15 days ago)
Man of god pray for me;
kevin oduor (17 days ago)
da wae
Kenneth Lariosa (17 days ago)
JB GTO (17 days ago)
This is HORSESHIT!!!!
ツChloe (17 days ago)
*wHy aRe YoU RuNNing*
Philipp Rosa (17 days ago)
What a bunch of bullshit
Sinistadropbear (19 days ago)
2 bff's (20 days ago)
Jenilyn Gatchalian (20 days ago)
cupcake awesomeness (20 days ago)
Breh she can't even get the script right, I hope see got to see some of the money they gave her dad
Latoya Swindell (21 days ago)
What is this an episode 🤣🤦🏾‍♀️
Auggie Ajdini (21 days ago)
Iallamhok Bairo (21 days ago)
Lazy people trying to earn easy money. Lol😂😂😂
Mnic Moreno (21 days ago)
neon lights and church services??? really whats next slot machines?
Random Commenter (22 days ago)
3:10 When my mom is chasing me with a shoe lmao
Damascus Valovalo (22 days ago)
OK I'm getting a little scared of this
nicholasse7enfold (22 days ago)
So fake
Liberty Blueskyes (22 days ago)
You are right, TB. Its the father's doing.
Ellen Collins (22 days ago)
Tonya Gabbert (23 days ago)
This shit is fucking fake
Heracia Anatole (23 days ago)
Emy Goessens (23 days ago)
Such BS. This is why christianity is being redeculed! Mambojambo crap!!!
Mistuh E (24 days ago)
the demons in africa are very obedient if i must say... they dont give a hard time when spoken too, guess their parents raised them well.
ItsMia (24 days ago)
A couple months ago, I went crazy. I can't really remember what happened. But I was shaking, screaming and crying my eyes out. I was freezing for some reason and it was a hot day. I freaked out completely and refused to eat or drink. I can't remember what happened. It's like my mind was cleared of knowing anything about it..
Vito's LEGOproductions (24 days ago)
This is mocking of jesus!
Charles Loiti (24 days ago)
Blasphemous bastards
Ray Charles (24 days ago)
Hahaha.does demon adjust their hair?wonder how much all being paid?
MrJuice1979 (25 days ago)
What an absolute pile of church money grabbing shit. Why does this not happen in uk churches?? No evil in uk maybe?? Who knows, oh wait, there's evil everywhere but no fake joke exorcisms by cash grabbing preachers of money. This is no man of God, this is a man of scam, a thief, a robber, he doesn't even believe in God because if he did he would know upon his judgement he will enter the dark burrning gates of hell. God has no place for lying thieves.
Jess Mann (25 days ago)
Fake fake faaaaaakkkkke
Dan Zorkot (25 days ago)
Logan (25 days ago)
I know it’s fake but I actually found this really fucking funny
Marquita Freeman (25 days ago)
This was scary....don't know why she was laughing.....When I was younger I was possessed by a demon as well. It was the scariest feeling I've ever had in my life. My hairs literally stood strait up on my body. My grandma said It was nothing but the devil. My aunt had done something to me and I was literally trying to kill her. She locked the bedroom door and put a dresser in front of it and I was still kicking through the door. It was the most enraged Id ever been. I was having a out of body experience. Luckily my grandma was there and she made me rebuke that devil in the name of Jesus. But I prayed and prayed and asked the Lord to never let that happen to me again. Thankfully it hasn't ever happened again. Almost 20 years now
Myra Bonner (26 days ago)
What if some one had a mental problem and some religous people thought they were possessed thank the lord for hospitals and doctors
Alka T (26 days ago)
😒 not real
Jenny Kim Lee (26 days ago)
# sister Squad (26 days ago)
There is Hope (27 days ago)
There is No Demons Some Magic Pastor's Demons and Drama Actors, For Demons No Need Microphone and Dialogue's. Funny Pastor's and Funny Demons. It's So Funny. Demon Pastor's Please Read a Bible with your Heart and accept Jesus Christ as a Saviour. Need treatment in the Hospital
Blu bell (27 days ago)
So fake loool
David Porter (27 days ago)
More bullshit from you. Do you know how to post anything that isn't bullshit and is actually true?
Star Candy (27 days ago)
*holds the statue of jesus and mary than the holy water and the cross* BEGONE DEVIL. | | Me right before now
It's your call! (27 days ago)
i believe in demon but i find these very funny. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😅😅😅
Michael Rohan Dodds (27 days ago)
And paid three shillings 😀
thatkidjuniorr (28 days ago)
OH clap for Jesus Christ😭💀
Doc _breaker (28 days ago)
This is how i knew it was fake .. the BIBLE says “ demons Trimble at the name of Jesus “ that’s the word of God .. just because he put her on the does not mean that she is delivered
Migalia Lopez (28 days ago)
Demons are destroyed by God
Jade Gabriel (28 days ago)
Yayyy demon
Brandon Warren (28 days ago)
Scripted this is garbage
Ayla Nunyabiz (29 days ago)
lying signs.... witchcraft
Laura Zimmerman (29 days ago)
fake fake fake fake fake and fake
arian tahiri (29 days ago)
Why is this fake shit in my recommanded?

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